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From: Tampa Bay, FL, United States
Last Known Status: Regrouped

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Eulogy Guitarist Posts Update

Eulogy guitarist Jarrett Pritchard has posted this update:

"Rob (Barrett - guitarist; also CANNIBAL CORPSE) and I sat down yesterday and did all of his trax for the demo...Mike (Pogionne - bass) came down last week and did bass. It all went incredibly well. So soon we will be doing vox. Jason (Avery - vocals) has recovered relatively well from the accident. The doctors have said he is ok to scream....when I was learning of the rest he needed, it became semi-funny remembering Nick Holmes from PARADISE LOST talking in an interview about popping his eye out from screaming. In our case this was a real possibility. But he has been cleared for strenuous activity. Any of you who have ever seen him live knows that he is relatively strenuous.

"Saw DIMMU and BEHEMOTH and lots of friends at Jannus Landing (in Tampa) last week. Good Show. One of the better I have seen in a long while. In about a month (July 8th), Cannibal Corpse is releasing a documentary DVD. It spans their entire career and should be pretty great. A whole bunch of us were included in it. Both Jason and I (Jarrett) were interviewed and as far as I know included in it. So needless to say we are excited about seeing our grills on camera in a retrospective of some important death metal history.

"As this demo thing draws to a close, my main concern next is festivals. If your doing one...get in touch."

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Eulogy's Jarrett Pritchard Issues Update

Legendary Tampa based death metallers Eulogy have issued the following update:

"Spent the last month intensely rehearsing with Tony (Laureano) and the guys. Good stuff. We tracked some demo drums in the rehearsal space (thanx for the preamps Robert Caldwell) So we did 3 songs and the rest of us will complete the tracking while Tony is out with DIMMU BORGIR and BEHEMOTH. The drums sound great. He is a killer no doubt about that.

As some of you know our frontman and my longtime friend Jason Avery managed to introduce his head to his steering wheel in a late night incident that left him with one of his eyes ripped out of his head. They put it back and did some work on it and he has been doing very well. Never fear that demon ain't dyin anytime soon. Needless to say we are quite relieved. I suggest everyone go to Platinum Tattoos and get stuck to help him out while he is recovering (Jason is one of the owners)

Looks like Mike (Pogionne , bass) will be going on tour with MONSTROSITY soon and that should be cool. I have always appreciated monstrosity before, during and after the time that Jason sang with the. Man I am pretty sure Lee drove Eulogy on our first mini tour with IMMOLATION and GOREPHOBIA. They are longtime friends of ours.

Rob (Barrett, guitar) is spending his time bouncing between the very intense Cannibal rehearsals and Eulogy rehearsals. Kicking ass all over the place that guy is. The songs really breathe when the 2 guitars are working the air together. So much harmony and counter rhythm. Its always good to have Barrett around. Such a photographic memory on that guy for learning songs. If you haven't in a while take a listen to that first SOLSTICE record with Rob singing and playing. I have enjoyed the hell out of reviving it and digging some old school south florida style lately.

In the world of Jarrett... 'Work friggin drive friggin work drive some-more'...

Well I am still teaching engineering. Right now I am teaching sound design for film as well as working on a few music recording projects here and there. Took an Icon Mixer exam for yet another Dig certification and killed it. Been Playing a ton getting prepped to do guitars for these 3 songs I have tracked. Been Playing my Killer Dean ML Knight prototype. (thank you Jerry, Josh, Brian, David, Rob and all at Dean) Its a killer instrument. Really wanting to get out there and Play!!!!!!!!!! Tour on a decent Package and get out and see all of the people who support and have supported my music for all this time. Would really like to Play my home town with a sneer since my metal career has always been met with a smirk from the majority of the cunts from home. (I wll get some bitching for that comment so I will say of course not all of you) Seriously though...

Eulogy has always had a tendency to move on its own accord. It's like something else is in control sometimes and it chooses when where and how as much as we do. That's OK with me. I think its just one of those things. Someone said they were worried when J got hurt that not only would he be incapacitated but that I would put it down because I am somewhat superstitious about the other worldly involvement in this band. We did conjure this thing. but not fucking likely. I have a level of determination about this thing and we dont funnel. Period. It's going... It's coming... It's already here."

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Headline News

Eulogy Reforms and Set To Record

After a long hiatus, founding member Jarrett Pritchard has invoked the core trio of Tampa's now legendary death metal outfit EULOGY. Rejoined by Jason Avery, who spent many years fronting MONSTROSITY and drummer Clayton Gore of St. Louis' HARKONIN, the band is set to record a new album beginning on September 6 in Orlando with Jarrett at the controls.

Commented Jarrett: "At this point I have completed eight songs for the record and it promises not to dissapoint. On bass we have enlisted Mike Pogionne of MONSTROSITY/LECHEROUS NOCTURNE and at this time second guitar duties will be filled by none other than longtime friend Rob Barrett (CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE PLOW, MALEVOLENT CREATION, SOLSTICE). At this point we have not approached any labels about the release and we intend to have the cap on it December 15, 2007 for an early 2008 release."

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