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Formed: 1984
From: Brandon, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped

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Obituary Confirmed For Bang Your Head Festival

Legendary Florida death metallers OBITUARY have been confirmed for next year's Bang Your Head!!! festival, set to take place June 27-28, 2008 at Messegelände in Balingen, Germany. The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


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Ralph Santolla Recording With Deicide, Not Return

According to Earache Records, veteran guitarist Ralph Santolla has rejoined DEICIDE and is currently hard at work recording his guitar parts for DEICIDE's 2008 release, "Till Death Do Us Part", at Morrisound Studios in Florida.

DEICIDE had previously parted ways with Ralph Santolla back in May of this year. Over the course of the following months, he would spend the summer touring with OBITUARY and pushing his talent as far as it could go. When he was asked to rejoin DEICIDE in time for the recording of "Till Death Do Us Part", Santolla came back to the fold as a man possessed and he had come back, literally better than ever before.

While there will inevitably be naysayers who doubt the decision, DEICIDE drummer Steve Asheim insists that Ralph Santolla's return will only strengthen the maniacal musical landscape that DEICIDE is known for. "Ralph is really reaching towards the very depths of his abilities to come up with something completely fresh and challenging," he said.

Even those outside of the band have given nothing but positive feedback on Ralph Santolla's progress during the recording sessions. "Jim Morris came and told me that Ralph has been coming up with some of the greatest metal riffs and licks that he's ever heard;" said Asheim. "Ralph's really pushing his abilities to the limit, coming up with things that he's never been able to do before."

However, Ralph Santolla himself has issued a statement almost immediately after this was announced claiming:

"I am not, and never was, rejoining DEICIDE," Ralph told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. "I have no idea why anyone would put out the statement I just read on Blabbermouth.

"I agreed to play on the new [DEICIDE] CD for two reasons: first, I owe one more album on the contract I signed, and I want to be absolutely free from Earache as soon as possible. Secondly, Steve Asheim [DEICIDE drummer] is my good friend and a great musician, I love his music. I gave my best in the studio because his music deserves it, and because that is the way I work.

"When things fell apart with DEICIDE, I was fortunate enough to land in OBITUARY. I am totally happy being in this band in every way, and the only regret I have is that this good fortune came at the expense of Big Al [Allen West, ex-OBITUARY guitarist] having some pretty serious problems." More...

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Obituary To Shoot "Evil Ways" Video

Frontman John Tardy from Tampa-based death metal legends OBITUARY has issued the following update:

"We have a lot going on right now! It took me a while to recover from that US Tour, so I have a lot to get you caught up on! First, we set up some shows in New York and New Jersey in December. I am looking forward to a nice trip up north in December and playing a couple of sick shows. It should be a good time and we hope to see you all out there.

Second, we are trying to get a video shot for 'Evil Ways'. I am not sure what it is going to be like yet, but we are trying to get something going. I will give you all a heads up when we start shooting and have a full video shoot report!

Europe! January is getting closer and closer and those dates have all been confirmed. We have a lot of shows planned all over the place so make sure to check out the tour dates to see where we will be."

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Alabama Thunderpussy Announce European Tour

Richmond, Virginia natives ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY have just headed over to Europe after finishing a month stint on the road with OBITUARY.

The band are excited for the opportunity to bring their southern metal sound to Europe with support from FIREWIND.

Drummer Bryan Cox has this to say: "We couldn’t be more excited to be returning to Europe and the UK for these shows and it’s truly an honor to be doing it with a band as amazing as Firebird. After having been out for a month with Obituary in the states, we’re feeling really good playing every night and we’re ready to stomp our way across the motherland and deafen as many people as is humanly possible! Come out and see us!"

Alabama Thunderpussy will be hitting Europe up from Iceland to Germany and everywhere in between, make sure to catch their powerful live show when it comes to your town!!! More...

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Obituary Announce Tour Dates With Merauder

OBITUARY will team up with MERAUDER for a few shows in December 2007.
Confirmed dates so far are as follows:

Dec. 07 - Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights
Dec. 08 - Brooklyn, NY @ Club Europa
Dec. 09 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

OBITUARY have tapped comic book stalwart and director Hart D. Fisher to helm the group's new video for the song "Evil Ways". "We're shooting in Florida, and I'm going to take this far further than just a bunch of assholes on stage playing their guitars," says Fisher. "They want to go dark, go mean, and take this all to the horror movie level. There's going to be cameos from a ton of death metal guys also."

"Evil Ways" is the lead single from OBITUARY's new album, "Xecutioner's Return", which was released in North America on August 28 via Candlelight Records. The CD was mixed at Redroom Recorders and was mastered in June at Morrisound Studios in Tampa. The band once again worked with artist Andreas Marschall, who has previously created the art for "The End Complete" and the group's last record, "Frozen in Time".

OBITUARY will team up with long-running German thrashers HOLY MOSES for a European tour in January 2008. Also appearing on the bill are Swedish metallers AVATAR.

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Indy Metal Fest Sponsor Shakes Out, Fest To Go On

Just days before this high-voltage metal event takes off, one of the sponsors of the Indy Metal Fest backed out of the deal. Indie label Chavis Records (home to Sonic X and Quiet Riot), who has offered a hand in sponsoring the event since April, has failed to mandatory fees and has left presenting sponsor Blind Prophecy Records to pick up their bill. Now that Chavis has been knocked off the event, the stage at Birdie's Live will no longer be called the Chavis Records Stage, but will rather take on Blind Prophecy's name instead.

The event, powered by Blind Prophecy Records, is slated to cram two venues with over a dozen prime metal acts, including Obituary, Alabama Thunderpussy, Daath, and Blind Prophecy's very own Years of Fire and Pain Principle.

On Saturday, September 22, Indianapolis Metal Fest will blast off in the KOC Grand Ballroom (all ages) and across the street at Birdie's Live (21 and up). Official band time slots will be posted in the coming weeks at indianapolismetalfest.com. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 day-of-show.

Double stage metal show -- 9/22/07 - 12 p.m. - Indianapolis, IN

Here is the current band roster:

Obituary (all ages)
Full Blown Chaos
Alabama Thunderpussy
Temple of Brutality (ft Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Stet Howland (W.A.S.P.)
Beneath the Sky
Years of Fire
Pain Principle

And many more.

Visit www.indianapolismetalfest.com for a complete listing

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More Metal Removed From Disney Property

Greg Burk of the Los Angeles Times reports that five heavy-metal concerts scheduled at House of Blues clubs on Walt Disney Co. property in Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida have been hastily shifted to other venues or canceled recently, according to House of Blues web site calendars.

A Sept. 7 show featuring MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, THROWDOWN and SANCTITY, booked two months earlier, was moved on two days' notice from the House of Blues in Anaheim's Downtown Disney entertainment complex to the Glass House in Pomona. Thursday's concert with CANNIBAL CORPSE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE RED CHORD and THE ABSENCE, originally slated for the Anaheim House of Blues, was moved to the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana. A Sept. 26 Anaheim House of Blues concert featuring OBITUARY, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, FULL BLOWN CHAOS and HEMLOCK has been canceled outright.

At the House of Blues in Orlando, Fla., on Disney World property, a Sept. 17 concert of the MACHINE HEAD lineup has been moved to Club Firestone in downtown Orlando. The same action has been taken with the Oct. 11 CANNIBAL CORPSE package.

Asked about the scheduling changes, John Vlautin, vice president of communications for Live Nation (formerly Clear Channel), the concert-promotion organization that owns the nationwide House of Blues chain, issued a statement Thursday that said only: "House of Blues offers a range of entertainment to match the audience at our venues. It was determined that the mix of entertainment at our two Disney locations should be different from our other venues."

Vlautin declined to comment on why metal bands have been singled out after years of similar bookings or whether other metal events already scheduled, including SUFFOCATION, EDGUY and STATIC-X, will be affected.

Rob Doughty, communications vice president for Disneyland Resorts, declined to comment, referring inquiries to Vlautin. Paul McGuigan, concert promoter at the Anaheim House of Blues, also declined to comment through a club spokeswoman.

The Walt Disney Co., through Vlautin, issued a short statement Thursday that included no specifics about the shifts of the metal concerts: "In consultation with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, the House of Blues will provide a mix of entertainment for guests visiting Disney Resorts."

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Obituary Vocalist Posts Brief Update

OBITUARY vocalist John Tardy has posted this brief message on the band's official website:

"We made it to Miami for the first show! I love it down here and tonight's show should be sick! This is our only show in Florida so I hope to see you all tonight!"

Here are the band's upcoming tour dates (w/ ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, FULL BLOWN CHAOS and HEMLOCK):

Sept. 8 - Miami, FL - Studio A
Sept. 10 - Raleigh, NC - Volume 11
Sept. 11 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
Sept. 12 - New York, NY - B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill
Sept. 13 - Toronto, ON - Funhaus
Sept. 15 - Southbridge, MA - ADC Performance Center
Sept. 16 - Williamsville, NY - Club Infinity (New York Fright Fest 4)
Sept. 19 - Mt. Clemens, MI - Emerald Theatre
Sept. 20 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's Down Under
Sept. 21 - Maplewood, MN - The Rock
Sept. 22 - Indianapolis, IN - KOC Grand Ballroom (Indianapolis Metalfest)
Sept. 24 - Denver, CO - Aztlan Theatre
Sept. 26 - Anaheim, CA - House Of Blues
Sept. 28 - Concord, CA - Bourbon Street
Sept. 30 - Los Angeles, CA - The Knitting Factory
Oct. 3 - Austin, TX - Emos
Oct. 4 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theatre
Oct. 5 - Houston, TX - Meridian
Oct. 6 - New Orleans, LA - The Hangar

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Obituary Frontman Talks About Label Switch

Dave Fonseca of MetalReview.com recently conducted an interview with OBITUARY frontman John Tardy. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

MetalReview.com: Was there ever any point during that three or four year time period where you weren't making music, and especially when you came back and made "Frozen In Time" and Roadrunner just dropped the ball that you thought maybe you weren't going to do this stuff anymore?

John Tardy: No. There wasn't ever that feeling. Before we took that extended break there we really had planned to take a three or four month break from music. Then it wound up being six months, then it wound up being a year, and then it wound up being two years. Roadrunner wasn't coming our way with anything, as normal. They certainly weren't any help with anything. It wasn't like we were having our phones ringing off the hook with people trying to get us to do things. There was really nothing coming our way and individually we all got busy doing different things. It just seemed to make more sense at the time. Some of us were still involved with music like Donald drumming for ANDREW W.K., and some of us were just busy doing other things. It was just a fast six years that went by. It wasn't like we weren't talking, we'd still get together and this and that, but we just didn't feel inspired to do anything. And we just finally got together because somebody asked us if we wanted to do a show, so we decided to start jamming a little bit. All it took was that one practice to start learning some old songs again. And because we had not played together in so long and everybody just had so many ideas that "Frozen In Time" came together absolutely in a blink of an eye. That's carried over to the new album as well, because we have just so much stuff stockpiled from the six years off. The songs just came together effortlessly as far as the music is concerned.

MetalReview.com: It must be hard to get attention when you're on a label like Roadrunner that has huge acts on its roster like NICKELBACK, SLIPKNOT, and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. Is it nice to finally be a priority again on Candlelight?

John Tardy: It is. And that's one of the main reasons we signed with Candlelight — because we would be such a priority for them. I do not understand what Roadrunner's deal is. For such a huge label for them to just shut down and focus on one band when that band starts doing good is just ridiculous.

MetalReview.com: One more Roadrunner question and then I'll put that baby to bed.

John Tardy: No, that's O.K. If you're running a label and you sign a band and you make a commitment to help them further themselves, you can't just start ignoring them when one of your other bands starts selling more records, and leave the other band hanging there. And, I don't care if that's what you're going to do, but if you are going to do that, at least tell me to go elsewhere where I'd be better off. We'd question them and be like, "Hey we're ready to do this new album if you don't want to do it and don't want to take the time we'll go elsewhere," and they'd say, "Oh no, we're gonna do it, we're gonna push it," and promise this and promise that, and then the album comes out and they just totally leave you hanging. That's what makes it worse than anything. So, if you're gonna try and be this quote unquote big record label, then do your job. Nobody expects them to spend as much on one of their small bands as they do on NICKELBACK per se, but at the same time if you have that small band that you signed, that you have a contract with, and you agreed to; you owe them a minimum amount of effort. Don't just leave them hangin'. It's just not fair.

MetalReview.com: That was a label I grew up with a lot of faith in. A lot of my favorite bands were on Roadrunner. Is there any point you can track where they started to lose faith in metal and start going for the bigger acts?

John Tardy: With us it started slowly after "Cause of Death". "The End Complete" wasn't bad, but really since then, and with stuff like "Back From the Dead", it's been a steady decline in effort on their part. I'd be the first one to sit here and say, "Hey that album sucked," but we were steadily giving them a quality product as far as OBITUARY and our music is concerned. I mean, you don't read about our albums where people are saying 'this album sucks' and this and that. It really seems to me that after "The End Complete" or during "The End Complete" is really where the effort ended on their part, as far as I'm concerned.

MetalReview.com: "Slowly We Rot" came out in 1989 and you guys have been together since 1985. Death metal has changed a lot since then. Do you have any interest in the new stuff or do you just listen to "Show No Mercy" and "Morbid Tales" and call it a day.

John Tardy: Wow, have you been reading some of my interviews? [laughs] I think a lot of the reason this band gets along so well is that we're all kind of stuck in the past, we're all kind of stuck in a rut. We all kind of look and act the same way we always have. We don't really change that much. And musically that's true too. When I listen to music, whether it is metal or not, it is usually all older stuff. I'm not sure why, I guess when I get bored of them. I'll find something newer. Until then, my "Hell Awaits" record is still gonna get played.

MetalReview.com: Do you like the new CELTIC FROST record; are you into it?

John Tardy: Uhhhhh, it's a better effort for the most part and it's got a couple of good songs on there, but there's still just something a little weird about it. It's definitely a lot better than the last couple of things they've done, that's for sure.

MetalReview.com: I'd like to see you guys tour together, that'd be fun.

John Tardy: We just played a festival with them. And it was kinda neat because DESTRUCTION's dressing room was on one side of us, and CELTIC FROST's dressing room was on the other side of us. So, that was kind of cool.

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Obituary Frontman Discusses Illegal Downloading

Mark Carras of RockMyMonkey.com recently conducted an interview with OBITUARY vocalist John Tardy. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Rock My Monkey: What do you think hurts the music industry more? Bad choices inspired by their paranoia, or actual downloading?

John Tardy: (laughs)

Rock My Monkey: And this is inspired by the promo of your album I was sent.

John Tardy: Yeah. Well, you know, it's tough. I mean, the downloading thing, it's just really brutal. To be honest with you, it hurts everybody in the industry. Last time around, one of Roadrunner's brilliant maneuvers, we gave them masters. I think like the same day they just started emailing MP3s to everybody in the company. And it was by the end of two days, three months before the album was out, it was just so available on the Internet, it was [like], why would anybody go and buy it when you could just get it so easily? This time around Candlelight did make an extensive attempt to hold back, keep it out of the wrong hands as long as they could. No MP3s were allowed at all. The promo copies that they did made up were somewhat protected for the most part. You couldn't just put them in the computer and copy them. But obviously people are going to find a way around everything. So I know it's out there on the internet now, and we're just under a month before the release date. But there's not much you can do about it. I just hope that people… if they want to see their bands stick around and continue, hopefully they'll go out and purchase a record if it's something they like.

Rock My Monkey: Do you think that it hurts the band at all to have a promo sent out that, for example, like the promo that I got, I have yet to hear the album because it won't play on any of the players in my house.

John Tardy: There's been a couple of people that say that. I just know, I have one of my vehicles that it does not play in, but it plays fine in another of my vehicles. And any regular player that I have it plays fine. Where it has the problem is what they tried to do is the whole MP3 thing, so if your stereo plays like MP3s, or you can plug your iPod into it, it may have a problem. But I just as soon have those handful of journalists have a problem listening to it, than it be so easy that they just get it, right click and copy, right click and paste, and email it to everybody that they want to. Even though that most people are going to find a way around it eventually, anyway. But to be honest with, chances are next time around we may not even send out any promo copies, just for the fact that there's this handful of journalists that are just not responsible with the music. They put it on the interest and they just don't realize how important it is to keep that, to keep it under wraps. You think someone would have a little bit more professionalism and listen to it and hang onto it for what it is, and let it get released and be a surprise to all the kids out there, as opposed to just being able to get it for free months before the album even comes out.

Rock My Monkey: Personally, that's one of my biggest pet peeves because, the people that are being dishonest and doing that kind of thing, they're only making the honest journalists' job more difficult, because they're inspiring record companies to do things like this.

John Tardy: It is a tough and ongoing problem. It's a cancer in the industry. And it's being felt from the bandmembers to literally record companies are going out of business because of this stuff. But like you said, we could mail out a thousand promo copies, and 999 of those people could be responsible with that music, and the one person that lets a friend borrow it, and they go and copy it and they put it on the Internet. You know how rampant it runs. As soon as it's out there, it just starts spreading like crazy. It's just a matter of a couple of days before it's just available to anybody. I don't really know how they're going to change that and get around it. It's just a little strange. We work hard to put our music and stuff together, and we get all excited. We just want to have that release date be something special. Where it's like, you know what, nobody has heard it, and hear it is, and I go out and get it and then everybody talks about it so it's a big surprise and everything. Nowadays it's like, the artwork, everybody has seen it, there's nothing surprise anymore. You've heard the album, you've seen the artwork. So by the time you go to the record store, there's no more surprise to anything. You know, it's like, I don't know. It's strange.

Rock My Monkey: Yeah, it's bad for everybody. I know that I do, I'm very, very hard on my writers to say don't you dare loan these out to anybody, nothing. Personally I wish more labels would actually go around the method of-there's a way you can put tracking stuff in the files where basically that's how you catch people uploading. Because when the record company or the band goes online, looks for the file on The Pirate Bay or whatever, and they see it, they download it, then all they do is they mouse over the thing, and it shows actually where, which CD the file came from. Then they can actually prosecute that person and get that person shut down and black ball them from the industry so they're not creating problems for everybody like that.

John Tardy: I really wish they could. I know in having our own studio and being able to work with ProTools and do that, I know I could make a copy of my record and put a series of clicks in there that you probably never even heard. But if I saw that music get out there, I'd be able to import it, open it up, and with a series of clicks that I could take notes and tell them that I know that on your CD that I gave you that every one of these songs has these little clicks, and I could identify it and say, "You know what, that is the copy I sent to you." But at the same time to try to prosecute somebody now, it may be kind of tough because they can simply say, "Well, how do I know you didn't give it to somebody else, and something happened," and blah, blah, blah. But it sure would be nice to come up with something. But in the world of the Internet it's just tough. Kids are going to have to realize the way they're going to feel it in their pockets is when people come on tour and their ticket prices and merchandise stuff are just going to be higher priced just because the amount of album sales that a lot of bands used to have are not there. It's just the lack of money that comes in from that has to be made up in another way, or it makes it impossible for bands just to even stay together and tour and do records, you know?

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Obituary Ltd Edition To Include Extra Track/Poster

Obituary have posted the cover artwork for their forthcoming album, "Xecutioner's Return", which was was mixed at Redroom Recorders and was mastered last month at Morrisound Studios in Tampa. The band once again worked with artist Andreas Marschall, who has previously created the art for "The End Complete" and the group's most recent record, "Frozen in Time". A Limited Edition version of the album will contain an additional Track not available on the regular release, and a special poster. You can purchase it here.

According to a recent update by vocalist John Tardy, "All is going good. We have been busy putting one last song together for a limited-edition release of [the new Obituary album] 'Xecutioner's Return'. Along with the newest song, it will have special packaging and a poster included! We have also been working out our set list for the U.S. tour so we have been busy!"

A fan-filmed video footage of Obituary performing the song "Find the Arise" on 5th July, 2007 at the Underworld in London, England has been posted on YouTube.

Obituary will team up with Alabama Thunderpussy, Full Blown Chaos and Hemlock for a North American tour in September/October, and then continue on with long-running German thrashers Holy Moses for a European tour in January 2008. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.

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Various Metal Stars Featured In NY Art Exhibit

Egyptian artist Nader Sadek has invited Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel), Trym (EMPEROR, ZYKLON), Alex Skolnick (Testament), and Ralph Santolla (OBITUARY, ex-Deicide, Death), as well as Middle Eastern legend Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Miles Jay (ex-Weird Al, Fathy S alama's Orchestra), Liron Peled (Raquy And The Cavemen) and Raquy Danziger to contribute to his multimedia installation "The Faceless" that opens 6th September at Michael Steinberg Fine Art in New York's Chelsea district.

These musicians worked with Sadek to produce a noise experiment moving in and out of independently conceived death metal and Arabic music tracks. This sonic composition accompanies Sadek's uniquely installed drawings which juxtapose the iconographies of death metal and Middle Eastern fundamentalism, which outsiders often associate with darkness, moon worship, and anti-Christian fervour. "The Faceless" startles the audience into rethinking connections between these two frequently misunderstood and villified cultures.

Having grown up a death metal fan in Egypt, Sadek works from the knowledge that the Egyptian state perceived both death metal and religious fundamentalism as threats to its power and legitimacy: death metal rebels against religious and political hypocrisy; piety rebels against a bureaucratic, commercialized, and godless world. Through sound, image, and space, "The Faceless" mingles these cultures in thoughtful, frightening, and uncanny ways.

Says Sadek: "For a while now, I've been interested in exploring what different cultures perceive of as extreme. 'The Faceless' grows out of years of walking the crowded streets of down-town Cairo dressed as a full-on death metal fan (i.e., long black hair, long-sleeve Morbid Angel/Deicide t-shirts, and an overall grungy look). Then, in a sort of twisted reversal, I decided to walk the streets of New York's Times Square in the black garb of a fully veiled woman. The intense reactions I got in each case confirmed for me the potential of this project. Those experiences inspired me to channel the popular paranoid fantasy in which the fully veiled woman is wrought from a dark death metal world, full of serpents, skulls, demons and dark mountains. I hope that by reflecting back to the audience their paranoid fantasies, which totally oversimplify the reality of Middle Eastern and death metal culture, that my work will get them to question their own prejudices and sense of the extreme."

To preview photographs of the artists and artwork that will be on display during The Faceless event, click here.

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Indianapolis Metal Fest I Information Revealed

Indianapolis Metal Fest I is officially scheduled for September 22nd. The festival will take place at two venues in Indianapolis, Indiana: the KOC Grand Ballroom (all ages) and Birdie's Live (21+). Tickets are $15 in advance ($20 at the door) and good for both venues for those at least 21 years of age. Here's the line-up for Indianapolis Metal Fest I:

Full Blown Chaos
Alabama Thunderpussy
Temple Of Brutality
Beneath The Sky
Single Bullet Theory
Ashes Of Your Enemy

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Alabama Thunderpussy Announce European Tour

ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY have announced a Fall tour with OBITUARY in support of their brand new full-length Open Fire. ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY will join OBITUARY along with FULL BLOWN CHAOS and HEMLOCK on September 11th in Springfield, VA for this four week tour of the U.S.

Immediately following, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY will embark on a month-long headlining European tour. This tour will kick-off on October 25th in Southampton, U.K before working its way through Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and many more central E.U. countries. Joining ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY on the tour will be the U.K.’s own FIREBIRD. A complete listing of ATP tour dates can be found online here with more to be announced soon. More...

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Obituary's "Evil Ways" To Premiere On iTunes 7/31

Candlelight Records in cooperation with ITunes announced the exclusive premiere of "Evil Ways" the first song available for fans beginning July 31. ITunes subscribers can return on August 28 to complete their purchase of the full album. Sirius Satellite Radio will additionally begin airing "Evil Ways" as an exclusive on-air pre-release promotion starting July 30.

Obituary will be Metal Maniacs Magazine's cover feature for their issue hitting newstands on August 21. Visit www.myspace.com/metalmaniacs for an exclusive online contest that will allow you to win a copy of Xecutioner's Return.

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Obituary Finalize Dates On Upcoming US Tour

Obituary have finalized dates on their upcoming US tour. Support for the shows will be Alabama Thunderpussy, Full Blown Chaos and Hemlock. The tour will be in immediate support of the band's new album, Xecutioner's Return, that is set to hit stores nationwide on 28th August. Candlelight Records, in cooperation with itunes, will release an advance single - the album track "Evil Ways," on 31st July. It will be the fans' first opportunity to hear the newly recorded material.

11 - (US) Jaxx Nite Club - Springfield VA
12 - (US) BB King Blues Club - New York NY
13 - (US) Funhaus - Toronto ON
15 - (US) ADC Performance Center - Southbridge MA
16 - (US) Club Infinity - Williamsville NY
19 - (US) Emerald Theatre - Mt. Clemens MI
20 - (US) Peabody's Down Under - Cleveland OH
21 - (US) The Rock - Maplewood MN
22 - (US) Indianapolis Metalfest - Indianapolis IN
24 - (US) Aztlan Theatre - Denver CO
26 - (US) House of Blues - Anaheim CA
28 - (US) Bourbon Street - Concord CA
30 - (US) Knitting Factory - Los Angeles CA
03 - (US) Emos - Austin TX
04 - (US) Granada Theatre - Dallas TX
05 - (US) Meridian - Houston TX
06 - (US) The Hangar - New Orleans LA

Interviews with the members of Obituary discussing Xecutioner's Return and the upcoming tour will be available next week.

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Obituary Vocalist Checks In, Some US Dates Changed

OBITUARY vocalist John Tardy has posted this message on the band's official website:

"We made it to Holland safely and had a great night off in Amsterdam last night. We are in Deventer today to rehearse and go over the set for the London show at the Camden Underworld July 5 and the Walrock Festival in Holland on July 7. We will be playing a couple of new songs!

I have great news for all of you who cannot wait for the August 28 release of 'Xecutioner's Return'. We have confirmed that we will be doing an iTunes exclusive release of 'Evil Ways', a new song off our 'Xecutioner's Return' CD. July 31, 2007 will be the release date for that!!!!!"

In other news, there have been some changes made to the band's upcoming U.S. tour. As well, most of the venues have been announced (see below). Here are the band's upcoming tour dates:

July 5 - London, UK - TPA
July 7 - Burgum, Holland - Waldrock Festival
Sept. 11 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
Sept. 12 - New York, NY - B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill
Sept. 14 - Sayerville, NY - TBA
Sept. 15 - Southbridge, MA - ADC Performance Center
Sept. 16 - Williamsville, NY - Club Infinity (New York Fright Fest 4)
Sept. 19 - Mt. Clemens, MI - Emerald Theatre
Sept. 20 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
Sept. 21 - Maplewood, MN - The Rock
Sept. 22 - Indianapolis, IN - KOC Grand Ballroom Metal Festival
Sept. 24 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre
Sept. 26 - Anaheim, CA - House Of Blues
Sept. 28 - Las Vegas, NV - TBA
Sept. 29 - San Diego, CA - Jumping Turtle
Sept. 30 - Los Angeles, CA - The Knitting Factory
Oct. 2 - Phoenix, AZ - TBA
Oct. 4 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theatre
Oct. 5 - Houston, TX - Meridian
Oct. 6 - New Orleans, LA - The Hanger

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Obituary Head Back To Europe

OBITUARY vocalist John Tardy has posted this message on the band's official website:

"We fly out today for another trip! Headed for Amsterdam where we will be playing the Waldrock Festival in Holland on July 7 and we have a short flight to London were we will be playing at the Camden Underworld on July 5! We will be playing a couple of new songs for the first time so get out to the shows!!!

We have been wanting to have a 'real' listening party for a long time, but somehow it never happened the way we wanted it too. This was the listening party we wanted and it was awesome! I would like to thank all of our friends and family, Mark Prator, both Metal Maniacs and Decibel Magazines for coming down and being apart of it.

We had our new 20 X 20 backdrop hanging in Morrisound's studio and it looked sick! Thanks to them for letting us have this party in their facility."

Obituary's new album, "Xecutioner's Return" , is scheduled to be released on August 28 through Candlelight Records.

Here are the band's upcoming tour dates:

July 5 - London, UK - TPA
July 7 - Burgum, Holland - Waldrock Festival
Sept. 7 - Ft. Lauerdale, FL
Sept. 8 - Jacksonville, FL
Sept. 9 - Atlanta, GA
Sept. 11 - Springfield, VA
Sept. 12 - Richmond, VA
Sept. 14 - New York, NY
Sept. 15 - Sayerville, NY
Sept. 16 - Southbridge, MA
Sept. 18 - Cleveland, OH
Sept. 21 - Detroit, MI
Sept. 22 - Indianapolis, IN
Sept. 23 - Chicago, IL
Sept. 25 - Denver, CO
Sept. 27 - Las Vegas, NV
Sept. 28 - Orange County, CA
Sept. 29 - Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 30 - San Diego, CA
Oct. 2 - Phoenix, AZ
Oct. 3 - Tucson, AZ
Oct. 5 - San Antonio, TX
Oct. 6 - Dallas, TX
Oct. 7 - Houston, TX

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Obituary and Alabama Thunderpussy Team Up For Tour

The first date has been released for OBITUARY’s upcoming North American tour that, for some reason, features ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, and HEMLOCK:

September 11 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx

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Obituary Gears Up For Next Huge US Tour

Legendary Florida death metallers OBITUARY have announced the routing for their upcoming North American tour, which is scheduled to kick off early September. The dates are as follows (venue details to follow):

Jul. 05 - London, England - TPA
Jul. 07 - Burgum, Netherlands - Waldrock Festival
Sep. 07 - Ft. Lauerdale, FL
Sep. 08 - Jacksonville, FL
Sep. 09 - Atlanta, GA
Sep. 11 - Springfield, VA
Sep. 12 - Richmond, VA
Sep. 14 - New York, NY
Sep. 15 - Sayerville, NY
Sep. 16 - Southbridge, MA
Sep. 18 - Cleveland, OH
Sep. 21 - Detroit, MI
Sep. 22 - Indianapolis, IN
Sep. 23 - Chicago, IL
Sep. 25 - Denver, CO
Sep. 27 - Las Vegas, NV
Sep. 28 - Orange County, CA
Sep. 29 - Los Angeles, CA
Sep. 30 - San Diego, CA
Oct. 02 - Phoenix, AZ
Oct. 03 - Tucson, AZ
Oct. 05 - San Antonio, TX
Oct. 06 - Dallas, TX
Oct. 07 - Houston, TX

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