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From: Boston, MA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Ehnahre News

Below is our complete Ehnahre news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Heresies 2012 Compilation Streaming

Crucial Blast Records is streaming its brand new compilation Heresies 2012 over at Bandcamp. It features 23 tracks, many of which have not been released yet, from artists ranging from electronic dub doom to ambient noise and crude black metal. Check out the tracklisting of Heresies 2012 below and stream the songs in the widget. Learn more about Crucial Blast Records by visiting its Facebook page.

1. GNAW THEIR TONGUES – Hic Est Enim Calix Sanguinis Mei 06:46
2. IRON FOREST – Mountain of Teeth 04:43
3. HUSERE GRAV – Serpent Saviour 03:12
4. THEOLOGIAN – Abandon All Hope 14:37
5. WOLD – We Kill for Her 04:43
6. RECLUSA – Dead In The Eyes 06:13
7. TIMEMOTHEYE – Witchwalker 04:09
8. FECALOVE – Darwin II 04:26
9. LUCIFER'S FORESKIN – Satanic Evil 02:42
10. MORS SONAT – The Sweet Long Legs Of Hate 05:43
11. GLASS COFFIN – Tongue Of The Dog 03:03
12. CROWN OF BONE – Blood Chalice 04:52
13. LUASA RAELON – Messenger 04:08
14. PROJECT:VOID – Leech 03:34
15. FUNERARY CALL – Transference From The Void 09:42
16. EHNAHRE – Animals 04:53
17. PUSDRAINER – Grinding My Teeth Into Dust 03:33
18. KORPERSCHWACHE – Burning Man 05:13
19. SUTCLIFFE JUGEND – Feeding The Mouth That Bites You 07:14
20. T.O.M.B. – Serpent Moon Seance 04:42
21. YAMI KURAE – Il Ballo delle Teste 04:03
22. ROTORVATOR – Domenica 05:09
23. ACTUARY – Baptized In Flames 10:14

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Ehnahre Streaming New Album Online

Ehnahre is currently streaming the entire new album "Taming the Cannibals" online via Decibal Magazine. All six tracks off the new album can be heard at this location. The track listing for "Taming the Cannibals" is as follows:

1. The Clatterbones
2. Foehn- (Lullaby)
3. Animals
4. Birth-dues
5. Revelation and Decline
6. Birth

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Ehnahre Updates Tour Schedule

Massachusetts based metal act Ehnahre has announced the following upcoming U.S. tour dates:

10/10/2010 Far Rockaway NY @ Red Light District w/ Wolvserpent
10/11/2010 Baltimore MD @ Golden West w/ OAK and Wolvserpent
10/12/2010 Chapel Hill NC @ NightLight w/ Clang Quartet, and Mountains Named for Murderers
10/13/2010 Charlotte NC @ Milestone w/ Wolvserpent, Artificial Ghost, and Stronghold Crvsader
10/14/2010 Atlanta GA @ Eyedrum w/ Wolvserpent
10/15/2010 Nashville TN @ Little Hamilton Collective w/ Wolvserpent and Loss
10/16/2010 Memphis TN @ Poplar Lounge w/ Wolvserpent and Dead-I-on.
10/17/2010 Little Rock AR @ Downtown Music w/Pallbearer and Wolvserpent
10/19/2010 St Louis MO @ Lemp Arts
10/20/2010 Chicago IL @ TBA
10/21/2010 Dekalb IL @ The House Cafe
10/22/2010 Detroit MI @ Caid
10/23/2010 Pittsburgh PA @ Garfield Artworks

You can also download a free MP3 of Ehnahre's song "The Clatterbones," which is off the "Taming the Cannibals" album, at this location.

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Ehnahre Preparing For European Tour Dates

Sound Devastation Records has issued the following update about Ehnahre's latest album "The Man Closing Up" and their plans to tour Europe:

"'The Man Closing Up' has been our best release so far in terms of the critical plaudits heaped upon it. There have been very few negative reviews, with the majority of doom and death metal fans lapping it up in equal measure. You can order the CD (in rather stunning packaging, if we do say so ourselves) from the SD shop.

"That said, Ehnahre are coming to the UK and Europe!!! Yes, titans of sonic terror, are coming over to bludgeon you... If anyone would like to book them please email ehnahrebooking@gmail.com

"The 2xLP version of the album will unfortunately not be ready for the tour, due to the unfolding issues had at the label recently. However, we are working double time on it, so that once you've seen the band, you wont have to wait too long before you can order it! We're doing a limited edition and standard edition, as we did with Amenra and Kongh. Limited edition will be white (limited to 200), and the standard edition will be on black wax (limited to 400)."

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Ehnahre Begin Recording Debut Album

EHNAHRE, the new band featuring several former members of KAYO DOT, has started recording its debut album, "The Man Closing Up", for Sound Devastation Records.

EHNAHRE went into the studio at the start of the New Year and will continue tracking and mixing all throughout January.

According to a press release, "The Man Closing Up" is "a through-composed, singular piece of music, divided into five movements. Theses five 'songs' are intrinsically linked, through text, form, and motivic material. The texts are based on the improvisational poetry of Donald Justice. The dark and lonely imagery of the work informs the music, as well as the illustration of oceanic themes."

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Ehnahre Sign With Sound Devastation Records

EHNAHRE, the new band featuring several former members of KAYO DOT, has inked a deal with Sound Devastation Records for the release of its debut album, "The Man Closing Up". The CD, which is conceptually based around the texts by Donald Justice, is tentatively due in the spring.

EHNAHRE lineup:

Ryan McGuire - Bass, Voice
John Carchia - Guitar, Voice
D.J. Murray - Guitar, Voice
Andrew Hock - Guitar, Voice
Tom Malone - Drums

Other contributors:

Forbes Graham - Trumpet
Greg Kelly - Trumpet
Greg Massi - Guitar
Noell Dorsey - Voice
Mark J Inman - Violin

For more information, including demo samples, visit the band's MySpace page.

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