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Formed: 1980
From: Auburn, NY, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Metal Gets Its Due On Massive Rhino Boxed Set

Heavy metal fans will be banging their heads in delight this fall with the release of Rhinos's "Heavy Metal Box," due Oct. 2. The four-disc, 70-song set boasts classic tracks from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Slayer, among dozens of others.

Arranged chronologically from 1968 to 1991, the compilation also boasts hits from bands like Deep Purple, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, Pantera, Alice Cooper, Venom, Testament, Rush and Megadeth; the project will be packaged in a box resembling a Marshall guitar amp.

The liner notes will include extensive photos, track commentary and interviews with Ronnie James Dio and Lita Ford.

Here is the track list for "The Heavy Metal Box": More...

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Magic Circle Festival To Be Held Annually

At last weekend's (July 6-7) Magic Circle Festival in Bad Arolsen, Germany, bassist Joey DeMaio of MANOWAR — who organized the event — reportedly announced that the festival will be held annually from now on. On the first day of next year's gathering, MANOWAR will sign as much stuff as they can and will give away "thousands" of free beers and copies of their new single as well as four custom-built chopper bikes, each belonging to one of the bandmembers. On top of that, MANOWAR will apparently play their first six albums in their entirety, from "Battle Hymns" to "Kings of Metal".

In addition to different sets by MANOWAR on each day, this year's Magic Circle Festival featured performances by GAMMA RAY, MAJESTY, HOLYHELL, MOB RULES, STORMWARRIOR, MESSIAH'S KISS, DAVID SHANKLE GROUP, LION'S SHARE, HEAVENLY, IMPERIA and SAIDIAN.

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Manowar To Perform Bulgarian Anthem As Thanks

Novinite.com reports that American heavy metal band MANOWAR has announced it will play Bulgaria's national anthem during its gig in Bulgaria's seaside town of Kavarna, 30 kilometers northeast of the port of Varna.

MANOWAR is scheduled to headline the third and final day of the annual Kaliakra Rock Festival on June 30. More than 10,000 people are expected to gather at the stadium in the town.

"The Bulgarian anthem is fantastic and when played with a symphony orchestra fits perfectly our style," singer Eric Adams commented, adding that this is a gesture of gratitude to their fans in Bulgaria.

There are more surprises in store for MANOWAR fans, one of whom will leave Saturday night's gig with the keys of a new car and another with a guitar.

MANOWAR's new double live album, "Gods of War Live" will be released on July 6, 2007. This over-two-hour-long manifestation of pure power will feature the entire set list of the recently completed leg of the "Demons, Dragons and Warriors Tour 2007".

MANOWAR's video for the song "Die for Metal" has been posted online at YouTube. Portions of the clip were filmed on February 24, 2007 in Bochum, Germany, during the release party for the band's new album, "Gods of War". Besides the fans, the video stars well-known German actor Tim Sander.

"Die for Metal" comes off MANOWAR's tenth full-length album, "Gods of War", which was released on February 23 in Germany (February 26 for the rest of Europe and April 3 for the USA/Canada). More...

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Manowar Reveals "Gods Of War Live" Track List

MANOWAR has revealed the track list of their upcoming double live album, "Gods Of War Live" to be released on July 6, 2007. It is as follows:

1 - Manowar
2 - Call To Arms
3 - Gloves Of Metal
4 - Each Dawn I Die
5 - Holy War
6 - Mountains
7 - The Oath
8 - Secret Of Steel
9 - Son Of William's Tale
10 - The Gods Made Heavy Metal
11 - Die For Metal
12 - Kings Of Metal
13 - Warriors Of The World United
14 - Black Wind, Fire And Steel
15 - The Blood Of Odin
16 - The Sons Of Odin
17 - Glory Majesty Unity
18 - Gods Of War
19 - Army Of The Dead, Part II
20 - Odin
21 - Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors
22 - The Crown And The Ring

MP3s of "Gods Of War Live" will be available for purchase exclusively through manowar.com very soon.

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Magic Circle Festival Adds A Second Day

The Magic Circle Festival has now been extended to two days. The festivities will now begin on July 6th, 2007, in addition to the original date of July 7th, 2007. The festival will take place in Bad Arolsen, Germany with the low admission price of 10 Euros for each day. Tickets for the 7th are now available at the official Magic Circle Festival website and tickets for the 6th will be available very soon. "We are very proud that our idea to reward the metal fans around the world with this special event has been received so well that we can give another show to them", says MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio.

Besides different sets of MANOWAR on each day, the Magic Circle Festival on July 6 and 7, 2007 will also feature performances of GAMMA RAY, MAJESTY, HOLYHELL, STORMWARRIOR, MESSIAH'S KISS, DAVID SHANKLE GROUP, LION'S SHARE, HEAVENLY and others.

The festival grounds will be opened on July 5 already with a special "Titty Twister Tent". Sufficient campground and on-site parking areas will be provided as well as a shower-city, supermarket and various vendors.

Furthermore, MANOWAR's new double-live album "GODS OF WAR LIVE" will be released on July 6th and will be available for purchase at the festival. This album will not only feature more than two hours of MANOWAR live music, but will also feature an exclusive 7-minute video of the song "Gods Of War", complete with MANOWAR's trademark explosive stage set including fireworks, a Viking ship and other special effects.

A video teaser has been posted on YouTube.com to give fans an example of the performance they can expect to see at the Magic Circle Festival. More...

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Lion's Share Confirmed For Magic Circle Festival

LION'S SHARE confirmed for Germany's MAGIC CIRCLE FESTIVAL with MANOWAR, GAMMA RAY etc on July 7 in Bad Arolsen, Germany.

The LION'S SHARE's video for the song "The Edge of the Razor" has been posted at YouTube.

The track, which features a guest solo from ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, comes off the Swedish melodic metal band's long-awaited comeback album, "Emotional Coma", due on June 15 via AFM Records. More...

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Manowar To Headline Magic Circle Festival

Throughout Manowar's legendary career, the band has delivered on its promise to return to each country where the band has performed. Still, the sold-out Schleyerhalle crowd was unprepared for what bassist Joey DeMaio would announce as he stepped to the front of the stage.

On July 7, 2007, Manowar will headline the Magic Circle Festival in the heart of Germany, Bad Arolsen.

The crowd was thrown into a further frenzy when the bassist announced that festival tickets will cost only 10 Euros.

"It is a way to thank the true fans for their undying loyalty during the last two years of unfortunate delays of touring and record releases," explained DeMaio.

The band's Schleyerhalle performance was part of the sold-out Demons, Dragons & Warriors Tour 2007. The tour, which also features Manowar's Magic Circle Music roster mates Rhapsody of Fire and HolyHell, is in support of Manowar's10th studio album, Gods of War, the latest installment in the band's legacy of classics. Germany, Greece, Hungary and Finland are just a few of the countries where the album remains in the top-20.

Look forward to the approaching Magic Circle Festival, DeMaio declared, "This is the unique beginning of something designed for the loyal fans of true metal."

For ticket information and more breaking news for what is certain to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, stay tuned to http://www.manowar.com or http://www.magiccirclemusic.com.

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Manowar's 'Die For Metal' Video Available

MANOWAR's new video, 'Die For Metal' has been posted online here. The track is pulled off of the band's new album, Gods Of War, which will officially be released April 3rd in North America via Magic Circle Music.

The album features the following tracks: 'Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors', 'The Ascension', 'King Of Kings', 'Army Of The Dead, Part I', 'Sleipnir', 'Loki God Of Fire', 'Blood Brothers', 'Overture To Odin', 'The Blood Of Odin', 'The Sons Of Odin', 'Glory Majesty Unity', 'Gods Of War', 'Army Of The Dead, Part II', 'Odin', 'Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors'. Bonus Track: 'Die For Metal'.

Gods Of War is Manowar’s first entry in a cycle of concept albums; each a tribute to a different war god. Opening with the epic piece 'Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors', the tone is set for an album beyond anything Manowar has done before. This album honors Odin - almighty father of the Norse gods - and details the history and exploits of this storied character. His power and wisdom were unmatched among the gods and he is paid tribute with human sacrifice on the battlefield, as heard in the song 'The Sons Of Odin', the stomping title track 'Gods Of War' and the storytelling 'The Blood Of Odin'. More...

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Manowar Charts With "Gods Of War"

Manowar's "GODS OF WAR" has debuted at chart position No. #2 in Germany. The album also charted in Greece at #2, in Finland at #12, Sweden at #17, Austria at #9 and in Norway at #36. it even tops the Rock-Charts at I-Tunes and Amazon at #1.

Manowar will soon be embarking on their "Demons, Dragons And Warriors World Tour 2007" with special guests Rhapsody Of Fire and HolyHell. The tour dates confirmed so far are:

14.03.2007 Czech Republic Zlin - Novesta
15.03.2007 Czech Republic Pardubice - CEZ Arena
16.03.2007 Czech Republic Plzen - Hala Lokomotiva
22.03.2007 Germany Berlin – Max Schmeling Halle
23.03.2007 Germany Munich - Olympiahalle
24.03.2007 Germany Frankfurt - Festhalle
27.03.2007 Germany Dortmund - Westfalenhalle
28.03.2007 Germany Hamburg - Color Line Arena
30.03.2007 Germany Nuremberg- Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
31.03.2007 Germany Stuttgart-Schleyerhalle
04.04.2007 Greece Athens – Olympic Fencing Center
07.04.2007 Russia Moscow – DS Luzhniki

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Manowar Announces Tour Date In Moscow, Russia

MANOWAR has confirmed to play in Moscow, Russia this upcoming spring. MANOWAR will perform on Saturday April 07, 2007 at the "DS Luzhniki " venue in Moscow. Here are their currently scheduled tour dates:

Mar 14th, 2007 Zlín Czech Republic Sportovní Hala Novesta
Mar 15th, 2007 Pardubice Czech Republic Cez Aréna
Mar 16th, 2007 Plzen Czech Republic Hala Lokomotiva
Mar 22nd, 2007 Berlin Germany Max-Schmeling-Halle
Mar 23rd, 2007 München Germany Olympiahalle
Mar 24th, 2007 Frankfurt Germany Festhalle
Mar 27th, 2007 Dortmund Germany Westfalenhalle
Mar 28th, 2007 Hamburg Germany Color Line Arena
Mar 30th, 2007 Nürnberg Germany Arena
Mar 31st, 2007 Stuttgart Germany Schleyerhalle
April 4th, 2007 Athens Greece Hellenikon Fencing Olympic Complex
April 7th, 2007 Moscow Russia DS Luzhniki

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Manowar Announce European Tour Dates

With the upcoming Demons, Dragons and Warriors Tour MANOWAR is ready to bring true metal to your town and take you to Valhalla – the place of immortal warriors!

Mobilized with 7 trucks and 6 busses, MANOWAR's 100 strong army of warriors and crew will invade Europe with a storm of energy, devotion and power armed with more than 450,000 watts of lighting and 150,000 watts of sound equipment plus 40,000 watts of stage amplifiers. The three band touring package contains the Italian metal heroes RHAPSODY OF FIRE and the new female fronted super group HOLYHELL.

The performance itself will span the Manowar spectrum from classic songs to milestones like Warriors Of The World United and songs from the new and upcoming album "Gods Of War."

MANOWAR has decided to give away a free shirt to all fans who come to one of the shows and have travelled from another country. If you can identify yourself with your passport at one of the merchandise stands, you will receive this exclusive and special shirt, that will not be for sale anywhere. On top of this you will also receive another merchandise item for free.

Demons, Dragons and Warriors Tour 2007 (with Manowar, Rhapsody of Fire and Holyhell)

14.03.07 – CZ - Zlín - Sportovní Hala Novesta
15.03.07 – CZ - Pardubice - C(ez Aréna
16.03.07 – CZ - Plzen - Hala Lokomotiva
22.03.07 – GER - Berlin – Max Schmeling Halle
23.03.07 – GER - München – Olympiahalle
24.03.07 – GER - Frankfurt – Festhalle
27.03.07 – GER - Dortmund – Westfalenhalle
28.03.07 – GER - Hamburg – Color-Line-Arena
30.03.07 – GER - Nürnberg – Arena-Nürnberger-Versicherungen
31.03.07 – GER - Stuttgart – Hans-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
04.04.07 – GRE - Athens - Fencing Arena at Olympic Complex of Hellinicon

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Manowar To Perform During Fight Night

On Friday, February 16th at 20:15h, for the first time ever in their history, German TV station PRO7 will transmit a live boxing event called FIGHT NIGHT hosted by famous German presenter Stefan Raab assisted by charming German boxing world champion Regina Halmich.

There’s no better act than MANOWAR to participate in this warrior event with their concentrated charge of sheer metal power!

Watch MANOWAR perform their new soon-to-be-a-classic anthem “DIE FOR METAL” from their forthcoming new masterpiece album “Gods Of War”. Be prepared to be run over by this massive piece of metal at-its-best!

The song will be available for download in advance exclusively at musicload.de, PRO7’s downloadshop and manowar.com from 16.02.2007 on.

3 WBA and WBO fights will take place that night , so don’t miss MANOWAR shatter the ring!

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Manowar Announce European Release Parties

In Germany, Spain, Norway, Portugal and Austria you can visit Official Release Parties for Manowar's GODS OF WAR:

23.02.07 Berlin - Halford
23.02.07 Kaiserslautern - Flash
23.02.07 Stuttgart - Club Prag
23.02.07 Köln - Valhalla
23.02.07 Hamburg – Ballroom
23.02.07 Nürnberg - Rockfabrik
24.02.07 Bochum – Matrix ( Showtruck available! Incl. cool new merch! )
24.02.07 Herford - X
24.02.07 Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
24.02.07 Essen - Turock

24.02.07 Bilbao (Barakaldo) - Leyenda Pub

25.02.07 Oslo - Rock In

24.02.07 Sintra - Don Baco

24.02.07 Vienna - Escape Metalcorner

For all details concerning these parties, please visit www.manowar.com/godsofwar.

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Manowar Announces Tracklist for "Gods of War"

Manowar has finally announced the full track listing for "Gods of War":

14. ODIN
Bonus track

As previously reported, an e-card for "Gods of War" has been made available at this location. The e-card contains the new album cover art, background information, new band pictures, dates for fan release parties, news about the "Virtual Release Party," an announcement for the participation in the "Royal Artist Club," and cool downloads.

The release schedule for "Gods of War" is as follows:

Germany - February 23, 2007
Rest of Europe, excl. France - February 26, 2007
France - March 5, 2007
USA/Canada - April 3, 2007

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New Manowar 'Gods Of War' E-Card Available

An e-card for MANOWAR's tenth full-length album, "Gods of War", has been made available at this location. The e-card contains the new album cover art, background information, new band pictures, dates for fan release parties, news about the "Virtual Release Party," an announcement for the participation in the "Royal Artist Club," and cool downloads.

"Gods of War" is scheduled for release on February 23 in Germany (February 26 for the rest of Europe and April 3 for the USA/Canada).

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Manowar Revealing Bits About Gods Of War

MANOWAR has started to give away parts of the CD cover for the upcoming new album GODS OF WAR, which is set to be released on February 23, 2007 in Germany ( February 26 for the rest of Europe and April 3 for the USA/Canada ).

Next to this first taste of what the album cover will look like, the band also gives away a bit more info about the CD - concept, including 2 more song-titles. GODS OF WAR is MANOWAR’s first entry in a cycle of concept albums; each a tribute to a different war god. Opening with the epic piece “Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors”, the tone is set for an album beyond anything MANOWAR has done before. This album honors Odin - almighty father of the Norse gods - and details the history and exploits of this storied character. His power and wisdom were unmatched among the gods and he is paid tribute with human sacrifice on the battlefield, as heard in the song “The Sons Of Odin”, the stomping title track “Gods Of War” and the storytelling “The Blood Of Odin”.

Besides the normal Jewel Case version, GODS OF WAR will also be released as a limited edition in an embossed metal slipcase containing a high grade mediabook bound in leather. Furthermore, this limited edition will feature a bonus DVD with unreleased material about the making of this album and some special behind-the-scenes footage.

A double-vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve will also be available.

MANOWAR will continue with revealing the cover in their upcoming E-Card.

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Manowar Announce "Gods of War" Release Date

MANOWAR have announced the release date(s) for new album, "Gods of War." Here they are:

February 23, 2007 (Germany)
February 26, 2007 (Rest Of Europe, excl. France/UK)
March 5, 2007 (France/UK)
April 3, 2007 (USA / Canada)

More details will be released soon, including the cover artwork.

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Manowar Plan DVD Release Parties In Germany

In Germany, MANOWAR fans can celebrate the release of the upcoming new double- DVD "The Day The Earth Shook - The Absolute Power " with a series of nationwide DVD Release Parties. This is a unique opportunity to re-live the MANOWAR headlining performance at the Earthshaker Fest 2005 and view the DVD together with other fans.

Here are the planned DVD Release parties in Germany:

23.11. Braunschweig, Beatclub
24.11. Erfurt, Phauker
24.11. Mainz, Caveau
24.11. Bielefeld, Ringlokschuppen
25.11. Essen, Turock ( MANOWAR SHOWTRUCK will be present )
25.11. Herford, X
25.11. Bochum, Matrix
25.11. Hameln, Sumpfblume
25.11. Büsum, Jolly Joker
25.11. Hamburg, Ballroom
25.11. Oberhausen, Saint
25.11. Olbernhau, Die Halle
25.11. Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
02.12. München, Backstage

At the parties you will be able to watch the new DVD and win some goodies. The Manowar Showtruck (where you can buy MANOWAR merch) will be parked in front of the venue at the Turock in Essen.

Here are the release dates for the Double DVD "THE DAY THE EARTH SHOOK - THE ABSOLUTE POWER ":

November 24, 2006 ( Germany )
November 27, 2006 ( Europe )
November 21, 2006 ( USA/Canada )

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Manowar's "The Sons Of Odin" Virtual Release Party

Between midnight and 4:00AM (CET) on October 6, 2006, you can listen to all of the songs from the EP, which will be streaming in a loop on manowar.com. You can currently find the link to the party at the intro-page of manowar.com. There is also a countdown on the page so that fans in a different time zone can join in the countdown to the party (the CET time-zone can be compared to the time in Amsterdam, Paris, Oslo etc.).

Release dates The Sons Of Odin EP:

Germany: October 6, 2006
Rest of Europe: October 9, 2006
United Kingdom: October 16, 2006
France: October 23, 2006
US/CDN: October 24, 2006 ( Immortal Package only)

Below are the complete details on the “The Sons Of Odin“ EP and Digipak format of the EP. More...

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Manowar Reveals "Gods of War" Themes

In MANOWAR news, some details have been revealed about the new full-length album “Gods Of War”, which will be released in mid to late January of 2007.

MANOWAR has always used warrior imagery that takes the listener back to legendary times. These themes have included the dark ages, Greek mythology and Norse mythology. MANOWAR’s upcoming opus “Gods Of War” will feature Nordic themes as evidenced by the “ The Sons Of Odin” EP.

“Gods Of War” has evolved into a multi-part epic cycle which will include tributes to the Gods of Valhalla. Continuing MANOWAR’s mission to never stray from their heavy metal style, “Gods Of War” will present a new level of heaviness, intensity and brutality to the MANOWAR mythos. “With this kind of theme… when you are paying tribute to Odin, the God of War, country music or jazz would not create the appropriate mental imagery and would not do justice to the Father of the Gods himself,” says MANOWAR bassist and founder Joey DeMaio. “Heavy Metal is needed to tell this tale.”

Finally, also the new cover artwork for “The Sons Of Odin “ EP, by longtime MANOWAR collaborator Ken Kelly, has been revealed: "The Sons Of Odin" EP - Jewel Case and "The Sons Of Odin" EP - Immortal Edition Package

Release dates for “The Sons Of Odin “ EP follow:

October 6, 2006 ( Germany )
October 9, 2006 ( Europe )
October 24, 2006 ( USA )

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