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Dead Shape Figure

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Band Photo: Dead Shape Figure (?)

Formed: 2003
From: Vantaa, Finland
Last Known Status: Active

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Dead Shape Figure Signs To Dynamic Arts Records

Finnish modern thrash/death-influenced metal band DEAD SHAPE FIGURE has signed a deal with Dynamic Arts Records. The group's second album, "The Disease Of St. Vitus", is tentatively due in the spring.

Commented vocalist Timo "Galzi" Kallio: "In the middle of our songwriting sessions, we woke up to reality that there still was no papers signed and no deal done for our second album... we had just turned down offers this far. There were a few labels we wanted deal with; the only problem was none of them knew it at the time! The most thing was, that we wanted to communicate as friends in order to make some business and not to deal with corporate-office-somebody and make business at any cost." More...

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Dead Shape Figure Announces New Years Eve Show

Finnish metallers Dead Shape Figure have announced they will be playing a special New Years Eve show at Dantes Highlight in Helsinki on December 31st. Samples of Dead Shape Figure's music can be found at their official MySpace page.

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Dead Shape Figure Enlists New Bassist

Dead Shape Figure has issued the following statement about recruiting a new bass player:

"Dead Shape Figure has found a new bass player... phhhh.... We actually didn't even search a new bass player we just called to our old friend Ere and asked if he has any interest of being a worthless piece of s.... a bass player in DSF and after the call maybe 2h later Ere was in our rehearsal room learning the new songs and jamming like a mofo. It's so much easier to deal with an old friend rather than bringing in a bunch of strangers into the auditions and first explain them how DSF rolls, then see if they can play anything and finally when the band thinks that this guy is the one they realize that he is actually a cunt when he drinks over 6 beers and starts to really annoy everyone and then at some point he will tell the band that how ridiculous is the fact that the band is paying their own plane tickets and not the label when they are leaving on tour and how his girlfriend thinks this and that and blaablaablaa...

"A little bit of over exaggerating maybe... But from an experience we thought that this is the best idea... And we have really missed Ernos scence of sarcasm in the rehearsal space. Oh, and for you who dont know: Erno played guitar in DSF during 2004-2008. Other news:
We have a studio booked for this year and we are almost ready with the pre-production... We are gonna unleash all the details about the new album next month." More...

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Dead Shape Figure Parts Ways With Bassist

Finnish metal band Dead Shape Figure has announced the departure of bassist, Neissu. Vocalist Galzis comments, "It is truely the most devastating thing an old friend can say to another: I'll be leaving. Being friends in a band is something totally different than being friends otherwise. It's more like a good marriage, right?"

"Anyhow, Neissu has found himself in a situation where no bass playing or music in general raises any interest. For fifteen years of playing in the same bands this is the very first time i'll have to except the fact that there's no 80 inch of knowledge and power at our prescence."

Dead Shape Figure are currently putting the finishing touches to their new songs and will be entering the studio soon.

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Dead Shape Figure Posts New Demo Song Online

Finnish thrash metal band Dead Shape Figure has posted a new demo song on their MySpace page entitled "Face On The Nails." The band comments on the song, "It's pretty much a straight forward rock'n roll song and we have played that song live for a while now. As much as we enjoy to play 270bpm full speed thrash it's sometimes nice to just take your pants off and rock with your smelly little shrimp out, right?"

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Dead Shape Figure Posts New Song Online

Finnish thrash metal band Dead Shape Figure posts a new song on their MySpace page entitled "Felix Culpa."

The band discusses the song, "The song is called 'Felix Culpa' and it's the first song we composed with our drummer Mohkis when he came back last year. It's kind of a "traditional" thrashy DSF-song but with a little bit of a melodic twist. The chorus-section features some multi-harmony singing ala Alice In Chains by our singer Galzi and it came by a surprise for us that he is capable of delivering those kind of vocals... We are probably going to use that kind of singing more often in our songs so that some big label will sign us and give us a shitloads of cash so we can buy some good crack and old american cars."

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Dead Shape Figure Writing New Material

Finland's Dead Shape Figure has issued the following update about writing new material:

"Finn Hits Fest show was awesome, a big thank you for everyone who attended our show! And also a big thank you for Mr Halima&crew for making this one happen. You guys rule!

"So it was the last show of the year 2009 for us and now we are on full writing mode ATM. We are gonna release two new demo songs for your ears during this week in our Myspace-page, so be aware... The label who is gonna release our next album is still a big question mark for us but we are working the situation every day.

"But anyway we like to thank everyone who came into our show and supported us in the year 2009! We had some really great shows and we made a lots of new friends. Hopefully the next year is gonna be even better for us when we come back with a new kickass album..."

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Dead Shape Figure Issues Recording Update

Finland thrash metal band, Dead Shape Figure, has issued the following studio update:

"We are almost finished with the 3 new songs that we started recording in December'08... Why it took so long? We don't really know... The drum, guitar and bass tracks has been ready since December. But suddenly we decided to re-record the guitars with a better equipment (the old ones were recorded with a roland micro cube in our sound engineers living room...). And then few months went really fast and then we left to the European tour with Cradle Of Filth, Moonspell and Turisas and... well now it's July 2009 and our sound engineer Osku is mixing the songs, and they should be ready in few weeks. We recorded the new guitar tracks last weekend and Galzi did his vocals at his summer cottage few weeks ago." More...

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Dead Shape Figure Signs To Season Of Mist

Season of Mist has announced the signing of Finland's thrash/melodic metal band Dead Shape Figure. The band will put out their first full-length album in the first half of 2008.

Here's singer Galzi's comment regarding this new collaboration: "We're fucking stoked for this opportunity with Season of Mist, and what it brings on the plate. The opportunity to head bash our message to millions of people, to be all about the music, no bullshit. We're anxiously looking forward to this year and what kind of journey we can pull off. A journey with all you crazy thrash heads out there."

You can get a taste of the band's debut album "The Grand Karoshi," by downloading an MP3 of the "Blithering Icon" track.

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