"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1999
From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Gorelord Pushes Back Album Release

Norway's Gorelord, who had previously announced their new album would be released in March 2009, has issued the following update about pushing back the release again:

"Hell(o) bastards! Been getting many emails from fans asking me when the fuck I will be releasing the new album..... the answer to that is.... I do not know boys and girls. Sorry. The life of yours truly these days consist of many things, but music just isn't one of them. I have my business to run. I'm building my first house with my girlfriend. I have been getting somewhat back into watching movies and relaxing whenever time permits me, and to be honest, music is the last thing on my mind. I don't even listen to music anymore unless it's in a film I watch.

"I will not sit down and force myself into recording when the inspiration is close to pulseless. I might wake up tomorrow with a ton of ideas in my head and a will to record, but as of right now, those ideas and that will is living in absence on a different planet. I know many of you are waiting for my new album, and it's been fucking ages since I started the motherfucker, but somewhere along the process something just died inside, and I felt the need to put my time into more important things... things I can execute with true passion... much like I did with music when I started years ago."I still wake up from time to time with a riff in my head. I grab my cellphone and press record and get that riff saved for the day when I finally sit down and turn it into an actual song. I probably have 3 records worth of riffs on my damn cell, but when 24 hours should have been 48 in order to get done what needs to be done, I choose to do what I feel is right for me right now! More...

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Gorelord Issues New Album Update

Gorelord has issued the following update about the recording of their new album:

"Hell(o) freaks!

"Many have requested information regarding the release of Chapter IV - Hellbound, and all I can say is that no final releasedate has been set yet, regardless of me having previously stated that it would be out around march this year. Obviously that plan went down the shitter due to my lazy ass not getting shit done for various reasons I'm not gonna get into. Right now the album is 80% done, and I will finish the rest when my head, heart and creative forces are ready... it's as simple as that.

"I would anyhow like to thank all you gorefreaks requesting information and waiting patiently for this new Gorelord album to hit your speakers hard.... and believe me.. it will hit hard as fuck!! Elephant grooves and rabies madness!! HAHA!!!

"Meanwhile, take care and stay healthy folks! Chapter IV coming SOON!"

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Gorelord Issues Album Update

Norway's Gorelord have issued the following album update:

"A little update from Camp Gorelord."

"First up... the new album will become a goddamn rifforama!! Grooves, speed and fucking melodies grinded together into a massive fucking beast!"

"Can't wait to finish this son of a bitch... no.. I'm not talking about that alcoholic.. what's his name.... Jesus..haha!! bad bad bad!!
The album should have been done by now, but due to a little accident, I had to put everything on hold for a couple of months, but it will be complete by the end of june/beginning of july." More...

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Gorelord Sign To Sworn Records

Norway's GORELORD has inked a deal with Sworn Records.

GORELORD is the one-man "deathgroove" project of Frediablo, formerly of NECROPHAGIA, GRIMFIST and HEMNUR. According to a press release, "GORELORD stands for heavy, groove-infested death metal with a very strong horror theme."

GORELORD's new album, "Chapter IV - Hellbound", is tentatively scheduled for release late summer. A song from the CD and the album's cover artwork can be found on the Sworn Records MySpace page.

GORELORD has so far released three albums and two split EPs. The project's third full-length CD, "Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre", was issued in 2006 via Coffin Records and Red Stream Inc.

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Gorelord Post New Song Online

Former NECROPHAGIA/GRIMFIST guitarist Frediablo has set posted a "raw, unmixed new track" taken from GORELORD's forthcoming album, "Chapter IV – Hellbound", due sometime next year. According to Frediablo, "the new material is sounding massive. I'm going all faster, slower, groovier and all in all just more 'GORELORD-sounding' than ever before!"

Check out the song "Bloodshot Cadaver Apocalypse" at this location.

In other news, Frediablo has announced that GORELORD and Red Stream/Baphomet Records have split. "Things just didn't work out, but GORELORD has already found a new label home," he said. "An official statement regarding the new working relationship will be [issued] as soon as all the legal shit is taken care of. Either way, I'm happy as fuck!"

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