"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2002
From: Finland
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Abysmalia News

Below is our complete Abysmalia news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Abysmalia Working On New Album

Abysmalia has issued the following update about working on a new album:

"Abysmalia is currently writing songs for the upcoming album, which is tentatively titled 'Amid Adversities,' Whereas previous albums were solely written by Jouni Koskela, the songwriting on Amid Adversities will feature contribution from Antti Jylhä and Marko Nikula in form of composing and arranging.

"We are hoping to finish songwriting in January, so that we can rehearse couple of months and start recording around February-March 2011 for a summer release. Information regarding the progress of this project #4 will be announced on frequent basis"

"Some tracks are already finished (titled a.a. 'Scarred in Subliminal Slumber' and 'Endeavours Inane') and the band aims, as usual, for a seven-piece conceptual album clocking a bit over half an hour of audial chaos. More...

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Abysmalia Offering Album As Free Download

Finland's Abysmalia has issued the following statement about offering the "Replenish Entirety" album as a free MP3 download for the rest of August:

"Greetings! Due to the fact that the CD-version of 'Replenish Entirety' is indefinitely and unduly delayed for financial reasons, we hereby offer you a download link for the album as an mp3-version. The following link will be deleted by the end of August 2010. We remain sorry for the inconvenience yet grateful for your patience and hopefully the CD-version will be available as soon as it's possible."

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Abysmalia Comments On New Album

Finland's Abysmalia has issued the following statement regarding their latest album "Replenish Entirety:"

"As some of you have already noticed, ‘Replenish Entirety’ has been available for streaming for the past week at this location and will remain there. Now, as the most eager of you have span the album few times, it might be useful to know about the making process and the baselines behind the album.

"REPLENISH ENTIRETY IS ONCE AGAIN A CONCEPTUAL ALBUM, WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Stripped to its core, it is a story wrapped around such themes as (inter alia) inadequacy, anger-ridden desperation and spiritual renewal - an experiment of unfortunate events eventually leading to cathartic purification of the soul. Unlike ‘Quid Humanum Est’, the main focus on this collection of songs is on the lyrics, and the music is thus created to underline their emotional entirety, rendering the tones ‘merely’ a soundtrack to convey and interpret the storyline. Because the broad spectrum of human feelings is widely present in the storyline, I had to make the music match the emotional storm portrayed within the lyrics. This - accompanied with the linear/chronological development with the storyline - is mainly the reason why the musical aspect softens, enlightens and becomes less ‘disturbing’ towards the ending. More...

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Abysmalia Streaming Entire Discography

Finland's Abysmalia has issued the following announcement about making their entire catalog available online for streaming:

"Greetings! We're glad to announce that despite all the hardships and inconveniences we were forced to undergo with this project, 'Replenish Entirety' - as well as our back catalogue - is currently available for free listening at this location.

"The race was good, but the road was slippery. Visual candy about the recording process will be published anytime soon, but in the meantime have fun enjoying the main course. Over and out for now."

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Abysmalia Postpones New Album Release

Vocalist Jouni Koskela of Finnish act Abysmalia has issued the following brief update about postponing the release of the band's new album:

"Hi! Due to unforeseen and highly unfortunate technical circumstances, we are not pleased to inform you that the release of 'Replenish Entirety' is forced to be postponed. New release date will be announced soon. We thank you for your patience on the matter and we hope to fix the issue ASAP."

Sample Abysmalia tracks are also available for streaming via the band's MySpace page.

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Abysmalia Posts New Song Online and Issues Update

Finnish progressive thrash metal band Abysmalia has issued the following studio update:

"It's been a while since we've updated any news regarding... well, anything. As you all probably are aware of, we are putting the finishing touches upon the recording now as we speak, and we thought of keeping you all informed about the upcoming material. So, here we have a new song uploaded on MySpace-website. We thought it would be just another act of idiocy to just upload an aggregation of songs - even though each of them are once again more or less different from each other and therefore making a collage would've served the purpose a bit better - so out of mere desire for irritation, we decided to put this particular song on display. The upcoming album is not going to sound like this song copy/pasted for the rest of its length, this just is a nice little songie with some additional insanity threwn over the top, so... whether you wish to enjoy it or not, OUR COMAS RECEDE! The rest of the album will be out after 1-40 weeks - plus some additional sugar-coated cheesiness before that, so stay alert at all times."

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Abysmalia Begins Recording Third Album

Finland's Abysmalia, a project of Jouni Koskela, issues the following update on his MySpace page:

"ABYSMALIA will shortly begin recording the upcoming third album, which is tentatively titled as 'Replenish Entirety.' The recording process will take place at Oulu and it will be initiated during December. Aside the regular band members (J. Koskela - A. Jylhä - M. Nikula), the recording will again contain contribution from few various visiting musicians who will be announced later on."

"The album itself will once again be a conceptual recording featuring familiar elements as well as few surprises here and there. It will contain dark soundscapes balanced with melodious choruses ... and pretty much everything in between. Depending on how badly we lose control in the studio, it will be a bit longer expedition than its predecessors; preproduction timer stopped at approximately 42 minutes. The tracklisting contains seven tracks once again. We are creatures of habit." More...

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Abysmalia Reveals New Album Details

Finland's Abysmalia, a project of Jouni Koskela, issues the following update on his MySpace page:

"Just thought to inform you (once again) about the recording process. 95% of the recordings are completed, still awaiting for some of the guest musicians to lay their expertise on some of the tracks. The artwork will be done by a very talented artist named Eliran Kantor, you can check his work here. The artwork and complete information will be announced later, but the tracklist for 'Portals to Psychotic Inertia' is as follows:

01. Peril
02. Shipwrecked on the Sea of Delusions
03. By a Sickening Reverie
04. The Mindscraping Multitude
05. Coma Recurring
06. Whispering Insomnia
07. The Sewage of Lies
08. The Naiad of the Dawn" More...

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Abysmalia Issue Update

Finish progressive metal project, Abysmalia, issues the following update on their MySpace page:


"It’s been a while since I’ve updated the latest news about Abysmalia and the progression of the forthcoming album "Portals to Psychotic Inertia". As we speak, the rhythm guitars tracks are laid down and everything is slowly falling into place. The album will contain a total of seven songs plus the introduction track. Antti Jylhä is featured on the bass guitar tracks, and a small number of other guest artists will also be on display on the album, confirmation will follow in the near future as the recording process progresses. The release date will be somewhere in June-July, but there might be some changes into one direction or another."

"Stay put!"

"-Jouni K-

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Abysmalia Announce New Album Title

Finnish progressive/thrash metal one-man-band ABYSMALIA — featuring Jouni Koskela (NOME, LIQUORWORKS, AON) — has issued the following update:

"I've got some information about the writing progress. So far, I've got five tunes entirely written and three another tunes going through the arranging process. It seems that the material is going to be a lot more progressive and diverse — both melodically and atmospherically — than on the debut EP. Of course there still is some wicked thrashy elements present all over the material, but judging from the tracks I've finished, the upcoming material is a lot less focused on one specific area and more variance is definitely present in almost every imaginable sense. However, this upcoming album will be entitled 'Portals to Psychotic Inertia' and the storyline is based on a certain conceptual idea. Some songtitles on the album will be 'The Mindscraping Multitude', 'Shipwrecked in the Sea of Delusions', 'Coma Recurring' and 'Peril'." More...

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