"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Drawn And Quartered

Formed: 1993
From: Seattle, WA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Drawn And Quartered News

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Drawn And Quartered Issues Recording Update

Seattle, Washington metal band Drawn And Quartered just checked in with the following update about working on new material:

"Recording updates! The first complete Drawn And Quartered song in 5 years has been mastered and sent to Headsplit Records!

"The 2nd song is waiting for guitar leads. I will complete this in the next few days and mix this for the split EP with Melektaus. We have 8 more new songs being completed. 2 of them have vocals tracks now. These will be for our demo tape." More...

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Drawn And Quartered Working On Album

Seattle's Drawn And Quartered has issued the following announcement about working on a new album:

"I am very pleased to share the fact that tracking has begun for the next Drawn And Quartered collection of songs. I still call them records. In fact I only care about seeing it released on vinyl.

"Some of the writing for this record began several years ago, when Dario was still with us. In fact we'd gotten pretty far on writing some great material. But when he left, I didn't feel like we should use what we had in the form that it was in. Through trial and error, I began arranging some of the riffs and song ideas together. The thought I had was, 'let's record a few new songs and get a feel for what our new line-up would be like.' I thought we'd use some of the recordings for a split 7", maybe a compilation or two. We'd get a feel for how we wanted to sound and then write all new material for the full length record.

"Originally Drawn And Quartered would remain a 3 piece band, something that Herb and I had really enjoyed since Greg left in 2008. We(I am) are a bit anti-social, bringing in new people to our very personal art is not something we take lightly. I was excited that Beau had agreed to act as our drummer. Here is a person I had known for many years. Who was a devastating bass player/vocalist. He became an accomplished guitar player through years of hard work. And had developed some great drum chops. Soon after we started writing, Simon showed interest in playing drums. This would give me another shot at having the second guitarist I'd wanted as part of the band for many years, that due to timing or various reasons hadn't materialized on a record. More...

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Drawn And Quartered Finishes Mixing New Album

Drawn and Quartered has checked in with the following update about the mixing process for the band's upcoming new album:

"Feeding hell's furnace! The mixing is complete for the newest Drawn and Quartered recording! Recorded and mixed at the Autopsy oom, with Jesse O'donnell. With a Monolitchi tone, devastating drum performance, utterly crushing bass and vocal tracks, thunderous riffs and frenetic guitar leads this is definitely a move in the right direction for the band. After locking themselves for two years in the rehearsal studio with a metronome, the band is in lock step.

"The songs span several years in development as the band finds a new a haunting new sound as a stripped down three piece. The album is chock full of epic moments, various infectious breaks and twisted guitar solos. The band is working on artwork, and a label to release with. We'd like to see this one in vinyl, as well. We're planning some select live appearances around the country, serious bookers can contact us on Facebook."

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Drawn And Quartered Issues Band Update

Drawn and Quartered has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming activity:

"The principal recording for the album has been completed! Aside from a few additions or last minute tweaks, we will schedule time to start the mixing process. And for those of you that really want to know, we've already begun the writing process for the next record. This time we're streamlining the writing process with more per-production and fine tuning before commiting to 'tape'. I'm thinking we get a little bit more brutal as well, and strive to get good fun songs as we always try to do.

"Next up we have some shows scheduled for 2011, namely the Feb 19th show at the Funhouse in Seattle with Scorched Earth and Inquisition. Embryonic Devourment is heading to town in March, so I'll announce that and any future shows as they become official.

"Finally, we're still waiting for the 'evil death metal' 7" series from RELAPSE RECORDS. I've seen all the artwork and layouts, and it is really cool, and very old school. There are a series of split 7" records, culminating into a compilation CD and a T-Shirt, as well most likely. Our song 'Conqerors of Sodom', was recorded last year. I'd like to see it out someday, as it would be the only D&Q on a 7", to date."

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Drawn And Quartered Issues Studio Update

Seattle death metal band DRAWN AND QUARTERED has issued the following brief studio update:

"DRAWN AND QUARTERED have scheduled December 4th and 5th to finish tracking some guitar leads and vocals for their upcoming 6th full length studio record."

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Drawn And Quartered Checks In With Band Update

Drawn and Quartered has issued the following recap of the band's September 17th show and update about working on a new album:

"Hello, and thanks for the support Spokane Metal Maniacs! This show is sort of a homecoming for me as I spent many summers in Spokane with my dad. Everyone we met was friendly and helpful. We appreciate the support and respect shown by the the local bands, and once again Rutah delivers the goods, and played a big part in making this show awesome! Thanks to the Cretin Hop, Oddesey, Killing the Masses, and all the bands fans and friends we met.

"I'd also like to thank my band mates for stepping up. handling the transport of the gear and renting the van so I could spend a few days with my dad after the show. Extra special thanks to Nanette for merchandising, and support and personal assistance on this trip, and for being my best friend and companion, I love you, thanks! So now we will work on recording some the rest of the vocals and guitar solos for the new record, get some mixing done and plan some new goals for the coming year, so check back soon!"

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Drawn And Quartered Posts Performance Footage

Drawn and Quartered has posted a series of video clips online from the band's live show at Haley's in Everett, Washington on July 17th, 2010. The clips can be viewed below. Drawn and Quartered also commented on the footage:

"We perform 4 new songs and for the first time 'Rise of the Black Sun" from Merciless Hammer of Luciver (2007), as well as some classics from our other records. This is our third show in the last month or so, our first show since the 2008 spring tour. As many people may know our vocalist Herb Burke, is now handling the bass chores as well, so this was his first chance to get out and do it live with Drawn and Quartered.

"We had a side band from 2004-2008, called Winds of Pestilence, where Herb got some experience doing bass/vocals live, and on a demo (unreleased). Overall, we're pleased with the progress we're making as a live act, once again. We feel we have more work to do, but we think we're just about ready for 'prime time' when we play with Deceased and Rumplestilstskingrinder August 15th at EL Corazon in Seattle.

"Actually we're still working on the new record, and will resume tracking at the end of July. On the youtube videos, you'll notice some of the new stuff doesn't have guitar leads or solos, where there are spots for them, cause I haven't really finalized them or really written them at all yet, but will be working on that since we just got these shows out of the way. We weren't planning on performing this year until 8/15/10, but decided we needed some live shows to get back into the swing of it. And we get a lot of show offers!" More...

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Drawn And Quartered Enters The Studio

Seattle's Drawn and Quartered has checked in with the following announcement about recording a new album:

"Drawn and Quartered are back at the Autopsy Room recording tracks for our next full length release. The sessions have gone splendidly so far, with the completion of drum and rhythm guitar tracks for 11 songs. We've spent more than two years developing the music and rehearsing these songs. The Ancient Ones have also channeled more inspirations in the studio as we crystallized the foundations for the forth coming recordings. Included in the new set is the song 'Conquerors of Sodom,' a demo version of this song appears on the forthcoming Compilation of the Condemned 7" on Relapse Records, over two years in the making, but this is looking Awesome! On August 15 2010, Drawn and Quartered will make its first live appearance in over two years with Deceased and Rumplestiltskin Grinder, at EL Corazon, we'll definitely be unleashing some of the new stuff!

"So, we were working on some pre-production demos of the new material, and got as far as the rhythms, and realized we should just get started recording the songs at the Autopsy Room with Jesse, like we've done since 2003. We've all continued to refine our skills, acquire new gear, rehearsed constantly with a click track, and figure it's time to do it. The demos were coming out good, but we want to do this project justice and the tracks we've recorded so far have exceeded all expectations. The sounds can be described as 'ominous,' 'menacing,' 'evil,' 'dark' and of course 'brutal.' That's all for now!"

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Drawn and Quartered Issues Year End Update

Drawn and Quartered has issued the following year end update:

"Hails to all METAL WARLORDS! Here is the end of the year news for Seattle's own DRAWN and QUARTERED. In early spring 2009 we recorded the demo 'Conquerors of Sodom' a happy little ditty intended for the long awaited EVIL DEATH METAL 7" series and compilation, and agreed to a T shirt deal with RELAPSE RECORDS. I was informed by Eli Shaika from RELAPSE RECORDS that the artwork had recently been completed so the project is still in motion... In June we released our first ever DVD on MORIBUND CULT RECORDINGS. This package includes some live footage and photo gallery from the 'ASSAULT OF EVIL TOUR' 2008, High Quality final cuts of our 3 music videos, and over twenty vintage performances dating back to 1996 featuring the early era of D&Q and songs from the first two records, and early demos. The second era of DRAWN AND QUARTERED began in 2002, with our demo 'Crusaders of Blasphemy' then a SODOM cover, a 7" and 4 more records, this era had come to an end in mid 2008, when Greg Reeves quit. After regrouping Herb began playing bass, as we continued writing our next record. So far we have about 12 songs were are working on, ten will be on our upcoming demo we are woring on. The era of the DRAWN AND QUARTERED reboot V3.0 has begun. Now we are the unholy triumvirate of freakin' evil! This the first year since 1996 we haven't played a show! The wait will be worth it! The new music is tighter, faster and more solid than ever, the guitar riffs and bass lines accompanied by relentless double bass and blast beats creating the most sinister foundation of dark,brutal blackened death metal we can muster! This year will see the continuation of this demo and writing, and a return to the recording studio for real, and release of album #6! We are having our website redone, our logo reworked and artwork for a new T shirt, but Gabriel Byrne, as well as our next record cover is being discussed. And finally a return to the stage, but this will be a DRAWN AND QUARTERED you haven't seen before, performing a mix of older classics as well as amazing new material, we want to do this right. We are upgrading some technical aspects of our sound and performance, and we're looking forward to putting the 'show on the road' sometime in the future. I'm looking forward to an excellent new year, I hope you all have a good one!"

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Drawn And Quartered To Release New EP

Washington's Drawn and Quartered has issued the following announcement about an upcoming release:

"HAILS! We're not posting our newest song 'Conquerors of Sodom,' because the EP will finally be coming out on RELAPSE! Yes the long awaited 7' series the song was intended for, will soon be a reality. In the meantime we are recording ten new songs , a rehearsal demo, to refine the songs for the next record. We have been working hard on this material,and will continue writing more. I'm not sure when we will start recording the tracks for a CD release(does anyone actually buy CD's anymore?). I will say that we are very close to being ready to start tracking drums at least. For now we'll finish these demos, and work out the details to these songs. Maybe if we're lucky the guys will let me post something soon. So stay in touch, check out the PLAGUE BEARER page, and ask if you want to order a shirt, THANKS!"

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Drawn And Quartered Recording New Album

Drawn and Quartered has issued the following update about recording a new album:

"HAILS! DRAWN AND QUARTERED has nine songs so far, for the new record. We plan on posting the track ‘Conquerors of Sodom’, and should be recording sometime this fall. We still have the black LOGO shirt in all sizes for 15$ postpaid in the U.S., 20$ most places outside the U.S. send a money order or cash to Kelly Kuciemba P.O. Box 58642 Seattle WA. 98138. Also look for plaguebearermusic on myspace for our new page with songs from some of the PLAGUE BEARER demos. These are demos and recording from '93,2001, and 2004 featuring DRAWN AND QUARTERED members. I have a 7’ for( 7$ U.S./$12.00 most other places.) the PLAGUE BEARER ‘Rise of the Goat’. Check it out! We might do a local show in sometime later this year, to play some new stuff! KK"

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Satan's Host To Tour U.S.

Long-running Colorado metal band SATAN'S HOST, whose classic 1986 debut, "Metal from Hell", featured lead vocals by JAG PANZER's Harry Conklin, will team up with DRAWN AND QUARTERED for a U.S. tour in May/June. Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

May 16 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
May 21 - Kansas City, KS - The Static Bar
May 28 - Norman, OK - Studio 360
May 29 - Austin, TX - Room 710
May 30 - Amarillo, TX - The War Room
May 31 - Albuquerque, NM - The Launchpad (Gathering Of The Sick Festival)

SATAN'S HOST entered Flatline Audio studio in October to begin recording its new album, "Great American Scapegoat", for an early 2008 release via Moribund Records.

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Drawn And Quartered Announce 2008 Tour

Seattle based death/black metallers DRAWN AND QUARTERED have issued the following from guitarist/booking agent Kelly Kuciemba:

"Hello, this is Kelly Kuciemba - booking agent for Moribund Records' upcoming spring tour featuring Seattle death metal legends Drawn And Quartered and INMEMMORIUM."

"We are planning to come through your city somtime between mid May and early June 2008. We are contacting the top music venues in your area that feature national metal acts. The tour will feature a massive ad campaign with adds in all the major national and regional metal music magazines, mailers to all of the Moribund Records customers, distributors and partners nation wide, and radio promotion." More...

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