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Band Photo: Obituary (?)

Formed: 1984
From: Brandon, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped


John Tardy Vocals
Terry Butler Bass
Trevor Peres Guitar
Ken Andrews Guitar
Donald Tardy Drums

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Obituary Mixing New DVD

OBITUARY frontman John Tardy has posted the message at the band's website:

"Things are moving right along with the DVD. DT (Donald Tardy - drums) and I spent the week at The RedRoom with Mark Prator mixing the audio portion of the DVD. We expect the first round of the video on Tuesday, so we can start to work with that. If everything goes well we are trying to release it December - January. I will let you know more about the release date and what to expect from the DVD when we get further along. So far it sounds pretty heavy and I am really getting excited. I still can't believe we have waited this long to do one but, that is just the way it worked out."

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Report From Obituary DVD Shoot Issued

Metal Mind Productions have issued the following report regarding last night's OBITUARY DVD shoot in Poland:

"August 24th is a date that some people will remember for a long time. All due to a fantastic performance given by OBITUARY – one of the best death metal bands around. And they proved that again last night at one off gig in Stodola Club in Warsaw, Poland. This special show was recorded for the future DVD release, so luckily people who didn’t attend this show will have the opportunity to see what happened there (the release date is planned for November 2006 on Metal Mind Productions).

Obituary in line-up: John Tardy – vocal, Allen West – guitar, Trevor Peres – guitar, Frank Watkins – bass, Donald Tardy - drums played following tracks:

Intro: 'Rain', 'Redneck Stomp', 'On The Floor', 'Insane', 'Chopped In Half', 'Turned Insideout', 'Dying', 'Internal Bleeding', 'Back To One', 'Find The Arise', 'Back Inside', 'Threatening Skies', 'By The Light', 'Kill For Me', 'Solid State', 'Stand Alone', 'Back From The Dead', Drum Solo, 'Lockjaw', 'Slow Death', '‘Til Death', 'Slowly We Rot'.

Bands members were in ultra TOP form so they easily made the 800-people crowd ecstatic. Great stage design and over 1.5 hour long set recorded by seven cameras promise great results on the final DVD. Future, yet untitled, DVD will include most if not all of tracks played in Warsaw and also an interview conducted a day earlier, on Wednesday (August 23rd). More details to be announced soon."

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Obituary Preparing For Upcoming DVD Recording

Florida-based death metallers OBITUARY are currently rehearsing for their upcoming DVD shoot, which is scheduled to take place August 24 at the Stodola Club in Warsaw, Poland. They will also perform at the the Up From The Ground festival, which is set to take place August 25-26 in Gemünden, Germany. Check out pictures from the band's recent rehearsal sessions at this location.

OBITUARY are continuing to promote their latest CD, "Frozen in Time", which was released in July 2005 via Roadrunner Records. The group's first collection of new songs since 1997's "Back from the Dead" was self-produced by the band, with Mark Prator and Scott Burns engineering, and was mastered by Tom Morris at Morrisound.

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Obituary Consider Releasing New Album On Their Own

OBITUARY frontman John Tardy spoke to Metalupdate.com recently about a number of topics including the likelihood that they are thinking of releasing a new album without a record label. An excerpt from the interview found here follows:

Metalupdate.com: Any label interest?

Tardy: "As you can imagine, all the likely candidates. Nuclear Blast, Century Media, a handful of others who came to us. No firm offers but they have shown interest. We're at the point of kicking it around, leaving all our options open and half considering the fact we'll do it all on our own." More...

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Gorerotted To Support Obituary, Cryptopsy In UK

U.K. extreme metal lunatics GOREROTTED have been confirmed as main support for both the CRYPTOPSY and OBITUARY U.K. tours.

Commented vocalist Ben: "Yeah, we're really looking forward to getting back on the road, our last show was in October 2005 so we're all fired up and restless! Along with SEPULTURA and ANTHRAX, OBITUARY are one of the bands that got me into death metal when I was like 12 or something so it's gonna be an honour to share the stage with those fellas, and CRYPTOPSY are probably the best death metal band going right now so who else better could we hope to tour with!? Can't fuckin wait! See you all soon, motherfuckers gonna be drinkin till we're stinkin innit!"


Jun. 11 - Mean Fiddler - London, UK
Jun. 12 - TBC - UK
Jun. 13 - Soundhaus - Glasgow, SCO


Aug. 12 - Ghostfest (Cockpit) - Leeds, UK
Aug. 13 - Rock City - Nottingham, UK
Aug. 14 - Roadkill 350 - Liverpool, UK
Aug. 15 - An Cruiscin Lan - Cork, IRE
Aug. 16 - Temple Bar Music Veneu - Dublin, IRE
Aug. 17 - Barfly - Glasgow, SCO
Aug. 18 - Edwards No 8 - Birmingham, UK
Aug. 19 - Underworld - London, UK
Aug. 20 - Concorde 2 - Brighton, UK

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Womb Raiders Part With Guitarist

Womb Raiders and guitarist Jay have parted ways. "Musical differences and unprofessional behavior" were cited as the reasons for the split. Mike and Jose of Lustmord will be filling the void on guitars, and Joey of Hate Fuck will be doing live drums, and appearing on the next album from Womb Raiders.

Womb Raiders' plans for appearing on Obituary's Frozen In Time US tour are still on, and dates will be announced in the next couple of months.

In related news, Womb Raiders have released a new full length album on Death Rape Records called "CANNOT ESCAPE". The album consists of 8 songs, 3 are rare tracks recorded in 2003/2004.

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"Uranium: Bands Who Deserve Press" Premiere Friday

On Friday, January 20th, "Uranium: Bands Who Deserve Press" will premiering at 9pm EST. The show will feature legendary bands like Cannibal Corpse and Obituary, plus newer bands like Since the Flood and A Life Once Lost and looks into why metal is shunned by the media masses. For more information on upcoming Uranium shows & for exclusive interviews and performances, log on to www.fuse.tv.

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Obituary Miss London Show

TotalRock.com reports that Obituary had to pull out of their planned show at the Mean Fiddler in London on Sunday January 8. The last-minute cancellation was due to immigration problems. Support act Samael still played, however.

After completing their obligations to Roadrunner Records, Obituary has been writing new material and seeking a new record deal.

They are currently on tour in Europe and have the following tour dates remaining: More...

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Obituary Talks About Split With Roadrunner

OBITUARY vocalist John Tardy recently spoke to Zach Palmer of DoomsdayMusic.com about the band's split with Roadrunner Records, among other topics. Here are a few extracts from the conversation:

Doomsday Music: Now, this album, if I'm not mistaken, this was the final album on the Roadrunner contract, is that correct?

John Tardy: "Yeah, we are all done with Roadrunner."

Doomsday Music: Ok. Are there any plans to resign with Roadrunner, or are you going to look elsewhere? Or is there even going to be another album?

John Tardy: "Oh, there's definitely [going to be another]. We've already got some songs written as a matter of fact. We're kind of working on some new stuff, poking around here, so we definitely plan on next year doing another record, but it will not be with Roadrunner, no."

Doomsday Music: Now, I know you probably can't talk about too much specifics if it has even gotten that far, but as far as your preference, what kind of label are you looking for? Are you looking for the size of Roadrunner or bigger like Warner Brothers or are you going for more Nuclear Blast or Century Media size?

John Tardy: "Well, we've gotten some contact from some of those record companies, and we're really just approaching it like all options are open. We've even half-kicked around the fact that we might just do it on our own. So it just all depends here, there's going to be a lot that happens. I think people are just well aware of the fact that we won’t be back with Roadrunner. It just all depends on what's next for us and that's the way we're going to approach it. We're so relieved, we just got off the record deal, we got all our merchandising back, and everything is just in our own laps to do what we want with it, and it's just so nice not to have those ropes tying you down like we had being with Roadrunner for so long and just some of the stuff that they did, we're just so happy to be free of that. So we're leaving all our options open and we'll see what happens."

Read the full article at Dooms Day Music.

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Obituary Part Ways With Roadrunner; Plan New Album

Obituary have posted the following message at their official website:

"First we would like to wish all of you a very happy New Year!!! We are really looking forward to 2006 and all the opportunities that face us. As you may or may not know we are no longer with our old record company and we have a lot of options for what we might want to do. One thing is for sure and that is we will have a new CD out sometime this year. We have been working on some new material and when we get done with our European Tour in January we are going to work hard on getting that completed.

Everything is set for our trip to Europe and we are all ready to go. I was just checking the weather and it looks like we will be freezing our asses off but, as my dad would say, "you got to do what you got to do"!!!! Record cold temperatures in some countries is not going to make things easy for us...I can even remember the last time I put a pair of long pants on??? Anyway, we look forward to seeing you all out at the shows and really need your support so please come out and see us!!!"

Dates for the European "Frozen In Time" tour with Samael and Maroon are as follows:

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Obituary To Film New Video At Tampa Gig

According to a posting on OBITUARY's official web site, "a good possibility" exists that the band will be shooting a new video at their December 9 concert at the Masquerade in Tampa, Florida. Also appearing on the bill will be PATHS OF POSSESSION (the Florida-based band fronted by CANNIBAL CORPSE vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher) and UNDIVIDUAL.

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Maroon To Support Obituary And Samael On Tour

Germany’s metal infused hardcore outfit Maroon will support Obituary and Samael on their forthcoming tour in January 2006. A special guest, who is still TBC, will be added as opener to the package.

“We are extremely happy and very proud to be part of this tour”, says Maroon frontman Andre Moraweck. “Obituary and Samael are some of our most favourite bands and some of the main reasons that got us into music as well as making music. We are really looking forward to sharing stages with both bands. – Don’t miss this awesome package!”

Tour dates: More...

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Obituary, Napalm Death, Others Do Fuses Metal Show

OBITUARY, NAPALM DEATH, HIGH ON FIRE and EVERY TIME I DIE have taped appearances on Fuse TV's "Metal Asylum" to air this coming week. The following summary of the week's shows was posted at the official "Metal Asylum" blog:

"On Monday [Sept. 12], none other than Florida death metal legends OBITUARY stop by! They talk about their new album, 'Frozen in Time', guitarist Allen West quitting and rejoining within a two-day period, and the recent resurgence in death metal.

"On Tuesday [Sept. 13], OBITUARY's touring partners legendary grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH stop by the studio. Among topics discussed are their new album, 'The Code is Red... Long Live the Code', touring with OBITUARY, being in the business for over 20 years, and Barney weighs in on a possible political career after he's done with music. Personally I think he's a guy of integrity and whether you agree with him politically or not, that's something that's sorely needed in global politics.

"On Wednesday [Sept. 14], southern metal gods HIGH ON FIRE stop by. They talk about their new album, 'Blessed Black Wings', their metaphorical lyrics for all the songs including 'Devilution', and Matt even talks a little about his time in the underground legendary band SLEEP.

"On Friday [Sept. 16], Buffalo rockers EVERY TIME I DIE drop by the 'Metal Asylum' set and all hell breaks loose. God knows what was talked about besides Michael Madsen (cameo in their new video), 'cause fire alarms were literally going off, sarcasm being dished out in high doses and rock was coming at you from every angle. I swear to you it's a show not to be missed!"

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Obituary Video Interview Posted Online

A video interview with OBITUARY members Frank Watkins (bass) and Donald Tardy (drums), conducted on Sunday, September 4 prior to the band's performance in Hartford, Connecticut, has been posted online at www.heavymetalsource.com. Watkins and Tardy discuss the recent departure (and subsequent return) of guitarist Allen West, the group's new CD, singer John Tardy's impending fatherhood, and the second leg of the band's North American tour.

OBITUARY's latest CD, "Frozen In Time", was released in July via Roadrunner Records. The group's first collection of new songs since 1997's "Back from the Dead", "Frozen in Time" was self-produced by the band, with Mark Prator and Scott Burns engineering, and was mastered by Tom Morris at Morrisound.

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Obituary, Napalm Death Show Report From Virginia

On Thursday, September 1st, I drove down to Jaxx in Springfield, Virginia to see Obituary, Napalm Death, and Dead To Fall play. This is a lineup that I would not normally have gone out to see, but one of my friends is a big Dead To Fall fan and I was interested in checking all of these bands out anyway, but I might not have gone to the show without any other motivation. As it turns out, my friend never showed up or returned my calls. (Note to self: get new friends that are into metal AND reliable). Having driven almost an hour to get there and paid $25 to get in, I was going to see this show anyway. More...

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Obituary Guitarist Back On Board

Shortly after guitarist Allen West announcing his departure from Obituary, the following message has been posted on the official Obituary website:

"First I need to say how much we feel for the people of New Orleans, Mississippi and Florida!!!!! Living in Florida my whole life I am well aware of what a storm like this can do, but it seems like everything time it happens you are once again amazed by the power of mother nature. PLEASE do something to help. To make a donation to the American Red Cross click here.

We are in VA and Napalm showed up last night! We had a few cool ones and it is good to see them. We are ready to take the roof off Jaxx tonight! Rumors have been flying all over the place and our message board and fans email have been blown up with people asking about Allen West and whether or not he was going to play tonight. Once again, if you do not read it here then maybe you shouldn't believe it. Allen will be here tonight and we will get it done! DT and I sat down last night a put together a viscous set list!!!!!!!! GET YOU ASS OUT TO JAXX TONIGHT!!!!!!!"

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Obituary Guitarist Announces Departure

Guitarist Allen West has announced his departure from Obituary. West's exit from the group comes on the eve of Obituary's U.S. tour with Napalm Death and Allen feels that the fans deserve no surprises when they don't see the band that they were expecting. Allen will concentrate fully on Lowbrow, whose revamped lineup consists of founding members West, Curtis Beeson (Nasty Savage) and Richard Hornberger, along with new bassist Jon Fronza. Lowbrow will continue without former members Ben Meyer (Nasty Savage, Acheron) and Richard Bateman (Agent Steel, Nasty Savage).

Lowbrow are currently preparing material for a new recording to follow 2001's "Sex. Violence.Death". More information will be made available soon.

Although Obituary have yet to comment on West's departure, singer John Tardy posted the following message on the band's official message board in response to a fan who complained about West being too "wasted" during the group's appearance at the Hole In The Sky festival in Norway this past weekend (Aug. 28):

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Obituary Schedule In-Store Appearances

Obituary are about to hit the road with Napalm Death and Dead to Fall in support of their new album "Frozen in Time." The band will also be making a few in-store autograph appearances. At each in-store, people that buy the records will get an exclusive poster for the band to sign. The scheduled in-stores will be on:

Sept 01 Vienna, VA - Tower Records
Sept 02 Fords, NJ - Vintage Vinyl
Sept 07 Philadelphia, PA - Relapse Records
Sept 14 Greenfield ,WI - Exclusive Co.
Sept 17 Tampa, FL - Vinyl Fever

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Dead To Fall To Record After Fall Tours

Dead To Fall have seemingly survived their line-up issues and will be at Trax East studios in November and December with producer/engineer Eric Rachel recording their next album. The effort should hit stores in late-Spring 2006 through Victory Records. Meanwhile, following their upcoming tour with Napalm Death and Obituary, the group will be hitting the road with The Absence. Here are the dates:

Dead To Fall tour dates w/ Napalm Death and Obituary: More...

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World Series Of Metal Lineup Announced

The lineup for the "World Series of Metal," a two day festival in Cleveland, OH at the House of Blues, has been announced:



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