"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1984
From: Ottawa/Vancouver, Canada
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Annihilator News

Below is our complete Annihilator news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Annihilator Post Album Art

Annihilator have posted the album art for their upcoming album, "Schizo Deluxe", at the following location, http://www.annihilatormetal.com/web%20cover/schizo%20deluxe/small%20cover.jpg

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Bob Katsionis Joins Firewind

Bob has become an official member of heavy power metallers Firewind, the band of famous guitar virtuoso Gus G. and made his debut with them in their 3rd release “Forged By Fire”, already out in Japan through Toshiba-EMI with a release date for Rest Of World settled for January 2005 through Century Media.

Bob’s debut cd “Turn of My Century” was released in Japan following the success of “Imaginary Force” (entered BURRN! Magazine’s best selling cd charts for 2 months in positions 26 and 41), featuring previously unreleased video clip of “Scary Groovie” and 5 minute keyboard and guitar jamming/shredding by Bob, as well as new, amazing cover artwork made by Havancsak Gyula who also did the artwork for the latest Annihilator cd “All For You” as well as for their forthcoming DVD release.

Imaginery‘s second cd entitled “Long Lost Pride” is out in Japan through Avalon/Marquee records. Bob is now joined by two Swedish fellows, singer Bjorn Jannsson (Tears Of Anger) and bassist Olof Sundfeldt (System Shock) while drums are performed by producer Mark Adrian. This cd includes 11 tracks of Modern Melodic Heavy/Power Metal in the vein of Symphony X, Ark and Children of Bodom. European/R.O.W released will be handled most possibly by Lion Music, Finland. Guest performances/solos by Gus G, Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) and Michael Harris(Chastain).

Bob has just finished editing Nightfall’s first promo video (also directed by him) for the track “Swollen” out of Greek gothic-deathsters’ new cd entitled: “Lyssa: Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments” where he has recorded keyboards and guitars as in previous release “I Am Jesus”.

Jeff Waters, guitarist and main man of the legendary annihilator, has confirmed his appearance in Bob Katsionis’ next, 3rd studio album. Also featured in this next release will be once again guitar master Marcel Coenen.

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Jam Along With Annihilator: Special CD Release

Annihilator mainman/guitarist Jeff Waters has announced the release of "Annihilator Jam - All For You" album. "This CD is for all the metal guitarists out there who've always wanted to jam along with a CD but actually be the guitarist in the band," reads a posting on the group's web site

The CD consists of all the official release tracks without any rhythm guitar tracks. You can now play along and jam to the entire "All For You" CD (AFM Records) with Annihilato's session drummer Mike Mangini, singer Dave Padden and Jeff Waters on bass and lead guitars. Also jam with Annihilator to the song "Weapon X", from the EP "The One" (AFM Records).

As there will be many non-guitarist/Annihilator fans purchasing this CD as well, there are also two special bonus tracks: "Annihilator" - the first-ever Annihilator recording, featuring original singer and lyric co-writer John Bates and "Back to the Palace", a live bootleg track of Annihilator live in Moscow 2000.

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Annihilator's Jeff Waters The Fastest?

Annihilator mainman Jeff Waters has posted several audio clips backing up his claim that he is the fastest/tightest-picking guitarist in the world. Check out the clips here.

Commented Waters:

I was sitting here yesterday thinking of how I could stir up a bit of poop in the good ole USA; we don't get any coverage there, remember, and our 10th studio CD 'All For You' is due out today in the USA on The End Records. So i figured I would make up a silly statement like that (fastest/tightest picking guitarist in the world!), well-hidden in my answers to some fan questions, but knowing, very well, that my two favorite metal web sites would immediately seize that one short sentence and headline it! hehe! They did.

Now thousands of USA metal kids are all talking about me; most not very nicely, but talking all the same! Funny thing how quick people immediately respond 'no he ain't' and they either haven't heard me before OR have only heard the 'All For You' clip OR have only heard 'Alice'/'Neverland'!

And by the way, I couldn't care less about who can play fast... all you fans here know that this is the furthest thing from my mind. But I am the fastest, if you factor in tightest picking; they just don't know it so they react aggresively! Pretty interesting human nature. I think I will still run with that statement because it is getting us a lot of talk in the USA right now and, more importantly, I can also back it up!

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New Annihilator DVD Coming Early Next Year

Annihilator guitarist/mastermind Jeff Waters has posted this message on the band's official forum:

So far, asides from the mountain of old footage me and the Campbell Bros. are going through, I can tell ya one cool section that will be on the "Annihilator: Ten Years In Hell" DVD (due for release sometime in the early spring 2005):

Many former members have filmed themselves talking about their time and memories in Annihilator and what they are doing now. This includes already-done footage from Mike Mangini, Coburn Pharr, Neil Goldberg and others.

Still to come, footage from Ray Hartman, The Glove, Russ Bergquist, Aaron Randall, Rampage and others!

I am still trying to contact Randy Black and Wayne Darley, to name a few. Randy B. is not sure he wants to be included on this dvd, despite offering him a long segment where he could play you fans some Annihilator tunes, talk about his drumming, his many years with the band and what he is doing now (Primal Fear and drum clinics). I know you all would love to see him in this; me too! C'mon Randy! The world's best drummer = Mike Mangini and Annia-Drum-Legend = Ray Hartman are in; we need ya too cause you are right up there with the big-guys and kicked hard for Annihilator too!!

Gonna be a cool thing; trying to get some live footage of the Never, Neverland line-up and the Dynamo fest in Holland, from MTV Europe! That would be cool but lotsa killer stuff will be on this; almost thinking of doing 2 dvds.

Gonna make a decision on the company that will do this, this week. been waiting for one of the labels for many weeks so decision-time is here!

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Annihilator Guitarist Sells His Guitars

From the official Annihilator website:

Hi y'all. Well since most of you know, I have given away a few guitars here on my site for no money!. So, I figure I will try to sell a few also. I still have a Gibson Goth V and a Gibson Les Paul Studio (both in evil black). Since this contest has been going on to win my guitar, many have emailed me and asked if they could BUY one of my guitars. This is certainly not something I need to do BUT what the heck; who couldn't use money! hehe!

The Gibson Goth V is one of two that I used on the Carnival Diablos/Waking the Fury cd's and tours, as well as last summer's festival run at Wacken/BYH, etc... Curran Murphy also used one on the recent Judas Priest tour.

The Evil Black Les Paul was my main axe on the Criteria for a Black Widow tour as well as some tracks on that cd and a few on Carnival Diablos.

They both have the godly EMG pick-ups in them and both in pretty good shape. Will be some pretty cool historic guitars to have for a few Annihilator fans!

In case anyone is wondering why they are being put up for "sale" here, it is because MANY people have emailed me about buying one of my guitars. I also have an endorsement with the best darn guitar company out there ESP so I really won't be using these Gibsons anymore; I have alot of guitars!

So if you are (seriously) interested, send me a message (PM Private Message) throught this site (you have to register to do this). Again, only serious inquiries only please.

Price? I have have offers around $1500 EUROS for each of these 2 axes (i have a few of you who are asking me if it is $1500 euros for BOTH = NO. $1550 euros for each, so far!)

So if you are interested, make me an offer. I will post (here) what the current offers are.

Buyer pays shipping via Fedex or UPS.

Heck, I might even throw in some autographed Annihilator goodies for ya!

Cheers y'all and I hope the contest winners enjoy their metal prizes!


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Megadeth In Talks With Annihilator Axe Legend

BW&BK is reporting at their site bravewords.com that Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has revealed that he has been in talks with Annihilator guitar legend Jeff Waters about him possibly joining the ranks of the newly rejuvenated thrash legends.
"I’ve been talking to one of your countrymen about playing with me and it looks pretty good," Mustaine revealed about his recent communication with Waters.

"We’ve been talking quite a lot and my only fear is that he’s so good and he’s a leader of his own thing and this is an institution here, it’s a worldwide thing and, you know. I’ve already had some struggles with bringing in a hired gun that was a leader of another situation with Alan (Pitrelli). Alan’s a good guy, good player. I don’t think that he really could take going from being a leader in Savatage and TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) to being, you know, second, or actually fourth, in Megadeth. I don’t think he could handle it. That’s my only fear about working with Jeff is that he’s a leader of his own thing.

But, we’re talkin’ and we’re talkin’ and I’m passionate about what I want to do and it may very well happen. We’ve obviously started a friendship and I’ve known of him for years. It may just be that this is a combination that will put him on the map and give me some stability because I have a lot of friends that are Canadian and every one of them is just fucking righteous."

This isn't the first time that a Mustaine-Waters collaboration has been spoken about. Waters was rumored to replace Jeff Young (So Far, So Good...So What! era) in the late '80s. More...

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Annihilator Announce New Bassist And Drummer

Long-running Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR have announced the addition of bassist Sandor de Bretan and drummer Rob Falzano to the group's ranks. Bretan hails from Waters' hometown of Ottawa Canada, while Falzano, a Boston native, came recommended to Water by "All For You" studio drummer Mike Mangini, who was also Falzano's teacher. Mangini will also be "guesting" at some future shows with the band.

ANNIHILATOR are scheduled to release their new album, "All For You", on May 24 through Germany's AFM Records. A five-song EP, entitled "The One", will surface on April 26, and will include two bonus video clips. "All For You" marks the recording debut with the group of new singer Dave Padden, who replaced previous vocalist Joe Comeau last June.

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News On Forthcoming Annihilator Album

Long-running Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR have set a May 24 European release date through Germany's AFM Records for their new album, "All For You". A five-song EP, entitled "The One", will surface on April 26, and will include two bonus video clips.

"All For You" marks the recording debut with the group of new singer Dave Padden, who replaced previous vocalist Joe Comeau last June. The album also features a return appearance by drummer Mike Mangini (Extreme, Steve Vai) following the departure of Randy Black (Primal Fear) in early October.

Commented mainman Jeff Waters in a recent online posting: "[The song 'Weapon X'] is probably the most brutal ANNIHILATOR song ever written. I honestly would compare it to 'Battery' by Metallica — and I would never ever try to compare something I did with a classic tune like that unless I could back I up. Dave, Mike and I can!

The song 'All For You' will probably be the single as it is one of those darn tootin' tunes that you will hear once and not be able to forget the chorus!"

With regards to the songwriting process for the new album, Waters said, "I demoed 18 songs [using a drum machine]. Weeded out the weakest ones and then got Dave/Mike to do their stuff over the 11 I picked. It was [actually] 12, but one was noticeably weak — could [have] made it on any other CD, but not this one."

"All For You" tracklisting: More...

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Annihilator Bassist Quits

Bassist Russell "The Woodsman" Bergquist has left Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR due to "personal" reasons. "I would like to wish the rest of the guys the best of luck with new album and thank everyone for the support over the five years I was in the band," Russell said in an official statement. Added ANNIHILATOR mainman Jeff Waters: "We will all miss [Russell] and hope that we will hook up with him again, both musically and personally, down the road! Best of luck Woodsman and you kicked everyone's butt!!!!"

As previously reported, Bergquist is believed to be working on his first solo album, tentatively due later in the year through an as-yet-undisclosed label. Among the guests musicians set to appear on the CD is THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen.

ANNIHILATOR's new album, "All For You", is tentatively due this spring through Germany's AFM Records. The forthcoming CD marks the recording debut with the group of new singer Dave Padden, who replaced previous vocalist Joe Comeau last June. The album also features a return appearance by drummer Mike Mangini (EXTREME, STEVE VAI) following the departure of Randy Black (PRIMAL FEAR) in early October.

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