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Formed: 2003
From: Montreal, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Vengeful To Release Re-Recorded Album

Vengeful has checked in with the following update about releasing a re-recorded version of the "Karma" album:

"Greetings!! 2013 is a special year for Vengeful as it marks the 10 year anniversary of the band and the composition of our first songs. Tempted, Sentenced, Cold Ways and Karma were all written in 2003.

"It took us 4 years to complete our first album Karma that was met with mixed reviews. Some dubbed it Tech Death, some Old School death metal and we even got the Deathcore tag by association because our buddy Alex 'Grind' Pelletier (Despised Icon) played on half of the album.

"As mentioned before, we re-recorded the drums to all of the tracks from our 1st album during the sessions for our latest double-album Vengeful. That was in November 2010. 26 months and several personnel changes later, we finally comeback with the completed version of those re-recordings. More...

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Vengeful Parts Ways With Vocalist

Canada's Vengeful has issued the following announcement about recording new material and splitting with the band's vocalist:

"Hello supporters! We finally comeback with news about things to come. Guitar tracking has begun for our next release. Yes we are already in the studio to bring you more death metal. For those of you that pay attention to detail, we announced several times in some of our previous updates that we recorded 22 songs during the drum sessions for Vengeful.

"The album features 12 of those tracks and we released 2 cover songs. The remaining 8 songs are comprised of the re-recording of our first album in its entirety and a medley of our 3 song-demo. So what you'll get are more brutal and better sounding versions all the songs from Karma and Tragedy Lies Ahead.

"Those recordings will unfortunately serve as our last outings with Vengeful's original vocalist Marc-André Grenier who decided to leave the band to focus on his career and other personal projects. Even though the remaining members of the band are disappointed by his departure, we remain in good terms. The vocalist position his now handled by Emmanuel Pronovost who's been playing the guitar with Vengeful since 2008. His guitarist slot is now occupied by Phil Tougas (First Fragment, Chthe'ilist). This new configuration of Vengeful is featured on our rendition of Morbid Angel's Blood on my hands.

"There is no release date for the Karma-TLA re-recordings but 2013 sounds about right. We'll keep you posted on that front..... In the meantime we're going to get back on stage to play our latest album and introduce this new lineup around our area.

"Musical suggestions: Krisiun - The Great Execution, Psycrotic - The Inherited Repression, Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol and Lamb of God's Resolution. Eternal Gray, Nader Sadek .....a little late on those two. Looking foward to the new Down EP, Kill Devil Hill's debut and Gojira's new album." More...

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Vengeful Posts New Song "Delirium"

Vengeful has issued the following announcement about streaming the "Delirium" track online, which features a guest appearance from Alex Camargo of Krisiun and is taken from Vengeful's new self-titled album:

"Hello everyone!! The wait is over. Vengeful's is now on the shelves. You can now feed on these venomous tracks as much as you need to. Recording and releasing a double-album filled with death metal was an enormous task but those who heard the album all agree that it was worth it.

"For the occasion we thought of celebrating the release by giving you a brand new track dubbed Delirium. It's taken from the Towards Obliteration part of the album and it features none other than Alex Camargo from Brazilian warriors Krisiun on vocals. The brazilian brothers are another obvious influence on Vengeful. Not only for their constant pummelling and viciousness but these guys really are a true example of work ethic and perseverance. They play (just like us) this music for the right reasons. Nothing related to fame or money. It's all about the music and delivering something good to the people that support the scene. Delirium is available on our Myspace or via the MEDIA section of our website.

"You won't be hearing from us for few weeks but make sure to let us hear from you and what you think of the album. It's safe to say we are positive that this is the best representation of the band to date.......by far. Thanks for the support to those out there that actually care.!! Keep spreading the word."

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Vengeful Streaming Crowbar Cover

Vengeful has checked in with the following announcement about streaming a cover of the Crowbar track "Nothing:"

"Greetings! We are getting closer to the release date. Lookout for a brand new track next week on the release date (November 29th). It features a special guest appearance from another one of the greats. And now...

"Here we go again with a new track available on our Myspace and via the MEDIA section. New to most but old to some. Nothing is a song taken from Crowbar's Broken Glass album (released in 1996). To be quite frank, back then the only Crowbar songs I knew (like most) were Existence is Punishment and their all-time classic All I had I gave. Sometime after Down II (2002), slower music started to be more appealing. Crowbar's music was mostly about weight be it musically or lyrically. Something that I related to while trying to find a sound for what would become Vengeful.

"We wouldn't sound like we do today without bands such as Crowbar and Neurosis. This is a tribute to the former. I took upon myself the responsibility of handling the main vocals on our rendition of the track. A rather difficult task since Mr. Windstein is the boss when it comes to guttural-meets-melodies... None Heavier."

Vengeful also recently posted a Morbid Angel cover track online, with full details available here.

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Vengeful Streaming Morbid Angel Cover

Vengeful has issued the following announcement about streaming a Morbid Angel cover song online:

"It's been awhile since you've heard from us. Here we are like promised with a cover song of one of the many classic cuts from Morbid Angel's Covenant album. You can hear it on our Myspace page.

"Morbid Angel was one of the main inspirations behind Vengeful's sound when we first started in 2003. Not necessarily on the musical style or song structures but in the vibe/mood that we wanted to achieve with the music. Something moody and vicious at the same time. Sheer power and negative emotion expressed through brutality and speed.

"The Vengeful version of the song features our lead guitarist (Emmanuel Pronovost) on vocals. This is our tribute to one of the greatest death metal bands of our time."

Vengeful also recently posted the cover artwork online for the band's new self-titled album, which can be found at this location.

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Vengeful Reveals New Album Art

Canada's Vengeful has issued the following announcement about revealing the cover artwork for the band's new self-titled album:

"The album is officially done. The artwork and mastering have been approved. We're expecting to have the physical copies in hand by next weekend. Speaking of artwork, we'd like to share the album cover with you out there.

"Aas some of you know it was once again painted by our longtime illustrator Martin Lacroix (Humanoid, Augury, Spasme, ex-Cryptopsy). It's a continuation of our previous album sleeves. Same goes for the music.

"Stay on the lookout for our rendition of Morbid Angel's Blood on my Hands, it should be online sometime next week. We picked a fast cover song to represent side A of the album even though it won't appear on this release. A slow song will soon follow..." More...

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Vengeful Reveals New Album Details

Vengeful has issued the following update about the upcoming release of a new album:

"Greetings! We're finally back with some news on the album. The name of the monster is 'Vengeful.' It's comprised of two parts. Face A being 'Towards Obliteration' and Face B bearing the name 'Leaping through the void.' The first one features our high-speed/face-melting side and the later leans on the slower/moodier approach heard on older songs such as: Counterfeit Deity or Transcending. We have set November 29th as the release date for the album. The track listing is as follows:

Towards Obliteration

Delusional More...

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Vengeful Posts Album Progress Update

Canada's Vengeful has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming album:

"Greetings! Time to let the outside in on what's been happening in our world.....

"We've just started mixing our new album for which we actually have a title but we'll save it for another post. Hugues Deslauriers (Augury) is now back on board to assure that this offering is as in-your-face as can be. We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the return of Olivier Pinard (Neuraxis) in our ranks. Is presence was definately missing during is time apart from Vengeful.

"There has been a few hickups with the painting that will become the album's cover but our long time illustrator Martin Lacroix is putting the finishing touches to the masterpiece in his vast body of work to this date. Needless to say everything is looking pretty fuckin' sick. The album should be released at the end of November/begining of December. An official date will follow.

"Death keeps on striking hard lately."

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Vengeful Issues Album Update

Canadian act Vengeful has checked in with the following update about the band's upcoming album:

"Hey everyone, Spring is supposedly here and so are we so we thought we should let those of you who were wondering what's happening with the new album. The recording is almost complete. All that's left to do is record the guitar solos, the bass and all the acoustic instruments (12 string, perc etc.....). We've also re-amped 2 of the songs so we can mix and send them to some labels to find a distribution deal.

"It might take awhile because this will be a double disc (as you probably already know) but we are confident that this album should be made available to as many extreme metal fans as possible. The material is solid. We are eager for you to hear it and let us know what you think, even though that might be a good 4-5 months away. We're shoothing for an end of summer/beginning of the fall release date. We're thinking of releasing a song or two in a couple of months to tie some of you over. Our good buddy Martin Lacroix (Tempted by nightmares, TOC, Humanoid) is handing us the painting that will become the album cover next week, this promises to be sick once again!

"An old collaborator of ours (Fred Maheux) will be working on a video for the up coming album and he will also be putting together some footage from the studio sessions. What more to say, be patient, we promise it'll be rewarded.

"Musical suggestions: Superior Enlightment's Tyrants United is face-melting. New Neuraxis album is pretty killer. Beyond Creation for fans of technical prowess. Downtrodden for those who are not in a hurry. Looking forward to the new Hate Eternal, Origin, Sepultura, Septic Flesh and of course Morbid Angel. Finally!"

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Vengeful Checks In From The Studio

Canada's Vengeful has issued the following update from the recording studio:

"News flash! We finished recording drums on November 20th as planned, Mr. Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Beneath the Massacre) is currently editing the tracks. We recorded some extra songs this time around including one Morbid Angel and a Crowbar cover song to match the two sides to our next album. Other songs that were recorded are: Still, Consumed and Skinned....

"As we said before expect a lengthy release. Guitar tracking starts next week, we're trying to wrap things up before 'the fucking holiday season'....let's not get started on this subject. Then we'll be left with the sweet stuff like acoustic guitars, percussions, guitar solos and the part where we get to scream.

"We're still waiting for the footage from the Towards Darkness/Vengeful/Salvation, as soon as we get it we'll post something from it, we really had a good time and we wanted to share it with you out there."

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Vengeful Issues Studio Update

Canada's Vengeful has issued the following update from the recording studio:

"So here we are after 2 days of recording: Phil is firing on all cylinders and we just completed the 8th song, we resume recording on the 18th to hopefully be done with capturing drum

"Decay, Consumed, Malice are amongst the finished tracks, we're entering the painful phase with the longer songs next session. Even though this is hard work we're enjoying every second of it. Chris is working his magic and we're actually laughing (just like in the TOC sessions) in the studio. Let's not have too much fun and make a dark record now shall we..."

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Vengeful Enters The Studio

Vengeful has issued the following announcement about entering the studio to record new material:

"Hello guys! We are entering the studio on November 15th as planned. After now 7 years, the vision behind Vengeful's sound is now clearer than ever before and this next recording shall establish it once and for all. We've got 22 songs to record in one week. Why 22? More on that later too...

"Some footage from this past weekend's performance will be online soon, as well as a brief report from the studio. Cheers."

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Vengeful To Enter The Studio

Montreal's Vengeful has issued the following announcement about gearing up to enter the recording studio:

"We're still around. We have been hard at work the last few months completing what's to become our third album which as promised will be a double album. Get ready for a lethal dose. We don't have a title for it yet but some of the songs that will appear on it are: Delusional, Malice, Decay and Distant Exit. The latter being a track similar to Transcending.......let's not say more for now. Studio time is booked with Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Last Felony, Neuraxis) starting on November 15th. He will once again be recording the drum tracks this time performed by Phil (Truesdell) who is definitely prepared to deliver the goods and put the record straight on being our real drummer. If everything goes according to plan (that rarely happens) we intend to be done with the album in March and then we start looking for a label to help distribute it as soon as possible.

"On the performing front, our last concert of the year will be our annual 'headlining show.' It will take place at Il Motore on saturday November 13th. We'll be sharing the stage with the youngsters in Salvation and Towards Darkness who will close the hostilities. Come prepared... all bands on the bill intend to take no prisoners and we (Vengeful) have a few surprises in store for you. On the global metal front, our thoughts are with Nergal (Behemoth). It would be terrible to lose 'yet another' influential musician this year. More...

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Vengeful Issues Band Update

Montreal based metal act Vengeful has checked in with the following update about the band's recent and upcoming activity:

"Hello dear fans! There are now over six months since the latest news. Let's start by thanking all those who passed us during our rare spectacle in 2010. It was really trippy to share the stage with international groups like Kataklysm and Unexpect. We also made new Chummer in Downtrodden, a very heavy band to watch closely for consumers of heaviness.

"We will be back on stage July 27, 2010. We just could not refuse an opportunity to play outdoors in downtown Montreal. It is a short performance in the Festival of Expression of the street. Come on down if you have time, it's free and there are torturing passersby with passion. It will then eventually play in Three Rivers for the opening show of Aborted / Augury with Hands of Death August 23, 2010. Even then, it should scroll mode, it shot mouth!! Our co-visual (video) Fred Maheux usual just finished the editing of excerpts in concert captured in Sherbrooke in May They should be available about upcoming days.

"New hardware side, we went to 10 new rooms including 4-5 completed with the voice. We just make an appointment with Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, The Agonist etc.) to start recording in early October this year. We must begin soon if you want to come out before 2012 because we were working on a double album, more will follow. Until next time, stretch the ear to the new The Last Felony, Necronomicon and we recrosses the show return Decapitated!"

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Vengeful Recruits Former Augury Bassist

Canadian metallers Vengeful have issued the following update about recruiting former Augury bassist Dominic "Forest" Lapointe:

"Hello everyone! Short post to inform that Dominic 'Forest' Lapointe has joined Vengeful. Some of you might know him for is work with bands such as: Atheretic, Barf, Quo Vadis and Augury. Vengeful is more than eager to add is talents to the band's sound and his unmistakable presence on stage.

"On that note, we just wrote our first song together and things are sounding a bit more chaotic as we never had a bass player in the room while putting new stuff together. More on that later.....We'll be hitting the stage with the new lineup soon to get the chemistry flowing a bit more before we finish composing this monster of an album we're working on. So thanks a bunch to all our supporters and friends that showed up early to catch us with Kataklysm, sorry for the sound quality but that stuff happens when you the opener. We still had a blast! Until next time checkout Immolation's and High on fire's latest releases!"

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Vengeful Parts Ways With Bassist

Montreal's Vengeful has issued the following update about parting ways with their bassist:

"Hey everyone!!! Special Report: We unfortunately have to announce that Olivier Pinard has left Vengeful to pursue his dream with montreallers Neuraxis.

"So we are now 'once again' looking for a new bass player. We're looking for a seriously passionate musician (age 25 +) with full gear to join the band as we've already started demoing songs for our 3rd release and we can't be slowed down by anymore lineup changes. Needless to say, we wish things would've taken a different turn but......that's just how this scene is after all??? Interested parties can contact us at: info@vengeful1.com or here.

"On the positive side. We've completed and demoed Awakening, Delusional, Still and Malice. Everything is sounding a bit more focused than on TOC but the material is also way deeper so expect something slower and even more depressive. We're starting on the faster stuff next week with Hooked.....we intend to play our hometown in Febuary and a few selected places around our province. Some of those dates will feature returning bass player Etienne Bayard as a fill in. We'll keep you posted!!!!"

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Vengeful Issues Band Update

Montreal death metallers Vengeful have issued the following update about working on new material:

"Long time no speak!!!

"First we would like to thank everyone that has purchased a copy of The Omnipresent Curse and all those that took sometime to come and support us at our cd release shows...... and all you downloaders....keep spreading the word!!! It means a lot to know that some people out there actually get some of what we're doing. We've kinda kept quiet on the news front because there wasn't much to tell.

"News are: Olivier (bass) has recently joined our fellow montrealers Neuraxis. He's still in the band and we hope things stay that way. Sick of the lineup changes. We've already started to put together new songs. We're working on Awakening, the closest we've come up to composing another Transcending but in a 10-12 minute format.... and we're starting to work on the vocals for Delusional, a song we intend to premiere at Rimouski DeathFest. More...

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Neuraxis Announces New Lineup and Shows

Montreal's NEURAXIS has secured Olivier Pinard (Vengeful) on bass and Olivier Beaudoin (ex-Eternal Burden/ex-Stareblind) on drums for upcoming shows.

Commented singer Alex Leblanc: "We started jamming with the two Oli's and it's been amazing so far. They are really talented and we can't wait to assault stages with them."

NEURAXIS has confirmed these upcoming shows:

11/28/09: Ottawa, Ontario at Cafe Deckuf w/The Last Felony, Revocation
11/29/09: Toronto, Ontario at Wreckroom w/Revocation
12/4/09: Trois-Rivieres, Quebec at Rock Cafe le Stage w/The Last Felony, Unfallen
12/5/09: Rimouski, Quebec at Paradis (Rimouski Deathfest 3)
12/11/09: Moncton, New-Brunswick at The Manhattan
12/12/09: Halifax, Nova-Scotia at Gus Pub

The technical death metal outfit was founded in 1994. The band's most recent release, "The Thin Line Between," their fifth studio effort, was released by Prosthetic Records in the summer of 2008. The band has done time on the road with bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Despised Icon, The Faceless and the 2008 Canadian Summer Slaughter Tour, with Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Beneath the Massacre and more.

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Vengeful Streaming Entire New Album Online

Montreal based death metal band Vengeful has issued the following update about streaming their entire new album "The Omnipresent Curse" online:

"Well here it is deatheads!!! The revamped look of our website has arrived and to celebrate this virtual event we want to inform you that The Omnipresent Curse is availble for streaming in it's entirety on our myspace page until August 16th. Go listen to it and drop us a line or two to let us know what you think. Mp3's aren't the best way to experience a band but it'll give you a good idea of the trip that's in store for those who will purchase a physical copy when the album is out. We believe that if you like your death metal with no breakdowns, no keyboards, no clean vocals, no proggy escapades with a bit of a doomy/sludgy feel you will enjoy this album. Our buddy Hugues Deslauriers (Augury, Clearwater Deathblow) has once again outdone himself mixing-wise on this one. The final result is just devastating!!!

"Until then drop something listen to The Omnipresent Curse as much as needed and keep an ear out for Nergal's baby!!!!...."

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Vengeful Reveals New Album Details And Artwork

Montreal based death metallers Vengeful have issued the following announcement about revealing the cover artwork for their new album:

"Here we are again with something new. We would like to share the artwork for The Omnipresent Curse with you out there. Pretty sick stuff!!! It was once again painted by our long-time partner Martin Lacroix (Augury, Humanoid). We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the final track listing for our upcoming album."

The track listing will be as follows:

1. Forsaken
2. Beholder
3. Anguish
4. Detention
5. Lapsus
6. Nightmare
7. Sanctioned
8. Transcending

A teaser trailer for the album can also be viewed below. More...

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