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Band Photo: Seregon (?)

From: Bristol, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

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Seregon Come 2nd In Terrorizer Unsigned Contest

Bristol, U.K. based thrashers Seregon have posted the following message on their website:

"Remember that Terrorizor 'Fear Candy' unsigned bands competition we entered back in August? Well, recently we received news from Terrorizor magazine saying that we....didn't win.

Though all is not lost, as we did come second overall, which out of twenty great bands worldwide is pretty awesome! A big thanks to EVERYONE who voted, be it once, twice, three times a lady or even eleventy times.

On a side note, we have recently passed the 10,000 plays milestone on our MySpace. We're also playing FULL THRASH ASSUALT this Saturday in Wakefield, with Earache Records' Evile and Gama Bomb and a whole host of other excellent Thrash bands, if you live in the area come and check everyone out, especially Andy our drummer as he'll get semi-naked while playing."

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Seregon Post Update

The following message has been posted on Seregon's website:

"3 more gig's added! The first being THIS SUNDAY at The Croft supporting AMEN!

If you want a ticekt at a discounted price then give us a shout via MySpace or through one of the band members, this sunday, door's at 7, The Croft, Bristol!

We're also very proud to announce that we have been added on to the bill of the annual 'Annihilator Xmas Bash' which is setup by the sister of Annihilator's guitarist Jeff Waters! We're looking forward to sharing the stage with PITIFUL REIGN and MUTANT once again!

And our first show of 2008 has also been confirmed, we will be playing at the BLOODBATH all dayer in Bath set for Saturday January 5th, we'll be sharing the stage with our ol' touring buddy's Irony of Christ with headliners Season's End along with alot of other fine band's, we'll update the news soon enough again when we have flyer's etc. sorted for the above 2 dates!

Other then that, our next gig will be at Full Thrash Assault on December 8th with Evile and Gama Bomb, see our live page for all the details!"

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Seregon To Support Amen In Bristol

British up and coming thrashers Seregon have been confirmed as support act for Amen in Bristol this sunday. Other support acts include 7 Crowns, The Inbreds and Speedranch. The doors open at 7;30pm and cost £10 in advance.

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Seregon Post Tour Report Online

Seregon have posted their own account of their recent "Southern Crusade" tour with Irony Of Christ on their website.

"And here we are with a huge arse update! Below you can read up what we got upto on tour, a video will also be availiable in the coming weeks! Thanks to Alex for writing this up!

"After what seems like an eternity, The Southern Crusade Tour (sponsored by Zero Tolerance) has alas come to an end. The Ten day ‘SC’ tour with Irony of Christ has been without a doubt a success and an awesomely enjoyable one at that! Having laughed more in the past Ten days than I probably ever have, I can look back on a seemingly merged together couple of days and many a sleepless night with the thought that there is nothing better than getting up on stage every night and playing some fuckin’ Metal whilst in the company of, and playing to, some great people and in some cool venues.Firstly, thanks to every single person who, watched us, liked us, talked to us, praised us (or even disliked us), brought a CD, brought a T-shirt, called James a Cunt, brought us a drink, put us up, put up with us, and everything else in between.

Friday 28/09/07 : Yate is the first date of the tour, and a chance to play some new material to the many fans who every time come back to see us, which we really appreciate, just keep coming back! As always an energetic crowd and as far as I can tell the new stuff is well received. I always find with playing Yate that I never get a chance to enjoy the night to much before playing because we’re always running around sorting stuff out (seeing as James and Ben are promoting the gig), which is a shame as there are always so many people I wish I could spend more time chatting to. Cheers to Matt Howes for all his time and help and a special thanks goes to Sam Conway for some awesome pictures of all the bands that evening!

Saturday 29/09/07 : Swindon is next, ‘Demons of Metal 2006’ Yes I said 2006, but wait, we’re in 2007 aren’t we? Indeed we are, but according to our band pass lanyards its Demons of Metal 2006, someone’s mixed up there Terminator and Back to the Future time rules here. It’s the second time we’ve played the Riffs Bar and a cool little venue it is too, just for the fact that they have a part of a wall painted like the Pink Floyd album ‘The Wall’. Thanks to Simon for putting on the show.

Sunday 30/09/07 : And the Junction in Bristol is the destination, meaning we all get to be totally lazy all day because it takes like half hour to get there. Got a chance to finally check out local bands Merihim and Final who we’re both pretty cool. I think anyone who has any ties with the Bristol Metal scene is glad to see Serena up on stage! Another decent turn out, and it’s always nice to see some old faces that you haven’t seen for a while. Having spent the first three days of the tour travelling the minimal distance between venues and home to our own beds,

Monday 01/10/07 : The tour truly gets into gear, with Plymouth being the destination and a Tour Bus being our means of transport. Luckily Dave, Sacha and I sat together, leaving Andy to struggle between the big boys in the back. A stop at a Services reveals that Wimpy is still actually alive….and does Chicken now apparently. Yes I said Wimpy is still alive! Only Ben and James are brave enough to eat there. Anyone else remember Benders in a Bun? What the fuck. Plymouth’s White Rabbit is another cool venue, with a raised drum area and space to move around while playing; I do enjoy actually being able to walk around a bit on stage, if only to get as far away from James and his onstage water showers if possible. Met a few guys from the local Uni and had a fun night hunting down Scotch Eggs at 3 am. Dave and I slept in the van in a busy bus station while the rest of the guys slept in the venue. Cheers to the venue for putting us up the night.

Tuesday 02/10/07 : And we’re off to the Finns in Weymouth, which seems to have a good reputation about it and it didn’t disappoint, Best. Jukebox. Ever. The gig goes really well and for a Tuesday night the place is pretty packed and everyone seems to know everyone else, it’s got a cool feeling in the air and possibly one of the best Metal Communities around. Sound Guy is one of the best we’ve had the whole tour. And getting to walk on the beach on you’re Birthday isn’t a normal occurrence, unless you live near the sea of course. James and Ben try to win me a Nintendo toy with one of those grabby things. Has anyone actually won anything with one of those things? Ever?

Wednesday 03/10/07: Sees The Southern Crusade stopping at Rockers Live in Taunton, a nostalgic venue with all its memorabilia. We shall say the turn out is, well, pretty much non-existent, you can send posters and flyers to the venue/promoters/local bands and it's always obvious if they have promoted at all or given at any flyers! This this date has been reduced to a band practice in front of other bands. The campsite proves the best thing about Taunton if only for the Swan that sounded like it was shouting ‘Ben!’ all the time and Sacha’s seemingly endless supply of Family Guy boxers. If anyone asks, this date of the tour never happened. I’ve never even been to Taunton.

Thursday 04/10/07 : We move on to Winchester and us headlining the night, once again another pretty sweet venue, which like most of the tour is all down to Sacha. Surprisingly our necks are holding up pretty well, despite the wind milling every night. I did well to keep playing mid-way through our set when Dave from IOC full on got his cock out in front of me during Terrestrial Worms, getting slight revenge for James shouting ‘Don’t fuck up’ to Sacha on an acoustic part in one of their songs, ultimately making him totally fuck up the section. Love him or hate him, James is a cunt. An awesome turn out and a fun night. We head towards the last 3 days.

Friday 05/10/07 : We are in Henley on Thames, sounds posh, and it pretty much is, this was base camp between High Wycombe and Reading. Though it is a nice place, a place to take the girlfriends in the summer and probably not for the likes of smelly Metallers. We find a pub to watch the Rugby and watch as England stick it to the Aussies. Sacha and Pete of IOC pretend they wanted England to win all along, despite being Zimbabwean and Welsh. Steak is the meal of the day as eating Pringles gets boring after a few days.
After the match we head to High Wycombe to the venue, The White Horse is actually a strip bar in the day, my eyesight stays on the bar after I’m informed that you have to pay to watch, not that I could see anything without my glasses anyway. Another cool gig and once again both IOC and ourselves get a great reception. Thanks to Laura for taking pictures!By the time Reading roles around, IOC’s Bassist [Cockney Accent] Jamie ‘Smarmy Cunt’ Sweeney [/Cockney Accent] has us all talking in London accents. ‘You crushed my biscuits!’ ‘Say sayonara to my Sushi’ is talk of the last few days. You might notice that Ben and Jamie look pretty similar, hair, beard, stocky, absolute prick….ok maybe not the beard….

Saturday 06/10/07 : In Reading is probably the most enjoyable night of the tour, both pre and post gig. Some awesome music accompanies our lock in as well as some of the funniest shit of the tour, all of which you’ll see on the tour video being put together for the near future. After another late night, we head back to the venue in the morning to be greeted by free shots of Jager as thanks from the manager for the night before. Sold loads of merch and really can’t wait to play the Turks again. Thanks to Thor of Cephelpod for putting some of us guys up for the night.By Sunday everyone was feeling pretty ruff, thanks to Ben everyone had a cold and a sore throat and probably wanted to go home, until you get up on stage that is and you feel great once again. It’s the first time we’ve played London and definitely not the last.

Sunday 07/10/07 : And we are in London, The final venue didn’t disappoint and neither did the crowd, finishing off what turned out to be a tour that had everything from Beer to Balls and everything in between. It all ran smoothly and both bands hopefully made an impression on anyone who saw us. Like we’ll all tell you, if we could we’d do it all over again tomorrow. Thanks to Sacha, Dave, Jamie and Pete and a big thanks to John Beeson and Alan Alpin for driving, as well as all the venues and staff, Zero Tolerance for supporting and sponsoring the tour and especially to the woman who phoned the police on the motorway because we we’re showing porn out the windows, the woman who was offended but not quiet offended enough to garner a warning for any of us and of course everyone for coming along and supporting Seregon and Irony of Christ. And of course I thank Nintendo, for without them this tour would be nothing….I fucking love Nintendo alright! See you again soon!Here’s to next year and hopefully the Northern Escapade Tour as opposed to the Southern Crusade….get it? Thrash til’ Death."

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