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Below is our complete NightShade news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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NightShade Releases "Uchronia" Video

French metal band NightShade has released a new music video and single, "Uchronia," taken off upcoming album "Predilections."

The album produced at Nalcon Studios, mixed and master edby Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Attila, Born Of Osiris) will be released on February 12th via Marked Man Records. Pre-orders for "Predilections" are now available at the Marked Man Records online store.

Joey Sturgis also comments: "NightShade really brings a powerful punch of riffs, beatdowns, and steady pulverizing rhythms that will kick your ass! Listen to this, and try not to spin kick your neighbors."

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NightShade Releasing New Album

NightShade just checked in with this announcement about gearing up to drop a new album early next year:

"We are pleased to announce the release of our new album 'Predilections' on February 12th, 2016! Pre-orders begin on January 15 and will include CDs, T-Shirts and even limited edition vinyl prints!

"We could tell you it's the most brutal and melodic album we have made yet, but you will see for yourself! This is our most personal release EVER. As always, Fabien Letren and Bastien Deleule wrote the songs. The band self recorded at the Nalcon Studio in Brest, France.

"With the changing of times and wanting to keep things in our own hands, we will release the album worldwide through Marked Man Records (owned by Bastien)! The mixing/mastering duties were handled by the one and only Joey Sturgis.

"We have two songs featuring Kiarely from Conquer Divide (Reminice/Solace) and Vince from JraaaH (Midas). We've got some brand new videos, lyric videos and more coming your way!! The first one, a music video for our debut single 'Uchronia' premieres January 15th! This single filmed in Spain, with the same team as 'Betrayal,\ our brothers in Making Dreams Productions! So we hope to get all your support for this new album! And see you all really soon on tour!" More...

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NightShade Drops Off Tour

NightShade has posted the following message online about canceling the band's previously scheduled shows with Cyclamen:

"Unfortunately we have to drop off our tour with Cyclamen and Sworn Amongst.

"Last night on our way to Glasgow, our drummer fucked up his wrist and this morning his wrist was hurting a lot more, enough to stop him playing for a good few weeks so we had to make the difficult decision to go back to France.

"We're sure you understand our decision, we want to deliver you the best show as we can and without a drummer at such short notice this is impossible. More...

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Sweetest Devilry Bassist To Miss Upcoming Shows

Sweetest Devilry has issued the following announcement about tapping Bastien from NightShade for upcoming tour dates:

"We've the pleasure to announce you that we will be back on the road in less than a month all across Europe with Immolation and Broken Hope! Check out the first wave of dates (more will comes this week end!)

"The sad news: our bassist Sylvere will not be able to join us on this tour... but he will be replaced on this one by our bro Bastien from the band NightShade! Hope to see you all really soon!" More...

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NightShade Posts "Betrayal" Video

NightShade is excited to release the first music video from the band's upcoming album "An Endless Vision."

The video for "Betrayal" is now premiering at MetalInsider.net, or it can be viewed in the player below. The following press release was also issued about hte clip:

"While the deathcore group was filming the music video in Spain, a demonstration in Madrid turned ugly when thousands of protesters clashed with riot police. Protesting in response to the announcement of severe austerity measures, police reportedly made 22 arrests while over 32 were injured. As a result, NightShade decided to include shocking footage that shows police using violent force on protesters in the video for 'Betrayal.' This video is SERIOUSLY INTENSE!"

“This song ‘Betrayal’ is about how people need to open their eyes and stop being controlled by their governments. People shouldn’t be scared to take control of their own lives and make their own choices,” explains guitarist Bastien Deleule. “It’s ironic that a huge civil protest broke out in Spain while we were there shooting our music video, considering it is effectively what this song is about. Spain has over 50% unemployment and things are dire and people are angry, and we are angry too. We choose to express our anger with our music and we hope everyone loves it as much as we do! Other than being in the middle of some scary riots in Spain, we had a blast filming this video!” More...

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Bullet Tooth Releases Free Sampler

Bullet Tooth has released a free 10 song 2012 summer sampler featuring bands on the label's roster. Head over to this location to download the sampler (email registration required). The bands on the sampler include:

Dead Icons
Deception Of A Ghost
First Blood
I, Omega
Kid Liberty
Memphis May Fire
Most Precious Blood
Throw The Fight

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Nightshade Posts Pre-Production Song

Nightshade has posted a new pre-production track online, which you can hear in the player below. The band also commented:

"Hey! So here is a brand new instrumental preprod song (rough)! We hope you will like it and prepare yourself for our upcoming album! This one is gonna be recorded in France at the 'Energy Zombie Studio' during August/September and the mix/mastering will be done by Mother Fucking Jason Suecof at the Audio Hammer Studios (Black Dahlia Murder, WhiteChapel, August Burns Red, Devil Driver, Born Of Osiris, Trivium...)

"The songs are gonna be louder, more technical, tighter, with more melodies and leads, and without autotune (replaced by clean vocal)... We will keep the 'NightShade Identity" but we have evolved.

"After the recording of this one, we will be coming back out on the road, first in Europe during October with a huge festival soon announced.

"We can't wait to share our new stuff with people, and hope they are gonna love the new stuff as we love it. We will keep you updated with everything asap so stay in touch and share the video everywhere." More...

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Nightshade Posts Pre-Production Video

Nightshade has posted a studio pre-production video clip online, which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"Hey my friends! Here is a little preview of what going on at the preprod studio. Recording, playing, having some fun. You can hear few seconds of a new preprod song!

"You want to hear more? Share this video on your wall! We will announce soon when we'll record our new album and who will do the mix/mastering, new tours... SO keep your eyes open and get ready for some HUGE news soon! Thanks a lot to everybody for the support, to our label Bullet Tooth, Rockstar Energy Drink France, Fractal Audio, Halo Custom Guitars, Toontrack..."

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Nightshade Guitarist To Miss U.S. Tour

Guitarist Bastien Deleule of NightShade has issued the following announcement about missing the band's U.S. tour due to visa issues:

"Hey everyone! Bastien here! The last two days were the worst days in my entire life. I was ready for tours, but when I arrived in USA they stopped me due of a visa problem. It's lame! So I was returned to France immediately.

"The problem was 'what to do?,' do we need to cancel the tour or find a session member to replace me on this tour/a part of this one till the problem visa be resolve or just cancel the tour ? It was a really hard decision for me, bandmates, label, and manager. But we finally decided to keep the tour rocking without me.

"I hope you understand, I didn't leave the band, it's my baby, and the best thing I ever made in my life, I just want to save this tour I was so excited to play, and don't put the manager, booker or other bands (as they sleep and It Lies Within) into problems cause of our cancellation. More...

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Nightshade Cancels European Tour

Nightshade has checked in with the following announcement about canceling upcoming European tour dates:

"Hey everyone, we're sad to announce this, but our European shows and music video shoot have been cancelled, due to an unfortunate event.

"Our U.S. tour is still happening in March and we'll be back in Europe after this. Please stay tuned for future announcements.

"Sorry for the disappointment. Please keep us in your thoughts."

Further details on upcoming shows and the canceled music video shoot will be announced as they are made available. You can also check out a teaser trailer for Nightshade's "Lost in Motion" album at this location.

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New Metal Songs Available On The Rock Band Network

Xbox 360 metal fans are receiving several new metal tracks for the coming weekend on the Rock Band Network. This week's roundup includes music from Bonded By Blood, Chaotrope, Veil of Maya, and Wargasm. PS3 users will also get new tracks from Amberian Dawn, Lazarus A.D., Nightrage, and NightShade starting on the 28th.

The complete list of newly added Xbox 360 songs, including all the non-metal tracks, is as follows:


Bonded By Blood - "Prototype Death Machine" (160 MSP)
Chaotrope - "Diachylon" (80 MSP)
Destruction of a Rose - "Rise and Shine" (160 MSP)
Destruction of a Rose - "Rise and Shine (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Veil of Maya - "Namaste" (160 MSP)
Wargasm - "Underground (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP) More...

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Nightshade Posts Summer Tour Dates Teaser Clip

Nightshade has posted a teaser clip online for the band's upcoming summer U.S. tour dates, which can be viewed below.

You can also check out a teaser trailer for the band's new album "Lost in Motion" here, or read a recent interview with the band at this location.

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NightShade Teaser Trailer Available Online

NightShade has released the new album "Lost In Motion" today, April 26, 2011 in the U.S. and the record will see release on May 13th, 2011 in Europe. A teaser trailer for the album is now available, which can be viewed below.

You can also read Metalunderground.com's interview with the band about "Lost in Motion" at this location.

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NightShade Posts Entire New Album Online

NightShade is currently streaming the band's entire new album "Lost In Motion" online. You can listen to the album by heading over to the AOL Music website. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Unleash the Rage
2. Rebellion
3. Winner (Or Not)
4. Lose Your Friends
5. The Depths of Memory
6. A Dream. A Choice. A War.
7. Final Crop
8. If You Don't Have a Pawn in Your Game, You're Guaranteed to Fail
9. You Can't See Through My Eyes
10. FoxHound

You can also check out the cover artwork below, or read Metalunderground.com's interview with the band about the album here. More...

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The Rock Band Network Gets New Metal Tracks

This Friday sees a few new rock and metal tracks hitting the Rock Band Network just in time for the weekend. The Xbox 360 version gets kicked into high gear with more Amberian Dawn, Andromeda, and Nightshade. On April 26th the PS3 also gets new music from Taproot, Wretched, and Sister Sin.

The new songs coming to the Rock Band Network on the Xbox 360 today, including the non-metal tracks, are as follows:

"Hair Trigger" - The Acro-Brats
"The Curse" - Amberian Dawn
"Chameleon Carneval" - Andromeda
"Veil of Illumination (Part 1)" - Andromeda
"Veil of Illumination (Part 2)" - Andromeda
"(pin)Ballz" - Insomniac Games
"Everyone" - Madlife
"The Depths of Memory" - NightShade
"The Depths of Memory (2x Bass Pedal)" - NightShade
"Zig Zag Talk" - Steven Fister

Coming to the Rock Band Network on PlayStation 3 on April 26th (May 4th in Europe):

"Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)" - Taproot
"The Way You Move" - The Audition
"The Body" - Close Your Eyes
"Do Yourself a Favor" - Comeback Kid
"Cimmerian Shamballa" - Wretched
"Anybody Else" - Audible Mainframe
"Ice Cold" - Audible Mainframe
"Radioland" - Audible Mainframe
"On Parole" - Sister Sin
"Model Ships" - Rosaline

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Metalhit.com Offering Free Compilation Download

Digital download store Metalhit.com has launched the first of many future monthly compilations to be available for free download worldwide. Owner, Mike Riddick, comments:

"What’s unique about these monthly compilations is that they will feature as-of-yet unreleased tracks from metal bands spanning a variety of genres. Metalheads want to be ‘in the know’ on the latest titles, and what better way to do this than to offer up legal downloads of the latest from metal’s greatest labels...days-to-weeks before their official release!"

Metalhit’s first compilation includes 11 downloadable tracks from Agoraphobic Nosebleed, While Heaven Wept, Blut Aus Nord, Feral, Necros Christos, Nightshade, Putridity, Satan’s Host, Spearhead, Hope for the Dying, and Leaves’ Eyes.

The compilation can be downloaded at this location. Another set of free songs will be available in May.

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NightShade Posts New Song Online

NightShade will release the band's new album “Lost In Motion” in the U.S. on April 26th, 2011, and in Europe on May 13th, 2011. Noisecreep.com is now streaming a new song from the upcoming album, titled "The Depths of Memory." You can listen to the song by heading over to this location. The artwork and track listing for "Lost In Motion" are available here.

You can also catch Nightshade live on the following dates:

Apr 20 - Peabodys Down Under (Cleveland, OH)
Apr 21 - Broadway Joe’s (Buffalo, NY)
Apr 22 - Downtown Quarterback (Endicott, NY)
Apr 23 - Bogie’s (Albany, NY)
Apr 24 - Webster Underground Hartford, CT)
Apr 27 - Championship Bar (Trenton, NJ)
Apr 28 - The Silo (Reading, PA)
Apr 29 - Smiling Moose (Pittsburgh, PA)
Apr 30 - Parkstreet Patio (Columbus, OH)
May 01 - Mad Hatter (Covington, KY)
May 03 - The District Skatepark (Evansville, IN)
May 04 - The Muse (Nashville, TN)
May 05 - Emerson Theater (Indianapolis, IN)
May 06 - McGuffys House Of Rock (Dayton, OH)
May 11 - The Pit (Jacksonville, FL)
May 12 - 321 Local (Cocoa, FL)
May 13 - The Chamber (Daytona Beach, FL)
May 14 - The Talent Farm (Pembroke Pines, FL)
May 15 - Woodlawn Community (Panama City, FL)
May 17 - The Grunge Bar (Pensacola, FL)
May 20 - Reverb (Tulsa, OK)
May 22 - The Brass Rail (Peoria, IL)
May 24 - Another Hole In The Wall (Steger, IL)
May 25 - Miramar Theatre (Milwaukee, WI)
May 27 - Slowdown (Omaha, NE)
May 28 - Bottleneck (Lawrence, KS)
May 31 - The Mosh Hall (Henryetta, OK)
June 01 - Eisenberg’s Skatepark (Plano, TX)
June 02 - Greens Theater (Houston, TX)
June 05 - White Rabbit (San Antonio, TX)
June 09 - Bricktown Live (Oklahoma City, OK)
June 14 - Cobalt Cafe (Canoga Park, CA)
June 18 - The Fire Escape (Sacramento, CA)
June 28 - Radio Rendezvous (Twin Falls, ID)

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NightShade Announces New Album Release Date

NightShade will release the band's new album “Lost In Motion” in the U.S. on April 26th, 2011, and in Europe on May 13th, 2011. The release will be followed by a lengthy U.S. tour. "Lost in Motion" was produced by Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd, and fans can listen to a two minute teaser of the new album at the NightShade Facebook page. The cover artwork can be viewed below.


The track listing for “Lost In Motion” is as follows:

1. Unleash The Rage
2. Rebellion
3. Winner (or Not)
4. Lose Your Friends
5. The Depths Of Memory
6. A Dream. A Choice. A War.
7. FInal Crop
8. If You Don’t Have A Pawn In Your Game, You’re Guaranteed To Fail
9. You Can’t See Through My Eyes
10. FoxHound

NightShade's upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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NightShade Signs To Bullet Tooth

French metal band NightShade has announced the band's signing to Bullet Tooth. The group will release a new album titled "Lost In Motion" this Spring followed by a lengthy U.S. tour. Fans can listen to a two minute teaser of the new album at the NightShade Facebook page.

Guitarist and songwriter Bastien Deleule commented on the signing, "Everyone in Nightshade is excited to be working with our new label Bullet Tooth and its owner, Josh Grabelle. We've come to know him well the last few months and his track record with many successful metal acts like It Dies Today, First Blood, Bleeding Through, and more, speaks volumes. We feel confident in the new album and we hope everyone will enjoy listening to them, because we had a great time making them. See you on the road!" More...

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Headline News

Usurper To Reunite?

Former Usurper and current Nightshade guitarist Rick Scythe has confirmed that he has been in talks recently with his former bandmates in Usurper regarding a reuinion tour. An updare from Rick Scythe reads as follows:

"My new project Nightshade Official has been on hiatus for a few weeks. We did start on some recordings and they've sounded awesome, but the other guitarist Mr. Faust quit the band suddenly and unexpectedly. Since we've rehearsed at his house, we are currently stuck with out a rehearsal room.

"So in my downtime I have been writing a LOT of music. Some new Nightshade stuff, and some stuff for a solo album. I am also looking for other musicians to collaborate with for this solo project. I am basically playing everything myself and then will invite some guests for guitar leads, vocals, drum parts and other things.

"I am planning on setting up a demo studio at my new house and am starting to buy some gear. I still have more to buy, but I figure by mid September I should be ready to record some solo material. More...

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