"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Course of Nature

Formed: 2001
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Mark Wilkerson - Guitar, Vocals
Sean Kipe - Guitar, Backup Vox
Jackson Eppley - Bass
Shane Lenzen - Drums

It would be easy to hate COURSE OF NATURE's Mark Wilkerson, in theory.
He is married to a TV star (Melissa Joan Hart), likely hob-nobs with
celebrities in Los Angeles and has a new album coming out that is backed
by major music executive / visionaries. The path he and COURSE OF NATURE
took to get there, however, is a perfect study in the inability to judge
a book by its cover.

The tumult of record label changes and management disharmony over the
last three years took its toll on Wilkerson and his previous band
members. They found themselves entangled in a record label situation
that was coming apart at the seams. Their management didn't see eye to
eye with them on the direction to take after the split happened. "That
was a tough time. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out," says
Wilkerson. There was no refuge in his physical surroundings either "I
understand why it's important to be here, but I just can't get used to
living in Los Angeles," Enterprise, Alabama native Wilkerson says of the
city that has been his adoptive home for the last 6 years. "I built a
studio in my house so I could track at home. I like to spend time with
my family. I am just a small town guy at heart..."

How it eventually 'turned out' for that small town guy and his newfound
bandmates was their signing with Jeff Hanson's (Creed, Alterbridge,
Paramore) new label venture, Silent Majority Records / Warner ILG.
Hanson and his partner Rick Schmidt's vision for the band was one
Wilkerson and his new management shared - unlimited creativity and
control thereof. As a result, COURSE OF NATURE has definitely found its
groove once again and further refined its sound with the direction of
producer David Bendeth (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Killswitch Engage).

Not only was Wilkerson busy writing his own tunes in COURSE OF NATURE's
"down time", he was writing for others. One track that he wrote for an
'upstart' named Chris Daughtry (American Idol's newest hitmaker) became
a smash hit single across the board - "It's Not Over." The rest of the
fruits of his songwriting labors went toward making DAMAGED, a
collection of odes to adapting to the constant, often unpleasant
challenges presented by everyday life. Anthemic tracks like "Anger
Cage" and "Live Again" and the intense, haunting "The Window" are part
of the fabric of this anticipated sophomore release.

The renewed COURSE OF NATURE, with what Wilkerson calls "the best
lineup yet," is filled with vigor and outstanding musicianship. Shane,
the only new band member that appears on the recording of DAMAGED,
brings the thunderous drum beats to the new material. The low end will
be held down by Jackson's bass rhythms and the additional vocals and
guitar work will be the work of the band's newest member - Sean. This
is a combination that promises a rousing live show to back up material
that is sure to rock radios all over the world!

DAMAGED but surely not broken, COURSE OF NATURE is back to show that
real beauty can come from the tattered and torn. Only the strongest and
best can weather the slings and arrows of life and make it look so good!

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