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From: United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Frostwork News

Below is our complete Frostwork news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Wodfreca Records Closing Down

Wodfreca Records, which included among its roster Hrafnblod, Frostwork, and Cruelty’s Heart, has posted the following announcement online about closing down:

"As most of you know, Wodfreca Records was soon to cease its operations. Originally this was planned for after the release of ‘Ealdgesegena – A Tribute to Forefather’, but unfortunately due to a seeming lack of interest and my inability to get any form of confirmation from most of the artists whom originally agreed to take part, I must regretfully now cancel this CD. I apologize to the five or six bands that did confirm, and were already underway with their recordings. I hope these covers will still see the light of day.

"No further copies of any Wodfreca release will be made available through this label. Each was limited to only one hundred, and in the case of Cruelty’s Heart, just fifty. Each was outstanding in its own right, and the artists are free to re-release these albums, or otherwise use the tracks on them, in any way they see fit – so do not despair if you did not manage to get a copy during the label’s brief flurry of existence.

"I’d like to wish each artist that worked with me the best of luck for the future – Hrafnblod has unfortunately ended, and there are extremely limited copies of their last release, a split with Ulfarr left at UKEM Records. Gareth is working on other projects, I believe. Frostwork and Cruelty’s Heart have both now signed with UKEM Records, and a split is planned featuring them both. Aethelruna, my own project, is indefinitely on hold."

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Frostwork Signs With Ukem Records

Frostwork, the ambient black metal solo project of vocalist Dagon (Heathen Deity, Thornloand) has signed with Ukem Records for the release of a split album with the label’s other new signing, Cruelty's Heart. The album is slated for release in early 2014. The following press release was also issued about Frostwork:

"A founding member of Heathen Deity, one of the UK’s longest serving black metal bands, frontman Dagon started working on Frostwork in 2007, seeing it as a way to give voice to his own visions and ideas which did not necessarily fit in with the old school black metal style of Heathen Deity.

"With the release of 2008’s 'The Rites of Winter: The First Storm' demo, it was clear right from the start that Frostwork would take the coldness and misanthropy of Black Metal, and combine it with themes from nature and folklore to create a sound that epitomised both the beauty and the harsh reality that nature can sometimes manifest. The release of the debut full-length album ‘Lore of Winter – Ealdspell’ in November 2012 on Wodfreca Records confirmed that Frostwork was much more than a side project, and that Dagon was fully committed to developing his solo work much further." More...

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Frostwork Posts New Album Teaser

After streaming the demo album "The Rites Of Winter - The First Storm," black metal act Frostwork has now released a teaser trailer for the band's upcoming new album. Check out the trailer for "Lore of Winter - Ealdspell" below. To hear more from the album, you can listen to the new song "Cast From His Wings" over here.

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Frostwork Streaming Demo Release

Frostwork recently signed with Wodfreca Records to release the new album "Lore of Winter - Ealdspell."

While awaiting the album, the band has also now uploaded its entire first demo release from 2008 online. "The Rites Of Winter - The First Storm" was originally limited to 50 hand numbered copies. Check out the songs in the player below. The track listing, and song start times, are as follows:

1. Into The Woods ( 0:10 )
2. Shades Of Grey ( 01:48 )
3. The Storm ( 06:05 )
4. The Rites Of Winter ( 09:25 )
5. The Eyes Of the Forest ( 16:20 ) More...

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Frostwork Posts "Cast From His Wings" Clip

Derbyshire's Frostwork - the solo project of Dagon from Heathen Deity - has signed with Wodfreca Records to release debut album "Lore of Winter - Ealdspell." The band has now posted a new video clip online, which can be viewed below, and Frostwork also commented:

"To celebrate the announcement of Frostwork`s signing to Wodfreca Records and the scheduled release later in the year of debut album 'Lore of winter – Ealdspell,' Frostwork would like to unveil the video for 'Cast From His Wings,' the latest track to feature on the release."

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Frostwork Streaming Burzum Cover

Frostwork has issued the following announcement about streaming a Burzum cover track online, which will be appearing on an upcoming tribute album:

"Ave Brothers and Sisters! Frostwork's cover of 'Dunkelheit' which will be appearing on 'Forsvunnet Filosofem: A Tribute to Burzum' is now uploaded on Reverbnation and Official Facebook page.

"Please follow this link to listen and to share and support the Uk underground! Please keep posted for more Frostwork related news very soon!"

You can also check out the artwork for the band's new album "Lore Of Winter - Ealdspell" at this location.

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Frostwork Announces New Album Title

Black metal band Frostwork has issued the following update about the band's upcoming new album:

"Ave! I am pleased to announce the name of the new release to be : LORE OF WINTER – EALDSPELL

"As mentioned in the last update all the album is now musically finished and I am currently about half the way though designing the inlay and booklet.

"The front cover is done and is available to view on the Frostwork Facebook and Myspace pages. Keep posted for an exclusive first interview with Frostwork regarding the past and the present also news about new album @ Heavyhardmetalmania.net. More updates soon."

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Frostwork To Release New Album

Dagon of solo black metal project Frostwork has checked in with the following update about gearing up to release a new album:

"Hails! The new release from Frostwork will soon be completed until that time... please take the time to experience the ice and snow forming in your eyes as your life fades into the woods, you will feel no pain as 'Frozen Veins Shed No Blood.'"

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Frostwork Finishes Recording New Album

Dagon of solo project Frostwork has issued the following update about recording new material for an upcoming album release:

"Ave! All the tracks have been recorded now, and the last track is currently being mixed and mastered.

"Art work is coming on very nicely and is also near completion. You should expect some very interesting Frostwork related news very soon."

To stay up-to-date with the latest Frostwork recording details and hear songs available for streaming, head over to the band's Facebook profile here.

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Frostwork Prefers To Remain Anonymous

One of the UK’s veteran Black Metallers has started a solo Ambient Black Metal project that goes by the name of FROSTWORK. The band produces a hauntingly cold and eerie sound, very much in keeping with its name, but FROSTWORK’s creator is reluctant to reveal his identity.

He is, however, willing to explain why he feels the need for anonymity: “Some people would say it’s a ploy to create a mystique around the name in order to generate interest, but in this case it really isn’t. On the contrary, it would have been much easier for me to use an already established name and reputation, whether good or bad, to help launch the new project, so I’m probably not doing myself any favours by trying to remain anonymous. I thought about it carefully though, and came to the conclusion that my existing band has a very definite sound and image, and I did not want FROSTWORK to be burdened by comparisons. FROSTWORK is nothing like the material I have previously produced with a full line-up, nor is it intended to be. The concept is different and the sound is different, and it should be judged on its own merits”.

Work on the first demo is currently underway, and two tracks, “Shades of Grey” and “The Eyes of the Forest” have been uploaded to the band’s official MySpace page.

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