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Reign Of Vengeance

From: Scottsdale, AZ, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Reign Of Vengeance Premieres 2 New Songs

Death metal crew Reign Of Vengeance premieres two new song entitled "The Final Stand; The Final Rebellion" and "The Master's Summons", taken from the band's upcoming new album "The Final Aeon For All Humans".

Check out now the tracks below.

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Reign Of Vengeance Releases Music Video

Death metal crew Reign Of Vengeance just released a new video for "In The Club With A Chainsaw," which can be seen below.

The video footage was previously vaulted and hidden due to pressing legal matters and was later recovered from the darkest corner of vocalist Marshall Beck's garage and edited by music video director and producer Matt Zane (Zakk Wylde, Dope, John 5, Combichrist).

Vocalist Marshall Beck comments: "There is nothing intellectual, political, or meaningful about this song or music video. It is straight across non-politically correct gore soaked and horror filled brutality for the sake of itself. If that bothers you then let Reign Of Vengeance know and we'll dig you a safe space... (a grave)." More...

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Reign Of Vengeance Posts EP Preview

Arizona thrashing posse Reign Of Vengeance will be releasing "The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion March 19th on Synister Empire Records, and has posted a preview of the EP. Stream it below. "The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion" is an EP that is both musically and lyrically styled to narrate through a 'fictional' depiction of class warfare if it were to transpire in our modern world. This EP takes a dual perspective lyrically including that of the common man as well as the occultist elite.

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Reign Of Vengeance Streaming New Single

Arizona Death Unit Reign Of Vengeance (ROV) has released the new single "Fuck The Recession: Kill Those That Caused It" today. The song will appear on the upcoming EP "The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion," which is scheduled for a November 20th release on ROV imprint Synister Empire Records. Stream the single below. ROV vocalist Marshall Beck released the following statement about the upcoming EP:

'The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion' is an EP crafted in the standard Reign Of Vengeance new-school, horror-oriented, death metal fashion. As always this upcoming ROV album features musicians of the already proven and established top tier Metal and music industry Elite.

Contrary to ROV's previous release, 'The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion' is a concept EP. While other bands are currently tossing the [The All Seeing Eye] symbol around because it seems like the trendy thing to do, ROV front man Marshall 'Fucking' Beck has grown to know its aims, its religion, and the goals of its sects of the powerful and of the Elite. He has grown to know THE faith in its power, its guidance, and the rewards for those that abide by its will.

With the age of Osiris having ended and the age of Isis coming to a close the New World Age (Order) of Horus shall bring forth a world peace that shall last throughout the remaining aeons of man'kind's' time. The second form of Atlantis shall rise forth and bring with it ONLY the enlightened and illuminated individuals.

With every revolution there is always ascension. Therefore, in order for ITS quest for world peace to be complete there must first be a massive internment and conflagration/decontamination of the flesh from billions, the flesh of the non-believers and ascenders from ITS Faith. ROV's 'The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion' focuses on what will enable this holocaust as well as how it will transpire through the eyes of the rebellious tiers, the common tiers and the upper Elite tiers. But, do not worry common civilians-(vermin), this album is all just a work of fiction.... Sleep well."


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Reign Of Vengeance Releases Official Video

Reign Of Vengeance has released the music video for "She's Best Kept Headless." This version is without the story line cut scenes and depicts the band performing within the desert underneath the scorching and tormenting Arizona sun.

Vocalist Marshal "Fucking" Beck comments, "For those of you visually-gore obsessed fanatics that version will be coming soon. For now, you'll have to read the lyrics and allow the demented part of your own mind to visualize the brutal, blood-soaked, and horrifying story line as it unfolds. Olden day style when people actually knew how to read books and use their own imaginations to visualize certain things for themselves. The lyrics are within the description."

The video for "She's Best Kept Headless" was shot and edited by www.HorrorMerch.com. The band has recently started work on the follow-up to its 2011 release, "Disemboweling Swine". Entitled "The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion," the five-song EP is currently in pre-production and is scheduled for release later this year.

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Reign Of Vengeance Working On New EP

Arizona death maniacs Reign Of Vengeance have started work on the follow up to their 2011 release, "Disemboweling Swine." Front man and founder Marshall "Fucking" Beck made the following statement about the forthcoming EP.

"Reign Of Vengeance has begun pre-production on a new five song EP. I can promise that as of right now this album will be extremely dangerous, simply because of its lyrical content. The music, as always, is speaking for itself in terms of masterly crafted horror-oriented brutality. Over the past couple of years I have begun to run within certain circles and have obtained knowledge about certain things that might happen to our deserving and pathetic race of humans within our near future. This will not be another meaningless gore-soaked 'total fucking brutal' album like the other cliches of the death metal genre, and this will not be like a black metal album that constantly attacks a force that may or may not even exist. This album addresses real forces and certain individuals that posses more power than can be contemplated by most common minds. I have always believed that music is a weapon and this album will certainly prove that. If upon its release there is not mass confusion and chaos amongst the common men and the Elite then I will be thoroughly disappointed. The name of this upcoming EP will be entitled 'The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion.' Expect brutality, expect bloodshed, but above all, expect revolution."

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Reign Of Vengeance Releases Christmas Songs

Reign of Vengeance has just released two Christmas tunes via Brain Damage Music. The songs, death metal versions of "Jingle Bells" and "Frosty the Snowman," can both be previewed on iTunes. Reign of Vengeance recently put out it's album, "Disemboweling Swine," and is set to embark on the Arctic Brutality and Bloodshed Mini-Tour with Turbid North in the latter part of January. More...

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Reign Of Vengeance On Mini Tour

Arizona death metallers Reign of Vengeance are embarking on The Arctic Brutality and Bloodshed mini tour with Turbid North in late January. Both bands have new albums released earlier this year, Turbid North releasing "Orogeny" in June and Reign of Vengeance dropping it's full length "Disemboweling Swine." Reign of Vengeance filmed it's performance at Chaser's in Scottsdale on November 4th to include in a couple of new videos, one for the track "She's Best Kept Headless" and another for one of it's earlier tunes, "Frosty the Snowman." The following tour dates have been confirmed.

January 24th- New Mexico- TBA
January 25th- Gallup, NM- The Juggernaut
January 26th- Tempe, AZ- The Red Owl
January 27th- Riverside, CA- The Vibe
January 28th- Santa Ana, CA- Malone's
January 29th- Las Vegas, NV- The Cheyenne Saloon More...

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Reign Of Vengeance Adds ex-Dying Fetus Drummer

Scottsdale, Arizona death metal outfit Reign Of Vengeance has officially announced the addition of former Dying Fetus drummer Duane Timlin. Timlin recently completed drum tracks for the group's "Revenge by Bloodshed" CD, due out later this year. "It sounds great and he's done an amazing job," says vocalist Marshall Beck. "Mixing of the final songs will continue this coming Monday so the album should be pressed and ready for purchase soon." Beck adds, "We do apologize for the delays on releasing this album. We ran into some out-of-our-control problems with our first drummer Sorceron that has delayed the release much longer than we had originally planned."

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