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Formed: 2005
From: Utrecht, Netherlands
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Alerion News

Below is our complete Alerion news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Alerion Brings On New Bassist

After splitting with bassist Ronald Van Schaik, Alerion has now issued the following update about the situation:

"We are happy to announce Tom Gorissen will help us out by playing bass guitar during our upcoming shows, starting with the ProgMayhem II Festival, November 23rd.

"Tom is known as keyboardist and bassist for the Dutch symphonic metal band Hymir. Tom and Bas have been in contact since 2009 and Tom has collaborated with Alerion before on some keyboard parts. He will be featured on the upcoming full-length Alerion album with a guest keyboard solo and perhaps even more."

Tom also comments:

"Hey guys and girls, I'm happy to announce my arrival to Alerion. I've followed the band for quite a while now, and also had some musical collaborations working on keys for Alerion with Bas. This was a very nice experience, so when I was asked to help out on bass guitar, there was no need to think twice! You may know me from my other band Hymir, in which I play keyboards and bass guitar.

"I'm looking forward to working with Alerion, supporting the band on keys, playing bass and performing for you guys and girls on stage! Cya on the battlefield!"

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Alerion Parts Ways With Bassist

Dutch outfit Alerion has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's bassist:

"We are sad to report that our bass player Ronald van Schaik has left Alerion. In August, Ronald left The Netherlands for Tromsø, Norway, where he will spend the next two years studying for a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture. Aside from that, it will allow him to put more effort into his Cross Country Skiing. You might remember he became double Dutch Champion in that discipline early this year.

"Ronald has been a constant asset to Alerion since the early days almost 7 years ago and appears on all releases, including the upcoming full-length album. He will be missed. We wish Ronald all the best in Norway." More...

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ProgMayhem Trailer Posted Online

Utrecht (NL) celebrates the launch of a brand new rock festival as dB's Studio is hosting the first edition of ProgMayhem on October 13th, an evening with heavy rock and metal sounds and a variety of music styles. A trailer for the event can be viewed below, and the following press release was issued:

"ProgMayhem features progressive rock & metal, or simply 'prog' music. The genre of prog once started as 'symfonic rock' in the seventies, starring bands like Rush, Yes and Focus. Progressive music is known for it's melodies and technical complexity. Nowadays, bands like Dream Theater and Opeth are important names in the genre. ProgMayhem is organized by the Dutch band Alerion, who wants to provide a stage for new talent in the prog nusic genre and offer them the spotlight.

"ProgMayhem features four bands: headliner Ex Libris, combining heavy and technical metal with the operetic vocals of rockchick Dianne van Giersbergen, who recently graduated as Master of Arts in Music. Prog rock band Incidense, based in Utrecht, released their album 'Incarcerated' in 2011 and features strong male vocals. Upcoming talents Equisa show an impressive combination of heavy riffs and 'dream-like soundscapes'." More...

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Alerion Posts Acoustic Footage

Alerion has posted an acoustic live performance clip online, which can be viewed below, and the band also commented:

"We were asked to play acoustically as a three-piece (guitar-bass-vocals) on the literary radioshow 'Reading Heads' for RTV Radio Rijnmond on May 18th. A new experience for us. We decided to accept the invitation and adapted 'Turn of Fate' to an acoustic version for the occasion. 'Clash with Eternity,' with more elaborate bass parts, was played as well.

"Next saturday, June 16th, at 18.00h (GMT+1) the show 'Reading Heads' will be aired on RTV Radio Rijnmond. The show that will be aired is a shorter and edited version of the show which was recorded on May 18th and will most likely feature one of the songs we played, and perhaps the interview which was conducted with our guitarist / songwriter Bas Willemsen as well. You can listen to Radio Rijnmond live right here.

"We have posted a recording of the acoustic version of 'Turn of Fate' on YouTube. You'll be able to see and hear a different side of Alerion this way. Enjoy." More...

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Alerion Posts Performance Footage Of New Song

Alerion has issued the following announcement about posting performance footage online featuring the band's new vocalist:

"On April 28th we did our second show with Laura on vocals at Capsloc, Capelle aan de IJssel, The Netherlands. The gig was partly filmed and two songs have been posted online.

"Turn of Fate is one, a song which many people already know. The other song, Colourblind, has not been released yet. Finished in 2011, it is still fairly new and has not been performed live a lot.

"Below, you can view both movies. They offer you a glimpse of our sound with Laura on vocals, as well as a song of which no material has been released before. We hope you like the movies." More...

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Alerion Announces First Shows With New Singer

Dutch act Alerion has issued the following announcement about the band's upcoming first live shows with a new vocalist:

"On April 27th and 28th, you will have your first chance to see us play live with Laura on vocals. To add to the flavour of these shows, we will also debut a new song. The new song 'Entrapment' clocks in at nearly 12 minutes and consists of two parts which are both musically and lyrically probably best described as a small story.

"'Entrapment - I - Caged', is a short, mellow and piano dominated song. It envisions a young girl kept in a golden cage, who dreams of breaking free, and sets the scene for part two.

"'Entrapment - II - Escape', launches the story into a 10+ minutes long progressive metal song, with all kinds of guitars, keys, melodies, solo's, interludes and riffing, topped off with vocals by Laura. The story tells of how the girl became entrapped and is now breaking free of the visible ánd invisible bonds of her captor.

"Come to see us on April 27th or 28th to check it out for yourselves. ;) See our gigs section on our website for details."

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Alerion Announces New Vocalist

Alerion has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new vocalist:

"We are happy to announce that Laura ten Hoedt has been chosen as our new leading lady. Laura joined the band in December and has since worked with us on our existing songs, as well as on some new material.

"Laura is probably best known as singer-songwriter LadyLau. Although less in the public view, she has also been active in several projects in progressive rock and metal. These include the German projects VoXager and Escapedia as well as live performances with Dial and in Ayreon tribute projects.

"More information on Laura can be found in the updated band section of the website. Starting in April we will do some shows so you will all be able to hear Laura sing yourselves.

"Two gigs and a live radio performance have been scheduled so far, as well as a small acoustic performance to be recorded and aired on Radio Rijnmond. Details can be found in the gigs section of the website. During these shows we just might debut some new material with vocals by Laura. ;)

"Recently new pictures have been taken with Laura, which can be seen on the website. More pictures will be posted online later. Stay tuned for further updates."

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Alerion Splits With Vocalist

Dutch band Alerion has issued the following announcement about parting ways with vocalist Maaike Siegerist:

"We have some unfortunate news. Recently, Maaike decided to leave Alerion, after three years with us. Gradually, she moved in other directions than Alerion, which ultimately led to her departure. We are sad to see her go and want to thank her for her contributions to the band. We wish her all the best in her musical ventures. Those of you who wish to check out her musical activities outside of metal (in pop and jazz) can visit the website of her acoustic duo Daisy Enjazzed here."

Maaike released the following message to explain her departure:

"I'd like to thank the guys of Alerion for the good times we had together; it was great to be the band's leading lady for three years. I loved being on stage with them, writing songs together with Bas - who's got a composer of classical magnitude in him - and especially joking over beers after band practice.

"However, lately, I felt out of place. Drawn to old-fashioned jazz, pop, and other musical genres, and frustrated with the challenging conditions metal singers face on stage at smaller venues, I grew less enthusiastic about playing with the band. So I made the difficult decision to quit Alerion.

"I wish Alerion all the best, and hope they'll find the new singer they deserve. When they hit the stage again, I'll be sure to be in the audience!"

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Femme Metal Compilation Track Listing Revealed

The release date of the upcoming 2011 Femme Metal Records compilation CD "Melody & Malice" has been set for September 26th, 2011. You can check out the artwork and track listing for the compilation below.


1. Deadlock - "Virus Jones"
2. Exoterik - "Revive"
3. Regardless Of Me - "Until I Die"
4. Kittie - "Cut Throat"
5. In This Moment - "A Star Crossed Wasteland"
6. Mongrel - "Zombies Of War"
7. hAND - "Fate Sewn On"
8. Decadence - "Vulture"
9. UnSun - "Whispers"
10. Katra - "One Wish Away"
11. Crystal Viper - "Blood Of The Heroes"
12. Winter Storm - "The Embrace"
13. The Agonist - "And Their Eulogies Sang Me To Sleep"
14. Alerion - "Turn Of Fate"
15. Sarah Jezebel Deva - "The Corruption of Mercy"
16. Jaggedy Ann - "Skin Of Your Teeth"


1. Magica - "Wait For Me"
2. Witchburn - "Bleed The Stone"
3. Edenbridge - "Higher"
4. The Mariana Hollow - "Your Halo"
5. Luna Mortis - "Ash"
6. Beneath The Stares - "Guilty Bystander"
7. Achilla - "Mirrors"
8. Amberian Dawn - "Talisman"
9. Lacuna Coil - "Spellbound"
10. Triosphere - "The Anger And The Silent Remorse"
11. Solsikk - "Relish In Nervous Delights"
12. Noctis Notus - "Scarlet Storm"
13. Arch Enemy - "I Will Live Again"
14. Further From The Truth - "Drifter"
15. Evil's Desire - "Touched By Insanity"
16. Rising Dream - "Religion For The Weak" More...

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Alerion Song To Appear On Compilation Album

Alerion has issued the following announcement about contributing a song to an upcoming compilation album from Femme Metal Records:

"The Alerion track 'Turn of Fate' will be included on the Femme Metal Records compilation album 'Melody & Malice,' due for release later this year. In the past few years Femme Metal Records has released three compilation albums featuring many artists. These include acts such as Epica, ReVamp, Cardamon, A New Dawn and Ex Libris.

"We are proud to be featured among them. The final tracklist, release date and artwork are still to be announced, although an unofficial temporary cover already exists and is displayed here. If more information becomes available, we will let you know."

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Alerion Comments On Lineup Changes

Dutch act Alerion recently issued a statement about recruiting new band members. Alerion has now checked in with the following update about the musicians who left the band:

"It has been quiet over here for a while, but not without reason. In the period after the departure of our keyboardist Paul Bouman in October of 2009, both guitarist Bart Lubbers and drummer Lennert Stap decided to leave the band. More recently, they were followed by keyboardist Nathalia Hoogkamer, who had joined us in May of 2010, leaving the keyboard parts to several songs mostly unfinished.

"Although Bart was only with us for a year, his decision to leave early in 2010 was nevertheless mainly due to his desire to play music not related to our music or metal in general. Lennert left the band some months later because of musical differences which had been gradually increasing for some time. We wish them both all the best in their musical ventures. We also like to take this opportunity to thank Lennert for his dedication and laying down the foundations to our music for three years.

"Nathalia Hoogkamer of Thronar joined us on keyboard in May 2010 and began work on finishing the keyboard parts on three new songs. Unfortunately, Nathalia abruptly left the band in January this year. We are sad to see her go and wish her all the best in the future."

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Alerion Announces Lineup Changes

Dutch act Alerion has checked in with the following update about changes in the band lineup:

"As of this moment, Alerion is ready to rock again! We have been strenghtened by the arrival of Jeroen Nagel and Nico Lammers on drums and rhythm guitar, respectively, two experienced musicians who had both been watching Alerion for some time. To complete the musical palette, guitarist and main songwriter Bas Willemsen is now also writing the keyboard parts in our music.

"A backing track containing all keyboard parts will be used live untill the right keyboardist presents him- or herself to us. Untill that time, we will simply forge on. The new songs A Life Less Ordinary, Colourblind and Chains of the Collective are now fully finished. Chains of the Collective has been spiced up with a guest keyboard solo by Tom Gorissen of symphonic death / black metal band Hymir, also from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

"We can't wait to get back on stage. So before the summer hits us we'll try to do some shows. Two shows have already been scheduled (June 4th at Metal Front Twente, Nijverdal & June 17th at Little Devil, Tilburg) and are listed on the website. We hope to see you there! Our brand new website has just gone online as well, check out this location."

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Alerion Announces New Keyboardist

Dutch female-fronted metallers Alerion have issued the following update about recruiting a new keyboardist:

"Nathalia Hoogkamer has joined Alerion on keyboards. After auditioning several keyboardists, Nathalia was asked to join the band on May 17th. Formerly Nathalia was a member of folk metal band Thronar from Arnhem, The Netherlands, with whom she performed on many gigs. With Thronar Nathalia released two albums: 2008's Unleash the Fire and 2005's For Death and Glory. We are happy to have her in Alerion and look forward to creating new music with her. Furthermore, we are now able to finish the writing process of the new songs A Life Less Ordinary, Colourblind and Chains of the Collective. We'll add them to our live set as soon as they're done."

Nathalia also commented: "After Thronar broke up, I've been busy giving piano lessons. But my my, did I miss the stage and a good band around me! Then Alerion came on my path: great musicians, great people. I'm glad to have the honour to be part of the band. Let's make some music!"

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Alerion Issues Band Update

Dutch female-fronted metallers Alerion have issued the following update about writing new material and seeking a new keyboardist:

"Hi everyone, as I'm writing this we are still looking for a new keyboardist. I've had some contacts which seemed promising, even a few auditions took place, but so far the search has been unsuccessful. Which is unfortunate, as we have four new songs all ready to go, except for the keyboard parts. Some keyboard parts have been written, but most haven't. When we find our new band member, we'll be able to complete those songs and perform them live. Moreover, we can then start creating more new songs. Our future keyboard player will therefore have the opportunity to put his stamp on Alerion right away.

"Of these four new songs, two have been played live a few times, even though the keyboard parts aren't really done yet. These are Colourblind and A Life Less Ordinary. So you might have catched them live. Of the other songs, one will be called Chains of the Collective, and the other is still untitled. That's it for this update. We'll continue our search, we'll see how it turns out."

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Alerion Seeking New Keyboardist

Dutch female fronted metallers Alerion have issued the following statement about seeking a new keyboardist:

"Alerion is looking for a new keyboardist to join the band on stage and to add keyboard parts to new material. Naturally, we are looking for someone who likes our music and would like to contribute to it. Some of our songs can be downloaded on our website through the music section. Alerion is based in Utrecht, Holland. If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact us at keys @ alerion.nl"

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Alerion Acquires New Guitar Player

Dutch female fronted metal band Alerion has issued the following update about acquiring a new guitar player:

"Alerion is happy to announce the addition of guitarist Bart Lubbers to the band. After contacts with many different guitarists, Bart auditioned and joined us on January 28th. Both musically and personally, Bart is a great addition to the band. Moreover, having first picked it up in 1997, Bart knows how to handle his guitar.

"We would really like to thank our original guitarist Wijb Sommer for stepping in these past many months. Not only did this enable us to continue doing gigs, it also provided us with all the time we wanted to find the right guitarist for the band. Thanks for helping us out and thanks for all the fun in the process!"

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Download Alerion's New Promo For Free

Dutch female fronted progressive gothic Metal band Alerion has released the new promo "Turn of Fate" online as a free download here. Production was done by Kevin Storm of Cardamon. The free promo includes the songs " Turn of Fate "and "Clash with Eternity." More...

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Alerion Post Demo Online For Download

Dutch female-fronted metal band Alerion has recently released their latest demo album online. The album is available for streaming and download from the band's site.

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