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Formed: 1983
From: San Francisco, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Megadeth Mainman Talks Taekwondoe

Around The Rings has issued the following press release:

US “legendary” thrash metal band MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine says that his life has changed for the better mainly thanks to taekwondo.

“Taekwondo is a great discipline. For me, it was one of the things that changed my life,” Mustaine said in a recent interview. “It (taekwondo) helped me to eliminate a bad lifestyle of drug and alcoholism. It helped me to believe inside of myself and find the strength inside of myself that I never knew that I possessed.”

Mustaine made the remarks at the Grand InterContinental Hotel in Seoul on October 27th, 2007, shortly after he received a certificate of appointment as the WTF’s Goodwill Ambassador Of The World in a ceremony.

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Ex Megadeth Bassist To Appear On Maximum Threshold

Former MEGADETH and current F5 bassist David Ellefson will guest on the "Maximum Threshold" show on Saturday, November 3 at approximately 11:00 p.m. EST.

"Maximum Threshold" is an Internet radio show dedicated to presenting up-and-coming hard rock bands and successful bands as well as interviews, news and music reviews.

To hear the program, go to MaximumThreshold.net.

F5 — the Phoenix-based band featuring Ellefson, ex-SICK SPEED vocalist Dale Steele, and guitarists Steve Conley and John Davis — has entered the studio to record the follow-up to its 2005 debut, "A Drug for All Seasons". The CD is being produced by Ryan Greene at his Crush Recording facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

F5 called in Ellefson's longtime rhythm section cohort Jimmy DeGrasso to play drums on the album following the recent departure of original F5 drummer Dave Small.

"This looks to be a very musically invigorating record", said Ellefson. "No doubt there will be hints of F5's past sound on the disc but these new songs are definitely developing in a much more progressive direction."

A spring 2008 release via Oarfin Distribution is expected.

"A Drug for all Seasons" was released in North America in September 2005 via Cleopatra Records. The original version of "A Drug for all Seasons" is also available in Asia on JVC Victor Entertainment and in Europe on Mascot Records.

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Get Thrashed Expect April DVD Release

The makers of Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal have issued the following brief message:

"For all those who have been asking - Get Thrashed: The Story Of Thrash Metal should be out on DVD April, 2008. More details coming soon!!!"

Get Thrashed documents the history of thrash metal by dissecting the genre from its head banging beginnings to the present day resurgence. The film features some incredible vintage live footage as well as interviews from legendary acts such as EXODUS, SODOM, ANTHRAX, METALLICA and more!

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Lacuna Coil Comment On Australian Gigantour

LACUNA COIL vocalist Cristina Scabbia and guitarist Cristiano Migliore have both commented on the band's upcoming Gigantour dates in Australia with MEGADETH:

Scabbia: "When I got asked if I wanted to sing a song with Megadeth on the album United Abominations I couldn't believe it, it was such a big honor for me, and a great new experience for sure. But now that we've been invited to be a part of Gigantour, I'm even more excited because we will finally be able to show Australia how Lacuna Coil can kick some serious ass!"

"Not only that, but I'll get to see old friends like DEVILDRIVER. And we can't wait to meet the other bands as well. It's gonna be FUN!" More...

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Dave Mustaine And Ronnie Dio Talk Life And More

MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine and HEAVEN AND HELL's Ronnie James Dio recently told Christopher Toh of TodayOnline.com that they are just two ordinary guys who'd have been a teacher and an author, respectively, if they weren't rockers.

Dio spends time in his studio, where he "can write music and stuff." "I'm also a sports addict. I love watching sports," he says. "I can't sit around with nothing to do. I need to get things done, otherwise I get complacent."

Mustaine likes to spend time with his kids. "I played golf with my son for his high school tournament," he says. "It was his first time and I hadn't played in a long time. It was pretty good! We didn't finish in last place."

On the secret to staying married longer than Britney Spears did:

Dio: "There is no secret. It's all about finding the right person. I'm lucky because my wife is my manager, and she's the most daring and brilliant person I know. I'd be a fool to throw that away. I know she's always going to be my dearest friend. If I'm on a sinking ship and have to choose between two people? I would always save her first."

Mustaine: "Being married to somebody you're attracted to, somebody who's special — they're going to want to be treated special, and they deserve to be treated special."

On whether they get bored:

Dio: "Maybe the travelling bit, like flying long distance. But that's not boring, that's annoying. We're doing what makes us happy, and it should never be boring."

Mustaine: "I'd be lying if I said I don't get bored. Sometimes, when you're waiting to play and you've got a crappy band playing before you, it's like having your hand slammed in the door of a car. So, if I'm playing at a festival and I don't like the bands playing, I walk miles away."

On being raised to be level-headed:

Dio: "My parents brought me up really well — that kept me level-headed even when all the success happened. I never thought myself better than others. I can't fix a car, so I can't be better than a mechanic, right? I have problems like everyone else. It's just I'm very much in control of what I do."

On their life philosophy:

Dio: "Heaven and hell are here (on earth) and you have a choice to take either route. There is no afterlife ... this is my trial time, and I can choose to be evil or an angel."

Mustaine: "I'm a happy guy who has been very blessed. I'm confident, but people mistake it as arrogance. If confidence is arrogance, then I'm f***ing arrogant."

On how long they want to keep on rocking:

Dio: "When I can't give the same level I expect from myself, that's when I won't do this anymore."

Mustaine: "Hopefully, I'll still be doing what I do because I feel I've done it with self-restraint and dignity. But I think other guys should've stopped years ago! I know it's an arrogant thing to say, but why spend your life in a tour bus when you have children? Why not enjoy your legendary stature and go off into the sunset with that legacy?"

If they weren't going to be rockers…:

Mustaine: "I love teaching children. I used to teach martial arts to little kids at a school — but the instructor there was jealous because all the parents were asking me to teach their kids and not him!"

Dio: "I'm writing a book, so if you wanna know the truth about everything, it's going to be in there. It's going to be very funny … I hope! But no telling tales. I'm not going to hang (out) dirty laundry about anyone. If I was going to do that, I'd have a reality TV show."

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Lacuna Coil Check In From Japan

LACUNA COIL singer Andrea Ferro has issued the following update:

"We just got back from Tokyo where we performed at the Loudpark festival together with bands like ARCH ENEMY, SAXON and MARILYN MANSON, just to name a few... It has been simply a blast, our first time ever in this country and we are already excited [about] coming back. The show has been full of energy with a surprisingly loud Japanese crowd — they were singin' along, jumping and screaming like crazy. Long signin' sessions and heavy interview schedule. We've met also a lot of friends from bands like TRIVIUM, MACHINE HEAD, HANOI ROCKS. We've been to eat some great sushi, drink some fine sake and of course to the anime/manga store. The city is unbelieavable and the people are really kind and respectful. Domo arigato!" More...

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Megadeth Bassist Checks In From Indonesia

MEGADETH bassist James Lomenzo has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"James here typing away feverishly in Indonesia. I've been having a bit of trouble with my cell phone on this trip so my SayNow activity [a service that enables celebrities to connect to their audience over the phone] is being pretty much compromised. However, I just had a chance to check in on the SayNow site and was really blown away by the selfless messages of support and good wishes from the great folks that called in.

"Many of you I've spoken to a few times and know who you are, to those folks and some of the newer call-ins I want to sincerely thank you for your good wishes regarding my family and friends in Southern California. Let me tell you that my family is safe and as far as I know my home is OK. We're still waiting for word on my father-in-law's house in Rancho Bernardo and my thoughts and prayers are with him and the rest of my family as well as the hundreds of thousands of people who are currently displaced and suffering by the fate of this tragic situation. It's difficult to not be distracted when you can't be with your family and friends to help out when there's so much chaos at home but, your good wishes and prayers do have the power to help ...and they do. This is a unique situation, to have such caring, empathetic fan support. Me and the fellows are so inspired, 'makes us dig in a little harder for you all if you know what I mean. More...

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Megadeth Mainman Checks In

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has issued the following update:

"Well, as if the making of the Gigantour 2006 DVD wasn't stressful enough, this morning in Indonesia, where I am en route to at the moment, had another 6.0 earthquake.

I can only laugh at this point, because I know we are on to something here. There is no way all of these trials and tribulations are just coincidences.

The thing is, nothing can stop us from delivering the goods once we are in your country, and in your towns. Of course there are things that come up, but once we are there - we are THERE!

Last night was a testament to that. We used a rented drum set, rented bass and guitar amps, rented speaker cabinets, rented in-ear monitors, and rented lights and sound.

When you have that much unfamiliarity with your gear, and that's not including the cultural differences and language barrier - either you are going down in flames or you are going to be on-fire!

Last night . . . we were on fire!

From the moment we set foot on the soil of this mystical country that was once known as Siam (Siamese cats?!?!), I knew we were in for a once-in-a-lifetime treat!!!

First off let me say, I would love to play Thailand again, and I hope that going forward we can make Bangkok a staple of our routing through the Pacific Rim.

I found our promoter to be very gracious and a fantastic host, and I look forward to playing for them again and again.

And now, the audience; what can I say, but WOW!

The place was packed and although it said capacity of ____, it looked way better than that and I pray that the promoter was as stoked as I was with the turn out.

Of course I am sure we could have packed one or two more people (skinny ones) :-) in there, but for our first time, it was spectacular.

Leading up to the show was excruciatingly long. I worked out Monday and Tuesday in the gym, and had a stellar massage to get the knots out.

I was in perfect health and feeling flexible and very fit, and I knew this was going to be one of those magical shows. You could just feel the anticipation from the promoters excellent staff. And even though things come up often that are wrong, it is the good ones that make it right and I didn't even sound check it was so smooth.

We started with our usual opener of 'Sleepwalker' and when the intro tape started, I knew, I knew it was going to be a night that the respectable Thai Metal Contingency would not be disappointed in.

Of course we wined and dined, and saw some sights, but I doubt if anything would top the 'I just clogged the toilet' look I had on my face when I tried to get the punters to say, 'F*#@ YEAH' in Thailand's native tongue.

I have no idea if they said, 'F*#@ YEAH" or "F*#@ YOU!' but I did see a lot of beautiful smiling faces and it seemed like there were many different nationalities in attendance.

We had our MegaFanClub winner meet with us before the show while we were flexing our Metal Muscles and it seemed like a blink of an eye and it was over and I was on my way back to the hotel.

I believe that we made a lot of friends, and that we convinced a lot of haters that Megs is for real. And now as I type this on my cell, somewhere over the ocean on the way to Indonesia, I can only hope that God will spare any more devastation for my fellow Californians and especially my friends and neighbors.

In less two hours I will be with our promoter from the first and only time we have played in Indo. I am excited to be going back to work for the promoter, and very excited about playing for the Indonesian Metal Heads, but I still am floating on air from the reception we got, the faces of the fans that were there, and the fantastic treatment by our promoter in Thailand.

We are going to have another press conference here and since we played Medan last time and are playing Jakarta this time, I am set for many more exciting and exotic sights and experiences.

I want everyone in Thailand to know how much we love you and loved playing for you, and I want to invite you to call us on our SayNow cell phone numbers (619) 717-2000 to keep the fire burning until we can grace your lovely nation once again.

And lastly, my respect and best wishes for a healthy and full recovery to the king of Thailand, who is currently in hospital. As they say, "long live the king!"

This is it for now and pray for rain would ya?"

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Megadeth Mainman Inks Deal With Celestion Amps

According to MEGADETH's official website, "whichever set-up he uses, live or in the studio, mainman Dave Mustaine chooses Celestion."

Dave's in good company, in a stellar line-up of players including Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN AND HELL) and Slash (VELBVET REVOLVER, ex-GUNS N' ROSES), SLAYER's Kerry King, Scott Ian and Dan Spitz from ANTHRAX and current Rob Zombie axeman, John 5. All of whom are long time Celestion players.

Says Mustaine: "Throughout my career I have tried many amplifiers, but I have always only used one brand for my speaker. I prefer Celestion, because nothing I have played through has been tough enough and durable enough to endure the beating of my whole career's sonic output."

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Audio Interview With Shawn Drover Available Online

Mike Metal for "The Metal File," of Montreal's CHOM 97.7 FM recently conducted an interview with Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover. Shawn talks about touring with Megadeth, how he came to join the band, the recording of Megadeth's latest release, "United Abominations," and more. Ironically, "The Metal File" is the very metal show Shawn and his brother, guitarist Glen Drover, grew up listening to that originally exposed them to Megadeth back in 1985. Listen to the audio interview at this location.

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Dave Mustaine Looks Forward To Hitting The Studio

MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"I hope that you liked the AskDaveMustaine.com site and besides trying to find out silly things like persuasion, length, and girth (and mostly asked along with non-serious questions), I found it fun to do and quite rewarding when I hear how many people have laughed out loud for this.

"However, I am sad to say that after two day of sitting in the studio, and four attempts to put everything we could think of into notes, and only Jon Kalter knows how many hours he was there in the beginning of fixing this DVD, as I have to go BACK TO THE STUDIO AGAIN FRIDAY NIGHT!

"At least I know the audio part will be smoother.

"On other MEGS-related stuff, I talked to Andy yesterday and what a great guy this Andy Sneap. I can't wait to go back into his studio next year, after the summer tours. We are also continuing to improve our sounds and made some tremendous improvements to our crew: I am using my new tech Steve MacGregor, and Willie Gee has returned to being Glen's tech after filling in for me while I replaced my last tech, Sean Erpland. Steve handles James and I, and we are also looking at a great personal assistant for me, but I am not sure we can do it, due to time restraints and costs.

"I want to make sure if I get one of these PAs that the person (male or female) is a team player and I can keep him/her for the rest of my days. I am excited about our new prospect and will just have to see how things pan out. I also need to hire a new security guard for the band and myself.

"I have to finally get rid of some of my cars' stuff, so we are going to put some of my private auto stuff and what not up for auction soon; like the stock wheels from my CLS 500 all the way to my lowered, supercharged Denali. But you already know we have all these great collectibles, and rare items at the official MEGADETH eBay store, right?

"Anyways, just getting ready to answer some SayNow messages and take my kids to school while I can, while they are still kids and while they are still in school. I also am going to try to reach my workout experimental partner, the great Nick Bowcott and chit-chat, as well discuss our upcoming work together for a column on guitar playing — according to Dave Mustaine.

"I did some great press yesterday for the German media and they all seem to agree that they loved 'Warchest' and I hope that you do too. And I picked the winner for the Australian contest, 'Are you metal enough for MEGADETH?'. You will see who it is over here later, and at the Gigantour site.

"I have to go feed my little horse 'Rocky' and I will check back in again soon. And be sure to check your cells for replies from me.

"Mustaine sez, 'Call me Droogies!' at (619) 717-2000 SayNow."

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Megadeth Frontman To Appear On "Alex Jones Show"

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine will guest on today's (Friday, October 5) edition of "The Alex Jones Show" to discuss politics and music. The interview is especially interesting due to Alex Jones' highly controversial stand on (and exposure of) government-sponsored terror, the elite's alleged plan to exterminate 80 percent of the population of the earth and so on. The show airs at 12 p.m. (noon) EST and can be heard live via the Internet at InfoWars.com.

As previously reported., MEGADETH's "Warchest" 4-CD+DVD collection has had its release date pushed back to October 9 from the previously announced October 2. No reason was given for the delay.

"Warchest" (Capitol/EMI) features more than six hours of digitally remastered content, hand-selected by Dave Mustaine, including 30 audio and video tracks making their global release debuts, and an additional three tracks that have never before been released in the U.S. "Warchest"'s release caps Mustaine and Capitol/EMI's in-depth MEGADETH catalog remastering and restoration campaign, which has encompassed the band's Capitol studio albums, while also adding new audio and video collections to the band's arsenal.

Armed with digitally remastered career-defining album cuts, soundtrack and compilation sides, unreleased live and studio performances and interview clips spanning more than 20 years, "Warchest" is the ultimate MEGADETH compendium. Included in the trove are a full 75-minute live set from a night on the 1990 "Clash of the Titans" tour and a DVD of highlights from a 1992 stop supporting "Countdown To Extinction" — two historical shows, both making their release debuts on "Warchest". The set's custom "vac-u-form" packaging showcases a 3-D ammo belt on its front and a 36-page booklet with an essay by Ian Christe and a comprehensive discography, complemented by an array of photos and images.

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Just For Fun

Spinner Rates Top 20 "Worst Band Fueds"

Spinner is running a top 20 of "Worst Band Fueds," of which hard rock and metal bands make several appearances including:

Marilyn Manson vs. My Chemical Romance (18)
Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Mr. Bungle (15)
Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam (14)
Dwarves vs. QOTSA (13)
Metallica vs. Megadeth (4)

Of course the list is topped primarily by rappers, but I don't recall when individual rappers constituted a "band."

Read the full article at Spinner.com.

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Megadeth's "Warchest" Delayed By A Week

MEGADETH's "Warchest" 4-CD+DVD collection has had its release date pushed back to October 9 from the previously announced October 2. No reason was given for the delay.

"Warchest" (Capitol/EMI) features more than six hours of digitally remastered content, hand-selected by Dave Mustaine, including 30 audio and video tracks making their global release debuts, and an additional three tracks that have never before been released in the U.S. "Warchest"'s release caps Mustaine and Capitol/EMI's in-depth MEGADETH catalog remastering and restoration campaign, which has encompassed the band's Capitol studio albums, while also adding new audio and video collections to the band's arsenal.

Armed with digitally remastered career-defining album cuts, soundtrack and compilation sides, unreleased live and studio performances and interview clips spanning more than 20 years, "Warchest" is the ultimate MEGADETH compendium. Included in the trove are a full 75-minute live set from a night on the 1990 "Clash of the Titans" tour and a DVD of highlights from a 1992 stop supporting "Countdown To Extinction" — two historical shows, both making their release debuts on "Warchest". The set's custom "vac-u-form" packaging showcases a 3-D ammo belt on its front and a 36-page booklet with an essay by Ian Christe and a comprehensive discography, complemented by an array of photos and images.

Dave Mustaine says, "This is, by far, the best and most comprehensive look at all-things-MEGA if you had to get a crash-course in metal! With some of the most famous, and infamous, shows and any of the fluid, or flammable, line-ups, listening to this box set when it was all done was an adrenalin surge. I have got to hand it to my past band mates, they played great for how turbulent times could get in the blink of an eye, and I absolutely love every moment of this collection."

MEGADETH was formed in 1983, shortly after California native Mustaine parted ways with METALLICA. "When I first started the group, I wanted to form a band because I was very bitter about being fired (from METALLICA) and my fuel was revenge," said the bracingly candid musician. With something to prove, Mustaine initially set out to create the heaviest metal band ever. Beginning with the band's 1985 debut album, "Killing Is My Business ... And Business Is Good!", and evolving through a shifting series of lineups, MEGADETH crafted a dynamic, intelligent style that combined the aggressiveness of thrash metal, the improvisational nature of jazz, and cynical, articulate, politically-charged lyrics into an innovative mix that built a rabid worldwide following.

Several early albums, including 1986's classic "Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying?" and the masterful 1990 release, "Rust In Peace", solidified the band's underground metal fanbase. In 1992, MEGADETH burst into the mainstream with their fifth album, "Countdown To Extinction", which debuted at #2 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart and went on to sell more than two million copies in the U.S. alone. 1994's "Youthanasia" followed with a #4 debut, while 1997's "Cryptic Writings" yielded four Top 20 hits at rock radio, including "Trust" and "Almost Honest". By the time of 1999's "Risk", however, which featured a pop slant unheard on previous MEGADETH recordings, Mustaine himself began to grow disillusioned with the band's direction and the music industry. 2001 saw a return to the band's heavier roots on "The World Needs A Hero", but a year later, a compressed nerve in Mustaine's arm forced the singer and guitarist to put his career and MEGADETH on hiatus, while reassessing both.

Part of that reassessment involved MEGADETH's Capitol Records catalog, which began with the band's second album, "Peace Sells ... But Who's Buying?" "I always had the desire to make 'So Far, So Good ... So What!' (1988) sound good ever since it came out, because I wasn't really happy with it," says Mustaine. "I just wanted all of them to sound good." Mustaine spent months remixing, remastering, restoring — and in some cases, reconstructing — the band's Capitol catalog to bring it as close to his original vision as possible. Each reissue was packed with unreleased tracks, demos and alternate mixes, as well as new liner notes by the iconoclastic Mustaine.

MEGADETH's tenth studio album, 2004's "The System Has Failed", debuted at #18 on Billboard's Top 200, and the band's sold-out "Blackmail The Universe" tour followed, supporting the new album and Capitol's extensive catalog campaign. Dave Mustaine's Gigantour, inspired in name by the classic 1960s cartoon "Gigantor", took MEGADETH and a host of other bands selected by Mustaine across North America and in 2005 and 2006. The prophecy continues with the band's new critically acclaimed album, "United Abominations". MEGADETH will invade cities across the U.S. this fall on the band's "United Abominations Tour Of Duty".

"Warchest" track listing:

Disc One:

01. Killing Is My Business ... And Business Is Good!
02. The Skull Beneath The Skin
03. Peace Sells
04. Wake Up Dead
05. Devils Island
06. Set The World Afire
07. Into The Lungs Of Hell
08. Anarchy/Problems [session take] *
09. Hook In Mouth
10. Liar
11. In My Darkest Hour
12. No More Mr. Nice Guy
13. "dark themes ..." *
14. Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due [Casey McMackin demo] *
15. Tornado Of Souls [demo] *
16. Five Magics [demo] *
17. Hangar 18

Disc Two:

01. "keeping score ..." *
02. Symphony Of Destruction
03. Go To Hell
04. Foreclosure Of A Dream
05. Architecture Of Aggression [demo] ^
06. Skin O' My Teeth [live at Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 5/23/92]
07. High Speed Dirt [live at Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 5/23/92]
08. Ashes In Your Mouth [live at the Cow Palace, S.F., CA 12/4/92]
09. Sweating Bullets [live at the Cow Palace, S.F., CA 12/4/92]
10. Breakpoint [session take] *
11. Angry Again
12. Train Of Consequences
13. Reckoning Day
14. New World Order
15. The Killing Road
16. Strange Ways
17. Paranoid
18. Diadems
19. A Tout Le Monde

Disc Three:

01. Trust
02. Almost Honest
03. Use The Man
04. She-Wolf
05. A Secret Place [live at Woodstock, NY 7/25/99]
06. One Thing ^
07. Duke Nukem
08. Insomnia
09. Crush 'Em
10. Kill The King
11. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
12. Never Say Die
13. Moto Psycho
14. 1000 Times Goodbye
15. Coming Home ^
16. Kick The Chair
17. Of Mice And Men

Disc Four:

All tracks recorded live at Wembley Stadium, London, England 10/16/90

01. Intro/Rattlehead
02. Wake Up Dead *
03. Hangar 18 *
04. Hook In Mouth *
05. The Skull Beneath The Skin *
06. The Conjuring *
07. In My Darkest Hour *
08. Lucretia *
09. Devils Island *
10. Take No Prisoners *
11. Peace Sells *
12. Black Friday *
13. Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due *
14. It's Electric *
15. Anarchy In The U.K. *

Disc Five [DVD]

All tracks recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 9/30/92

01. Intro/Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due *
02. Wake Up Dead *
03. Hangar 18 *
04. Lucretia *
05. Sweating Bullets *
06. In My Darkest Hour *
07. Tornado Of Souls *
08. Ashes In Your Mouth *
09. Peace Sells *
10. Anarchy In The U.K. *

* previously unreleased
^ previously unreleased in the U.S.

Recording personnel:

Dave Mustaine - vocals, lead & rhythm guitars (1983-present)
Glen Drover - guitars & bkg vocals (2005-present)
Al Pitrelli - lead & rhythm guitars (2000-2002)
Marty Friedman - lead & rhythm guitars (1990-1999)
Jeff Young - lead & rhythm guitars (1988)
Chris Poland - lead & rhythm guitars (1984-1987, 2004)
James Lorenzo - bass guitar & bkg vocals (2006-present)
James MacDonough - bass guitar (2004-2006)
Jimmie Lee Sloas - bass guitar (2004)
David Ellefson - bass guitar & bkg vocals (1983-2002)
Shawn Drover - drums & bkg vocals (2005-present)
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums (2004)
Jimmy DeGrasso - drums (1998-2002)
Nick Menza - drums & bkg vocals (1989-1998)
Chuck Behler - drums (1988)
Gar Samuelson - drums (1984-1987)

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Megadeth Ready Their "Warchest"

This October Megadeth will be re-educating the metal masses with the release of their box set Warchest. Dave Mustaine and EMI have collaborated to create the ultimate Megadeth 4 CD/DVD box set that includes over six hours of metal mastery. Armed with digitally re-mastered career-defining album cuts, soundtrack and compilation sides, unreleased live and studio performances and interview clips spanning more than 20 years, Warchest is the ultimate Megadeth compendium. Included are a full 75-minute live set from a night on the 1990 “Clash of the Titans” tour and a DVD of highlights from a 1992 stop supporting Countdown – two historical shows, both making their release debuts on Warchest. “This is, by far, the best and most comprehensive look at all-things-Mega if you had to get a crash-course in metal……I absolutely love every moment of this collection,” says Mustaine.

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Mustaine Says He's Had Several Shots At Success

Nobody subtlety from a band named Megadeth. Nor does singer-guitarist Dave Mustaine. On the band's new album, "United Abominations," Mustaine, 46, draws upon reserves of youthful fury for tunes like "Amerikhastan" and "Washington Is Next!"

"Heavy metal is a barometer for our political well-being," says Mustaine, who plays Irving Plaza on Wednesday. "When we're facing war, music like this is popular because it's talking about aggression. I can't tell you one soldier I ever met that said he was listening to Duran Duran."

Despite a legendarily revolving lineup, Mustaine has managed to give Megadeth, which he formed in 1983, a consistent sound, with the tight crunch of his guitar always front and center.

"I like to punch my guitar in the stomach," says Mustaine. "I have the aggressive side covered, and the other guys have the beautiful side."

Several years back, though, fans saw a shockingly tender side of Mustaine in "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster," when he confronted drummer Lars Ulrich about the hurt that Ulrich and vocalist James Hetfield caused him when they kicked him out of the band in 1983.

But whatever water lies under that bridge, Megadeth, with more than 20 million albums sold worldwide, seems to have all the love it needs.

"I've had a couple of shots of success because of that relationship with the fans," he says, "just saying that I did some things I'm not proud of. It keeps us connected to them because we all do that."

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Megadeth Bassist Checks In

MEGADETH bassist James Lomenzo has issued the following update:

Gotta let you all know what a sensational tour this has been so far! Playing some of my old favorite haunts has really been a blast and getting to meet some of you on and around the venues has been fantastically re-affirming. From what you've been relaying to us, we're doin' right by the fans both old and new and to the Megadeth legacy. I'm so proud to be a part of this "resurgence" (the word most of you use when you describe your perception of Megadeth at large). All who have been present for our shows thus far from Alaska to last nights Milwaukee Wisconsin gig have really come full on and brought us the metal, in as much as we have tried to bring it to you making for some genuinely memorable shows. You have my humblest thanks.

My wife reminded me to share this with you so here goes... I ran into an old friend of mine in the hotel lobby in Portland a week and a half ago, Slash. We chatted a bit and then he got serious (seemingly) and said, 'Thanks to Megadeth I've got to go to traffic school!' I asked, 'Why?' and he explained, 'I Love the new album [United Abominations], every-time I drive I've got it crankin' in my car... I've gotten two speeding tickets thanks to you guys and now I've got to go to fuckin traffic school!' Of course, I apologized and then thanked him.

Hey, thanks for all the write-in's on my sticky in the musicians forum, it's been great chatting bass with you and watching some of you interact, keep those posts coming! Also, thanks to some of you for the great comments on my SayNow message board, I really dig hearing from you guys, what a great opportunity to hear your voices individually and get to catch up with some of my older fans. Like Dave (Mustaine), I'm toying with ideas on how to make communication on SayNow more interactive and fun so stay tuned."

James Lomenzo's SayNow number is as follows: 661.349.7208

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New Megadeth Video To Premiere Sept. 26

Megadeth's new video for the song "Never Walk Alone" will premiere exclusively on the official Megadeth MySpace page this coming Wednesday, September 26. The video was shot on August 22nd at Cheyenne Studios in Castaic, California. More information to follow.

In other news, Megadeth frontman, Dave Mustaine, has been reaching out to fans during their current headlining tour and inviting them to call his cell and share their thoughts. As part of a collaboration with www.saynow.com, fans can call and leave messages for Dave on his cell. At each tour date, Dave makes an announcement from the stage encouraging fans to call and leave him messages and tells them where his cell number is posted at the venue. Dave also sends out group voicemails from the stage at each tour date, letting fans know what city he’s in and invites the local audience to cheer in the background while he’s leaving the message. As part of his outreach to fans, he also leaves messages for people who have contacted him about current Megadeth activities. Anyone who’d like to leave a personal message for Dave and his bandmates can call them at the following numbers:

DAVE MUSTAINE: (619) 717-2000
GLEN DROVER: (818) 237-4680
SHAWN DROVER: (678) 999-2215
JAMES LOMENZO: (661) 349-7208

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The Confession Post Tour Diaries of Megadeth Tour

The Confession is on the road now with Megadeth and will be updating their Myspace blog daily with pictures from the road.

Here are the Confession tour dates with Megadeth:

Sep 11 2007 8:00P Warfield w/ Megadeth San Francisco, California
Sep 12 2007 8:00P Grove w/ Megadeth Anaheim, California
Sep 14 2007 8:00P House of Blues w/ Megadeth Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep 16 2007 8:00P Ogden w/ Megadeth Denver, Colorado
Sep 17 2007 7:00P The Blue Goat Salina, Kansas
Sep 18 2007 8:00P Pops w/ Megadeth Sauget, Illinois
Sep 19 2007 8:00P Eagles Club w/ Megadeth Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sep 21 2007 8:00P Egyptian Room w/ Megadeth Indianapolis, Indiana
Sep 22 2007 8:00P Newport Music Hall w/ Megadeth Columbus, Ohio
Sep 23 2007 8:00P Orbit Room w/ Megadeth Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sep 24 2007 7:30P Peabody’s Cleveland, Ohio
Sep 25 2007 8:00P Town Ballroom w/ Megadeth Buffalo, New York
Sep 26 2007 8:00P Irving Plaza w/ Megadeth New York, New York
Sep 28 2007 8:00P Lupos Strand Theater w/ Megadeth Providence, Rhode Island
Sep 29 2007 8:00P Hampton Casino w/ Megadeth Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
Sep 30 2007 8:00P 930 Club w/ Megadeth Washington DC, Washington DC
Oct 1 2007 8:00P Toads Place w/ Megadeth Richmond, Virginia
Oct 3 2007 8:00P Revolution w/ Megadeth Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Oct 4 2007 8:00P House of Blues w/ Megadeth Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Oct 5 2007 8:00P House of Blues w/ Megadeth Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Oct 6 2007 8:00P The Norva w/ Megadeth Norfolk, Virginia
Oct 7 2007 8:00P Hooligans w/ In This Moment Jacksonville, North Carolina
Oct 7 2007 8:00P Hooligans w/ In This Moment Jacksonville, North Carolina
Oct 8 2007 8:00P Monkey Bar w/ In This Memory Huntington, Virginia
Oct 9 2007 8:00P Bulldog Cafe / In This Moment Louisville, Kentucky
Oct 11 2007 8:00P Static Bar w/ In This Moment Kansas City, Missouri
Oct 12 2007 8:00P Rampage Studios w/ In This Moment Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oct 14 2007 8:00P Launch Par w/ In The Moment Albaquerque, New Mexico

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Ex-Megadeth Guitarist Lands Japanese Movie Role

Former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman has landed a role in a major motion picture in Japan. The movie, called "Gugudatte Neko Dearu", stars Koizumi Kyoko and is slated for a 2008 release. Marty began filming his parts last week and will wrap work on the project in December.

Friedman released the "Exhibit B - Live in Japan" DVD and "Exhibit A - Live in Europe" CD simultaneously in Japan on August 22 by Avex. These feature different setlists, but with the same band members: Jeremy Colson (drums), Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK; guitar) and Chris Catero (bass). The details are as follows:

"Exhibit A - Live in Europe" CD:

01. Theme From Namida (Tears)
02. Elixir
03. Anvils (Celluloid Revenge Ending)
04. Gimme A Dose
05. Street Demon
06. It's The Unreal Thing
07. Fuel Injection Stingray
08. Stigmata*Addiction
09. Tibet
10. Angel
11. Paradise Express
12. Ripped
13. Cheer Girl Rampage
14. Thunder March
15. Ballad Of The Barbie Bandits
16. Hound Dog

"Exhibit B - Live in Japan" DVD:

01. Strange Gods And Suspicious Angels (intro)
02. Theme From Namida (Tears)
03. Elixir
04. Anvils (Celluloid Revenge Ending)
05. Gimme A Dose
06. Street Demon
07. It's The Unreal Thing
08. Fuel Injection Stingray
09. Stigmata*Addiction
10. Devil Take Tomorrow
11. Asche Zu Asche / My Oh My (Mutation Medley)
12. Paradise Express
13. Ripped
14. Salt In The Wound
15. Cheer Girl Rampage
16. Thunder March
17. Ballad Of The Barbie Bandits
18. Dragon Mistress / Io Che Non Vivo (Senza Te) / Be
19. Hound Dog

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