"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1984
From: Ottawa/Vancouver, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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DuskMachine Issues Studio Update

Germany's DuskMachine have issued the following studio update:

"The drum recordings for DuskMachine's second album have finally begun. Today Randy played the first 2 songs from the 14 we plan to record. We have about 65 min. of music, but we will probably sort out some of the songs. The album will be recorded again in our 'Sound from below'-Studio and hopefully be done late summer. More info and pics from the recordings will be posted soon."

DuskMachine's current line up is as follows:

Mirko Prietzsch - Vocals
Nikolai Wurk - Guitars
Russell Bergquist - Bass (Annihilator)
Randy Black - Drums (Annihilator, Primal Fear, Rebellion)

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Annihilator's "Set The World On Fire" Reissue

On "Set The World On Fire," Annihilator's third studio album from 1993, the band leaves some of the thrashier elements from their two first albums behind by focusing more on melodies. With the three octave range of Aaron Randal's voice and the sheer complexity of Jeff Waters' riffs they manage to create some of the most beautiful melodies.

Metal Mind Productions presents the re-release of "Set The World On Fire." The new edition of the album includes two bonus tracks plus an additional CD with a promotional video for "Set the World on Fire," video material featuring Jeff Waters speaking about the process of writing and recording "Set the World on Fire," touring, making of the "Set the World on Fire" video and more. The bonus CD also includes additional video and audio material: live clips, interviews, home video recordings and some live Annihilator videos from 1989. This digipak edition is limited to 2000 copies, digitally remastered using a 24-Bit process, and released on a golden disc.

The release date is set up for January 19th in Europe and March 10th in the USA (via MVD).

Annihilator's "Set The World On Fire" (remastered + bonus tracks) tracklisting is as follows: More...

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More Roadrunner United DVD Footage Posted Online

Another clip from the forthcoming Roadrunner United DVD has been posted online. You can check it out below. The DVD chronicles the one night only concert when members of the Roadrunner roster, past and present, joined forces to perform classic songs from Roadrunner history. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Punishment (originally by Biohazard)

Evan Seinfeld- Vocals
Billy Graziadei- Vocals
Dino Cazares- Guitar
Andreas Kisser- Guitar
Adam Duce- Bass
Joey Jordison- Drums

2. Set It Off (originally by Madball)

Jamey Jasta- Vocals
Andreas Kisser- Guitar
Dino Cazares- Guitar
Paul Gray- Bass
Joey Jordison- Drums More...

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Another Roadrunner United DVD Clip Posted Online

Another clip of the Roadrunner United DVD has been posted online and is available for viewing below. The DVD contains a full live concert aswell as backstage footage and interviews and features the following tracklisting:

1. Punishment (originally by Biohazard)

Evan Seinfeld- Vocals
Billy Graziadei- Vocals
Dino Cazares- Guitar
Andreas Kisser- Guitar
Adam Duce- Bass
Joey Jordison- Drums

2. Set It Off (originally by Madball)

Jamey Jasta- Vocals
Andreas Kisser- Guitar
Dino Cazares- Guitar
Paul Gray- Bass
Joey Jordison- Drums

3. River Runs Red (originally by Life Of Agony)

Keith Caputo- Vocals
Andreas Kisser- Guitar
Dino Cazares- Guitar
Scott Ian- Guitar
Paul Gray- Bass
Joey Jordison- Drums More...

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New Roadrunner United DVD Clips Posted Online

Previews of the forthcoming Roadrunner United have been posted online and are available to view below. The DVD features an all-star lineup of Roadrunner Records alumni and members of the current roster performing some of the biggest songs ever to be released by Roadrunner Records. The DVD also features a 75 minute documentary which includes behind the scenes footage and interviews.

The tracklisting for the concert is as follows:

1. Punishment (originally by Biohazard)

Evan Seinfeld- Vocals
Billy Graziadei- Vocals
Dino Cazares- Guitar
Andreas Kisser- Guitar
Adam Duce- Bass
Joey Jordison- Drums

2. Set It Off (originally by Madball)

Jamey Jasta- Vocals
Andreas Kisser- Guitar
Dino Cazares- Guitar
Paul Gray- Bass
Joey Jordison- Drums

3. River Runs Red (originally by Life Of Agony)

Keith Caputo- Vocals
Andreas Kisser- Guitar
Dino Cazares- Guitar
Scott Ian- Guitar
Paul Gray- Bass
Joey Jordison- Drums More...

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Dimension Zero Signs To Vic Records

DIMENSON ZERO, featuring IN FLAMES mastermind Jesper Stromblad on guitar, SOILWORK guitar player Daniel Antonsson and ex-MARDUK singer ( / drummer) Jocke Gothberg and LUCEFERION / CRYSTAL AGE drummer Hans Nilsson, has signed a deal with Vic Records. The brand new album, "He Who Shall Not Bleed," contains eleven tracks of aggressive, fast and melodic Gothenburg metal. The material is less thrashy than their previous albums and more melodic and sounding like the old IN FLAMES and was recorded at the IN FLAMES Studios (former Studio Fredman) in Gothenburg, Sweden. "He Who Shall Not Bleed" also features guest guitar leads by ANNIHILATOR's Jeff Waters.

A limited edition first pressing will be a digipack with two bonus tracks. The album will be released September 15th.

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Annihilator's "In Command" To Be Re-Issued

According to a press release, "ANNIHILATOR's live LP - In Command (Live 1989-1990) - to this day remains an unforgettable musical experience, perfectly capturing the power and the energy of this unique thrash phenomenon. The period between 1989 and 1990 brought two of the group’s most praised and respected albums, both filled with unforgettable metal anthems. In Command will take you back to where it all started – to the birth of a thrash metal legend!!"

A new digipak edition of In Command (Live 1989-1990) will be released by Metal Mind Productions on May 19th in Europe and July 8th in North America (via MVD). The album digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc is limited to numerated 2000 copies.


Live on November 11, 1989 at The Ritz, New York, NY:
'W.T.Y.D.', 'Wicked Mystic', 'Ligeia', 'Alison Hell', 'Word Salad'.

Live on November 2, 1990 at The Showroom, San Antonio, TX:
'W.T.Y.D.', 'The Fun Palace', 'Never, Neverland', 'I Am In Command', 'Stonewall', 'Road To Ruin', 'Sixes And Sevens', 'Alison Hell', 'Live Wire'.

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Annihilator Frontman Posts Album Update

ANNIHILATOR mainman Jeff Waters has issued the following update:

"Lots going on but ya might not notice... sorry for being pretty absent from this cool site for so long. I spent all of 2005 on here everyday and putting that Killer contest together (which got pretty much ignored by most of the USA and Canadian metal media, except KNAC.com, the mighty Canadian BW&BK and a few other smaller metal sites). Incidentally, that Killer contest got over 32 million hits to our little site. And I did a little record I like to call my third favourite Annihilator CD Schizo Deluxe. The Metal CD did well for us overseas, as usual; not sure here or in the USA but at least there has been some attention! Fantastic players and Danko/Angela singing on the latest CD. An honour for me and they all seemed to think the same! Still no touring word for North America, trying, as usual. Awesome touring so far; have done something like 100 dates for this CD and looking forward to some more this summer. Masters Of Rock in the Czech Republic is going to rock. It was cool to play with Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM) and Corey Beaulieu (TRIVIUM) and then a shred-fest with Jeff Loomis in Japan. Recently did the MMD Festival in Athens, Greece; as usual, the Greeks know how to host a metal fest. Dave Padden has came a long way from a new singer to being the guitarist AND singer in the band. Pretty amazing job he has been doing, I must say, and the fans are 100% behind him. Did ya know he has been in the band longer than ANY Annihilator singer? Cool. We are working on our 13th studio CD and this will be Dave's fourth studio record with Annihilator. Sick! New guitars coming out from a new company; the RAN guitars I have are still some of the best-ever Flying Vees I have ever played however something pretty awesome is coming soon for myself re: guitars. Will keep you posted. And yes, they are Vees! The Laboga Waters/Annihilator amp is pretty evil, too. The three amps Dave and I used each for those 100 shows really with stood the test of the road. A lot of guitar players are using them now, after hearing these things! New CD coming along just delightfully. Something strange happened in the last few years in that I have started to really play guitar more than usual, thus giving me more than five times as many guitar riffs written on tour, in hotel rooms, on busses and at home in the studio. I have, for the first time since I started this band, around three CD's worth of material now. Ridiculous amounts of stuff but at least this could be exciting as I can pick the best material for the CD rather than writing ten for a record and using them all. So that means the new Annihilator CD should technically be three times better! HA! Ya never know! Dave wants to heavy the record up vocally this time but not so much in a "newer style" and not so much in an early '80's style. Should be interesting to hear what he has in mind. Drumming on the new CD is probably going to be done by our touring drummer Ryan Ahoff. He kicked ass on the ICED EARTH/Annihilator tour in Europe late last year. Bassist Dave Sheldon has also been fitting in well and playing like a madman on that tour, as well as in Greece. Dave S. is also a guitar player so that helps in this band, as a bass player! There is some cool footage form the Athens, Greece show on YouTube.com (below). A friend of mine just sent me a link to Human Insecticide; now that is a trip to see yourself play a song you wrote when you were 18, to 7500 people in Athens, when you are 43! Metal is my life and I love it! Thanks to all the fans that have kept this band alive, well and selling good record numbers, at least overseas. Our MySpace still amazes me everyday when young new fans from North America message us to tell us they had no idea we were out there and that they thought we had just released our FIRST CD! HA! Okay all; be good, healthy and have fun. I will be back here soon with some cool news and some video! Maybe more touring stuff, too. Thanks for hanging in!"

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Sanctity Part Ways With Frontman and Bassist

North Carolina thrashers SANCTITY have issued the following update:

"Yes, the rumors are true, Jared [MacEachern; vocals, rhythm guitar] and Derek [Anderson, bass] have left SANCTITY for personal reasons. Originally we were planning to announce the addition of Brian Stephenson (ex-ANNIHILATOR) on guitar during the SONATA ARCTICA tour, but things have changed in the last two months. Jared just had a beautiful baby girl in December and decided that being a good father was the most important thing and SANCTITY agrees. During this time Derek had a situation at home and came to a mutual decision to leave SANCTITY as well."

"Despite having two members leave, SANCTITY continues instead of flaking out and dropping off a tour we were obligated to. Brian stepped up as our new vocalist and we have hometown friends Zach Jordan and Scott Smith (both in ABOVE THE MEANS) filling in on guitar and bass respectively."

"Perseverance is nothing new to SANCTITY, we've dealt with everything from gear being stolen, being stranded in Wisconsin, bus accidents and now this." More...

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Annihilator Guitarist Speaks On "Ripper" Owens

Chad Bowar from About Heavy Metal recently conducted an interview with ANNIHILATOR guitarist Jeff Waters. Here are some extracts from the conversation:

Chad Bowar: "Metal" has been out for nearly a year in Europe. What was the delay in getting a North American release?

Jeff Waters: "I've been away from the states since 1993. My home country Canada hasn't seen us tour there since '93, nor has the U.S. So we haven't really had a proper release there. This is more of a proper release, although it's not going to get us out front and get us in all the magazines there. But SPV will try to get us a little momentum. We've had a good following in Europe and Asia since the first record in 1989. The first three records did pretty well in North America, then in 1993 Metal went out and we decided stay overseas where we were doing well, and that's where we've been all this time. I've tried to get Canadian and U.S. deals for many albums over many years. This is the 12th studio album, and after the third one it was almost impossible because in the '90s traditional Metal went out. It was only in the underground. No promoters and clubs would book anything with 'Metal' in it. And now it's really tough for us, because we an 'older' band, and labels would rather sign the newer stuff. We don't have that guaranteed big sales thing, where overseas we keep getting resigned and getting good deals and doing good tours because we do have the sales over there."

Chad Bowar: You sang lead vocals on a track on "Metal" and you were actually the full-time vocalist for ANNIHILATOR for a while in the '90s. Do you miss being the vocalist?

Jeff Waters: "No. I did it on 'King Of The Kill' (1994), 'Refresh The Demon' (1996) and 'Remains' (1997). I just did it because I couldn't find anyone around where I was living. Friends of mine conned me into giving it a try. 'King Of The Kill' was a big album everywhere except North America, and we did three videos for the album. I was laughing because I was very insecure as a singer. I'm not really a singer. I just picked it up at the age of 26. But it worked well. Eventually it became too physically demanding. I wanted to concentrate on guitar and we brought back an old singer, Randy Rampage. Once in a while I'll sing on a record. It's fun to do, but I'm not great at it and it's very physically demanding. When we're doing touring, I do three or four songs if we're the opening act, and six out of 18 in a headline set."

Chad Bowar: What do you think about ICED EARTH bringing back Matt Barlow and replacing Ripper Owens?

Jeff Waters: "It's good and bad. It's good for Jon (Schaffer). I know where Jon's coming from, because sometimes you have to make decisions where half the people think it's a great thing and half the people don't. But there is a lot of stuff behind the scenes that you don't know go on, and Jon has to make decisions. I was very close to those guys on the ICED EARTH tour. We were all friends and hanging out for over a month. Everybody got along. Jon and Ripper were best of buddies. There was no negativity at all. It was actually one of the best tours I've ever done for getting along with the other band. It was a really close, cool tour and they are all nice guys. It's sad to see a great singer like Tim leave that gig. But at the same time Jon feels it's going to put some extra life in the band, a kickstart. It's cool to see Matt come back, too. I hope Ripper does some really good things, because he has one of the best voices in Metal."

Read the full article at About.com.

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More Big Name Drummers Announce NAMM Signings

Pearl Drums is hosting an autograph session at this year's Winter NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants), which runs from January 17 to January 20 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The signing will take place at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 19 at the Pearl booth. It will feature some of the best-known artists in rock and metal, including the following:

Adrian Erlandsson (CRADLE OF FILTH, NEMHAIN)
Barry Kerch (SHINEDOWN)
Craig Nunenmacher (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY)
Johnny Kelly (TYPE O NEGATIVE)
Matt McDonough (MUDVAYNE)
Morgan Rose (SEVENDUST)

Important: The NAMM Show is **NOT** open to the public. The only attendees are NAMM member companies and their invited guests.

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Turisas Announce European Headlining Tour

After a support slot for ICED EARTH and ANNIHILATOR, Finnish warlords TURISAS will be on the road again in March and April 2008.

Commented Warlord Nygard: "The tour with ICED EARTH and ANNIHILATOR in October was great; we made a lot of new friends and fans, and both bands were great guys to be on the road with. The reactions were awesome, even if there was a lot of people in the crowd who had never heard of us before. However, we could easily understand that some of our fans weren't prepared to pay the tickets on some 30 euro for seeing us play for 30 minutes — that's one euro a minute if you were not too bothered about the other two bands! This is why we are now returning to play full headline sets in Europe for a reasonable ticket price. We are all very excited about getting back on the road and doing our first headlining European tour."

TURISAS European tour dates:

Mar. 01 - Northampton, UK @ Soundhouse
Mar. 02 - Sheffield, UK @ Corporation
Mar. 03 - Aberdeen, UK @ Moshulu
Mar. 04 - Edinburgh, UK @ Studio 24
Mar. 05 - Liverpool, UK @ Academy 2
Mar. 06 - Norwich, UK @ Waterfront
Mar. 07 - Peterborough, UK @ Park
Mar. 08 - Leeds, UK @ Cockpit
Mar. 10 - Exeter, UK @ Cavern
Mar. 11 - Cardiff Clwb, UK @ Ifor Bach
Mar. 12 - Southampton, UK @ The Brook
Mar. 13 - London, UK @ Electric Ballroom
Mar. 14 - Brighton, UK @ Concorde 2
Mar. 15 - Haarlem, Netherlands @ Patronaat
Mar. 16 - Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Doornroosje
Mar. 18 - Hamburg, Germany @ Marx
Mar. 19 - Karlsruhe, Germany @ Substage
Mar. 20 - Munich, Germany @ Metropolis
Mar. 21 - Winterthur, Switzerland @ Salzhaus
Mar. 22 - Bochum, Germany @ Matrix
Mar. 23 - Berlin, Germany @ Kato
Mar. 25 - Vienna, Austria @ Planet Music
Mar. 26 - Bratislava, Slovakia @ Randal
Mar. 27 - Prague, Czech Republic @ Rock Café
Mar. 28 - Lichtenfels, Germany @ Ragnarök Festival
Mar. 29 - Osnabrueck, Germany @ Tomahawk Festival
Mar. 31 - Malmö, Sweden @ KB
Apr. 01 - Gothenburg, Germany @ Musikens Hus
Apr. 02 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ The Rock
Apr. 03 - Oslo, Norway @ John Dee
Apr. 04 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Klubben More...

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Annihilator Guitarist Talks Quiet Riot Singer

Guitarist Jeff Waters of the long-running Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR has posted the following message on the band's official forum:

"QUIET RIOT had an impact on me when I was a teen and when I wasn't listening to their music, I was playing it or seeing a cover band that was playing it! 'Metal Health' was a brilliant record and his voice and [guitarist Carlos] Cavazo's playing was damn good for that time... and very influential to many others. From [bassist Rudy] Sarzo licking his thumb to the spandex and posing; pure cheese but great cheese! Their music was rock and metal and party music all in one.

"It is a sad day for metal, as DuBrow and QUIET RIOT helped, in their own way, make metal what it has become today.

"RIP, dude. You will be missed by many and thanks for the memories and the music."

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Former Overkill Guitarist Wins "Ask Trump" Contest

Veteran heavy metal musician Joe Comeau (ANNIHILATOR, OVERKILL, LIEGE LORD, RAMROD, TAD MOROSE) has won the "Ask Donald Trump" contest on The Trump Blog where he got an opportunity to ask the billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump a question and have it personally answered.

According to The Trump Blog, Joe Comeau lists his previous occupations as "Banker, limo/taxi driver, travel agent, food services worker, construction, retail sales, online sales . . . should I continue?"

Currently, Joe is an international recording artist who has recorded eight studio albums, played on various other recordings and has toured extensively throughout the world. His main genre is heavy metal.

"It is in my blood and it fuels that which I do," Joe says, "always has and always will!"

But music is not the only thing that motivates him. He has always been interested and excited about investing, finance and the real estate markets. He has been studying investing for a few years now and is definitely "amped up to be studying at Trump University!"

"It just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover," Joe says. "Keep your mind open. Think about this . . . the next time you are in line at the store, the heavy metal musician standing next to you might just end up being your next business partner!"

Comeau is currently working on material for the next album from the Swedish metal band TAD MOROSE, whom he joined in March 2006. He is also "finishing up post-mixing and editing a new EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER live CD release from New York in 1978," which is due out for Christmas.

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Annihilator To Release New Album In US In January

According to the official ANNIHILATOR website the band's latest album, Metal, will finally be released in North America on January 15th, 2008. More details regarding the release will be issued soon.

As previously reported, Annihilator are currently on the road in Europe supporting ICED EARTH. remaining dates on the tour are as follows:

19 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
21 - Malmö, Sweden - Kulturbolaget
22 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
23 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Tradgarn
25 - Stockholm, Sweden - Tirol
26 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Pumpenhuset
28 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
30 - Stuttgart, Germany - LKA Longhorn

1 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Club 013
2 - Antwerpen, Belgiium - Hof Ter Lo

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Iced Earth Make Small Tour Updates

There have been 3 recent changes to the Iced Earth European Fall 2007 tour itinerary. New dates and/or venues for Spain on October 12 and October 13. Also, a date in Paris, France has been added for October 31.

The band also recently confirmed that their very special supporting guests on the European tour will be none other than Annihilator. After that leg of the tour concludes, then it's onto the UK where Iced Earth will support the legendary Heaven and Hell.

Here are the latest Iced Earth tour dates: More...

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Shatter Messiah Announce Album Release Date

SHATTER MESSIAH, featuring ex-NEVERMORE/ex-ANNIHILATOR guitarist Curran Murphy, have announced that the release date of their new album God Burns Like Flesh will be October 29th through Dockyard 1.

In conjunction with the release, Shatter Messiah will be premiering a new song off of God Burns Like Flesh today, Monday October 1st.

The band plans to post one new full length song (and a number of preview clips) off the album each week at www.myspace.com/shattermessiah, to be heard in streaming audio.

God Burns Like Flesh (cover art on the left) tracklist is as follows: 'Idolater', 'God Burns Like Flesh', 'Pathway', 'Stripped Of Faith', 'Dirge Of The Christ', 'Buried In Black', 'This Is The Day', 'Tomorrow Immortal'.

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Turisas Added To European Iced Earth Tour

Finnish folk metal warriors TURISAS have been added to ICED EARTH's forthcoming European tour. Also scheduled to appear are Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR. The dates are as follows:

Oct. 08 - Köln, Germany - Live Music Hall
Oct. 09 - München, Germany - Backstage Werk
Oct. 10 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
Oct. 12 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Razzmatazz 1
Oct. 13 - Madrid, Spain - La Riviera
Oct. 15 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Konzertfabrik Z7
Oct. 16 - Graz, Austria - Orpheum
Oct. 17 - Wien, Austria - Planet Music
Oct. 18 - Brno, Czech Republic - Fleda
Oct. 19 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
Oct. 21 - Malmö, Sweden - Kulturbolaget
Oct. 22 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
Oct. 23 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Tradgarn
Oct. 25 - Stockholm, Sweden - Tirol
Oct. 26 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Pumpenhuset
Oct. 28 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
Oct. 30 - Stuttgart, Germany - LKA Longhorn
Nov. 01 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Club 013
Nov. 02 - Antwerpen, Belgiium - Hof Ter Lo

TURISAS recently unleashed its video for "Rasputin", a cover version of the old BONEY M disco classic every fan should already recognize from the band's live shows.

Band mastermind Warlord comments: "This video is pretty far from what you'd expect from a TURISAS video — or any metal video for that matter! The idea to the video is just as wild as the cover song itself: a battle metal band covering a '70s disco hit. Just as the song, it is a crossover of the '70s kitsch attached to the BONEY M track, but performed by us as we do it. Director Vesa-Matti Vainio and the whole crew did a great job on this one, and to me this is a good pick for our first video ever. I assure you, there are plenty of ideas on epic spectacles to be looked into later."

TURISAS' version of "Rasputin" will be released as a single on the following dates:

Germany: Friday, September 21, 2007.
UK / France: Monday, September 24, 2007.
Spain: Tuesday, September 25, 2007.
Finland: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The CD single will also include the band's classic tune "Battle Metal". The strictly limited picture 7" vinyl version will feature "The Court of Jarisleif" as the B-side.

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Shatter Messiah Complete New Album

SHATTER MESSIAH guitarist/founder Curran Murphy (ex-NEVERMORE / ex-ANNIHILATOR) has issued the following update:

"Hey hey,

Here is the super late August update for the Smiley Sound Studio. Busy month this time out had Kelly Conlon from DEATH in here tracking bass guitars for the new band FIRES OF BABYLON featuring my good friend Lou St. Paul of WINTERSBANE fame, and my very best friend Robert "BOBS" Falzano on drums. I should be getting the vocal tracks back from Florida to go into mix mode and finish this album up and deliver it in October! Kelly hammered the tracks for 10 songs out in two days and we had three days left over for drinking and Boone Dock Saints (I'll have a coke). WOOHOO!!!!.

DRAGONWYCK came in and have been tracking their second E.P. of six songs here for the last two weeks and man o man is it sounding great(smiley dare I say?). Mike finished drums in two days, Tony got all of his rhythm guitars quadruple tracked in two days and Nick is writing and playing some amazingly melodic and heavy bass lines. So we should be able to get them wrapped up in a few more days of tracking and go to mix here in September.

I also had Chris from THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY MUSICIANS come in with his fellas and book time for the day after Christmas (what can I say I love to work) for six songs as well!!!! This should be a fun session because these guys are appropriately named for sure!

And now down to brass tacks! On a personal note I spent the last three weeks frantically tracking, re-writing and re-recording the new Shatter Messiah album God Burns Like Flesh. All of the guys threw down with the most amazing effort I have seen from any band I have ever played in, it was awesome! I spent the last two days (about 32 hours straight with no breaks) on mixing and sending the files to Germany for master and artwork details as well. Talk about down to the fucking wire! Had to meet that label deadline baby to make for a good release time for this new record!!! Now it is all up to the fine people at Dockyard 1 to put this monster out and move some units baby!

I literally was recording guitar Solo's at 7a.m. the day of delivery, back against the wall, and having Wags throw down vocals while I am doing emails with our manager and my artwork guy AND the record label WOO HOO! Damn damn damn, I look back on it and just laugh at how I get myself into these adventures and then also remind myself I wouldn't change a fucking thing about it! Love this job and I love this game!"


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Annihilator In Talks For Possible Australian Tour

This message has been posted on ANNIHILATOR's official website:

"Jeff (Waters) tells us that he is talking with Riot (their Australian label) about possibly coming there in late September. Apparently there is a deadline for Australia and some other territories to come on board by next week. We will have news here first, if this happens!"

In addition, some pre-tour rehearsal video footage of ANNIHILATOR drummer Alex Landenburg practicing the band's track "Set The World On Fire" has been posted on YouTube. More...

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