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From: San Antonio, TX, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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HOD Recruits New Bassist

San Antonio blackened death horde HOD is pleased to officially induct bassist ZVS Gastelum into its infernal ranks. Gastelum comes by way of Texas black metal legion, Plutonian Shore, as well as Gnostic, and replaced longtime HOD comrade Robert "Trans AM" Coleman.

Comments the band, "Changes suck but sometimes they have to happen. After many years of service and brotherhood our brother Robert 'Trans AM' Coleman is no longer in HOD. TA will be missed for sure. We hope he gets everything he wants with his current projects and future endeavors. Best of luck to you, brother!

"We would also like to welcome ZVS Gastelum. ZVS had been filling in on bass while TA was out with Goatwhore, and did a great job. So the choice to bring ZVS into the fold was an easy one to make. ZVS fronts his own band Plutonian Shore, and brings with him many years of live experience. The guy will crush your skull! We are stoked to get out on the road with this demon and unleash hell!"

In related HOD developments, the band will bring bestial hymns to the stage of the 5th Quarter Lounge in Indianapolis tonight with Carpathian Funeral followed by a performance in Chicago the following evening. HOD will also devour New Orleans and Miami in the coming weeks with additional live invasions in the plotting stages.

1/23/2015 5th Quarter Lounge - Indianapolis, IN w/ Carpathian Funeral, Ptahil, more
1/24/2015 Cobra Lounge- Chicago, IL w/ Carpathian Funeral, Imperial Savagery, more
3/20/2015 Siberia - New Orleans, LA
3/21/2015 Churchill's Pub - Miami, FL w/ Kult Ov Azazel, Solstice, Druid Lord, more More...

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HOD Streaming Full Album

"Book Of The Worm," the second full-length from San Antonio, Texas-based deathcrushers HOD, is out now via Arctic Music.

You can read our review at this location and also stream the entire release below, courtesy of CVLT Nation.

Named in honor of the Norse figure known as "the blind god," a son of Odin, HOD persecutes the believers of more traditional religious beliefs with a relentless, kingdom-toppling brew of blackened death for fans of Angel Corpse, early Morbid Angel, Deströyer 666, Von, Bloody Sign and other dealers of the evil arts. You can also catch HOD live on these dates:

9/19/2014 The Curtain Club - Dallas, TX @ Embrace the Darkness Fest #2 w/ Sardonic Witchery
9/20/2014 Limelight - San Antonio, TX w/ Sardonic Witchery, Witchaven, Morgengrau, more
11/15/2014 Limelight - San Antonio, TX w/ Imprecation, Weaponizer, Ritual Decay, Sardonic Witchery, Khringe, Preteen Deathfuck More...

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HOD Streaming "Den Of Wolves"

HOD's "Book Of The Worm" will be unleashed on September 9th, 2014 via Arctic Music, and you can read our review of the album over here.

Today the crypt keepers at Skulls 'N' Bones vomit forth the "Den Of Wolves" track from the San Antonio blackened death deviants.

Elaborates the band, "When you have nowhere left to run, you know you're in the den of wolves. Claws slash your skin, teeth rip your limbs, and the wolves feast on your guts! The wolves hunt without mercy. Violence is the menu, and death is the dessert!"

Catch the band live on these dates:

9/19/2014 The Curtain Club @ Embrace the Darkness Fest #2 - Dallas, TX w/ Sardonic Witchery
9/20/2014 Limelight - San Antonio, TX w/ Sardonic Witchery, Witchaven, Morgengrau, more
11/15/2014 Limelight - San Antonio, TX w/ Imprecation, Weaponizer, Ritual Decay, Sardonic Witchery More...

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HOD Posts New Track Online

In less than one month, San Antonio blackened death legion HOD will unleash all out hell with forthcoming new full-length "Book Of The Worm," due out September 9th.

Produced by Dennis Munoz (Solstice), "Book Of The Worm" features the recording lineup of guitarist Necron, vocalist Vladibeer Reebs, bassist T.A. and former drummer Dennis Sanders, with artwork byl Jon Zig (Averse Sefira, Deeds of Flesh, Pyrexia).

In preparation of its impending infiltration, today Revolver Magazine spews forth "Where Are The Demons." Listen in below.

Relays the band of the newest psalm of iniquity: "Where are the Demons? Metal is losing its fangs. Becoming too safe. Only in the underground does true metal run wild. While posers and safe bands sit at the top on a false throne, we will show where the true Demons are. View into the abyss and we will stare back at you!" More...

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HOD Posts New Song Online

Lone Star blackened death oppressors HOD today offer up the first helping from the forthcoming "Book Of The Worm" full-length with a smoldering new canticle of chaos.

Check out "Through the Gates (They Come For Me)" below, thanks to Decibel Magazine. Proclaims the band:

"The saying goes if you stare into the abyss the abyss will stare back at you. 'Through the Gates (They Come for Me)' summons the sounds of the abyss as it rips through the gates that can no longer hold it back. Prepare for total death and darkness done by real metalheads for real metalheads. No gimmicks! No core! No posers! No hipsters! This is fuckin' metal that has come for your blood!"

Set for release on September 9th, "Book Of The Worm" was produced by Dennis Munoz (Solstice) and features the recording lineup of guitarist Necron, vocalist Vladibeer Reebs, bassist T.A. and former drummer Dennis Sanders. You can also see the band live on these dates:

8/23/2014 Limelight - San Antonio, TX w/ Spellcaster
8/30/2014 Dirty Dog - Austin, TX w/ Absu, Midnight, Morbosidad, Morgengrau
9/19/2014 the Curtain Club @ Embrace the Darkness Fest #2 - Dallas, TX w Sardonic Witchery, Witchaven
9/20/2014 Limelight - San Antonio, TX w/ Sardonic Witchery, Witchaven, Morgengrau, more
11/15/2014 Limelight - San Antonio, TX w/ Imprecation, Weaponizer, Ritual Decay, Sardonic Witchery, Khringe, Preteen Deathfuck More...

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HOD Reveals New Album Details

San Antonio's blackened death tyrants in HOD will drop their new full-length this coming September 9th, 2014.

Titled "Book Of The Worm," the follow-up to last year's "The Uncreated Demo" teaser, was produced by Dennis Munoz, features the recording lineup of guitarist Necron, vocalist Vladibeer Reebs, bassist T.A. and former drummer Dennis Sanders, and boasts eight blasting psalms of deviance, decadence, and overall suffering with artwork by Jon Zig (Averse Sefira, Deeds Of Flesh, Pyrexia).

Comments the band: "Finally, Book Of The Worm is finished! Through Hell and back we went to get this completed. Comrades fell. Labels failed. Studios changed. But we soldiered forth with iron determination and it is done. Blood, sweat and sacrifice are the ingredients. Fueled by hate and blasphemy. Prepare for the storm!"

1. When The Ghouls Feed
2. Den Of Wolves
3. I Am Destroyer
4. Through The Gates (They Come For Me)
5. Death Whores
6. Under Tyranny's Hammer
7. Where Are The Demons
8. Beneath The Mountains Of The Scorpion More...

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HOD Announces New Album, Tour Dates

San Antonio blackened death legion HOD is pleased to announce an official union with newly revamped Arctic Music for the release of new full-length, "Book Of The Worm," this Summer. Comments the band of the chaos set to ensue:

"The album is long overdue, but finding the right label to work with takes time. Label head, Julian Hollowell, made us a great offer, and knowing Julian for years, due to his membership in Kult ov Azazel, we knew this was the right choice for us. The wait is worth it."

In related HOD intel, the band will embark upon another short run of live abrasions next week alongside New Orleans black/death dealers, Abysmal Lord. The slaughter will begin April 2nd in Memphis sullying a total of seven metropolises. The band will be toting the forbidden psalms of "Fuckin' Metal Volume 1," a collection of demo and comp tracks available for the first time on one CD.

4/02/2014 The Buccaneer - Memphis, TN
4/03/2014 The Bada Brew - Chicago, IL w/ Cardiac Arrest
4/04/2014 Corktown Tavern - Detroit, MI
4/05/2014 Taxidermy House - Cleveland, OH
4/06/2014 Sluggo's - Chattanooga, TN
4/07/2014 The Star Bar - Atlanta, GA
4/08/2014 Siberia - New Orleans, LA

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HOD Announces U.S. Shows

Blackened death horde, HOD, will embark upon a short run of live invasions to close out the year. Set to commence tomorrow in the band's hometown of San Antonio, the bestial legion will spread sonic blasphemy through Little Rock, Lombard, and Indianapolis.

The band will be toting the forbidden psalms of "Fuckin' Metal Volume 1," a collection of demo and comp tracks available for the first time on one CD.

Shouted the band from its den of iniquity: "HOD is hitting road for a mini tour. So we expect to see all you maniacs out at these shows. We also will bringing our compilation of all our demos and comp tracks with us called Fuckin' Metal Volume 1. For once you can get all these tracks on one CD! See you in Hell!"

11/20/2013 Korova Basement - San Antonio, TX w/ Plutonian Shore, Sardonic Witchery, Goatcraft
11/21/2013 Vino's - Little Rock, AR w/ Vore, Splattered In Traffic
11/22/2013 Brauerhouse - Lombard, IL w/ Morgue Supplier, Mass Mutilation, Reprobation
11/23/2013 Rock House Cafe - Indianapolis, IN w/ Summon The Destroyer, Hordes Of Nebulah, Coffinsville

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HOD Streaming New Track

Aiding in the band’s quest to crush the souls of nonbelievers, today the evil doers of Invisible Oranges offer up an exclusive premiere of “Beneath The Mountains Of The Scorpion” from San Antonio blackened death metal deviants HOD.

The newest hymn of insolence comes by way of "The Uncreated Demo." Give the song a listen here or through the player available below.

Recorded by Dennis Munoz (Solstice) and Stuart “Batlord” Laurence (Agony Column/Ignitor) "The Uncreated Demo" features the recording lineup of guitarist Necron, vocalist Vladibeer Reebs, bassist T.A., and drummer Dennis Sanders and serves as a disease-ridden apocalyptic precursor to the band’s forthcoming "Book of the Worm" full-length.

“This demo isn’t just HOD’s return to the frontlines,” notes Reebs. “It’s the first assault of a whole new war and siege! It’s time for HOD to take our rightful place upon the throne.”

HOD will bring audio wreckage to the stage with a handful of live assaults. Details are as follows:

4/20/2013 Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX w/ War Master, Demoniacal Geuflection, Brimwylf
6/01/2013 The Korova – San Antonio,TX w/Abigail (Japan), Speedwolf, Full Of Hell, Gehenna
6/29/2013 Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX w/ Dead Horse More...

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HOD Streaming "When The Ghouls Feed"

Today Decibel Magazine offers up the exclusive track premiere of “When The Ghouls Feed,” from San Antonio blackened death metal horde, HOD. Check out the song at this location.

The latest anthem of irreverence comes by way of the band’s recently unleashed three-song "The Uncreated" demo. With a recording lineup featuring guitarist Necron, vocalist Vladibeer Reebs, bassist T.A., and drummer Dennis Sanders, "The Uncreated" was recorded by Dennis Munoz (Solstice) and Stuart “Batlord” Laurence (Agony Column/Ignitor) and serves as a brutal, filth-ridden precursor to HOD’s forthcoming "Book of the Worm" full-length.

Proclaims vocalist Reebs: “This demo isn’t just HOD’s return to the frontlines. It’s the first assault of a whole new war and siege! It’s time for HOD to take our rightful place upon the throne. And those that survive The Uncreated will be consumed in the chaos and death brought forth by the Book of the Worm. We are here from the shadows. And we came to destroy. Fuckin’ metal!”

The track listing for "The Uncreated" is as follows:

1. Beneath The Mountains Of The Scorpions
2. I Am Destroyer
3. When The Ghouls Feed More...

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HOD Wrapping Up New Album

The San Antonio blackened death metal miscreants in HOD are putting the final touches on their upcoming new full-length. Titled "Book Of The Worm," the follow-up to 2009’s "Serpent" features nine tracks of molten metal riffs and sonic decay.

Comments vocalist Vladibeer Reebs: “With Serpent, we were five guys with some ideas. Now we're a cohesive unit with an agenda. You can feel the energy, hate, and anger in the tracks on Book Of The Worm. In the end, whether it's Serpent, Book of the Worm, or any future album, it's all gonna be Fuckin' Metal! That's all we know. That's all we do. That's all we are.”

The band, which is currently seeking a proper label home, recently posted some new music in the form of “Awakening Blasphemous Abominations.” Taste the evil right here.

In the meantime, HOD will bring apocalyptic hymnals to the stage for a short run of rituals beginning September 7th along with Vektor (and others) in San Antonio. Later that month, HOD will play the Building Temples From Death Fest II in Houston featuring an unholy lineup of Disgorge, Putrid Pile, Dehumanized, Embalmer and over a dozen more. In October, the band will open for Skeletonwitch in San Antonio before embarking on a five-date road trip with Canadian black metal horde, Panzerfaust.

09/07/2012 Korova – San Antonio, TX w/ Vektor, Aggravator, Witche's Mark, Cannibal Bitch
09/29/2012 Building Temples From Death Fest @ Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX
10/22/2012 Korova – San Antonio, TX w/Skeletonwitch, Havok, Mutilation Rites
10/24/2012 Beerland – Austin, TX w/Panzerfaust , Plutonian Shore, Whore of Bethlehem
10/25/2012 Zombie’s – San Antonio, TX w/Panzerfaust, Funeral Rites , Ancient Malus
10/26/2012 Walters – Houston, TX w/Panzerfaust, Funeral Rites, Spectral Manifest
10/27/2012 Siberia – New Orleans, LA w/Panzerfaust
10/28/2012 Topper's Sports Bar - Watauga, TX w/Panzerfaust, Black Moriah

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Gathering Of The Bestial Legion V Reveals Schedule

Death metal legends Incantation will lay waste to Los Angeles this weekend when they join Autopsy, Acheron, HOD, Divine Eve and many others at the Gathering of the Bestial Legion V on Saturday, January 14th at The Echoplex on 1154 Glendale Blvd. Doors open at 4:00 PM, and for more information, contact the show's website. Along with the new Incantation material, Kyle Severn has also finished up with his first foray into the cinema realm with a new horror/slasher movie called "After Party Massacre." Co-written/co-directed with Kristoff Bates, this slasher starts with live performances by Incantation and Soulless, which then takes a deadly turn after the bands are finished as this unrated movie is filled with blood, scantly clad female flesh and lots of death metal!


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HOD Readies New Album

Vocalist Beer Reebs of Texas death metal maniacs HOD has issued the following update on the band's highly anticipated second full-length entitled "Book Of Worms," the imminent release of an unholy trio of tunes and forthcoming live action:

"Due to numerous lineup changes (4 total) in the past 1 1/2 - 2yrs and lack of finances, our sophmore album 'Book of the Worm' was inevitably pushed back and pushed back. During this time I spoke with Big Bald Brian from Ossuary Industries, who has been a long time friend and supporter to HOD. I told him we couldn't commit to a full length album due to our obligations/loyalty to Ibex Moon Records but we could commit to a split of some sorts. He mentioned the upcoming 'Limbsplitter 2' compilation he was putting together. Needing to release SOMETHING to appease the masses we agreed to jump on that. He even let us pick another group of our choosing to join in on the chaos. We chose our comrades in the black/death group Locusta to accompany us alongside Demoniacal Genuflection, Ingurgitate, & Iniquitous respectively. I forget who's doing the mastering but the artwork was done by the very twistedly sick Jon Zig. We recorded our three tracks with Dennis Munoz of Solstice fame. Our three slabs of hate are titled:

1. Awakening Blasphemous Abominations
2. And the Smoke Will Rise
3. To Call Forth the Deep Ones.

These tracks were recorded as a 4 piece and are the last recorded tracks w/founding member Dennis Sanders on drums. The disc will hopefully be available at the Gathering of the Bestial Legion V fest being held in L.A. Sat Jan 14th where we (HOD) share the stage w/Death Metal titans Autopsy, Incantation, Acheron, Divine Eve and more. When we get back home we'll play a 'local' show the 21st with some fellow TX Black and Death Metal bands while awaiting our March 26th show opening for the mighty Onslaught and M-pire of Evil. Recording of our 2nd album will be getting finished during this time as well. Till then, get your limbs split by Ossuary Industries w/the Limbsplitter 2 disc. Fuckin' Metal!"

The band has posted a stream of the track "To Call Forth The Deep Ones" on HOD's Reverbnation page, where you can stream other tracks from the "Serpent" release as well. "Book of Worms" should be out later this year on Ibex Moon Records. More...

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The Goregrowler's Ball 5, Day 2

Day one of The Goregrowler’s Ball came and went without any hitches. Day two promised even more gore-gurgling delights. This day started earlier than Friday’s 5:30 start time. Originally scheduled for a 1:30 start time, the promoter pushed the start time back to 2:30. Prog death artists, Vex took this early slot, which we unfortunately missed. Comatose Records was on full display, as it was throughout the weekend, with Atrocious Abnormality. Said band played a brutal slab of unmerciful, brutal death metal featuring label head, Steve Green.

Ibex Moon Records, owned by John McEntee of Incantation, also made its presence known on the second day. Cardiac Arrest produced grimy, churning death metal in the vein of Autopsy and Grave. The Chicago act switched between rotten-limb-stiffening slow jams and all-out-blast fests provided by new drummer Nick Gallichio. Adam Scott, Tom Knizner, Dave Holland joined low and mid-range scathing voices to narrate grisly tales from the group’s three recordings. Set highlights include the frantic pace of “Insanity’s Grip,” and the ominous, full-moon-blooming groove of “Affliction of the Beast.”

Fellow Ibex Moon label and former tour mates, Hod took the hell-raising chaos outside. Hod was in fine form, performing its perfected blend of death, thrash, black, speed and all-things-metal (“We’re Hod and we play fucking metal”) style. The Central Texas act showcased material from its sole album, “Serpent.” The said album has been out for two years, so one would expect new material. Locals familiar with Hod knew the band well, so their new songs came without surprise. However, those from out of town delighted in hearing new tracks such as “Den of Wolves.” Look for a new record in 2012. More...

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HOD Recruits Second Guitarist Erika Tandy

Texas death metallers HOD have announced the addition of Erika Tandy (Bracaglia, ex-Ignitor) as their second guitarist. Known for her vocal work running the gamut from neoclassical to traditional heavy metal, Erika is also a guitarist who fronts her own death metal unit, Morgengrau.

"This was an opportunity I could not turn down," she says. "HOD is a first class band and brothers in arms. I'm honored to be a part of the band and ready to start the destruction!"

HOD guitarist Carl "Necron" says "I have known Erika for some time and I know she is dedicated to metal. She has a great attitude and ferocious playing style. We look forward to playing more shows and destroying more souls with her!"

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Woods of Ypres Drops Off Goregrowler's Ball

Due to contract obligations with their record label, Woods of Ypres is forced to cancel their appearance at this year's Goregrowler's Ball. The band will be writing and recording a new album instead and apologizes to their fans for this cancellation and promised to make it up.

Replacing Woods of Ypres on this Metalunderground.com-sponsored festival will be Dehumanized, who has not played a live show in nearly ten years.

Tickets for the fifth annual Goregrowler's Ball are on sale now. The event is set to take place in San Antonio, Texas on November 18-20, 2011.

The latest bands confirmed are as follows: More...

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Hirax Co-Headlining Goregrowler's Ball 5

Goregrowler Entertainment announced the addition of old school thrashers Hirax to the fifth-annual Goregrowler's Ball on November 19th, 2011 in San Antonio,Texas. Hirax will co-headline the Saturday show with Swedish death metal morticians, Aborted. This appearance marks the band's first visit to San Antonio.

Forming in 1984 among California's emerging thrash scene, Hirax became one of the more respected and steadfast punk-crossover-thrash bands.

Other artists on the three-day bill include Suffocation, Exhumed, Woods of Ypres, Hod, Lair of the Minotaur and Internal Bleeding.

Additional details on the Goregrowler's Ball are available by heading over to the festival's official website at this location.

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Reunited Exhorder Slaughters Austin

Exhorder and Rigor Mortis reunited to drive a metal stake into the heart of Texas. Both bands haven’t released a proper album in two decades, split up in the ‘90s and reunited (Exhorder in 2008, Rigor Mortis in 2005) to play select live shows. Rigor Mortis occasionally makes the three-plus-hour drive south to play Austin, but this performance was the first in 19 years for Exhorder. If not for promoters Motorbreath Entertainment, most in attendance would still be virgins to Exhorder’s “Anal Lust.”

Before Exhorder made its glorious return, local acts The Blood Royale, Hod and Dead Earth Politics took the stage. The Blood Royale opened the show with a crusty mix of old hardcore, grind, thrash and punk. Featuring JT of stoner rockers Dixie Witch, the band bombed the crowd with a furious attack of D-beats. During the group’s sound check, Exhorder vocalist Kyle Thomas told me they sounded good. I nodded and said they remind me of Motorhead. Guitarist/vocalist Timmo had a definite, Lemmy-type scruff in his voice.

Since forming in 2006, Hod has overcome band changes and come together as a cohesive unit. Decked out in black jeans and black leather vests, the group held their instruments like swords and shields, eagerly awaited front man Beer Reeb’s battle charge: “We are Hod and we play fucking metal.” Once he gave the signal, much metal playing ensued. The members' hair swirled in unison to the death/black/thrash/speed witches brew that one can only categorize as metal. I formerly described their music as a mix of Marduk and Morbid Angel. While those influences are still apparent, newer songs “Beware the Death Horse,” “In the Den of Wolves” and “Beneath the Mountain of the Scorpions” offer a greater range of sounds. Check these guys out on their tour supporting Marduk.

Dead Earth Politics played loud and aggressive. Their take on the groove metal sound proved a good choice to open for Exhorder. I can’t provide many details about their set because I was socializing at the time. Rigor Mortis and Exhorder gave them a big thumb up, though, and Rigor Mortis said they were friends with the band.

The crowd greeted Texas thrash legends, Rigor Mortis with banging heads, pumping fists and the occasional flaying knee and elbow. Singer Bruce Corbitt stalked the stage like one of the many serial killers described in his gore-strewn lyrics. His yelled vocals possessed a crossover flare reminiscent of Kurt Brecht of D.R.I. The group’s use of only one guitarist outlined Corey Orr’s punky bass lines and Mike Scaccia’s wild guitar solos.

Corbitt held his custom chain-link microphone stand out to the crowd to help sing infectious chorus lines from cuts like “Re-Animator” and “Die in Pain.” The group showcased more material from the self-title debut such as “Demons” and “Slow Death.” During “Slow Death,” Corbitt looked at the crowd with hateful lust during the lyric “I have this knife/It's a good knife.” The group played “Cattle Mutilation” from their “Freaks” EP and launched into two new tracks “Bloodbath” and “The Infected.” These tracks will not disappoint the Rigor Mortis fans who have waited 20 years for a new album. The new material could have blended in with any of the horror thrash Rigor Mortis played in the late ‘80s that made a large impact on death metal.

Earlier in the evening, Kyle Thomas complained of an ache in his knee while we ascended the hard metal staircase to the green room for an interview. He said his knee hurt because he thought he could do things on stage that he did 20-years ago. Exhorder looks much older than they did on You Tube videos from their “The Law” tour, but the group was still full of energy and they played to perfection.

Kyle Thomas’ regular, tough voice was in perfect condition. The only time he seemed to falter was during a long scream, which he briefly lost but regained. Jorge Caicedo silently counted each beat and hit every note. Even though this was only his second show, he knew the material well. Earlier in the show, he had expressed his desire to be a permanent member of Exhorder. Caicedo replaced Frankie Sparcello who unexpectedly died before the tour. His performance, hard work and cool demeanor should play in his favor.

A large photo of Sparcello held in easel provided a way, as Kyle Thomas put it, for the band to take Sparcello on the road and as a memento for his fans and band members. Bands throughout the night gave their condolences, but the grief of his passing faded when Exhorder launched into their material. The group opened their set with “Death in Vain” and “Homicide,” two fast numbers from the “Slaughter in the Vatican” album. Vinnie LaBella and Jay Ceravolo picked their guitars with the wrist-tearing speed displayed by Dark Angel and Slayer. Then, Thomas and bunch launched into material from “The Law.”

The chugging groove found on this album has led to a million conversations and arguments about Pantera plagiarizing Exhorder’s style. Whether they did or not, I’m not going to rehash these ideas, one listen to the album will bring to light similarities. “I am the Cross” and the title track enthralled the crowd to a slow-but-bruising swagger. My personal favorite “(Cadence of) The Dirge” was the musical embodiment of all that is Exhorder. This track tempered groove with speed and even epic doom metal movements.

Having once played in Trouble and with Floodgate, tattooed with the Trouble logo on his arm and wearing a St. Vitus wristband, it is safe to say Thomas likes doom metal. Exhorder did the gods of gloom and doom, Black Sabbath, proud with their rendition of “Into the Void.” The crowd received this cover with added energy. Immediately after jamming the Sab, Exhorder played another cover. This time, they brought out Austin local (transplant) Billy Milano to sing his S.O.D. song “United Force.” By the now, the crowd had gone complete ape shit. Billy, Kyle, Vinnie and the bunch embraced as friends while shouting the song’s title.

Before the crowd did the “Milano Mosh,” Seth Davis displayed his drumming genius in a five-minute solo. Davis regularly teaches drum clinics, releases instructional videos and was once dubbed “The World’s Fastest Drummer.” Starting with a short kick-drum beat, Davis built momentum until all of his appendages were firing rapid, multiple beats. He switched his sticks from side to side while the crowd stood in agog. This solo was not only entertaining, but also it allowed the guitarists time to switch instruments. Both guitarists took over the bass for a couple of tracks Caicedo was still learning, but before the solo, these changes ate up some of Exhorder’s set time.

About midway through their set, Kyle Thomas brought out a football. He asked the crowd if they had ever played “skankball.” This sport was a bit like rugby. He threw the ball into the crowd and whoever could hang onto it and bring it to him would get a free prize from the merch table. Nobody was hurt in the mad scramble and one dude even retained the ball. I wonder what award they gave him.

Exhorder closed their set in the same fashion as they opened it—with swift, neck-wrecking numbers from “Slaughter in the Vatican.” Thomas introduced “Slaughter in the Vatican” by stating that track really got him into trouble back in high school. The level of blasphemy did not hit home until one of his friends from the crowd told me he went to a Catholic school. The title of set closer “Anal Lust” was somehow even more insulting than the Pope murdering scenario of the previous song.

Those who attended this show have used many expressions to describe this special concert. Billy Milano’s guest spot, a rare Exhorder performance, Exhorder coming to town not frayed by the passing of their good friend and band member, a set list of classic thrash tunes by two under recognized forces in the thrash community and killer local acts are all ammo to fire at your Central Texas metal friends who stayed home that evening.

Go here to view photos of the show.

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Swampfest Kicks Off The Metal At SXSW 2011

SXSW Music had yet to officially begin, but on Tuesday night, I headed out to Klub Krucial to catch the first metal show I had on my schedule. Dubbed “Swampfest,” the show was to feature local bands Mammoth Grinder, Hod, The Roller, and Atlanta’s Kylesa. The venue apparently is host to all sorts of shows, apparently hip hop venue according to some patrons I talked to. But it worked fairly well for a metal show just the same. It was wider than deep and had a balcony, which is where I gravitated to escape the mosh pit and from being directly in front of the stacks of speakers, as no ear plugs were needed up there.

First up was Mammoth Grinder. They played a noisy, thrashy style of music. The vocals were completely incomprehensible to me, but it sounded like more the sound system’s fault than the vocalist’s. Their style of thrash was in the same vein as Slayer’s, and the final song that finally got the crowd going a bit sounded something like a Slayerized version of “Orgasmatron” in tempo and riffs, although judging by the vocals, that did not seem to actually be the case. More...

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Black Anvil And Marduk To Tour Together

Black Anvil has announced that the band will be teaming up with Swedish black metal outfit Marduk for a short series of shows in North America beginning this May. Also on the tour will be Aura Noir, Panzerfaust, and Hod.

The tour dates are as follows:

May 29 - Montreal, QC - Café Campus
May 30 - Toronto, ON - Wreck Room
May 31 - Chicago, IL - Reggie’s
June 1 - Detroit, MI - I-Rock
June 2 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody’s
June 3 - Brooklyn, NY - WilliamsburgMusic Hall

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