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Formed: 2007
From: Novi Sad, Serbia
Last Known Status: Disbanded

Latest Disdained News

Below is our complete Disdained news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Disdained Offering Final Album As Free Download

Disdained has issued the following update about offering the band's final album "The Final Opus" as a free download:

"As you all know, we split up a few months back. Although we recorded our second full-length album, we never got it released. So we are putting it up for free download.

"We would like to thanks everyone who supported us throughout the years, who came to our gigs, and enjoyed our music. With this blog, we are writing to you for the last time, and are eternally thankful to each and every one of you. You won't be forgotten, and we're glad we shared some great experiences with you.

"Everything else is written on our profile. Here's the official flier for our last release 'The Last Opus' and the download link for it. Download and enjoy it."

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Pest Records Online Comp Vol. 10 for Free Download

Last month Pest records posted a free online compilation, Pest Records Online Compilation Vol. 10. We missed reporting it at the time, but it's free music just the same - more than 100 minutes of extreme metal from all over the world. You can download the RAR-compressed compilation (135MB) here or here.

Here's the tracklisting for the Pest Records Online Compilation Vol. 10:

1. Bane (Serbia) - "In A Dying World"
2. Bribe (Italy) - "Victim's Prostate"
3. Burning Flesh (Gex-Geneva/France) - "Pandemic Plague"
4. Caesarum (France) - "Taste Our Freedom"
5. Diktatur (Euskadi/France) - "Revanche"
6. Disdained (Serbia) - "Ignoring The Bliss"
7. Exterminio (Argentina) - "Mangled and Disembodied"
8. Morbus (Venezuela) - "Placeres Fecales"
9. Mordant (Sweden) - "Fall of Holiness"
10. Mordeth (Brasil) - "From Apes to Warlords"
11. Nerocapra (Italy) - "Philo"
12. Nervous Impulse (Canada) - "Rockstar Faggotry"
13. Nyarlathotep (Spain) - "Hekait et Er_Diriiksta"
14. Pagan Requiem (USA) - "Cross the Gate"
15. Perverse Molestation (Philippines) - "Plasma Cumshot"
16. Prayer Of The Dying (Malta) - "Memento of Decay"
17. Riotor (Canada) - "Riotor"
18. Sadistic Gore (Brazil) - "Deflowered by the Priest"
19. Sanguinus (USA) - "Not Even Your Shadow Will Be Remembered"
20. Shredding Consequences (Mexico) - "Worlderness"
21. Skineater (Sweden/USA) - "Dismantling"
22. Svart Vold (Italy) - "Fired Mark"
23. Terminal War (France) - "Aeon Crush"
24. Tornado (Greece) - "Human Race"

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Disdained Appears On Pest Records Compilation

Serbian metallers Disdained have announced their track "Ignoring The Bliss" appears on the Pest Records 10th online compilation album. The album is available as a free download at this location. The track listing is as follows:

CD 1
1. Bane (Serbia) - In A Dying World
2. Bribe (Italy) - Victim's Prostate
3. Burning Flesh (Gex-Geneva/France) - Pandemic Plague
4. Caesarum (France) - Taste Our Freedom
5. Diktatur (Euskadi/France) - Revanche
6. Disdained (Serbia) - Ignoring The Bliss
7. Exterminio (Argentina) - Mangled and Disembodied
8. Morbus (Venezuela) - Placeres Fecales
9. Mordant (Sweden) - Fall of Holiness
10. Mordeth (Brasil) - From Apes to Warlords
11. Nerocapra (Italy) - Philo
12. Nervous Impulse (Canada) - Rockstar Faggotry
13. Nyarlathotep (Spain) - Hekait et Er_Diriiksta
14. Pagan Requiem (USA) - Cross the Gate
15. Perverse Molestation (Philippines) - Plasma Cumshot
16. Prayer Of The Dying (Malta) - Memento of Decay
17. Riotor (Canada) - Riotor
18. Sadistic Gore (Brazil) - Deflowered by the Priest
19. Sanguinus (USA) - Not Even Your Shadow Will Be Remembered
20. Shredding Consequences (Mexico) - Worlderness
21. Skineater (Sweden/USA) - Dismantling
22. Svart Vold (Italy) - Fired Mark
23. Terminal War (France) - Aeon Crush
24. Tornado (Greece) - Human Race

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Disdained Members Form New Band

Guitarist/vocalist Branislav Panic of Serbian metal act Disdained has issued the following update about joining the new band Synesis Absorption:

"Greetings, I am honored to let you know that Milos (Disdained) invited me to participate in this Project. I am now officially the lead vocalist for Synesis Absorption, and in the near future will start co-writing and recording new material with Milos for the first full-length album. The recording process of the first single will start in a few days in the USA, were drums will be played by Mike Smith, drummer of NY`s legends Suffocation.

"The final line-up for the first SYNESIS ABSORPTION recording will be the following: Branislav Panic (Disdained) - Vocals, Miloš Batocanin (Disdained) - Guitars/Vocals, Shannon Hamm (Death) - Guitars, Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus) - Bass, Michael Smith (Suffocation) - Drums. For further news & updates, visit the official Synesis Absorption MySpace profile."

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Disdained Posts Video Tour Report Online

Disdained has issued the following video tour report from the "Infinite Brutality Tour 2009:"


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Disdained Streaming New Song Online

Serbian metallers Disdained have issued the following update about streaming a new song online:

"Greetings, a few days ago we celebrated our 3rd anniversary as Disdained and would like (once again) to thank all the people & bands that have supported us till date. More news are coming soon including promo video clips, album info & new European Tour dates, so watch out. In the mean time enjoy the new track from our upcoming 2nd full-length album which was uploaded on our music player recently!"

Disdained's upcoming second album will also include a guest performance by Steffen Kummerer of German technical death metal act Obscura.

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Disdained Streaming New Song Online

Serbian metallers Disdained have issued the following statement about streaming a new song online from their upcoming album:

"Greetings, as you might have already noticed, a new track from our upcoming 2nd full-length album is now uploaded on our MySpace profile. More details about our new CD will follow in 2010, so be sure to drop by frequently for updates. Anyways - listen & enjoy, comments are as always very welcome. Happy New Year in advance, and see you all in 2010!"

Disdained's new album will feature guest appearances by Steffen Kummerer of Obscura, Honza Kpaak of Avenger, and Urok of May Result. More details on the album's title and release date will be announced as they are made available.

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Disdained Issues Band Update

Serbian metallers Disdained have issued the following update about focusing on their side projects during the winter months:

"By the end of 2009, Disdained accomplished among the rest, 2 European Tours & recorded the second full-length album this year, so it was a very busy & hard working year for all of us. For this winter, we will be more or less 'inactive', basically just taking some 'time-off' from our primary band, until Spring/Summer 2010 when we plan to hit the road again in order to promote our new album.

"However, be sure to check out our side projects/bands, and expect more updates (concerts, releases, new material, etc…) from them during this winter: Branislav – BANE (Black Metal), Zoltan – PRY (Alter/Metal), Stevan – KOLAPS (Hardcore), Dusan – CFP (Rap), Milos – SYNESIS ABSORPTION (Death Metal). Be sure to add them as your friends, comments are welcome!"

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Disdained Announces New Lineup

Disdained has issued the following update regarding their new lineup:

"It is a pleasure to announce that we have finally complete a full line up:"

"Dusan Brkovic (Vocals, some of you might previously know him from the "Balkan Massacre Tour 2009") is now an official member of Disdained. His devotion to this band came way higher than expected, and I am happy to announce that you will get the chance to hear his work on our upcoming full-length CD, as well as on Live gigs in the future." More...

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Disdained Announces Guest Musicians

Disdained has issued the following announcement about guest musician appearances on their upcoming full-length album:


"It is my pleasure to announce the guest musician appearances that you will get the chance to hear on our upcoming 2nd full-length studio record:

"STEFFEN KUMMERER of OBSCURA (Germany, Relapse Records), HONZA KAPAK of AVENGER (Czech Republic, DeathGasm Records), UROK of MAY RESULT (Serbia, BattleGod Productions)

"Unfortunately the date of release is still TBA. However, promo copies/free downloads will be available soon, so be sure to drop by/contact me soon for yours!

"Also be sure to catch us live on our INFINITE BRUTALITY TOUR 2009 with Svart Crown (Death/Black Metal, France) & Fractured Insanity (Brutal Death Metal, Belgium). For more info, check out the previous blog, and see the confirmed dates on our profile page."

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Disdained Announces European Tour Dates

Serbian metallers Disdained have issued the following announcement about an upcoming European tour:

"I am thrilled to announce that our 2nd European Tour is on the way!

"This time we will visit 10 countries (France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic & Poland) with French masters of Black/Death Metal – SVART CROWN. Additionally, Belgium..s most brutal – FRACTURED INSANITY will be supporting us on some concerts*!

"Below you will find the (mostly) confirmed dates:" More...

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Disdained Issues New Album Recording Update

Serbian metallers Disdained have issued the following recording update:


"Our 2nd full-length album is about 90% finished. Just a few more things are left to record before we can start the mixing & mastering process. Expect to hear these new tracks within a few weeks.

"Most importantly, I will be announcing the names of the guest musicians that will appear on our upcoming album as soon as possible. Very interesting, and amazing musicians have their sounds captured on our new record, and it is just a matter of time before you will get the chance to hear their work in Disdained!

"Beside all this, even more (bigger) news are on the way, so don't pull the plug!

"Catch you guys in a few days"

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Disdained Issues Recording Update

Serbian metallers Disdained have issued the following update about recording a new album:


"Just a brief update about the new record – I have finished about 80% of the guitars, so as soon as I complete them, Dusan & I will start tracking down the vocals.

"Some new pictures are uploaded (from the recording session), check out the link if you wish to see them.

"P.S. Some 'un-expected' surprises will follow in the next studio updates, so be sure to keep up with the blogs!"

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Disdained Issues Studio Update

Serbian metal band, Disdained, has issued the following studio update:

"In the past month or so I was busy as fuck (and still am), and did not manage to keep many things up to date – including our recording sessions. As you might know, we are recording our 2nd full-length album here in Novi Sad, Serbia at Positive Family Studio. So, for the curious, here is how things are going so far:"

"The drums and bass guitars are tracked down, and finished. Zoltan & Stevan did a really impressive job by recording all this in a few days (all together took less than 2 weeks)." More...

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Disdained Posts New Song Online

Serbian progressive death metal band, Disdained, has posted a new track, "Synthetic Divinity," on their MySpace page. The song is a demo version that will be rerecorded for the album. The demo was recorded & mixed by Disdained's Zoltan Simon at his home in February, the drums were programmed by Zoltan Simon, music, arrangements, guitars and vocals were done by guitarist Branislav Panic, and the lyics were written by former singer Tara Kerac.

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Disdained Parts Ways With Singer, Tara Kerac

Serbian metallers, Disdained, have issued an update regarding their line-up change, upcoming European Tour, and second studio album.

The band comments about their line up change, "After 2 years in the band, Tara (lead vocalist and lyric writer) parts ways with Disdained, as he could not be devoted to the band anymore and wishes to concentrate on other things in life. We wish him all the best in his private life as well as in the music business." More...

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Disdained Announce New Guitarist

Serbian death metallers DISDAINED have announced the addition of guitarist Leo Boshnjak to the group's ranks The band recently finished recording its debut album, "We All Reek", for a June release via Holland's Filthy Records. According to a press release, "these young guys from Serbia will blow you away with a mix of extreme death metal and grindcore."

DISDAINED released a live CD in 2007 featuring a recording of the band's concert at club Dvoriste in Novi Sad, Serbia.

For more information, visit their MySpace page.

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Disdained Sign With Filthy Records

Serbian grind/death metallers DISDAINED signs with Filthy Records. In 2007 DISDAINED already recorded a live CD of their gig at club Dvoriste in Novisad, Serbia. At this moment the band is busy recording 8 tracks for their debut album, which is planned for June 2008.

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