"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2001
From: Houston, TX, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Bahimiron News

Below is our complete Bahimiron news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Metalhit.com Launches New Free Compilation

Metal Maniacs and Metalhit.com are offering up the newest installment of their free monthly metal compilation for download worldwide. The latest compilation, available until November 14th, includes free, as-of-yet unreleased downloadable tracks from:

ROOT (Agonia Records)
DEVIL (Soulseller Records)
BLACK TUSK (Relapse Records)
TJSUDER (Seasons of Mist)
NUNFUCKRITUAL (Debemur Morti Prod.)
NOCTEM (Metal Blade Records)
A PLEA FOR PURGING (Facedown Records)
ACHERONTAS (Agonia Records)
BAHIMIRON (Moribund Records)

Visitors may also enter to win a free copy of Root's "Heritage of Satan" CD, courtesy of Agonia Records. To download the compilation and enter the contest, visit this location.

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Bahimiron Issues Studio Update

Bassist JenOside of the Houston black metal band Bahimiron has issued the following update on the progress of their upcoming album:

"Well ya know, once in a while I might be drinking too much whiskey...ooh big news there, so I decided to highjack the band page tonight by letting you all know that Blaash and I finished the album last week, way far from completion yet.. but I'm so proud of it that I wanted to let everyone know at the risk of getting my ass kicked tomorrow by putting out news too soon. I am fucking PROUD of this new release to come I can't even explain it. While being personal right now and all I'd like to add that producing something for the last 5 years as a band without being able to practice more than 24h before studio has been understandably HARD. But we have always done it because, that's who we are, we feed on each other on an almost musically animal instinct and can decided here and there if it is Bahimiron or not. It has always been this way and on retrospect, I can appreciate it is a rare quality that not many have the luck to share. On this note, I'm one fucking proud whiskey drinking motherfucking Bahimiron bass player. Hails to my comrades and see you all soon."

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Bahimiron Issues Studio Update

Houston metal band BAHIMIRON has issued the following studio update:

"FUCKIN A its been a while since the last update.. alot actually has transpired.. BAHIMIRON desert divsion has recently returned from our 3rd trip to the studio, and 8 tracks have bass and drums complete.. Also one new track, with vocals, 'Goathorned Messiah of the 7 Gates,' is available in unmixed form at this MySpace site... This is the shit that is goin' to spew on this next LP, tentatively called 'Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror.' We're hoping to have this out by mid 2010 or a little after..."

"Other news... Graveless Slumber will be doing the vinyl version of 'Southern Nihilizm,' which will contain one bonus track (written around the same time of S.N.) and also a limited lyric/booklet/bloodbath/cuntnpaste/whatever done by yours fuggin' truly, Mr. Blaash a la WMS style.. don't expect anything original or pretty, just the same vulgar shiate as before.. We're hoping this will be out before summer 2010... Live shows.. Ain't none planned as of now.. we're concentrating heavily on this 3rd lp."

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Bahimiron Issues Studio Update

Houston's BAHIMIRON has issued the following studio update:

"The vile warmachine BAHIMIRON has started the deconstruction for the 3rd LP - Mr. Blaash just returned from Houston where he slashed and sloppily rotted four drum tracks - 4-5 more guitar tracks are in the waiting for bashing, and hopefully in May, Mrs. JenOside will be down in Houston to commence BASS destruction... Expect more of a DEATH metal scent with this release."

"Working titles for four of the tracks:
- Blind Pain In The Carrion Eye
- Serpent Blood Anoint My Flesh
- In the Name of the Blighted
- Bladed Inferno"

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Bahimiron Complete New Album

Texas black/war metal cult BAHIMIRON have just finished their second album (and first for Moribund), "Southern Nihilism". Reports drummer Blaash, "I am pleased to announce that Bahimiron's Southern Nihilism is now entirely recorded, with nine tracks clocking in between 40-45 minutes. We still need to mix and master it, and this should be done by the end of next month at the latest, barring suicides/homicides/nuklear carnage. As a band, we are very content with the amount of depression and violence this album conveys - we have a wide mangleation of material from a six-minute droning suicide song to a three-minute cut-your-goddamn-gutz-out type of songs, and all the blood and pukeage in between."

A release date for Bahimiron's "Southern Nihilism" shall be announced soon.

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Bahimiron Nearing Completion Of Moribund Debut

Texas war ‘n’ whiskey-mongering black metal cult BAHIMIRON are nearing completion of their Moribund debut, fittingly titled Southern Nihilism. Reports basher of wooden coffins Blaash: “As of now, we have five tracks complete, and two more that are going to be completed this Friday (vocals), and we expect to complete the last two tracks (vocals/bass) and entire mixing/mastering in February, hopefully, or March at the latest barring jail, death, suicide, 9/11 plane-hijacking, etc.”

Song titles so far include 'Pillz And 90 Proof', 'Shattered And Crowned In Deceit', 'Five Chambers Empty', and 'The Cauldron Borne'. For more war and whiskey, consult www.bahimiron.com and www.myspace.com/bahimiron.

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