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Formed: 1980
From: Auburn, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Manowar news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Manowar Postpone Tour

The release of the upcoming MANOWAR album has been postponed, and as a result, so has the accompanying European "Demons, Dragons and Warriors Tour".

However, fans should not be alarmed, as MANOWAR has a good reason for this postponement. "This is actually being done for the betterment of our fans," says bassist and MANOWAR founder Joey DeMaio. "After having to delay the tour the first time due to Karl's [Logan] accident the band returned to the studio to continue work on the album. We wanted to do something special for the fans and so we decided the only real way to thank them for their faith would be to give them more MANOWAR metal."

"Thus the 'Gods Of War' has grown into a massive, multifaceted concept, similar to Wagner's 'Ring Cycle', this is a massive project of epic proportions. The really good news is that elements of this grand new opus will be released periodically over the course of the next year so that fans won't have to wait years for new songs. Naturally as the album concept has grown in the true MANOWAR style the tour production has grown beyond epic proportions as well and this next tour will definitely bring the metal concert experience to new heights." More...

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No Gods Of Metal Festival This Year?

announced that the promoters of The Gods Of Metal have reported that, due to financial constraints placed upon their company, the festival may not take place in 2007.

As a result, they will not honor their original agreement made with Magic Circle Management for what would be MANOWAR's 4th headlining appearance, bringing with them RHAPSODY OF FIRE as special guests and the Italian debut of HOLYHELL. As a side note,
MANOWAR holds the record of headlining the Gods Of Metal Festival more times than any other band. MANOWAR and Magic Circle Music would like to clarify that they are in no way responsible for the cancellation of next years MANOWAR's performance.

MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio says, "We wanted to inform fans as soon as possible so that they would not purchase tickets expecting to see MANOWAR perform at the festival. The promoters have, in the past, been known as men of honor and our trust in them went so far as to allow them exclusively to announce our appearance for 2007. We as a band understand that our Italian fans will surely be disappointed, but make no mistake about it. This was not our decision. We too are disappointed. We have been preparing a very special show just for our Italian fans and we will now seek every opportunity to bring this massive show to Italy. We will never let our fans down."

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Manowar To Release New Single In October

MANOWAR will release a new single, "The Sons of Odin", in October 2006, followed by a full-length DVD containing the historic Earthshaker Fest 2005 performance in November. Fans can soon expect more details about the release date of the new studio album, entitled "Gods of War".

MANOWAR were forced to reschedule some of their previously announced European dates earlier in the year due to an unfortunate accident involving MANOWAR guitarist Karl Logan. "Our first concern was to be sure that Karl was in good condition," MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio said at the time. "As soon as we were certain Karl would be able to play again in the near future, we wanted to give our fans as much information as possible to keep them abreast of plans for the tour."

MANOWAR has sold over eight million records worldwide. The group's last studio album, "Warriors of the World", was a critically acclaimed chart-topper in Europe, reaching gold status in Germany.

The upcoming MANOWAR album will be released on the band's own label, Magic Circle Music.

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"Heavy Metal Thunder" Book To Hit Stores June 1

MTV.com reports:

A few years back, metal journalists James Sherry (Metal Hammer, Kerrang!) and Neil Aldis (Rock World, Terrorizer) decided to sift through their record collections and put the best of the bunch into coffee-table-book form. That spawned "Heavy Metal Thunder," an extensive archive of the most kick-ass metal-album art of the last four decades, set to land in bookstores June 1.

According to Sherry, the book's intended to guide lifelong metalheads down memory lane — a time when you'd buy an LP based solely on the image that graced the sleeve, a time when ridiculous album covers were a genuine art form.

"We wanted the book to be entertaining for people who aren't necessarily into metal," he said. "I wanted it to appeal to people who are really heavily into the music and can look through the book and go, 'Oh, I remember that record — I had it when I was a kid.' ... But we also wanted it to appeal to people who have no interest in the music and can look through it and go, 'These covers are hilarious.' We're not afraid to poke fun at it."

The book's documents everything from the earliest days of groundbreaking bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest through today's current class of metallers, like Mastodon and High on Fire. The book covers all the bases, with chapters devoted to black metal, death metal, nü metal, thrash, stoner rock and glam rock. There's even a forward penned by Anthrax's Scott Ian and an interview with Derek Riggs, the man who created Iron Maiden's symbolic Eddie icon.

"We were originally going to do each chapter in a different theme," Sherry explained. "We were going to have a chapter of all covers that just featured men with swords, which there are many. It's an ongoing theme in old metal records. We wanted a whole chapter on glam-rock covers, fantasy covers, ridiculous covers — even covers with babes on them. That became way too complicated, so we decided to do it genre by genre."

Several chapters are devoted to specific bands that've become known for their album imagery. "One of the first things we decided was that we had to give Manowar their own chapter," he said. "With this book, you get a taste for the imagery of each genre. I just think that metal, more than any other music, is very visually led. As a child, I would often buy records on the strength of the album cover, on how metal the cover looked. That doesn't happen anymore. Kids can hear stuff before they buy it."

One of the more amusing chapters is the one that examines the punk-inflected thrash era. "I love the thrash covers because it's all pre-computers, and these bands would have a friend who would say, 'Hey, I could draw you a picture for your cover,' " Sherry said. "That's why there was so much drawn artwork on those sleeves, and some of it's just terrible, but brilliantly funny as well."

Several album covers were cut from the book, including Marduk's 1995 masterpiece, F--- Me Jesus, and Autopsy's 2003 album, Sh--fun.

But Sherry's favorite album cover, and one of the first that readers encounter in "Heavy Metal Thunder"? "I love the first Black Sabbath album cover, because I think that one's genuinely creepy. You kind of look at it, and it's genuinely a quite scary album cover," he said. "I like a lot of the black-metal covers, too, because there's just something a bit creepier about them that's genuinely quite scary, whereas it's hard to get too scared by men with swords."

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Manowar Schedule Greek Dates

Heavy Metal giants MANOWAR will play two dates in Greece this coming March as part of the band's "Demons, Dragons & Warriors Tour 2005-2006". This information was confirmed by both the Greek concert-promotion company Neo Revma and the offficial Greek MANOWAR fan club. The "Demons, Dragons & Warriors" tour will also include Italian power metallers RHAPSODY and HOLY HELL. For the Greek shows, Neo Revma is also advertising the addition of two guest acts, neither one of which has yet been announced. Exact dates and venue details will be made available soon.

"Demons, Dragons & Warriors Tour" currently confirmed dates:

Apr. 04 - Festhalle – Frankfurt, GER
Apr. 06 - Olympiahalle – Munich, GER
Apr. 07 - Schleyerhalle – Stuttgart, GER
Apr. 08 - Arena – Nuremberg, GER
Apr. 10 - Max-Schmeling-Halle – Berlin, GER
Apr. 11 - Westfalenhalle – Dortmund, GER

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Rhapsody Guitarist To Release New Solo Album

RHAPSODY guitarist Luca Turilli is currently putting the finishing touches on a new solo album, tentatively due in January/February 2006. Turilli's last solo CD, "Prophet of the Last Eclipse", came out in 2002.

RHAPSODY will be releasing their first live album ever in early 2006. The recordings will be based on performances made during leg one of MANOWAR's "Demons, Dragons and Warriors World Tour" where RHAPSODY appeared as the special guests in spring 2005.

RHAPSODY released "Symphony of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret", in September 2004 via Magic Circle Music/SPV. The CD features a very special appearance by acclaimed actor Christopher Lee ("Star Wars - Episode 2: Attack of the Clones", "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring", "Gremlins II", "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow").

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Italian Manowar Spoof Band Are 'Gay' And Proud

Italian power metal band NANOWAR have spoofed a well-known macho heavy metal legend with their album "Other Bands Play ... Nanowar Gay". Not only does the album cover spoof MANOWAR's "Fighting the World" album sleeve, it also twists the well-known MANOWAR battle cry from "slay" to "gay" and portrays the heroes in suitable VILLAGE PEOPLE-style attire. Needless to say, the album, with songtitles such as "Tricycles of Steel" and "Power of the Power of the Power (Of the Great Sword)", is the best-selling item on the newly opened rockdetector.com indie CD store too.

Based in Rome, NANOWAR comprises vocalist Potowotominimak, guitarists Gatto Panceri 666 and Mohammed Abdul, with Uinona Raider on drums. The band also targets RHAPSODY, re-working "Emerald Sword" as "Emerald Fork".

You can hear some samples and order the CD from rockdetector.com

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Manowar To Embark On Tour With Rhapsody

MANOWAR will be teaming up with RHAPSODY and HOLYHELL for the "Demons, Dragons And Warriors World Tour 2006" beginning next spring.

Confirmed tour dates so far are as follows:

Apr. 04 - Frankfurt, GER - Festhalle
Apr. 06 - Munich, GER - Olympiahalle
Apr. 07 - Stuttgart, GER - Schleyerhalle
Apr. 08 - Nuremberg, GER - Frankenhalle
Apr. 10 - Berlin, GER - Max-Schmeling-Halle
Apr. 11 - Dortmund, GER - Westfalenhalle

MANOWAR recently signed an exclusive worldwide distribution deal with SPV for their Magic Circle Music label. A new MANOWAR album is tentatively scheduled for release in early 2006.

MANOWAR performed live late last month with several other Magic Circle Music bands at the Earthshaker Fest 2005 in Geiselwind, Germany.

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Oasis Stand Corrected In Gig Volume Debacle

A Canadian website has reported that Oasis have picked a fight with an unlikely foe - Manowar. Liam Gallagher was rabbiting on about how Oasis were the loudest band in the world onstage, when the interviewer interrupted to inform him that if he in fact checked the Guinness Book Of World Records he would see that it wasn't The Who, or even Motörhead, but NWOBHM band Manowar.

"But they're loud and shit though, aren't they? They're just shit," Gallagher said. "Who are they anyway?" Oasis bassist, Andy Bells chimed in, "Heavy metal?"

"Fuck Manowar," yelled Gallagher.

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Christopher Lee To Sing At Metal Festival

Octogenarian actor Christopher Lee is reportedly performing at a heavy metal festival in Germany. The 82-year-old Lord of the Rings star is taking part in the Earthshaker Festival in Geiselwind, Bavaria. He will sing with two bands, Manowar and Rhapsody, according to concert organisers. Lee will be accompanied by a live orchestra and a choir and will perform alongside heavy metal bands such as Grave Digger, Dragonlord and Forces of Evil.

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Manowar "Hell On Earth IV" DVD Package Details

Manowar is proud to announce the upcoming release of their newest video, "Hell On Earth IV," which contains 2 video discs and 1 audio disc for a total of 4 1/2 hours of total viewing time.

More details on the availability to be confirmed soon, watch here!

Main disc:
- Highlights of the entire 2002 "Warriors Of The World" tour
- 1 hour and 30 minutes of main program
- 6 bonus songs equaling 30 minutes of additional material
- 11 full live songs
- Subtitles in 12 languages (Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish)
- 5.1 surround sound mix
- Private behind the scenes footage
- A true visual tribute to the fans
- Highlighting concerts in 35 cities throughout Europe
- Shot with 70 camera angles
- Commentary track with all band members
- Director Neil Johnson's commentary track
- Personal commentary track by Joey DeMaio
- New artwork by fantasy art legend Ken Kelly

Bonus disc:
- 1 hour of behind the scenes footage
- 1 hour of complete TV shows featuring Manowar (incl. TV-total, Olli Pocher, VIVA Comet and Popkomm Gala)
- Special commentary track featuring director Neil Johnson and Joey DeMaio
- Subtitles in 12 languages (Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish)
- 30 minute hidden easter egg with special commentary track by editor and director

Audio disc:
- Contains brand new audio track by Manowar (taken from their forthcoming album)

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Manowar And Rhapsody Join Forces For U.S. Tour

Long-running American heavy metal legends Manowar and Italian symphonic metal maestros Rhapsody will be joining forces for these confirmed U.S. dates:

June 18 Worcester, MA - The Palladium
June 19 New York City, NY - BB King's Blues Club

More dates are expected to be announced as they become available.

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Manowar Earthshaker Reunion and Fan Convention

Manowar has just revealed some of the incredible things that are scheduled to happen at the Earthshaker Fest 2005 Germany (July 23). Manowar will invite all of the original members from each lineup to join them on stage for a once in a lifetime event. Ross The Boss and original Manowar drummer Donnie Hamzik will perform and so will Rhino and David Shankle. Speaking of special guests the legendary actor Mr. Christopher Lee will narrate the original parts recorded by Orson Welles in the songs Dark Avenger and Defender live on stage with Manowar. The festival will be filmed in high definition with 30 cameras and recorded live in surround sound with Germany's best mobile recording truck. This will be Manowar's biggest production ever that will feature a 100 piece orchestra and a 100 piece choir.

MANOWAR’s Webring The Worldwide Web Warriors are proud to announce the First International Mega Manowar Fanconvention. This 3 days - event (starting July 21) will be organized during the Earthshaker Festival and will be held in the music hall which is located at the same area.

Much more information will follow, but a few of the very special activities will be:

  • An opening - ceremony, which will promise to become very special

  • Meet & Greets with Joey DeMaio, Eric Adams, Karl Logan, Scott Columbus, Donnie Hamzik, Ross the Boss, Rhino and David Shankle !!!!

  • Guitar - and Drum clinics with current and old bandmembers

  • Picture - / autograph sessions with current bandmembers, old bandmembers, special guests.

  • Seminars with special guests, like Ken Kelly,John Kalodner, Paul Clark, Jay Bergen, Dawk, Dan Lee, crew members, artists from Magic Circle Music bands.

  • Auction private items band, from their personal archive.

  • A Manowar Shop with very special merchandise

  • Interview sessions with current and old bandmembers

  • Many fan - activities

  • A cinema : the release of Hell on Earth part 4

ALL people with a 3 days fanconvention ticket will be able to see the soundcheck on Thursday.

Watch out : there will be plenty of room on the festival area, so there is no limit there to see Manowar’s show on Saturday, but the FANCONVENTION HAS LIMITED SPACE.

Ticket sales have started for both events ( festival / fanconvention ) and are for sale at earthshaker-fest.com.

More info can be found at www.webwarriors.tk

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Rhapsody/Christopher Lee Tracklisting Revealed

As previously reported, back in December 2003, screen legend Christopher Lee recorded narrative parts as a Wizard King for Rhapsody's "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II – The Dark Secret" album.

Turns out Lee himself is a talented singer possessing a rich bass/baritone voice. The actor and the band then met up again in December, 2004 to re-record the album track "The Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream," this time as a duet that would feature the singing voice of Mr. Lee.

This time producer Joey DeMaio was chosen by the band and Mr. Lee to produce the recording with the help of a Cologne string orchestra and some other guest musicians. With Lee’s command of over 12 languages, the track was recorded in four different languages - English, German, French and Italian. Also a spectacular video was shot in High Definition filmed by noted director Neil Johnson featuring a 40-piece orchestra and a 20-piece choir.

In addition to the four language versions the band also produced two brand new studio tracks, "Autumn Twilight" and "Lo Specchio D’Argento," that will also appear on this new offering, due for release on April 11th through Magic Circle Music/SPV/Steamhammer.

"The Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream" will include the following track listings:

CD Slim Box/Single Version: More...

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Cage Confirmed For Earthshaker Festival

CAGE has been confirmed to play at the Earthshaker Festival 2005, a two-day event set to take place July 22-23 in Geiselwind, Germany. MANOWAR will headline the festival and will also feature TESTAMENT, OVERKILL, CHILDREN OF BODOM, RHAPSODY, GRAVE DIGGER, MASTERPLAN and many other bands.

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Testament, CoB Confirmed For Earthshaker Fest

Testament, Overkill, Children of Bodom, Rhapsody, Grave Digger and Masterplan are among the latest bands confirmed for Earthshaker Fest 2005, a two-day event set to take place July 22-23 in Geiselwind, Germany. The billing for the festival is shaping up as follows:

Children of Bodom
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Evidence One
Grave Digger

A poster for the festival can be viewed at this location.

As previously reported, festival headliners Manowar are currently in studio working on a new song to be performed at EarthShaker Fest 2005. The band warn the fans that this will be only one of the many great surprises they are preparing for this show and the Mega Fan Convention.

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Manowar To Perform New Song At EarthShaker Fest

According to a posting on their official website, Manowar is currently in the studio working on a new song to be performed at the 2005 edition of EarthShaker Fest in Germany. The band warns the fans that this will be only one of the many great surprises they are preparing for this show and the Mega Fan Convention.

EarthShaker Fest 2005 is scheduled to take place on July 21-23 in Geiselwind, Germany.

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Rhapsody Announce New Single

Rhapsody has just confirmed that they will enter the recording studio together with film legend Christopher Lee, to re-record the song "The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream" from their latest release "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret." The single will be released worldwide early next year (2005).

The song will be produced in four different languages (English, German, French and Italian) and will feature a duet by Mr. Lee and Rhapsody singer Fabio Lione. Besides offering multiple versions of the song, such as an orchestral version, two brand new studio tracks will be included. More details about the two new tracks will be released shortly. More...

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Guitar World's 'Worst Riffs, Solos of All Time'

The Associated Press is reporting that Guitar World magazine has selected the "100 Worst Riffs, Licks & Solos of All Time," identifying ones that are "lazy," "boring," "just plain stoopid," or "involve C.C. DeVille."

The list includes songs by David Bowie, Def Leppard, Metallica, Green Day, B.B. King, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith and The Strokes, among others. Many are guitar legends who simply had a bad night or bum note.

Guitar World describes the No. 1 selection, Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille's nine-minute solo — entitled, appropriately enough, "Guitar Solo" (off Poison's "Swallow This Live") — "completely devoid of taste, structure or steady tempo" and recommends every budding guitarist listen to it because "surely, they can't do any worse."

DeVille was also cited for his "Cherry Pie" solo when he made a guest appearance with Warrant and Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn".

The magazine recommends DeVille "take solace in the fact that he's in some rather good company."

Top 10 "Worst Riffs, Licks & Solos of All Time" as selected by Guitar World magazine:

01. POISON – "Guitar Solo"
02. BLUE CHEER - "Summertime Blues"
03. CARLOS SANTANA - "The Game of Love"
04. CREAM - Falstaff beer 1967 radio spot
05. THE BEATLES - "All You Need is Love"
06. BLACK FLAG – "Thirsty and Miserable"
07. TED NUGENT - "Wango Tango"
08. ROLLING STONES - "Ain't Too Proud to Beg"
09. MANOWAR - "Sting of the Bumblebee"
10. LENNY KRAVITZ - "American Woman"

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Manowar Split With Nuclear Blast Records

Joey DeMaio issued a statement from Munich, Germany confirming that Manowar has left Nuclear Blast Records.

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