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Formed: 1998
From: Helsingborg, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active


Evergrey is a progressive metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was founded in 1995 and released its debut album The Dark Discovery in 1998. Evergrey's lyrics have always been of the darker sort, and the same can be said of the band's imagery. While The Dark Discovery dealt with a variety of ideas, many later albums have been concept albums, dealing with issues like self-reformation (Recreation Day), paranoia, alien abduction (In Search of Truth), child abuse, cults and religion (The Inner Circle).

Evergrey Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Evergrey.


ProgPower USA XV Interviews: EVERGREY

Not altogether unexpected, given Evergrey’s close relationship with ProgPower USA promoter Glenn Harveston, it was still a nice surprise to most to see drummer Jonas Ekdahl and mainman Tom Englund announce a listening party for the new album, “Hymns For The Broken,” at ProgPower USA this year. Their video for “King of Errors” got the world chattering when it revealed that Ekdahl and previous guitarist Henrik Danhage were officially back in the band after a few years’ time. The listening party at the festival revealed that the support for Evergrey never waned among their core USA fans, with the crowd giving applause after every single song that played.

During their time at the festival, the Evergrey men made time to have a nice long chat in person with MetalUnderground.com’s Frank Serafine, during which it was revealed that much of the new album was inspired by mainman Tom Englund’s descent into depression and self-doubt, as well as overcoming it to get to where he is today. In good spirits, the guys joked throughout the interview. Englund even almost got teary-eyed when describing several touching emails he received from Evergrey fans. Moreover, it was revealed that Evergrey would like to eventually release an acoustic album, which would be an excellent choice given their flirtation with acoustic songs on past records. More...

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Evergrey Tells All, Reveals Plans for Vinyl

Evergrey likes to frequent the ProgPower USA festivals. This year, they decided to play and throw in two special exclusive sets along with a third set of songs that they will be playing on the upcoming US tour. The Swedes were in high spirits after sound check when I dropped in backstage to interview them in their dressing room on Thursday afternoon. Guitarist/Vocalist Tom Englund, keyboardist Rikard Zander, drummer Hannes Van Dahl, guitarist Marcus Jidell, and bassist Johan Niemann were all pretty eager to talk, and while they were joking all the time, they did have some serious things to say.

Along with being the most relaxed and genuinely happy band I’ve interviewed, they finished each other’s sentences quite a bit and looked to be personally in tune with each other. For a half hour, we discussed their newest album, “Glorious Collision,” new ‘directions’ for the band, the recording process, inspiration behind the songs, vinyl records, and their personal music interests. We also nearly died of laughter as the band discussed their ideas for alternatives to illegal downloading and Spotify towards the end of the interview, which is below. More...

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