"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2004
From: London, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Scythian News

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Scythian Reveals New Album Cover

U.K. death metal outfit Scythian (not to be confused with Canada's Scythia) has revealed the cover and track listing for "Hubris in Excelsis," the band's second album, which is set to be released later this year by Hells Headbangers.

Painted by esteemed underground artist Blanka Dvorak, the cover art (as well as interior art) to "Hubris in Excelsis" is rich with imagery influenced by morbid, dystopian sci-fi and resonates with the album's latent lyrical themes. Six images have been created in total, and all will grace the layout of the album, which will be released on CD and vinyl editions, with both the CD and 12" gatefold vinyl (with poster) formats having their own unique respective layout.

1. Beyond the Dust...
2. Hubris in Excelsis
3. Apocalyptic Visions
4. As Tyrants Feast...
5. Penultimate Truth : Ultimate Deceit
6. The Laws...
7. Three Stigmata
8. War Graves (Dulce et Decorum Est...)
9. Dystopia More...

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Scythian Releasing New Album

Scythian's second full-length album, "Hubris in Excelsis," is complete and being prepared for release via Hells Headbangers.

"This is the album that almost killed us," says founding guitarist A. Von Moller. "Against the tides of trend and adversity, we created an work that would represent our own battles and our music as we wanted to hear it. We're proud to return with nine punishing anthems and tales of human folly - Hubris in Excelsis."

Recorded and engineered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric / Priory Studios) and mastered by Leon Macey (Mithras / Dreaming Studios), "Hubris in Excelsis" marks the transformation of a little-known U.K. band into a serious contender.

Heavily inspired by apocalyptic science fiction, morbid poetry, and the unlikely mix of Sodom, Bathory, and Angelcorpse, Scythian has taken yet another stride into unknown territory.

"The name Scythian was never meant to chain us to a singular period or people in history," says frontman S. Vrath. "We regard it as an metaphor, a connotation to a fierce and untameable spirit. With Hubris in Excelsis, we dive ever deeper into the essence of this force – into the metaphysical and beyond. Scythian is not about standing still; it is about discovery - hubris - and the fatally impending nemesis."

Scythian signed a two-album deal with Hells Headbangers in late 2014. Stay tuned for a release date as well as the cover artwork and track listing shortly. More...

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Scythian Signs New Record Deal

Hells Headbangers is proud to announce the signing of U.K. black/death metal cult Scythian. The band has signed on for two full-length albums, and is currently hard at work on a label debut (and second LP overall), to be recorded in November at Priory Studios in Birmingham with Esoteric's Greg Chandler. Scythian will commission macabre Czech artist Blanka Dvorak to do the cover.

Scythian is the first U.K. extreme metal band to sign with Hells Headbangers, and the label states that the forthcoming album will establish the band as a force of British individualism and take its existing sound on a darker, more dystopian journey. The album is as yet untitled, but a teaser video can be found below.

A statement from the band reads: "After ten years of fighting tooth and nail, we've finally come out on top. Times have been hard, but they've bred a new kind of band - one that will follow its ambitions to the ends of the earth. We are immensely proud to announce our pact with Hells Headbangers. This is a historic day for us and for the resurgent UK scene. Scythian is a metaphor for the unorthodox, relentless, and unfashionable sounds of London. Though the trends of the last ten years have always stood against us, we have endured and prospered. Let this album be our revenge on the mediocre and self-indulgent work of our times. Many bands talk of being individual, of 'having their own sound.' We have never known anything but our own path. The coming album will establish Scythian as a strong and independent force." More...

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Scythian Signs With Galactic Records

UK black/death metallers SCYTHIAN have inked a deal with Galactic Records. The group will enter the studio mid-February to record its first full-length album for a summer release.

"Whelped on the teachings of BATHORY and SODOM, SCYTHIAN formed in 2004, following the fated meeting of A. Satyrus (guitar) and J. Volgaard (drums)," reads a press release. "In brotherhood, the visionary and the master-craftsman were unified, working tirelessly towards an individual musical identity, which was not only true to them but to the heroes who had first inspired them to take up arms and march on the world. Cursed in the beginning by defeat and dishonour, the pair would find strength, symbolic purpose and a staunch ally in S. Vrath (vocals/bass), a warlord of some small renown who would lead the three across bloodied fields to undiscovered lands and the recording of their first demo, 'Suffering To The Conquered'."

S. Vrath: warlord / bass & vocals
A. Satyrus: strategist / guitar
J.C. Volgaard: siege engineer / drums

Here are the latest upcoming SCYTHIAN shows:

Jan. 26 - Bar Monsta - London (w/ DETRIMENTUM)
Feb. 04 - Underworld - London (w/ MASTER)
Feb. 10 - Bar Monsta - London (w/ NOCTURNAL)

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