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From: Ireland
Last Known Status: Active

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Chosen Comments on Possibility of Upcoming Tour

After the release of its debut album, "Resolution," back in March, Chosen has received many inquiries on the possibility of an upcoming tour. The Irish extreme metallers weighed in the pros and cons of touring as an independent band. Read on for the band's decision.

"It’s been a couple of months since we released 'Resolution' to the public and one particular subject that has surfaced in comments and interviews is whether we will be playing live. As a quick perusal of our previous gig dates attests, touring is something we have experience of and it’s something we've never ruled out from ever happening again. However, considering all the risks involved and the nature of the underground live music scene being completely flooded with gigging bands, we have seriously questioned the (in)sanity of trying to organise a tour for this album.

"Obviously, there are people out there who would love to see us perform and we are humbled by such requests. But touring, on an independent level such as ours, is likely to invite more complications and stress into our lives than the pleasure of another ‘working holiday’ in a foreign land, playing to audiences, could ever compensate for. We’re not strictly anti-touring, by any means, as it really can be a fun experience when the circumstances are right. But all too often it leads to burn-out, line-up changes and even breakups, as we once discovered. More...

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Chosen Posts "Instinct" Video

Irish extreme metallers Chosen have posted a live in-studio video performing the track "Instinct," taken from debut album "Resolution." The album was released last month and is available for free download via the band's official website. The album's track listing is:

1. Engines of Belief
2. Defective Prospection
3. The Narcissism Epidemic
4. Mental Clarity
5. Diminishment
6. Instinct
7. Asch’s Paradigm
8. Metaphysical Contradiction
9. The Departure Lounge

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Chosen Streaming Full New Album

Irish extreme metallers Chosen are streaming their new album "Resolution" on CraveOnline.com here, or through the player below.

The debut album is set for official release on Saturday, March 30th as a free download on the band's official website along with it being available on CD in two special editions.

Drummer David McCann comments: “Our hope is to put our music out there, make it as accessible as possible, and simply let people discover it in their own time, free of charge. While we do respect the rights of other bands and artists who want to charge for their music upfront, we believe in this new method of exposure and it’s something we are willing to explore for the foreseeable future in this digital age of abundance.” More...

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Chosen Streams New Song Online

Irish extreme metallers Chosen are premiering the latest track "Defective Prospection" online, which is taken from upcoming album "Resolution," due out March 30th.

"Defective Prospection" features guest vocals from Jackie McNally and sound samples from Paul Allen. The track can be heard at Metal Music Archives here. The following press release was also issued about the new album:

"Produced by Alwyn Walker, 'Resolution' is a reflection of sheer perseverance and innovation, brimming with top-notch musicianship, well-crafted arrangements and inventive hooks. Merged with a rich audio production value, void of the sterile, homogeneous and plastic instrumentation factor, which currently dominates the commercial metal market, this debut album from one of Ireland’s noteworthy metal bands is a truly refreshing piece of work."

Drummer / Percussionist David McCann comments: “Our hope is to put our music out there, make it as accessible as possible, and simply let people discover it in their own time, free of charge. While we do respect the rights of other bands and artists who want to charge for their music upfront, we believe in this new method of exposure and it’s something we are willing to explore for the foreseeable future in this digital age of abundance.” More...

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Chosen Announces Debut Album Release Date

Recorded at the prestigious Westland Studios with producer extraordinaire Alwyn Walker at the helm, Chosen's debut album, "Resolution," will be released on March 30th, 2013, and will be available for free download directly from www.chosen.ie.

You can listen to the first track, "Engines of Belief," below or at www.chosen.ie.

The track listing for the "Resolution" is as follows: More...

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Chosen Completes Debut Album

Ireland’s Chosen has checked in with an update on the completion of its debut album:

“In psychology, there is a phenomenon known as the planning fallacy, whereby people tend to underestimate how long they will need to complete a task, even when they have experience of similar tasks over-running. Of course, the entire writing and recording process of any given album is not always a rigidly structured affair but, rather, is often subject to the whims of key individuals and the capricious vicissitudes of modern day human life. More...

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Chosen Reforms, Issues Band Update

After disbanding in 2009, Ireland's Chosen is now back and is currently working on a studio album with producer Alwyn Walker at the legendary Westland Studios in Dublin, Ireland. The album, which has yet to be given a title, is scheduled for release in 2012 and will be the group’s very first studio album, having put out only demos and EPs for a number of years prior.

Guitarist Paul Shields comments: “The project is really starting to take shape and we’re all very excited about what’s coming together. This album has been a long time in the making. It’s going to feel so gratifying when we finally get to release these songs to the public; songs we worked hard on, obsessed over, and allowed to consume each of us as the compositions filled our heads day after day.” More...

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Headline News

Chosen Calls It Quits

Chosen has posted the following message online:

"It is with a heavy heart we announce that Chosen is no more. After several years of hard work and perseverance, it's time to say goodbye. Simply put, the Chosen project broke beyond repair this last weekend. It’s fair to reason that the financial, personal, and emotional strains wore some of us down and caused this premature ending. Regrettably we never got to record our debut album or even tour Europe but such is the fragile nature of band relationships.

"We won't go into the whole 'behind-the-music-band-break-up' scenario, but Matt and Johnny’s decision to leave Chosen and return to Canada came as a surprise, given everything we have been through and were working towards. The rest of us don't want to go through yet another major line-up change and are just ready for a new chapter in our lives.

"We would like to sincerely thank everyone we have worked with over the years and anyone who supported us when we were together. You have all been amazing.

"Lastly, we have a limited number of our first four releases (The Fragment EP's & Promo 2007) which we are happy to give away for free. Please send an email to band@chosen.ie for your free copy.

"Thank you and farewell."

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Chosen Getting Ready to Record Album in Ireland

Chosen has posted the following farewell message to Canada as they head back to the motherland to record their upcoming album:

"Before each of us catch our respective flights to Ireland, we would just like to thank everyone we came in contact with during the trek across Canada. What an amazing experience the band’s first tour has been. Our heartfelt thanks to all the people we met and worked with on this tour. Each and every one of you had a part to play in its overall success, and a very special thanks goes out to the few lifesavers who were kind enough to put a roof over our heads.

"Everyone we’ve met along the way have been extremely cool to us which we’ll never forget. We have worked with some great people, played with a lot of great bands, received tons of feedback and positive responses in each of the different cities and are very much looking forward to the day when we get to return and do it all again.

"Over the next number of weeks, we’ll be uploading the last of the interviews that we’re recorded during the tour, as well as some of our video footage which we’ve been using to document our experiences in Canada.

"As most of you probably know, we are going to be rather busy in the studio for the next couple of months but don’t stray too far, the next chapter is just around the corner."

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Symbolic Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner Report

Given Chuck Schuldiner’s profound influence on the death metal genre, which some say he created, I was looking forward to this local tribute to the work of this legendary guitarist who died far too young in 2001. If nothing else, we got to see some local talent with a guarantee of some good cover songs at The Cobalt, one of the few Vancouver venues dedicated to the metal and hardcore music scene. More...

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