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Seventh Calling

From: Minneapolis, MN, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Seventh Calling News

Below is our complete Seventh Calling news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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New Heaven And Hell Sampler Available

A new Heaven and Hell sampler titled "Over the Top" is now available for download courtesy of the label at this location. Below is the listing of the 21 tracks from each of the artists on the label, plus you get a sneak peek at their upcoming releases.

1.Dark Design- No Death
2.Witches Mark- Cauldron Boron
3.The Reticent- Enemy
4.False Prophet- Holy Deception
5.Eugenic Death- Medication Time
6.Dogbane- Fire and Brimstone
7.Overlorde S.R.- Keeper of the Flame
8.Blacksmith- The Beast
9.Ancient Creation- Apocalypse
10.Seventh Calling- Paid in Blood
11.M-16- Shot Down
12.Demontuary- Days of Infernal Insanity
13.Hellrazor- Darker Days
14.Ritual- Dark Star
15.Praetorius- Pirates of the West
16.Core Device- Trail the Vein
17.Overlord- White Witch
18.Twisted Tower Dire- A Dangerous Meeting
19.Thunderstick- Afraid of the Dark
20.Natu Sabverata- Godless State of Mind
21.ESP- Take ‘em Alive

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Heaven And Hell Records Releases 2012 Sampler

Heaven and Hell Records is issuing its new promo sampler as a free download by going to its website. It features cover art of the Westboro Baptist Church and tracks from fourteen artists. Check it out to get a sneak peek of the artists that Heaven and Hell Records has to offer.

1.Core Device- Revelations
2.Ancient Creation- Through Prophets Eyes
3.The Reticent- Enemy
4.Dogbane- God Forgive You
5.Seventh Calling- Paid in Blood
6.Hellrazor- The Soothsayer
7.Blacksmith- A Taste of Darkness
8.Overlorde S.R.- Enchantress of the Night
9.Praetorius- Sin on Sin
10.Ritual- Dark Star
11.Witches Mark Ethereal
12.Thunderstick- You Get Me in Pieces


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Seventh Calling Announces New Vocalist

Las Vegas metal act Seventh Calling have announced the addition of Rick Cox to the band as their new vocalist.

Seventh Calling guitarist/vocalist Steve Handel commented by saying:
"Rick brings an excellent amount of experience to the lead vocalist position. The group has been a four-piece since its inception, so this is a new twist on things for us, adding in a fifth member. Rick is the only singer that has ever walked into the studio and was prepared for his audition. We hooked up, ripped through several songs in short order, and afterwards, we knew that he was the one for the job."

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Seventh Calling Reveals New Album Details

Seventh Calling has revealed the tracklisting for their upcoming new album, "Epidemic," which is as follows:

1. Test of Time
2. Paid in Blood
3. Rising Against
4. Epidemic
5. Ignite the Fire
6. Death Dealer
7. Fractured
8. Tyrannical Reign
9. Beyond (the Wicked Lies) More...

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Seventh Calling Signs with Salem Rose

Salem Rose Music Publishing has announced its publishing cooperation with SEVENTH CALLING.

"We are very excited to have the chance to work with Marco Barbieri. He is a person of great experience in the industry,” notes Steve Handel (lead singer/guitarist). “It is our pleasure to begin our partnership at this time, and we hope that together, we can achieve and accomplish the many goals that are set before us."

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the band built a name for themselves through Midwest tour dates and their 2007 album "Monuments" on Melissa Records. Last year the core of the band, Steve Handel and guitarist Alex Ritchey relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada to team up with Avenger of Blood drummer Shannon Frye to complete the "Prelude to Madness" EP, issued late 2009 by Heaven and Hell Records. With the addition of Marc Flores, also of Avenger of Blood, on bass, Salem Rose Music Publishing worked out a deal with the very promising band.

Shannon Frye had this to add, “With Avenger of Blood on hold for the time being, Marc and I joined Seventh Calling, which is some killer metal that's fun and challenging. Avenger of Blood will return in the future, but for now Seventh Calling is our priority and working on this again with Marco is awesome.”

Seventh Calling is playing shows in Vegas and readying themselves to enter the studio next month to record their new full-length, "Epidemic," which will be followed by tour dates around the country.

Salem Rose Music began in 2007 as a management company handling the affairs of WARBRINGER, as well as establishing a Music Publishing division handling the administration of works for emerging artists including AVENGER OF BLOOD, HEXEN, DEVASTATOR and REVENANCE. Since the company, a creative venture from industry vet Marco Barbieri to assist young bands in their ambitions, has begun managing additional artists, including ABIGAIL WILLIAMS and DECREPIT BIRTH, as well as entertaining new avenues like promoting local shows, consulting and producing.

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Seventh Calling Completes New Music Video

Las Vegas metal band Seventh Calling has just finished up with a new video to go with the song "Blood of the Divine," which will be featured on the band's new EP, entitled "Prelude to Madness." The video was shot, and produced by Lance Swain, and will be included as a bonus video along with wallpapers and new recordings of several songs on the EP.

Prelude will be released on Oct. 27th and available through the groups new label, Heaven and Hell Records. More...

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Seventh Calling Announces New Bassist

Las Vegas metal band Seventh Calling has issued the following update:

"Seventh Calling would like to announce that Marc Flores will be taking over on the bass guitar duties for the band. Marc will be featured in our new video 'Blood of the Divine' and will also be featured on our 'Epidemic' album which is in writing mode at this point. We would like to thank Marc for helping us out on such short notice, and continuing our heavy metal assault."

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Seventh Calling Cancels Iron And Steel Appearance

Las Vegas metallers Seventh Calling have issued the following announcement about canceling their appearance at the Iron and Steel Festival:

"Hello metalheads.

"I am writing today with the unfortunate news of Seventh Calling having to cancel their scheduled appearance at the Iron and Steel Festival in Vineland, NJ on Oct. 17th.

"Business details have changed for Seventh Calling since the fest was originally planned, and at this point, we have had to make the decision to move forward with our business plans first and foremost. After all, this is what fuels the future of SC!!

"We greatly apologize for this inconvenience to all of our fans who were planning to see us there. But, patience is a virtue! We will be back out to the east coast as soon as possible! Be sure to still get your tickets for a great show however! More details on SC coming soon!"

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Seventh Calling Signs To Heaven And Hell

The Las Vegas based heavy metal band, Seventh Calling, has officially signed with Heaven and Hell Records from the US. The label will carry the groups new EP entitled "Prelude to Madness" and the bands next upcoming full length album "Epidemic" (scheduled to start recording in Dec. of this year). Recording and production for "Prelude" was handled by Kirk Moll and was co-produced by Seventh Calling.

Seventh Calling's current line-up is as follows: Steve Handel-lead vox/guitar, Alex Ritchey-lead guitar/backing vox, Shannon Frye-drums/percussion, Michael Poplees-bass guitar

"Prelude to Madness" is available for pre-order now, and the physical release date is scheduled for Oct. 27th. Along with the tracks, the disc will also feature a full length video for the song "Blood of the Divine" and wallpapers for download. New artwork is viewable at the groups myspace website, along with audio samples from the EP. The concept and design for "Prelude" were created by Alex Ritchey.

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Ravage Announces Tour Date Cancellations

Singer Al Firicano, of the thrash metal band, Ravage, has issued the following update regarding some tour date cancellations:

"Ravage has unfortunately been forced to cancel appearances at The KC Power Fest and the August 18th show at Volume 11 in Raleigh, NC (this show will still be taking place, but without Ravage). Due to issues with the Ravage mobile, we've been forced to wait for repairs to take place in Missouri, so we will be delayed significantly and will have to pick up the tour in Allentown PA on August 20th - that will be the next show. We'd like to sincerely apologize to the fans and promoters for this and we hope to add a Kansas City show and a Raleigh NC show back to the tour before it is all over. Details will be announced when available." More...

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Seventh Calling Issues New EP Update

Seventh Calling has issued the following update about finishing the recording of their new EP and preparing to record a full-length album:

"Well, this is the week!! We will be listening to the final production of our EP as we near our way towards the KC Powermetal Festival next weekend! As we have mentioned before, we will have limited copies with us on the road, and also we will have our debut album, 'Monuments' available as well.

"We are Extremely Happy with the way things are coming together for us at this point. So we will continue to forge ahead, as we now have been writing and re-hearsing several NEW songs for our next full length effort, which will begin the recording process in Nov. of this year. Some of the new material will be performed when we are out over the next few dates.

"Also, this is the Official word now on the finalized titles of our up-coming EP and Full Length. As all things are not easily decided until completion of the project, we now have the direction in which we are going to go.

"Seventh Calling EP-Prelude to Madness will be available for purchase from our site very soon. And as well, the new artwork will be ready for viewing.

"Seventh Calling-Epidemic will begin the recording process in November. More details on this will be available soon.

"Originally, we were going to call the EP, Epidemic, however, it worked out better for us, and the album idea, to change the title and use 'Epidemic' as our next full length album title. The storyline of the 'Epidemic' was, simply put, just too much, to be able to make into an ep length album."

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Seventh Calling Finishes Recording New EP

Seventh Calling has issued the following update about finishing the recording of their upcoming EP:

"Seventh Calling has completed tracking for their new EP. Alex completed solo tracks yesterday to put the final touches on the new material.

"We are very excited with playback at this point, as the material is the heaviest that SC has sounded yet. Kirk Moll has done an excellent job at the controls, and we are eagerly awaiting the final production. More details on the availability will be announced very soon."

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Ravage Announces North American Tour Dates

Metal Blade Records artists, Ravage, from Boston, MA, has announced an extensive North American Tour in support of their forthcoming full-length CD, "The End Of Tomorrow," which due out on August 18th.

The tour will be in essence, a collection of mini-tours featuring the best regional and local support acts appearing on short strings of dates. In the North East, Ravage will be joined by Las Vegas power metallers, SEVENTH CALLING, for a series of shows. Some tour dates will also include Heaven and Hell Record's East Coasters HELLRAZOR. Southern dates will include appearances by A LOWER DEEP, and in the Northwest, Ravage will be joined by SKELATOR for some dates. In addition, Ravage will make a special guest appearance at the Seattle tour date of STRATOVARIUS and will kick off the tour at the Mexico Metalfest in Mexico, Maine with PSYCHOSTICK. Further festival appearances will include The KC Power Fest in Kansas City with MANILLA ROAD, The Binghampton NY Metalfest with THE RODS and CAGE, The Iron and Steel Festival in New Jersey with ROSS THE BOSS (ex-MANOWAR) and FAITH FACTOR (ex-DEADLY BLESSING) and The Pathfinder Metalfest in Atlanta with HALLOW'S EVE. More...

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Seventh Calling Issues New EP Recording Update

Seventh Calling has issued the following recording update for their upcoming EP "Epidemic:"

"Ok!! Well, as you all know, we were in tracking vocals over this last week, and things went really well. We are very pleased at the progress that has been made, and the songs are sounding EXCELLENT!!

"This week we will be putting a wrap on the rest of the tracking. Solos, a few background vocals, and then off to production!

"I would like to say 'hats off!' to Kirk, who has made this recording so easy for us to do. It has been a very relaxed feel in the studio, and I think that it will reflect in the music! And of course, I want to say thanks to my bandmates, Alex, Mike, and Shannon, for putting down very solid performances, each in their own respect.

"We cannot wait to let you, the fans, hear what we have going on for the future!!!! Not too long now!!! I will have more info for you on 'Epidemic' later on this week!!"

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Seventh Calling Issues Recording Update

Seventh Calling has issued the following update about the recording for a new EP:

"Hey everyone!!

"Well, we have had a good past week, and things are moving forward very strong. Mike came in last week on Tues. evening, and we tossed back a few and got ourselves prepared for the next day. We started tracking instruments on Wed. and are completed, now we move on to the last pieces of the puzzle. Vocals and guitar solos, which will begin on Friday of this week.

"Things are sounding really good and we are very excited for the final cuts!! We starting playing some of the new material at our last show, and we will be playing more of them when we are out in Aug. for some dates that start with our Kansas City Powermetal Fest appearance, and will take us to the east coast, ultimately ending with our True Metal America performance on the 22nd of the month.

"More things are happening, so make sure to stop on the page to see new live dates as we add them in, and to see our progress with our recordings!!"

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Audio Interview With Seventh Calling Available

A new audio interview with vocalist Steve Handel of Seventh Calling has been posted online. The widget for listening to the interview can be found below. Seventh calling is currently in the process of recording a new EP titled "Epidemic." More...

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Seventh Calling Issues "Epidemic" Recording Update

Seventh Calling has issued the following recording update for their upcoming EP "Epidemic:"

"Hey everyone!

"Giving a studio update here. Things are moving forward nicely! We are gonna finish up on the drum work today, and then move on to the next step. Michael will be in tracking the bass this week, on Wed/Thurs. Then this Friday, come out and see the show at The Aruba Club with Cage, Seventh Calling, Screamin Steel, and Sicocis!

"More to come! We will check back with everyone with more details soon!"

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Seventh Calling Announces Live Web Radio Interview

Seventh Calling has issued the following statement about a live interview tomorrow that will be broadcast on web radio:

"Hey everyone!

"DJ Badslayer will be interviewing Steve live, July 11th, Sat. at 2pm EST. www.hardrockradiolive.com! They will be discussing everything from details of the new ep 'Epidemic' and the live dates coming up, and more! Please tune in here and listen in!!!

"Rock on!!!!"

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Seventh Calling Begins Recording New EP

Minneapolis metal band, Seventh Calling, has issued the following update regarding the beginning of the recording of their new EP entitled "Epidemic:"

"Seventh Calling has entered into recording mode and have tapped producer, Kirk Moll (producer of supergroup, along with many more projects!) to handle the production duties for our new ep."

"The new ep 'Epidemic' will be available by mid/to late Aug., and will be sold on the road at our shows across the US, among other outlets!" More...

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Seventh Calling Reveals New Album Details

Minnesota based metal band, Seventh Calling, has revealed the cover artwork, designed by Rainer Kalwitz, for their new album, "Deliverance."

The tracklisting for "Deliverance" is as follows:

01. Perfect Silence
02. Blood of the Divine
03. Scarred
04. Hollow
05. De-sensitized
06. Soul Eater
07. Test of Time
08. Fates Hammer
09. Lost
10. Deliverance
11. Rising Against
12. Locked Inside

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