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Ravens Creed

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Below is our complete Ravens Creed news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Ravens Creed Reveals New Album Details

The British crusty death metal soldiers from Ravens Creed have revealed the full track list and cover art for upcoming 3rd album "Ravens Krieg," as well as an advanced track and definite release date.

The band's third album "Ravens Krieg," featuring cover artwork made by Greek artist Gerasimos Kolokas, is a merciless massacre containing 13 shots of direct, fresh, intense and infectious death metal the old fashioned way with a crust edge and a nasty sound. Due out October 1, the track listing is as follows:

01. Rock Cemetery
02. Palmer the Harmer
03. Jungle Justice
04. Riding the Pillock
05. Lecturn of Burning Swords Reversed
06. Victory in Defeat
07. VIP Treatment
08. Go Home
09. Bitten By Witch Fever
10. Brigade '77
11. Dirty Diary
12. While You Were Sleeping
13. Carrion Screaming More...

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Ravens Creed Signs With Xtreem Music

The British death metal mongers from Ravens Creed have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming album, which is currently being recorded at Tenko Studios in Nottingham and will be entitled "Ravens Krieg."

Ravens Creed was formed back in 2006 by Steve Watson (ex-Iron Monkey & Cerebral Fix) and Jay Graham (ex-Skyclad, Return to The Sabbat and Iommi) being joined by Frazer Craske (ex-Sabbat) and Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) who later left the band during some of the various line-up changes the group suffered, being nowadays completed by Al Osta (Cerebral Fix) & Rod Boston.

Stay tuned for more details on "Ravens Krieg," and below you can hear songs of previous release "The Power." More...

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Ravens Creed To Play High Voltage Fest

Ravens Creed has announced an appearance at the upcoming 2011 edition of the High Voltage Festival. The band will be playing the Metal Hammer stage on July 23rd, 2011. The festival takes place from July 23rd - 24th at Victoria Park in London. Additional details on the festival can be found at this location.

Ravens Creed also recently released the "Nestless And Wild" EP. The track listing is as follows:

1. Stampede Of Skeletons
2. Breaking The Lord
3. Shoot The Wounded
4. The Wires Will Kill You

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Ravens Creed Comments On EP Release

Ravens Creed has issued the following update about the release of the band's upcoming EP:

"The Nestless and wild EP will be on sale from 22nd Feb, available from Doomentia records and other smashing establishments, we have had a couple of jams and are knocking a tasty, yet sinister, set list up for that festival I mentioned last time, the organizers are announcing it soon, so until then I gotta be tight mouth Larry. Before this we will be playing a warm up gig in bleak northern albion, more details when we get them."

The "Nestless And Wild" track listing is as follows:

1. Stampede Of Skeletons
2. Breaking The Lord
3. Shoot The Wounded
4. The Wires Will Kill You

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Ravens Creed Working On New Songs

Ravens Creed has checked in with the following update about working on new material and releasing a new EP:

"Jay and myself demo'd two new songs a couple of days ago (working titles 'Women and children first' -not a Van Halen cover!-and Cocks and vipers), we have been booked for a superlative enducing festival in the summer, can't say anything more until the promoters officially announce it though and Lukas Doomentia informed me the Nestless and wild EP will be out in Jan 2011."

The "Nestless And Wild" track listing is as follows:

1. Stampede Of Skeletons
2. Breaking The Lord
3. Shoot The Wounded
4. The Wires Will Kill You

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Ravens Creed Reveals New EP Tracklisting

Ravens Creed has revealed the tracklisting for its forthcoming EP titled "Nestless And Wild." The new EP is die for release sometime by year's end through Doomentia Records.

The "Nestless And Wild" tracklisting is as follows:
1. Stampede Of Skeletons
2. Breaking The Lord
3. Shoot The Wounded
4. The Wires Will Kill You

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Ravens Creed To Release New EP

British heavy metal outfit Ravens Creed has announced that they are planning to release a new EP, entitled "Black Bullets," as a precursor to their second studio album. A message from the band reads as follows:

"Our good friend Lukas of Doomentia records suggested to us that we do an EP first before recording second album, he's right of course, this is a great way of introducing the new line up, so - five tracks that we have already recorded for our second album (the power that dare not speak its name) will be used for the EP and the six songs we've written for the third LP will replace the ones that will be on the EP. The EP will be called Black Bullets and as mentioned will be out on Doomentia when we've finished fannying around with the artwork, then we'll start recording the second LP (also out on Doomentia)."

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Ravens Creed Announces New Vocalist Al Osta

RAVENS CREED has issued the following update regarding the addition of their new vocalist Al Osta:

"Frazer, Jay and myself would like you all to welcome our new vocalist Al Osta (aka The Syrian Destroyer) Al's interests include kick boxing, serial killers and Celtic Frost.
He will be making his debut on our next lp 'A conspiracy of...' that is being recorded at TENKO studios over the next few weeks and will be released by Doomentia records."

"We have already written six songs for our third lp. and look forward to playing live with Al as soon as possible."

The tracklisting for "A conspiracy of..." is as follows:

01. Bashed In
02. Wiccan Wanderers
03. Five Witches Of Nine
04. Black Bullets
05. Hearse Fokker
06. Inappropriate Eulogy
07. Buried In The Bin
08. The Wires Will Kill You
09. Kick To Kill
10. Shoot The Wounded
11. War Cauldron
12. Unleash The Ratbashers
13. Raped By The Graveyard
14. Breaking The Lord
15. Bloody Luxury
16. Rat King Rosary

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Ravens Creed Issues Band Update

Ravens Creed has issued the following studio update:

"Now then, Jay and myself took advantage of Frazer being on holiday (exploring druids caves) to have a damn good rehearsal, we went through songs from the next lp and some older tunes and five off Albion Thunder, all sounded great, harsh and skull-kicking!. Jay brought his full kit down, whilst I couldn't be arsed to haul my amp and cab about so I mic'd my little combo up through the PA, sounded awesome too.......and guess what?, looks like we've found a vocalist, 'official' announcement and all that crap soon."

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Ravens Creed Reveals New Album Tracklisting

British metal outfit Ravens Creed has revealed the final tracklisting for their forth coming new studio album, "In Conspiracy Of... ." The band are currently accepting auditions for the role of their new lead singer following the departure of vocalist Ben Ward. If you are interested then please contact the band at info@ravenscreed.co.uk.

The tracklisting is as follows:

"Bashed In"
"Wiccan Wanderers"
"Black Bullets"
"Hearse Fokker"
"Bloody Luxury"
"Breaking The Lord"
"Five Witches Of Nine"
"Inappropriate Eulogy"
"Kick To Kill"
"Raped By The Graveyard"
"Rat King Rosary"
"Shoot The Wounded"
"The Wires Will Kill You"
"Unleash The Ratbashers"
"War Cauldron"
"Buried In The Bin"

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Ravens Creed Seeks Permanent Lead Vocalist

British death thrashers Ravens Creed have issued the following update regarding the search for a permanent vocalist:

"Whilst tidying up loose ends on new songs in TENKO, Jay and myself talked about what we were going to do for a vocalist when the next lp is out. We debated back and forth the pros and cons of the sistuation we are in at the moment (for those who are unaware: Ben has left, Iscariah is doing vocals on our next lp and we are still looking for a permanent singer) After much time had passed and our chins were blistered from being stroked, we decided to hold off recording our next lp (A conspiracy of...) until we have found a permanent vocalist, just saves us pissing about after the lp is out really. and we can get back to playing live again (like normal bands!) Jay and myself would like to thank Iscariah for his enthusiasm and being willing to fly to England to do his vocals."

"So............. we are looking for a full time singer, the next lp is pretty much ready to go, over half the songs have lyrics already, if you feel you can do it, contact us through this electronic medium, no experience required! must be able to attend rehearsals in Nottingham twice a month and a deep love of Venom, Celtic Frost, Master and Discharge would be a Brucey bonus."

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Ravens Creed Reveals Song Titles For New Album

Ravens Creed has issued the following studio update:

"Jay and myself went through the songs we have been recording at TENKO for the second album (A conspiracy of...) that will be issued by the mighty Doomentia records once again. The tracks we have chosen are:

'Raped By The Graveyard'
'Bashed In'
'Five Witches Of Nine'
'Shoot The Wounded'
'The Wires Will Kill You'
'Kick To Kill'
'War Cauldron'
'Hearse Fokker'
'Unleash The Ratbashers'
'Bloody Luxury'
'Black Bullets'
'Wiccan Wanderers'
'Taint The Robe With Torpid Feculence'"

"The album will be recorded by The Moot Group studios in Nottingham (same as Albion Thunder) by Johnny Carter and Paul Yeadon."

"We still need to secure a vocalist. the post is open to all, if you think you can do it, let us know."

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Ravens Creed Parts Ways With Vocalist

Vocalist Ben Ward of U.K. metal band Ravens Creed has issued the following announcement about stepping down from his position:

"It is with great sadness that I have to report that I am stepping down from my duties as front-man and vocalist for Ravens Creed. It has reached the point that I can no longer give the band the time and energy that it deserves and I feel that by leaving now it will allow Steve, Jay and Frazer the opportunity to get somebody who is as passionate and dedicated to the band as they all are.

"I have had a great 4 years with the band and will leave with a lot of fond memories but right now I believe this is the right thing to do. I wish the band all the success and hope they make me regret this decision!!!! Anybody wishing to step into the vacant position can contact the band via their MySpace page, details about rehearsals etc are all there! Over and out."

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Ravens Creed Names New Album and Songs

UK metal band Ravens Creed has issued the following update:

"We still have no live shows booked, Ben is busy with Orange Goblin and Jay has crewing commitments, it is pretty hard to find a 'window,' but be assured when the stars align we will be plying our wares in a low rent venue near you soon!"

"The next album will be called 'A Conspiracy Of...' so far we have a good chunk of it written, namely: TAINT THE ROBE WITH TORPID FECCULANCE, PALMER THE HARMER, BASHED IN, OFF WITH HIS HEAD!, BLACK BULLETS, and a couple of others that need riffs swapping about/shortening/deleting."

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Ravens Creed Reveals "Albion Thunder" Artwork

British metal band Ravens Creed, which features Ben Ward of Orange Goblin and Frzer Craske of Sabbat, has revealed the artwork for their upcoming album "Albion Thunder." The art can be viewed here.

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Ex-Sabbat Bassist Joins Ravens Creed

RAVENS CREED, the "VENOM-worshipping scumbags" featuring ORANGE GOBLIN's Ben Ward, as well as Steve Watson (ex-IRON MONKEY), Jason Graham and James Kiely, have announced the addition of former SABBAT bassist Frazer Craske to the group's ranks. "We are currently rehearsing for the 'Albion Thunder' UK tour in May, and will be recording 'Hail the Warbeast' and 'Secret Garden' for a Land O' Smiles 12" for release soon," says the band. "This will be our third release with the holy Land O' Smiles recording organization."

RAVENS CREED 2008 lineup:

Steve Watson - Guitar
Jay Graham - Drums
Ben Ward - Vocals
James Kiely - Guitar
Frazer Craske - Bass

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