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From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active


Hardingrock Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Hardingrock.


Celebrating Women In Metal

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, it seems only appropriate and empowering to take a moment to focus on the fierce and powerful women in metal that inspire us every day.

Whether they are rocking it out in a corset or not, their presence on the stage is always captivating. Sometimes they are blowing our minds with their vocal escapades, or dominating their instruments as skillfully as any man, but continuously these women are pioneers in a genre that has traditionally been predominantly men.

Back in the ‘60s during the classic rock days, artists such as Janis Joplin and Grace Slick paved the way for the Valkyries of our modern day music. Later, women such as Pat Benetar and Joan Jett would take the baton and run hard with it!

Nowadays women in metal have provided valuable insights into reshaping aspects of the genre and fusing them with their unique ideas and talents. It’s not possible for a man to hit the airy lyric soprano range that often we are graced with in bands like Nightwish or Leaves Eyes without going into falsetto. Other women have used their hands to virtuosity, and left us in awe with their keyboards, strings, basses or drums.

International Women’s day is about celebrating the strides women have made whether economic, socially, or political. But let us not forget the massive accomplishments we’ve made towards metal music, and how we made our mark on a genre that shows that men and women truly can work towards something better.

We at Metalunderground.com are well aware of the sirens of the scene, and all the triumphs they have contributed that have made Metal the diverse genre it is. More...

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Ihsahn Talks New Album "Eremita" And Past Projects

Forged in the fires of early Norwegian black metal and tempered by avant-garde projects like Peccatum, extreme metal icon Ihsahn will soon be releasing a fourth excursion titled "Eremita," which combines all his previous influences and takes the music on to the next level.

Fans still have a little over a month of waiting before getting to pick up "Eremita," so to tide over our readers and increase anticipation for the forthcoming release, I spoke with the band mastermind himself about what went into the creation of "Eremita." Over the course of our discussion, Ihsahn explained his creative process for making a new concept that eventually becomes an album, and shared his feelings on how fans should interpret the music however they want and make it their own.

Check out the full interview below, in which Ihsahn not only covers the upcoming new release, but also delves into his past to discuss projects like Thou Shalt Suffer, the fiddle experiment of Hardingrock, and working with his wife in StarofAsh. More...

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