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Beatallica: Lars Went Out of His Way To Help

Michael Tierney of METALLICA/BEATLES cover band BEATALLICA spoke to MTV.com about receiving help from METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich in their dispute with the Sony Corporation over BEATALLICA's "unlawful use" of the group's compositions "without authorization or license."

"Both of us want this to officially be over," Tierney told MTV.com. "Our legal team, with the help of Lars and his lawyers, have been in contact with the Sony folks and we're in the process of making sure everything's square."

Tierney, 35, an occupational therapist by day, said he was pleasantly surprised when Ulrich called him a few weeks ago. "METALLICA have been following what we've been up to for the past year and they've talked about us in a few magazine interviews and I got word three weeks ago that Lars wanted to contact us to talk," said Tierney. "He called me at home and we had several conversations about it and he said what he'd be willing to do for moral support and also as far as being more active in the situation. What really impressed me was that he was calling from his vacation with his family in Colorado. Nobody of his stature needs to take time out from their vacation to do that."

"The Internet is a swamp of piracy, so you send out cease-and-desist letters all the time," METALLICA lawyer Peter Paterno said. "Someone at Sony probably saw this site and sent out a letter and once they realized what was on it they decided it was not something worth picking a fight over. They got that this is different from someone selling BEATLES CDs and not paying royalties."

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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Beatallica.org Shut Down, More Sony Nastygrams

Beatallica.org shut down, more Sony nastygrams fly

David Dixon, "Webmaster of Puppets" for Beatles/Metallica parody-mashup act Beatallica, says:

Beatallica.org has been taken down by our ISP:

"Even though we have received your counter notice, we are required by law to disable access to the infringing material. However, we are going to restore that in 10 business days from the date we received the counter notice (February 24, 2005) unless required under the DMCA to do otherwise."

Andy Baio (waxy.org) and Matthew Haughey (music.metafilter.com) both still have Beatallica mp3's up on their sites. I've emailed them to get their okay on linking them up, as they'll likely be getting a ton of traffic (and possible Sony C&D's) as a result.

Also, I just received, via Certified Mail, a cease-and-desist letter of my own! It's directed at me personally, not the website or the band. It basically says the same things as the one our ISP got last Thursday, but also that I must *immediately*:

- cease exploiting Sony/ATV Compositions and all derivative works thereof;
- provide Sony/ATV with information regarding any and all audio and audio-visual product, merchandise and written material (electronic and otherwise), and any other product that incorporates or uses Sony/ATV Compositions yadda yadda
- provide Sony with an accounting of all sums received or earned in connection with the exploitation of the Sony/ATV Compositions... as well as the operation of the Sites
- compensate Sony/ATV in an amount to be discussed

The Beatallica message board is still open, and you can sign the online petition here (now up to nearly 3000 signatures).

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Beatallica Slapped With "Cease-And-Desist" Order

Beatallica, the Internet sensation who combine the work of The Beatles with the sound of early Metallica, have been slapped with a "cease-and-desist" order by The Beatles' music publisher over their "unlawful use" of the group's compositions "without authorization or license."

In the notice of willful copyright infringement, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, copyright owner and music publisher of "compositions written, individually and jointly, by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Richard Starkey" claims that Beatallica's use of The Beatles' compositions "without the express authorization or license has caused and continues to cause substantial and irreparable injury amd is in direct violation of Sony/ATV's rights."

When Metallica frontman James Hetfield was asked last year by Kerrang! magazine if he's ever heard Beatallica, he replied, "Yeah. I heard that. That was amazing. Someone put a lot of thought and talent into that man!" Asked if he was being sarcastic, he said, "No, not at all. I heard it online. It was about a year ago, or more. It was pretty amazing. It was pretty well thought out so I'm glad there's people like that in the world to do that and it's very entertaining for us, for sure!"

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Beatallica To Open For Dream Theater

Beatallica has postponed the show at the Cubbybear Lincolnshire this Friday. The band "definitely wants to play in Chicago again soon". On the positive side, Beatallica was invited by Mike Portnoy to open for Dream Theater on Sunday, September 5 at the Barrymore Theater in Madison, WI.

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Beatallica Add Cleveland Date

Beatallica have added a gig to their mini-tour and will be playing in Cleveland at the Hi-Fi Club on August 7.

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Beatallica Live MP3s And Tour Dates

You can now download three live Beatallica tracks from the El Paso show:

And if you're in the Milwaukee-Chicago area, you now have four opportunities to see Beatallica live in the coming months.

July 18 Chicago, IL: "Rock Around the Block" outdoor festival
July 23 Chicago, IL: Cubby Bear Wrigleyville (w/London Calling)
August 6 Chicago, IL: Cubby Bear Wrigleyville (w/London Calling)
August 28 Chicago, IL: Cubby Bear Lincolnshire (w/Hairbanger's Ball)

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New Beatallica EP Available For Download

On April 1, Beatallica (who play Beatles tunes done Metallca style) released their much anticipated second EP for download as mp3s on their newly redesigned web site.

The new EP consists of 8 new songs:

  1. Blackened the USSR
  2. Sandman
  3. And I'm Evil
  4. Got To Get You Trapped Under Ice
  5. Leper Madonna
  6. Hey Dude
  7. I Want To Choke Your Band
  8. We Can Hit the Lightz

I've actually held off posting this news because the servers are slammed, making downloading the songs near impossible unless you use Bit Torrent. As such, they've had to take their first EP down temporarily as well. Head over to their site to download the new stuff.

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Beatallica To Release New EP On April 1st

The new Beatallica EP, entitled simply 'Beatallica', will be released at Beatallica.org on April 1, along with an entirely new web site.

However, the entire EP will also be broadcast online before it's release, on Monday night, March 29, on "The Sublime and Ridiculous Show" hosted by D^2 on Radio Freedom. You can listen to the show live online through Live365 (registration is required, but it's free). Here are the times:

Western US: 5-8 PM, Monday
Eastern US: 8-11 PM, Monday
Greenwich Mean Time: 1-4 AM, Tuesday

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