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From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Virus news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Virus Checks In With Album Update

Norway's Virus has checked in with the following update about their upcoming third album:

"Our as of yet untitled album # 3 is slowly progressing, we are currently working on vocals, expect some truly wicked crooning from Czral this time! Vocally, this will be our most elaborate effort yet. So far 7 songs are done, and counting. Also, some sad news; Plenum has decided to keep orbiting his own planet, and will not be able to join us this time. We are currently testing out replacement(s), permanent or not.

"Hopefully we'll have the bass and vocals sorted before the summer, which will then be spent mixing. There might even be a preview in not too long. The artwork for the album has been created by Eliran Kantor this time, who was responsible for the amazing cover of Sigh's latest album Scenes From Hell among others."

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Virus Issues Recording Update

Norway's Virus has issued the following update about recording a new album:

"Giitaah! Latest update: the third album is now well underway, guitars finally being completed last week. Now we need some bass and vocals before doing the mix. The Carheart vinyls are estimated to arrive late January, which means you who have preordered should have your copies early February. We wish to thank everyone who have preordered, you have made the print possible! A whalehug to y'all."

Sample tracks from the Virus discography can be heard via their MySpace page.

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Virus Issues Studio Update

Norwegian metallers Virus have issued the following update about recording a new album:

"Hi all. Thought we'd give you a little heads-up on the studio progress. We have so far spent two days in Amper Tone, the same studio we used on The Black Flux, with Bård Ingebrigtsen once again at the rodder. We have recorded drums for 10 songs, and we have 3 more to go before Czral will start laying down his alien strings. He will spend about a week doing that before going with Plenum to Fias Co for bass implements. When the basic tracks are down, we will take a break from the studio for a while to get some words on paper and give those vocal chords a little exercise. Singing and mixing will then ensue, and the final result should be within your reach sometime in the autumn of 2010. Some song titles:

"The Continental Drift, Portrayed in the Sediments, Red Sand Choir, Long Distance Corridors, Chromium Sun, The Agent that Shapes the Desert, Parched Rapids, Dead Cities of Syria, The Fever Maze, Siberian Traps, Unheard of, Shutout (Walker Brothers cover)

"Everything is of course subject to change (only 5% of the lyrics actually exist at this point). There are in total 13 tracks, but we have not yet decided if we'll include them all on the album. We might leave one or two out, and use them as lp bonus tracks or something. Album title is not decided 100% yet, we have a working title that we might use if nothing better comes to us. More...

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Virus To Record New Album In October

Norwegian metallers Virus have issued the following announcement about recording a new album:

"Hi geeks'n freaks!

"Just a little something to inform you that we are soon to begin recording our third album. We will start with the drums around mid-October and take it from there. We currently have about 11 new songs, and we can't wait to get them down on tape. We are really chuffed about the new material, it's a lot more varied than The Black Flux.

"Release will occur sometime next year, more info to come. Thanks, as always, for your support!"

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Virus To Release Early Demo

Norwegian metal band Virus has issued the following announcement about their 2000 demo seeing a limited release:

"This fall sees the first official release of Virus' 2000 demo, courtesy of Belgian arthaus Luchtrat. An extremely limited and exclusive edition on 3'cdr in awesome handmade packaging made of wood(!) and cotton/leather. Limited to 66 (cotton) / 6 (leather) copies, this will be one for the collectors!

"More info to come!"

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Virus Comments On Upcoming Vinyl Release

Norway's Virus has issued the following announcement about an upcoming vinyl release that they do not support:

"It has come to our attention that Season Of Mist has granted a vinyl license for The Black Flux to a Greek label named Zyklon-B Productions.

"We wish to clarify that we DO NOT support this release. The cover /design has been altered without our knowing or approval whatsoever. Furthermore, the label represents views that we have no desire to be associated with. Virus is not a political or religious band but we are certainly not against people based on their religious or political views nor their sexual orientation.

"The very name of the label is one we do not wish to see on Virus releases, being the name of a chemical weapon used by the Nazis during WWII.

"We ask you, the fans to not buy this release - a product we don't approve - and supporting people whose views are totally against what we believe in - individual freedom and music as an artform rather than propaganda.

"We do not force our views upon anyone, but we hope you have the brains to think for yourselves."

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Virus Streaming New Song Online

Norways' Virus has posted an untitled demo song online at their MySpace page. The band issued the following update about the track:

"An old rehearsal track has been added. This is a forgotten song from the Carheart days that we recently re-discovered and have decided to include on the next album.

"A new, as of yet untitled demo track has been posted. It's drums and guitars only and is from a pre-prod session we recently did. Enjoy!"

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Lawnmower Deth Announces Warm Up Show

Lawnmower Deth has issued the following announcement about a warm up show with Gama Bomb, Virus, and Metal Messiah:

"As some of you keen eyed thrash fans have noticed, we are indeed doing a warm up gig on Friday 5th June at the Pitz in Milton Keynes.

"Joining us to headline the night will be new thrash masters Gama Bomb which we are well chuffed about (thanks lads.. looking forward to it) Also chuffed with the fact that our old buddies from the 80'/90' Virus will also be playing.

"And to kick the evening off are yet another bunch of UK thrashers from times of old.. Metal Messiah

"We can't wait !.. back to the Pitz, home of much fishdancing in days gone by. Tickets can be bought here."

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New Song From Swarms' "Silver Hour" Online

Swarms is Kim Sølve, a visual artist behind acclaimed artwork for artists such as Mayhem, Darkthrone, Manes, DHG, Solefald, Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, She Said Destroy, Nocturno Culto's The Misanthrope DVD and Ulver, paired with the very unorthodox bass player Petter Berntsen (Virus, Audiopain). Together they brush off the conventions of genre and subculture looking for pre-sound and pre-silence, painting a truly visual sound landscape, putting dreams and fears into a musical body and producing the recently released "The Silver Hour" (Vendlus Records). The title refers to the twilight, the time of in-between.

The recordings for "The Silver Hour" were made visiting remote and abandoned places where nature has reclaimed what once was human and trivial and made it obsolete. Guest contributors include Zweizz and Babyflesh.

You can download or listen to an MP3 from the effort here.

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Virus Post New Song Demo

Norway’s VIRUS, masterminded by Czral (a.k.a. Carl-Michael Eide, VED BUENS ENDE, DØDHEIMSGARD), have posted a rough-cut of a new song on their MySpace page. Czral talks about the track:

“We’ve just posted a new song. It’s a rough-mix WITHOUT BASS. Just like ‘Lost Peacocks‘, we’ve chosen to post it without bass. The reason for this, is that the bass is such a big element in VIRUS, and we want all of you to still hear something new when the album finally is out.

“‘Stalkers of the Drift‘, is the name of this baby. Not as massive as ‘Lost Peacocks‘. A different structure altogether. Slow and sad in the beginning, and building up towards a nice climax in the end. Lyrics are written together with Amniotic Sac, a lost girl from the dead city of Bolton, England. We’ve posted the lyrics as a bulletin to all our friends.

“Well, we’re still in the studio. Recording vocals. The bass is being done, as we speak, at Plenum’s place. All by himself. Then, of course, we’ll have the mixing, the details, some guitars, and baking. Lots of baking. In spite of all this, we still hope The Black Flux is gonna be out spring-time, even though the time-noose is tightening quite a bit.

“PS: listening to this song more than twice might cause eczema.”

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