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From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Virus news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Blastfest 2016 To Celebrate Norwegian Metal Scene

Blastfest 2016 will be celebrating its national metal scene and will boast a lineup that will be 100% Norwegian.

Just hours after the final note rang out across the venue at Blastfest 2015, the organizers were brainstorming ideas for the third edition of the festival and here we are, a brand new concept: a one time only celebration of the Norwegian metal scene.

The 2016 editions will feature the triumphant return of the long-defunct Ancient, as well as other Norwegian luminaries such as Ihsahn and Tristania. The currently announced lineup (with more coming) is as follows:

Blood Tsunami
Green Carnation
In The Woods
Red Harvest

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Virus To Headline European Tour

Details of the “And Now For Something Completely Different Tour,” with a four-band line of experimental/avant-garde bands headed by Virus, have been announced today. Joining the cult Norwegians will be fellow countrymen Vulture Industries and Krakow, along with Mondvolland from the Netherlands. Confirmed dates on the December tour as follows (and anyone interested in booking the two remaining dates should contact bjornar@propulsionmusic.no):

Fri 07 Dec: Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)
Sat 08 Dec: Ferrailleur, Nantes (FR)
Sun 09 Dec: Glazart, Paris (FR)
Mon 10 Dec: Markthalle, Hamburg (DE)
Tue 11 Dec: The Underworld, London (UK)
Wed 12 Dec: TBC
Thu 13 Dec: Orto Bar, Ljubljana (SLO)
Fri 14 Dec: Gaswerk Kulturzentrum, Winterthur (CH)
Sat 15 Dec: TBC

Virus was formed in 2000 by guitarist / singer Carl-Michael “Czral” Eide (Aura Noir, Ulver, Satyricon, etc.) along with bass player Petter “Plenum” Berntsen (Audiopain) and drummer Einar “Einz” Sjursø (Lamented Souls, Beyond Dawn), with the intention of taking key elements of Czral’s former avant-garde black metal band Ved Buens Ende further into weirdness and farther from metal. Through three critically acclaimed album releases Czral’s unique dissonant guitar flavour and song writing has fascinated, puzzled, and ensnared listeners worldwide, not least thanks to the live performances (as a 5-piece) the band have undertaken since early 2011, including Sonisphere, Brutal Assault, Hole In The Sky, Aurora Infernalis etc.

Virus is also set to release a mini album to coincide with the tour. Titled “Oblivion Clock,” the album runs at over thirty minutes and features four new track and three bonus tracks that until now have only been available on extremely limited releases. At the same time band will also be releasing a new vinyl edition of sophomore album “The Black Flux.” “Oblivion Clock” will be available as a digifile CD on the tour, and is also already available to pre-order from this location along with the “Black Flux” vinyl. More...

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Amon Amarth Confirms For Brutal Assault 2012

Swedish death metal giants Amon Amarth are the latest band to confirm an appearance at the Brutal Assault 2012 Festival. The festival will be held from August 9-11, 2012 at the Old Army Fortress in Josefov, Czech Republic.

Amon Amarth will join the following bands who had previously confirmed:

Cattle Decapitation
Dimmu Borgir
General Surgery
Heaven Shall Burn
Paradise Lost
Protest The Hero
The Black Dahlia Murder

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I Left The Planet Project To See Vinyl Release

Fleurety guitarist Alexander Nordgaren recorded an album under the band named I Left the Planet in 1996, which was never released. Neuropa Records has now announced the project will officially see the light of day with a vinyl version. The label commented on the upcoming release:

"One from the vaults, this unique piece of avant-garde metal history, never before leaked or released, features some of the authorities of the genre including members from Fleurety and Ved Buens Ende.

"Recorded on analogue 16-track tape in March 1996, I Left the Planet is a one-off project featuring members from Fleurety, Ved Buens Ende and Virus; all bands hailed as originators of the style that has lately come to be known as avant-garde metal. Lyrics and voice are courtesy of acclaimed Norwegian author and novelist Bjørn Esben Almaas, overlaying three separate pieces of music written by Alexander Nordgaren, also handling guitars on the recording. Combined with Ayna Beate Johansen’s distinctive voice, Czral’s legendary drums and percussion style, Per Amund Solberg’s contrapuntal bass melodies and Mari Solberg’s jazzy saxophones the result is different from any other band of the era; Dark Poetry. Dark Metal. Dark Jazz.

"The recording plays across and between Adversum’s label profile key words; disharmony, imagination, individualism, courage, entertainment and darkness, and is its first release on vinyl. I Left the Planet is limited to 274 copies. The cover and vinyl artwork has been made by Trine+Kim Design Studio. The record is pressed on heavy duty black 12” vinyl featuring music on side A and etched art on side B."


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Headline News

Hole In The Sky 2011 To Be The Last

The organisers of Norway's Hole In The Sky festival have announced that this year's edition of the event will be the last, concluding twelve years of history. However, it promises to go out with a bang as some of the biggest names in extreme metal will be performing at the event with Immortal, Mayhem, Satyricon and Enslaved being the latest confirmations. A message from the organisers reads as follows:

"There’s a saying that all good things must come to an end. For twelve years we’ve been fortunate enough to meet many of our favourite artists, shared some incredible metal moments with fans coming from all over the world, and worked with some of the best in the scene.

"Twelve years is a long time and we’ve always invested a lot of time and effort in making the festival the best it possible can be and never compromise.

"Hole in the Sky has been a thing we’ve taken great pride in and it would be a very sad thing to let the festival suffer due to other commitments and responsibilities that comes along as you get older, so basically we want go out on a high note when we still feel inspired and on top of the game. Mind you, we will go out in a spectacular fashion. More...

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New Virus Song Available For Streaming

The title track of the new Virus album "The Agent That Shapes The Desert" has been posted online and is available to be heard in the video clip below.

Norwegian act Virus was also recently covered in Metalunderground.com's "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column. You can check out our look at Virus here.

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Unearthing The Experimental Underground, Part 2

The big names in metal get a lot of press and are famous for a reason, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a treasure trove of high quality metal bands hiding out in the underground. Each week with the Unearthing the Underground column we take a look at unknown bands in a specific genre or location that deserve to be heard by a wider audience.

Metal is unique in the musical world for the many different varieties to be found within it’s overall borders. “Experimental” or “Avant-Garde” metal bands are those groups that head outside the standard boundaries of the stylistic breakdowns, combining different sounds or even making up entirely new ones. Whether it’s extremely discordant vocals, a meshing of non-metal music with heavy atmosphere, or even random bouts of circus music, experimental metal typically has something that prevents the mainstream from recognizing it. These bands usually manage to get a small, but devoted, cult following that enjoys the odd juxtapositions and flagrant disregard for what’s socially acceptable in music.

In the last Unearthing the Experimental Underground we looked at the Czech Republic’s Oblomov, Poland’s Furia, and Italy’s Viscera///. This time around we’ll dig into U.S. based act Hallowed Butchery, as well as Virus and Source of Tide from Norway.

Hallowed Butchery

Maine based multi-instrumentalist Ryan Fairfield is the mastermind behind solo act Hallowed Butchery, which was previously known as Hallowed Butchery of the Son. Metalunderground conducted an interview with Ryan, in which he discussed the name change and the project’s upcoming work.

Hallowed Butchery frequently uses the stylistic elements of doom, with long, lingering guitar tones and slow moving music. There’s also a good deal of black metal to be heard in the music, along with some truly odd sounds that often defy easy description. One of the project's more experimental works is the fourteen minute epic “Coffin Life,” which was included on a recent split with New York’s Batillus. The song chronicles the life, demise, and surprising afterlife of a man who commits suicide, going through several distinct changes in style. A clip from the epic song can be heard at the band’s MySpace page.

The video below also contains the track “The Kennebec” from the band’s debut EP “Funeral Rites for the Living.” More...

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Virus Announces Show With Ulver

Norway's Virus, which finished recording a new album in October, has issued the following brief update about performing a live show with Ulver in London:

"Virus live with Ulver! And so it begins... The first ever Virus show will take place at KOKO in London on March 22nd, 2010 together with Ulver! Tickets at this location. See you!"

You can also check out sample Virus tracks via the band's MySpace page.

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Virus Finishes New Album

Norway's Virus has issued the following announcement about finishing a new album:

"Our album is finished! Yesssss, thank you, thank you, all set. Now the waiting game begins. The phoney war. For all of you who pre-ordered, we have to ask you for your patience. And we give you our gratitude. Without you, this wouldn't work out. We have the means now, to release the album - our music, ourselves. It's ours. And yours.

"We'll ship our work to the various pressing-plants very soon, so give us a couple of months, and it's all systems go... (blow the reactors!) Closer to the release date we'll post another new track and some teasers. Yessss, vores album er færdig!"

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Virus Streaming Another New Album Sample

Norway's Virus has issued the following announcement about streaming another unmastered sample online from the band's upcoming album:

"The album is approaching status finito, and as promised, here's another preview for you die-hards. We won't allow you to get tired of the material, so we'll remove the title-track that has been up for awhile, and replace it with one of the most radical songs on the album; Chromium Sun.

"It might be hard to chew. The harmonies might hurt, and the rythms might send you into an involuntary twitching dance, like Parkinsons. Pay attention to the lyrics. Written by Joe Amniotik. BTW: This song is very un-mastered. It'll really come to life after mastering, but it's enjoyable anyway. Cheers! And thanks for all feedback, critics and praisers alike."

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Virus Streaming New Song Online

Norway's Virus has checked in with the following brief update about streaming a new song online:

"New song up! We have posted a preview of our upcoming album, the title track 'The Agent That Shapes The Desert.' The song will be up for a couple of weeks, then we will post another track. The song is not mastered. We hope you will enjoy it!"

The new track "The Agent That Shapes The Desert" can be heard via the Virus MySpace page.

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Virus Issues New Album Update

Norway's Virus has checked in with the following update about self-releasing a third full-length album:

"As previously announced on Myspace, Virus have parted ways with Season Of Mist and will take care of the release of our third album ourselves. We are just about to start mixing the album and are looking at a late (preferrably November) 2010 release. However, since we no longer have a label contributing to the studio costs (SOM covered some, but not all, of the studio costs of The Black Flux), we have decided to let you, our fans be 'a part' of completing this album.

"As of now, you can preorder the upcoming album The Agent That Shapes The Desert on vinyl, cd and as a special 'fan package' including a cd, a signed and hand numbered lp, a limited EP and a t-shirt. We have not set a release date in stone yet, due to the simple fact that it all depends on economy. The more preorders we get, the quicker we will be able to complete and print the album.

"This release will be a co-release between Virulent Music (our own label) and Duplicate Records (Einz’ label) which will help with distribution and promotion. This means we basically do everything ourselves, with only some studio support from a few trust funds. We basically have to cover everything else (additional studio time, mastering, printing and promoting the album) ourselves. More...

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Virus To Release New Album

Norway's Virus has checked in with the following update about releasing a third full-length album:

"Virus' 3rd album to be released on Duplicate! We are proud to announce the forthcoming release of Virus' 3rd album The Agent That Shapes The Desert on Duplicate/Virulent Music late 2010/early 2011. The band decided to leave Season Of Mist and take care of business themselves, and are currently finishing the recordings. The album will be available on LP, CD and download. More details to follow."

Sample Virus tracks are also available online for streaming via the band's MySpace page.

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Virus Announces New Bass Player

Norway's Virus has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new bass player:

"After Plenum's untimely departure, we've been searching far and wide for someone to fill in on bass for the upcoming album The Agent That Shapes The Desert. We discovered the answer to our prayers in our backyard so to speak.

"His name is Bjeima, he is a multi-talented artist residing in Oslo, who's got/is involved with tons of interesting projects out and on the way, like Yurei, Delirium Bound, Konstriktor, The Ghost Conspiracy and M to name a few. To say that we like his playing is an understatement and we're pretty sure those expecting a worthy successor to Plenum will not be disappointed."

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Virus Issues Recording Update

Norway's Virus has checked in with the following update about the recording process for their new album:

"Czral is pretty much done preaching, crooning and freaking his way through the lyrics, and we now have 10 tracks with vocals on them. There are a couple more tracks that may or may not have vocals added, the jury's still out. But the meat of the record is down, now we just need some bass, spice and mixing and we're good to go. And the title? We finally landed on: The Agent That Shapes The Desert. We think you will enjoy this record. More details soon!"

Sample Virus tracks can also be heard through the band's official MySpace page.

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Virus Checks In With Album Update

Norway's Virus has checked in with the following update about their upcoming third album:

"Our as of yet untitled album # 3 is slowly progressing, we are currently working on vocals, expect some truly wicked crooning from Czral this time! Vocally, this will be our most elaborate effort yet. So far 7 songs are done, and counting. Also, some sad news; Plenum has decided to keep orbiting his own planet, and will not be able to join us this time. We are currently testing out replacement(s), permanent or not.

"Hopefully we'll have the bass and vocals sorted before the summer, which will then be spent mixing. There might even be a preview in not too long. The artwork for the album has been created by Eliran Kantor this time, who was responsible for the amazing cover of Sigh's latest album Scenes From Hell among others."

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Virus Issues Recording Update

Norway's Virus has issued the following update about recording a new album:

"Giitaah! Latest update: the third album is now well underway, guitars finally being completed last week. Now we need some bass and vocals before doing the mix. The Carheart vinyls are estimated to arrive late January, which means you who have preordered should have your copies early February. We wish to thank everyone who have preordered, you have made the print possible! A whalehug to y'all."

Sample tracks from the Virus discography can be heard via their MySpace page.

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Virus Issues Studio Update

Norwegian metallers Virus have issued the following update about recording a new album:

"Hi all. Thought we'd give you a little heads-up on the studio progress. We have so far spent two days in Amper Tone, the same studio we used on The Black Flux, with Bård Ingebrigtsen once again at the rodder. We have recorded drums for 10 songs, and we have 3 more to go before Czral will start laying down his alien strings. He will spend about a week doing that before going with Plenum to Fias Co for bass implements. When the basic tracks are down, we will take a break from the studio for a while to get some words on paper and give those vocal chords a little exercise. Singing and mixing will then ensue, and the final result should be within your reach sometime in the autumn of 2010. Some song titles:

"The Continental Drift, Portrayed in the Sediments, Red Sand Choir, Long Distance Corridors, Chromium Sun, The Agent that Shapes the Desert, Parched Rapids, Dead Cities of Syria, The Fever Maze, Siberian Traps, Unheard of, Shutout (Walker Brothers cover)

"Everything is of course subject to change (only 5% of the lyrics actually exist at this point). There are in total 13 tracks, but we have not yet decided if we'll include them all on the album. We might leave one or two out, and use them as lp bonus tracks or something. Album title is not decided 100% yet, we have a working title that we might use if nothing better comes to us. More...

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Virus To Record New Album In October

Norwegian metallers Virus have issued the following announcement about recording a new album:

"Hi geeks'n freaks!

"Just a little something to inform you that we are soon to begin recording our third album. We will start with the drums around mid-October and take it from there. We currently have about 11 new songs, and we can't wait to get them down on tape. We are really chuffed about the new material, it's a lot more varied than The Black Flux.

"Release will occur sometime next year, more info to come. Thanks, as always, for your support!"

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Virus To Release Early Demo

Norwegian metal band Virus has issued the following announcement about their 2000 demo seeing a limited release:

"This fall sees the first official release of Virus' 2000 demo, courtesy of Belgian arthaus Luchtrat. An extremely limited and exclusive edition on 3'cdr in awesome handmade packaging made of wood(!) and cotton/leather. Limited to 66 (cotton) / 6 (leather) copies, this will be one for the collectors!

"More info to come!"

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