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Formed: 1984
From: Brandon, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped

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Interview With Obituary About New Album

Obituary's brand new album "Inked In Blood" is almost here! In fact, the 3-decades-old death metal quintet and Relapse Records will release it on October 28th. Recently, Metalunderground.com had the unique opportunity of visiting the band's compound at Tampa's Redneck Studios, and listened some of the mixes for this long awaited recording.

This is Obituary's first full-length since 2009's "Darkest Day" and it definitely sounds like a concoction of some of the band's most characteristic trademarks. Without a doubt, songs like "Violence" and "Inked In Blood" deliver the goods via their lethal combination of doomy soundscapes, sudden attacks of vicious speed and infectious grooves— all garnished by John Tardy's imposing vocal style.

Taking a break from the arduous mixing process, the band's co-founder/drummer, Don Tardy, talked with us about this new self-produced material, the decision to self-finance the recording with the help of fans, and what's in store for Obituary's immediate future.

Oscuro: It’s been 5 years since 2009’s “Darkest Day.” Why did it take you so long to produce another album?

Don Tardy: I don’t know why. First, we were very busy with touring for our previous album “Darkest Day” and then... I just think that now we are not 20 years old anymore. Everybody has children, families, so I think that when we were done with touring, everyone just went back to normal life and enjoyed their children and families a little bit. Then, we really just made sure that we took our time writing these new songs.

We were in no rush, we had no expectations, and we really just wanted to have fun with the process: we wrote a song, we would listen to it, make changes, think about it, listen to it, and make changes, so it was just a long process. Then, of course, 2 years ago we came with the idea of the classic Obituary set list so that took us on the road and we were very busy again, playing the classic set list, so the album got delayed a little bit longer. The good thing is that it is finished. We are very proud of this record.


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Obituary Discusses New Material and Tours

Because Obituary has a history that dates back a quarter-century, few will dispute their legacy. Considering how early this Tampa, Florida band planted its roots, it’s a bit ironic that two of its members—John and Donald Tardy—bear an adjective in their last name that denotes late arrival. Obituary didn’t come to the party, they hosted it. The group has left such obvious signs of impact--from John’s savage snarl to Trevor Peres’ mid-paced groves—that it doesn’t take a private dick to reveal the bloody prints they left on the face of modern metal.

Modern is hardly a term used for a band over twenty years old, but it still applies today, and not just in death metal. Metalcore and deathcore surely borrowed a few tricks of the trade from the Tardys’ and crew. As the group prepares to write its ninth studio full-length, promoters and fans still demand the classics. According to Tardy, upcoming European tours may feature set lists culled primarily from their first two recordings,” Slowly We Rot” and “Cause of Death.”

Three years have passed since Obituary released their last recording “Darkest Day.” The group has been too busy playing gigs to settle down and make a new album. There is a gap of information in these three years. In the following phone interview, John Tardy happily updated us on subjects such as past and future tours, the Tardy Brothers’ solo record and lineup changes. More...

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Interview with Frank Watkins from Obituary

Pioneers in death metal and a huge part of the Tampa death metal scene, Obituary has been keeping it fierce for nearly twenty years. Despite a seven year hiatus, Obituary has proven that they are as important to the scene now as they were when it first began. Now with release of “Xecutioner’s Return” and their tour with Unleashed and Carnifex to support it, there is no slowing down. With plans for their next album and tour already in the works, Obituary proves why they have been so important to death metal and why they have reached death metal legendary status. I recently caught up with Frank Watkins, bass, at the House of Blues in New Orleans on the second night of their tour. More...

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