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The Best Heavy Metal Cover Art From 2015

Inspired by Oscuro's “...And Justice For Art” series, I decided to take a look back at some of the metal cover art from 2015 that has stuck with me into the new year.

With hundreds (thousands?) of metal releases every year, there's a ton of artwork that gets splashed across my screen on any given day. While some of it is godawful, for the most part heavy metal gets album artwork right and really creates moods and tones you don't get with the cover designs of other genres.

From Vincent Locke's infamous Cannibal Corpse watercolors to the many, many different cover pieces by Travis Smith, there's some truly iconic artwork in metal and a ton of ground covered in terms of styles and themes.

This past year we got some really great cover art in just about every sub-genre. Unfortunately sometimes killer album art does not mean there will be equally killer music inside, though. The one imbalance that stands out most for me this year was the Marco Hassman cover for Contrarian's “Polemic.”

That cover is jaw-dropping, but it's also intensely interesting in the details. I mean, that's a giant space marlin, and it's apparently engaged in battle with regular old non-organic, metal ships. Everything about that makes me want to hear the album in question. Unfortunately the music didn't grab me (the vocals in particular killed my enjoyment, and the instrumentation was pretty standard tech death), but the artwork unquestionably did its job here.


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Anthropia Crowd Funding Cthulhu Mythos Album

Anthropia's new Cthulhu mythos-themed album "Non-Euclidian Spaces" has 11 days left on its Kickstarter crowd funding campaign and was just picked up as a Kickstarter staff pick.

The album will feature guest spots by Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One) narrating all tracks, as well as vocals from Edu Falaschi, piano performed by Laurent Tardy, and a guitar solo appearance by Pascal Allaigre.

You can see all the perks for taking part in the campaign and contribute to the album's creation at this location. The track listing is as follows:

01. Strange Aeons (00:55)
02. The Melancholy Of R.C. (07:32)
03. Silver Twilight Lodge (07:29)
04. The Part Of Them In Me (09:45)
05. Unknown Kadath (02:55)
06. Seeds Of Decay (05:52)
07. When The Stars Come Right (07:35)
08. Crawling Chaos (06:22)
09. The Snake Den (06:35)
10. Lost In Time And Space (06:02)
11. Fuoco (04:00)
12. Credits (05:24) More...

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Anthropia Issues Update On Cthulhu Themed Album

Anthropia announced last year the band would be working on an all Lovecraft/Cthulu mythos themed album, and now the group has issued the following update:

"At last! Preproduction for the new album is now finished: 10 cthulhuesque songs to come! We will follow this time Randolph Carter, who will relive the most intense moments of the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

"His fans will feel the atmosphere of the short stories, but also of the related universe: board games (aaah Arkham Horror...), role playing game, video games, movies...

"Recording has begun and will last several months. Pictures and videos to come. Iä!"

To hear Anthropia's music, you can listen to the previously posted (and unrelated to Lovecraft) track "Take Me Home" at this location.

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Anthropia Posts "Take Me Home" Clip

Anthropia has posted a video clip online for the song "Take Me Home," which includes footage from the band's time recording "The Chain Reaction." You can check out the clip below.

Anthropia actually recently released an update about working on a new Lovecraft themed album.

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Anthropia Working On New Album

French act Anthropia has issued the following announcement about working on a new album with themes inspired by H.P. Lovecraft:

"The band is working right now on the next studio album. The concept revolves round a story inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft worlds.

"We are big fans of his universe and work hard to transpose the best we can the atmospheres and themes dear to this author, so that tentacles fans cannot be disappointed :) More news very soon... Fhtagn."

You can also check out the band's music by heading over to the Anthropa MySpace music profile. More...

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Anthropia Reveals New Album Tracklisting

French progressive metal act Anthropia has revealed the tracklisting for its forthcoming album "Acoustic Reactions." The album is currently available for pre-order at select online outlets. "Acoustic Reactions" was recorded live in Monaco in 2009 and is limited to 500 copies.

Here is the "Acoustic Reactions" tracklisting:
01 - The Altar Of Trust
02 - The Torn Off Wing Of The Butterfly
03 - A New Self
04 - Africa (Toto cover)
05 - Breeze In The Leaves
06 - Hole Hearted (Extreme cover)
07 - Take Me Home
08 - Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)

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Anthropia Finishes Mixing New Album

French prog-metallers ANTHROPIA have issued the following update:

"The mix for The Chain Reaction is now over, and we are now focused on the finalization of the different artworks for the album.

First, as you may see, we have a new 'in-your-face' logo here (click photo). Don't worry if you're a fan of the first one, it will be exclusively dedicated to all The Ereyn Chronicles episodes and will be referred as the Ereyn logo at the store.

You can also notice a new design for our MySpace page, which reveals elements of the future cover and concept. Hope that this will tickle your curiosity...

Finally, our MySpace address changed. It doesn't change anything for MySpace users, but if you have external links to it, please update them with this URL: www.myspace.com/anthropia.

Ok, that was good. What's coming next now? We will put very soon samples of the new album for you. It sounds really really great and we can't wait to see and hear people's reactions."

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Anthropia Complete Bass Tracks For New Album

French metal band ANTHROPIA recently entered ArtMusic studio in Nice and the group's own studio to begin recording its new album, entitled "The Chain Reaction".

Commented the band: "Julien [Negro] recorded last week the bass parts for 'The Chain Reaction'. He mainly used a Carvin six-string fretless, and a Conklin seven-string. Hugo [Lefebvre] and Yann [Mouhad] are now hard at work on the lead guitars. The album will be mixed by François Merle from the excellent French band MANIGANCE.

ADAGIO keyboardist Kevin Codfert will make a guest appearance on "The Chain Reaction". More...

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Anthropia Seek New Label

French prog-metallers ANTHROPIA are looking for a new label for their upcoming album, which will be the successor to The Ereyn Chronicles Part One.

"We are very proud of what we accomplished with Magna Carta," the band say in a statement, "and really enjoyed to work with this prestigious label. We thanked them for what they did for the band, we will remain friends."

The new album, The Chain Reaction, will be self-produced and is at the present time recorded at the ArtMusic studio in Nice and at the personal Anthropia studio. The themes and atmosphere are really different from those of the first opus, but the songs and recordings already done promise the very best...

The band is already in touch with many labels, and is impatient and excited about a new collaboration. You are a serious and well-known label, and motivated to work with Anthropia? Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail here labels@anthropia.org."

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Anthropia Announce New Album Title

French metal band ANTHROPIA has commenced recording the follow-up to last year's "The Ereyn Chronicles: Part 1 - The Journey of Beginnings" album. Entitled "The Chain Reaction", the new CD's drum tracks were laid down last week at the ArtMusic studio in Nice. A 2008 release is expected.

"Is this the following of 'The Ereyn Chronicles Part 2'? No, it's a brand new concept this time, full of surprises again, experiments and of course melodies and emotions," stated ANTHROPIA mastermind Hugues Lefebvre (a.k.a. Hugo). "So exit dwarves, horses and co for a little while, the new concept is something totally different. You'll have to wait a bit to find out the story and the protagonists... I'll just say that the environment is quite contemporary with pieces of sci-fi/biblical stuff."

According to the band's official bio, "The Ereyn Chronicles: Part 1 – The Journey of Beginnings" "buzzes with flashes of IRON MAIDEN's gritty conceptual metal, Dave Mustaine/MEGADETH lightning-speed riffing, DREAM THEATER's sweeping storytelling, Yngwie Malmsteen's neo-classical minor-scale mining, 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway'-era GENESIS atmospherics, KANSAS' busy symphonic boogie-rock, classical guitar beauty and flair, and RUSH's dark '70s sci-fi/fantasy explorations. Simply put, ANTHROPIA's classical-metal-prog hybrid enraptures the listener in a world of sound, vision, and imagination."

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