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Band Photo: Edguy (?)

Formed: 1992
From: Fulda, Germany
Last Known Status: Active

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"Monsters Of Metal - Vol. 8" Release Pushed Back

The release date for the upcoming compilation “Monsters of Metal - Vol. 8” on DVD/Blu-Ray with 90 music videos and over 400 minutes of pure metal is postponed until March 16th, 2012.

The compilation includes two DVDs and one Blu-ray with clips from bands like Nightwish, Edguy, Dimmu Borgir, Amorphis, Hammerfall, Accept, Blind Guardian, Avantasia, Deathstars, Monster Magnet, Leaves' Eyes, Tristania, Nevermore, Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy, Machine Head, Opeth and more.

The track list is as follows:

01 Nightwish - Storytime
02 Deathstars - Metal
03 Pain - The Great Pretender
04 Amorphis - You I Need
05 Opeth - The Devils Orchard
06 Lacuna Coil - Within Me
07 Therion - Kali Yuga Part 3: Autumn Of The Aeons
08 Leaves Eyes - Take The Devil In Me
09 Tristania - Year Of The Rat
10 Draconian - The Last Hour Of Ancient Sunlight
11 Saltatio Mortis - Hochzeitstanz
12 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Dr. Pest
13 Monster Magnet - Gods & Punks
14 Graveyard - Hisingen Blues
15 Seventh Void - Heaven Is Gone
16 Chrome Division - Bulldogs Unleashed
17 Dream Theater - On The Backs Of Angels
18 Gotthard - Remember Its Me
19 Edguy - Robin Hood
20 Blind Guardian A Voice In The Dark
21 Accept - Pandemic
22 Sabaton - Screaming Eagles
23 Hammerfall - One More Time
24 Rhapsody Of Fire - Sea Of Fate
25 Avantasia - Dying For An Angel
26 Powerwolf - We Drink Your Blood
27 Grave Digger - Rebellion Live@Wacken
28 Hell - On Earth As It Is In Hell
29 Tarot - Wings OfDarkness
30 Bullet - Stay Wild
31 Steelwing - The Illusion
32 Enforcer - Midnight Vice
33 Skullfist - Head Of The Pack
34 White Wizzard - Over The Top
35 Cauldron - Chained Up In Chains
36 Huntress - Eight Of Swords
37 Battle Beast - Into The Metalworld
38 Armored Saint - Left Hook From Right Field
39 Nevermore - Born
40 Alestorm - Shipwrecked
41 Turisas - Stand Up And Fight
42 Heidevolk - Nehalennia
43 Trollfest - Die VerdammteHungersnot
44. Milking The Goatmachine -The Wolf Is Dead More...

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Edguy And Sapiency Playing 70,000 Tons Of Metal

The 70,000 Tons of Metal organizers have checked in with the following update about confirming Sapiency and Edguy for the floating festival:

"While 70000TONS OF METAL, The World's Biggest Floating Heavy Metal Festival is steaming at full speed course West through the Mediterranean Sea, they received news from their European Scouting Party. After passing through Frankfurt am Main, where they made friends with some new hopefuls that go by the name of SAPIENCY, they continued further East to the city of Fulda to meet the EDGUY! Having a feeling that there is still more in store for them, the Scouting Party continues moving East...

"Make no mistake, 70000TONS OF METAL is not your grandma's cruise. It's also not one of the cruises that share the ship with normal cruise guests. This is an all heavy metal cruise! Can you imagine that? A whole luxury cruise ship full of metalheads? And since there is no backstage area you will have the opportunity to mingle side-by-side with the artists in this incredibly fan-friendly scenario that has no comparison. It's like everyone has a backstage pass!"

The following 37 out of 40 total bands have been confirmed:


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Voodoo Six Announces Shows With Edguy

Voodoo Six has issued the following announcement about supporting Edguy on several upcoming U.K. dates:

"We are very pleased to announce that we will be special guests for 3 UK shows with EDGUY:

2nd Manchester - Club Academy
3rd Birmingham - HMV Institute
4th London - 02 Islington Academy

"Tickets available here. The newly released EP - Falling Knives - reached number 2 in the Amazon rock chart. Many thanks to everyone who bought it. Check out the new multi lingual website at this location."

You can also watch the Voodoo Six music video for "Falling Knives" by clicking here.

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Edguy To Play Masters Of Rock Fest

Edguy has checked in with the following announcement about performing at the Masters of Rock festival in the Czech Republic:

"Edguy have just been confirmed to return to the Czech Republic at the prestigious Masters Of Rock festival in Vizovice.

"It will be the fourth time that Edguy is going to hit the main stage for a prime time show at the biggest Metal festival in the Czech Republic. The festival is going to take place in Vizovice from July 14th to July 17th 2012!"

For more details on Masters of Rock, head over to the festival's official website at this location.

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Edguy Reschedules German Dates Due To Illness

Edguy is rescheduling three German dates on the band's current tour due to the illness of singer Tobias Sammet. The official press release reads:

"Due to a virus infection and an accute laryngitis that Tobias Sammet has been diagnosed with, Edguy have to postpone the concerts in Essen, Fulda and Bamberg this weekend. The band is working on rescheduling the concerts in late October. Tickets remain valid!

"Tobias Sammet:

'I am really sorry, it is the second consecutive tour this shit happens to me! I have just returned from the phoniatrics unit of the university hospital Essen, because I so desperately wanted to play those shows this coming weekend, but my throat just says 'no'. It doesn't work. I sincerely apologize to all of you who might be disappointed, be sure I must be the most disappointed one myself. We'll do everything to reschedule those dates after the regular tour is finished, we keep you updated regarding the dates.'

"The shows that were supposed to happen this weekend and had to be postponed are already rescheduled:

"Edguy will play Essen on Oct 25th, Fulda on Oct 26th and Bamberg on Oct 27th.

"Tickets remain valid, if you wanna go there and don't have a ticket yet. Fulda is sold out, for the other two shows tcikets are still available in pre-sale."

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New Edguy Interview Video Posted

Edguy's Tobias Sammet (vocals) and Jens Ludwig (guitars) recently sat down for an interview with Barbara Caserta of Italian web radio Linearock.it recently to talk about the band's new LP "Age of the Joker." The video of the interview is posted below:

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Edguy Posts Audio Snipets Of "Age Of The Joker"

Edguy posted a video on YouTube that contains audio samples of the entire "Age Of The Joker" LP which is scheduled for release in North America on September 13, 2011 through Nuclear Blast Records. The album was previously released this past Monday, August 26, 2011 in Europe.

Edguy is scheduled for a tour of Europe with supporting act Kottak (featuring Scorpions drummer James Kottak) this September. Metal Underground previously listed the tour dates at this location.

The track listing for "Age Of The Joker" is:

1. Robin Hood
2. Nobody's Hero
3. Rock Of Cashel
4. Pandora's Box
5. Breathe
6. Two Out Of Seven
7. Faces In The Darkness
8. The Arcane Guild
9. Fire On The Downline
10. Behind The Gates To Midnight World
11. Every Night Without You

The exclusive bonus track version contains the following:

1. God Fallen Silent
2. Aleister Crowley Memorial Boogie
3. Cum On Feel The Noize (Slade Cover)
4. Standing In The Rain
5. Robin Hood (Single Version)
6. Two Out Of Seven (Single Version)

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Edguy's Tobias Sammet Talks "Age of the Joker"

Edguy/Advantasia vocalist Tobias Sammet was interviewed by Harmon Caldwell on Edguy's official website (Edguy.net). He talked about the writing process behind the band's forthcoming LP "Age of the Joker" (EU: 08/26/2011; NA: 09/13/2011).

When asked about the motivations for writing the LP's first single "Robin Hood," Sammet responded "Attila the Hun, Odin, the sons of Odin, Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty... I can hardly think of a more or less historically relevant swashbuckler who hasn't been the main topic in a song, sung by Heavy Metal men in furry loin cloths. Except from Robin Hood, maybe the story of Robin Hood is too complex, haha! I just thought it is so over-the-top, it embraces everything that Rock and Metal are all about. It's more Spinal Tap than Spinal Tap ever were."

Sammet also responded to the mixed criticism the band received on previous LP "Tinnitus Sanctus," stating "The fact that certain magazines bash whatever we do is no big news, we know what they'll write even before we enter the studio. As a matter of fact, we don‘t fit in their scheme, but down the line it really doesn't matter what some desk- or internet-hero writes. AGE OF THE JOKER seemingly has all our trademarks and is considered a back-to-the-roots album by some press guys, which theoretically could be a proof that we have our own signature sound which makes us proud, but nothing was forced. I also love TINNITUS SANCTUS, it is a great album, my favorite Edguy album to date. It's sad some people didn't understand it and I respect that. But this is not proof for inferior quality. What counts is that AGE OF THE JOKER is a great album, you know that, the EDGUYs know that, our producer Sascha Paeth knows that, and our fans will find out shortly. The rest of the world can kiss my ass!"

Read the full article at Edguy.net.

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Edguy Streaming Samples Of New Album

Edguy is set to release the new album "Age of the Joker" on August 29th, 2011 in Europe. The band is now streaming several song samples online. Head over to the band's Facebook profile to check out samples of "Robin Hood," "Pandora's Box," "Rock of Cashel," and "Nobody's Hero."

The band also recently posted a music video online for the song "Robin Hood," which can be found at this location. The "Age of the Joker" track listing is as follows:

1. Robin Hood
2. Nobody's Hero
3. Rock Of Cashel
4. Pandora's Box
5. Breathe
6. Two Out Of Seven
7. Fire On The Downline
8. Behind The Gates To Midnight World

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Edguy Uploads "Robin Hood" Video

Edguy has posted a music video online for the song "Robin Hood," which is taken from the band's 2011 album "Age Of The Joker." The album's track listing and artwork, along with comments from the band about the "Robin Hood" video, can be found at this location.

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Edguy Shoots New Music Video

Edguy has finished the video shoot for "Robin Hood," the opening track from Edguy's forthcoming Album "Age of the Joker" (release date August 26th). Video director Oliver Sommer (Avantasia, Nena, Helloween...) and the band decided to satirize the Errol Flynn version "The Adventures Of Robin Hood" for the clip. The miniature epic was shot in the forest with a large number of additional actors, starring German TV-comedian Bernhard Hoecker in two different leading roles.

Vocalist Tobias Sammet commented: "When you decide to do things like that of course you have to be aware that you will most likely make a fool out of yourself. We had to wear tights and looked a bit like four idiots and one transvestite. But we have come to a point we don't care so much anymore. We feel like being in a luxury position where the record label gives us a lot of money to waste for really silly things like sneaking through the forest and looking like idiots. The shooting was one of the funniest days in our career, and that means something. Although It was hard work - the rain, the mud, soaking wet tights, angry horses, carriage, a lot of travesty, sword fighting and hurting smile muscles. You gotta check it out!"

The single "Robin Hood" will be out on August 5th and will be available as download and on green vinyl. The video version of the song was cut down to 5 minutes, but the album version has a running time of more than 8 minutes. Fans at the Wacken Open Air festival will also be able to see it on the festival screen first. More...

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Fullforce Announces Shows With Edguy

Sweden's Fullforce has announced it will be supporting Edguy on selected upcoming European tour dates. The currently announced details are as follows:

23.09.11 SE-Malmö - KB
24.09.11 SE-Göteborg - Trädgarn
25.09.11 SE-Stockholm - Tyrol
27.09.11 D-Hamburg - Docks
28.09.11 D-Berlin - Columbia Club
30.09.11 D-Essen - Grugahalle

Fullforce will be supporting the new album "One," which sees it's North American release on July 26th, 2011. The track listing is as follows:

1. Mythomaniac (4:02)
2. None Of Your Concern (3:35)
3. Heart And Soul (3:31)
4. Oblivion (4:53)
5. Open Your Eyes (4:25)
6. Rain (4:33)
7. Suffering In Silence (3:06)
8. Walls Of Secrets (4:33)
9. Father spirit (4:51)
10. Bleed (5:07)
11. Into The Cradle (5:01)

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Edguy Reveals New Album Artwork

Edguy, which recently announced an upcoming European tour, has now revealed the cover artwork and track listing for the new album "Age of the Joker." The album is set for release on August 29th, 2011 in Europe. You can check out the artwork below, and the track list is as follows:

1. Robin Hood
2. Nobody's Hero
3. Rock Of Cashe
4. Pandora's Box
5. Breathe
6. Two Out Of Seven
7. Fire On The Downline
8. Behind The Gates To Midnight World

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Edguy Announces European Tour

Power metal act Edguy has revealed the dates for its forthcoming headline tour of Europe. Support on the trek is set to come from Kottak. You can view the full list of dates, cities and venues below.

Sep. 23 - SWE - Malmö, KB
Sep. 24 - SWE - Gothenborg, Trädgarn
Sep. 25 - SWE - Stockholm, Tyrol
Sep. 27 - GER - Hamburg, Docks
Sep. 28 - GER - Berlin, Columbia Club
Sep. 30 - GER - Essen, Grugahalle
Oct. 01 - GER - Fulda, Wartenberg Oval
Oct. 02 - GER - Bamberg, Arena
Oct. 04 - GER - Filderstadt, Filharmonie
Oct. 06 - CZE - Prague, KD Vitavska
Oct. 07 - GER - Langen, Stadthalle
Oct. 10 - ITA - Milan, Alcatraz
Oct. 11 - SUI - Pratteln, Z7
Oct. 12 - FRA - Lyon, Transbordeur
Oct. 14 - ESP - Madrid, Heineken
Oct. 15 - ESP - Barcelona, Apollo
Oct. 16 - ESP - Bilbao, Rock Star
Oct. 18 - GER - Saarbrücken, Garage
Oct. 19 - FRA - Paris, Bataclan
Oct. 21 - GER - Memmingen, Kaminwerk
Oct. 22 - GER - Straubing, Messehalle
Oct. 23 - CZE - Zlin, Rock Cafe

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Edguy Enters The Studio

After a successful world tour with more than 100 concerts all over the globe, in support of the band's latest release "Tinnitus Sanctus" in 2008, Edguy has entered the studio to record a new album. Still under the influence of the arena tour as special guests of the Scorpions and the latest Avantasia world tour (featuring Tobias Sammet and Felix Bohnke), Edguy feels it's about time to squeeze the band's energy on tape in a recording studio again. This time the band has chosen the famous Peppermint-Park in Hannover (Scorpions, Phil Collins), according to the band "a recording temple with a tremendously great sounding room."

Tobias Sammet (also Avantasia) comments: "We have chosen the Peppermint Park to record the basics there. I had done a few little bits and pieces for Avantasia there, but it's so great to record drums and stuff like Hammond B3 with a big bad fat mean Leslie there. The room is big and the sound is mean! We were always striving for a powerful but natural sound. I guess we had a good sound recently, but I think there is always room to improve. The more I listen to what's going on in the Heavy Metal world these days, the more I long for drums that sound like drums. I want them to sound powerful without sounding like Atari. Sascha and I came to the conclusion that we have to start from scratch and do things the way they have to be done, not the fashionable way. I don't want a distorted master-copy, just so it is loud enough on an iPhone or on PC-speakers.

"If you talk to your most fancy producer he will say something like: 'Well, it's the sign of the times, you have to be able to compete in the loudness war…' What the fuck?! If I want it to be loud I turn up the stereo. I want dynamics, room, a real big sound, not that distorted trendy compression. Why don't we all move back a little and record great sounding music, not loud sounding music? Do a Google search for 'loudness war' and you'll see what I mean. Whatever, the new songs sound great, we have thirteen of them, and we'll pick maybe ten and put them on the album. We have anthemic melodies, although it's not kitsch. When you record anthemic music, you tend to be dangerously close to kitsch, it's a fine line and I think we balance on that fine line pretty well. To cut a long story a little insignificantly shorter: I just think it is great, and that's what counts. Real music, you know? We'll keep you informed, if you want it or not!"

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Chthonic Confirmed for Japan's Loud Park Festival

Taiwanese black metal band Chthonic has been confirmed for this year's edition of Loud Park, the biggest metal festival in Japan. The festival is set to take place October 16-17 at Saitama Super Arena.

The line-up includes: Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Motorhead, Angra, Dir En Grey, Edguy, Amon Amarth, 3 Inches of Blood and many more.

For more information, visit www.loudpark.com.

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Arch Enemy Confirmed For Wacken Open Air 2010

Arch Enemy are the latest band to be confirmed for the 2010 edition of the Wacken Open Air Festival. The festival will take place August 5-7, 2010 in Wacken, Germany. Arch Enemy will perform on the 6th of August. The list of currently confirmed bands is as follows:

Arch Enemy
Corvus Corax
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
The Devil's Blood

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Bruce Kulick Readies New Album, "BK3"

Frontiers Records has announced the signing of Bruce Kulick for the European release of “BK3,” his third solo album, on January 29, 2010.

Kulick, who first gained notoriety as a member of Meat Loaf's “Bat Out Of Hell” touring band, may be best known for his twelve years (1984-1996) as lead guitarist of KISS, during which time he appeared on nine gold, two platinum and one multi-platinum KISS albums. It is, however, the wealth of experience he has gained in his 13 post-KISS years that shines through on “BK3.”

The album takes listeners for quite a ride over its twelve songs... from the frenetic and anger-fuelled "Fate" (co-written by Kevin Churko, known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne), to the philosophical and uplifting "Life." Never one to mind sharing the spotlight with other talented musicians, Kulick invited several guest artists to appear on “BK3”, including Gene Simmons of KISS on the anthemic "Ain't Gonna Die," Doug Fieger (lead vocalist of The Knack) on the soon-to-be pop classic "Dirty Girl," Tobias Sammett (Edguy, Avantasia) and Eric Singer (KISS) on the fierce "I'm The Animal," Nick Simmons (son of Gene) on "Hand of the King", former Union cohort John Corabi on the moody "No Friend Of Mine" and guitar legend Steve Lukather (Toto) on the exciting instrumental "Between The Lines."

"Many albums lack cohesion with different vocalists, but I know that my guitar playing is the glue on BK3," Kulick says. "There was the clear goal of making absolutely the best record that I could put together. I feel like this is my Revenge."

“BK3” includes the following tracks:
Ain’t Gonna Die (featuring Gene Simmons)
No Friend of Mine (featuring John Corabi)
Hand of the King (featuring Nick Simmons)
I’ll Survive
Dirty Girl (featuring Doug Fieger)
Final Mile
I'm The Animal (featuring Tobias Sammet and Eric Singer)
And I Know
Between The Lines (featuring Steve Lukather)
Skydome (from the BK CD “Audiodog”) - Exclusive Bonus Track for Europe

Bruce plans to take “BK3” to his fans through as many avenues as possible, including live concerts, appearances at KISS Expos and media.

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Luna Mortis Guitarists to Fill-in for Epicurean

Mary Zimmer, vocalist of the Wisconsin metal band Luna Mortis, has issued the following pre-tour update:

"We are so excited to be getting ready for our North American tour with Edguy and Epicurean! Getting things off to a good start, so far, and we've got a couple of lineup changes to announce for the tour. First of all, our bass player, Jake Bare, wasn't able to hit the road with us this time, so we are very happy to have producer Don DeBiase filling in on bass guitar for the entire tour. He's an incredible musician and performer and has produced music for us as well as bands like Beneath the Sky (Victory) and Forever In Terror (Metalblade). He's a good friend of ours and we hope you will all enjoy watching him on stage with us this September." More...

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Ensiferum Confirmed For Australia's Screamfest

Ensiferum have issued the following announcement about making an appearance at the upcoming Screamfest in Australia:

"Ensiferum are delighted to confirm their appearance at Sydney's Screamfest. The show is on New Year's Day 2010 (01.01.10) and the band share the stage with acts such as Sonata Arctica, Edguy & Destruction.

"For more info and tickets, please visit Screamfest here."

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