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Dethklok Photo

Band Photo: Dethklok (?)

Formed: 2006
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

Dethklok Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Dethklok.


An Interview With Brendon Small

Ever since Metalocalypse premiered on Adult Swim back in 2006, co-creator Brendon Small has become a notable figure in metal. Small, also known for the cult classic Home Movies cartoon, has spent much of the past few years working on the show, and finding a niche market that has embraced the kooky characters and hilarious songs. The show, based on the exploits of a fictional death metal group called Dethklok, has transcended the small screen into live touring. Metalocalypse finished up its fourth season this past summer, and Dethklok is touring throughout the U.S. until the end of 2012. I had a chance to speak to Small about the latest season of Metalocalypse, his thoughts on the future of Dethklok once Metalocalypse ends, and his passion for metal. More...

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Brendon Small Sets The Stakes High

Creator of such shows as Home Movies and Metalocalypse, and mastermind behind the "pretend" band Dethklok, Brendon Small is now stepping away from the brutality and towards the melody with his upcoming new project Galaktikon. Described as "high stakes intergalactic extreme rock," the over the top new album is set to drop this coming April.

To find out more about the project, I got ahold of Brendon to chat about how Galaktikon came to be, and to hear his thoughts on the upcoming new season of Metalocalypse. Below you can read Brendon's explanation of how Galaktikon arose due to problems with the recording of the second Dethklok album, and find his assurances that the new Metalocalypse episodes will be crammed with more of the metallic, gory mayhem fans crave. More...

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Brendon Small Talks New Season Of Metalocalypse

The animated quintet of destruction and mayhem Dethklok has returned for a third season of Metalocalypse, which was recently released on Blu-Ray and DVD. Besides offering ever more brutality and new ways to kill innocent bystanders, the show also switched from a 15 minute format to a half hour for extra blood and metal. Metalocalypse master mind Brendon Small spoke with me about what goes into making an episode of the show, the brutality of visiting the DMV, and his upcoming new project with Gene Hoglan and Bryan Beller. More...

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An Interview with Gene Hoglan Down Under

Gene Hoglan’s drumming style adds a distinctive intricacy and complexity to Fear Factory, already evident in his other seminal collaborations: Strapping Young Lad, Dark Angel, Death and Testament. The ever-present irony and humour of Hoglan’s style is reflected in his playing on the recorded albums of Dethklok from the series Metalocalypse, The intensity of Hoglan’s drumming is buttressed by the constancy and accuracy of his ferocious double kick rhythms, executed to blistering tempos. Touring Australia with Fear Factory, Hoglan reflects on the early influence of Slayer, working with Devin Townsend, blast beats and the satirical element of metal. More...

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Brendon Small Discusses The Dethklok Invasion

It may have all started with a simple idea, poking fun at the extremes in heavy metal music, but Dethklok has long since broken out of that simplicity and become a world-wide phenomena. The comedic antics of Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, Pickles, and William Murderface have already been explored in The Dethalbum, Metalocalypse Season 1, and Metalocalypse Season 2. That’s not going to save the unsuspecting masses from accidental death at the hands of the world’s seventh largest economy, however, as a new blitzkrieg of Dethklok is about to be unleashed.

Besides the upcoming “The Dethalbum II,” the bumbling musicians are coming back for more metal mayhem in a third season of Metalocalypse on Adult Swim. Dethklok will also be making the transition into interactive territory soon with its own video game. In addition to the Dethklok game, the track “Murmaider” will be appearing in the upcoming heavy metal themed video game “Brutal Legend.” To round out the deluge of new material Dethklok will again jump off the screen and onto the page with a new comic book series from Dark Horse.

Metalocalypse creator and Dethklok front man Brendon Small filled Metalunderground in on all the upcoming activity. Before getting to the latest material, Brendon spoke about how the show originally started. More...

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"The Atomic Clock" Gene Hoglan Interviewed

Branded the most brutal metal drummer of our time, Eugene "Gene" Victor Hoglan II, has been consistently acclaimed for his creativity in drum arrangements, including usage of odd devices for percussion effects and his trademark lengthy double-kick drum rhythms. His highly technical precision of playing increasingly fast and challenging tempos, with extreme accuracy, earned him the nickname "The Atomic Clock." He is best known for his works with the bands Death, Strapping Young Lad and Testament.

Completely self-taught, Hoglan got his first drum kit when he was 13. He began his music career in the early 80s, playing drums during concert sound checks for legendary metal band, Slayer, and working as their lights engineer on tour. He also formed the well known thrash band, War God, with Michelle Meldrum. At the end of the same year he was asked to drum for the thrash metal band Dark Angel, and wrote most of the lyrics for their next three albums. He achieved even greater notoriety during the 1990s playing with Death, recording an album with the thrash metal band Testament, and making the acquaintance of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Devin Townsend, forging a lasting friendship. He has since recorded several albums with Townsend, both as part of the speed/industrial/death metal band Strapping Young Lad and Townsend's solo albums.

Hoglan recently played on "The Dethalbum," for Adult Swim's animated TV show, Metalocalypse. "The Deathalbum," debuted at #21 in the Billboard 200, making it the highest charting death metal album in history. He just finished touring with Dethklok, selling out shows in every city. Hannah and I got to sit down with Gene and discuss the Dethklok tour, various percussion instruments he's created, and the recent loss of his dear friend Michelle Meldrum. More...

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Dethklok Co-Creator/Vocalist/Guitarist Interviewed

The co-creation of comedic geniuses Brendon Small (creator of Adult Swim's Home Movies) and Tommy Blacha (writer of Late Nite with Conan O'Brien and Ali G), Metalocalypse is the most brutal metal cartoon to date. The show is about the metal band Dethklok, the most famous and influential band in the world. So influential, in fact, that Dethklok fans commit mass suicide when Dethklok album releases are delayed. Regardless of knowing that thousands of people die at Dethklok concerts, the fans still attend for the mere opportunity to be a part of history. Dethklok is held as the twelfth largest economy in the world (just above Belgium). Meanwhile, a secret government organization strategizes tirelessly to thwart Dethklok's rise, but keeps their efforts low key, so as to avoid a massive revolt by Dethklok's fans.

Hannah and I had the opportunity to witness two live performances by Dethklok: at The Nokia Center in NYC, and the TLA in Philadelphia. Most, if not all, of the shows on the tour were sold out, and every piece of merchandise was sold (only one box of merchandise was left for the last show of 4000 people). The band, consisting of lead guitarist and vocalist Brendon Small, rhythm guitarist Mike Keneally, bassist Bryan Beller, and drummer Gene Hoglan, played in the dark affront a giant projection screen which played clips from the Metalocalypse cartoon (with lyrics so the fans could sing along). The band incorporated interaction with the cartoons on the screen, including intervals where the band would leave the stage and the audience was left to watch the cartoon for a few minutes until the band returned. The cartoon excerpts were witty leaving the fans laughing, and cheering the band on as they would return to the stage.

This Adult Swim cartoon band has a following that is unsurpassed in death metal. We were lucky to have the opportunity to sit down with Brendon Small, co-creator (and most of the character voices) and Gene Hoglan (legendary Metal Drummer). We asked Small what he thinks about metal, how this idea was conceived, and how it feels to be the voice of the most popular cartoon death metal lead vocalist (Nathan Explosion) in the world. More...

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