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Ingurgitating Oblivion

From: Germany
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Ingurgitating Oblivion News

Below is our complete Ingurgitating Oblivion news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Ingurgitating Oblivion Parts With All Members

Germany's Ingurgitating Oblivion has officially parted with all members except Florian Engelke, with the following statement just issued via the band's Facebook page:

"Ingurgitating Oblivion would like to announce that owing to personal and musical issues amongst its band members the current personnel outfit will part ways.

"Hermesdorf / Neugebauer / Pfeil will continue under a new moniker. Engelke will keep the name Ingurgitating Oblivion and continue his musical endeavours." More...

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Streaming Full Album

Ingurgitating Oblivion's stately conglomerate of doom, complexity and dissonance has by no means passed into oblivion as the band spews forth a malicious, cacophonous beauty: "Continuum of Absence."

You can stream all the tracks below, or order a copy of the album via the Willowtip Records Bandcamp page. The track listing is as follows:

1. Eternal Quiescence 10:21
2. Antinomian Rites 04:52
3. Burden Of Recurrence 08:28
4. Descent To The Temple 06:45
5. Avatar Of Radiating Abscence 07:26
6. Offering 03:46
7. Stupendous, Featureless, Still 07:50 More...

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Signs With Willowtip

Willowtip Records has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Ingurgitating Oblivion for the release of a new album:

"We're very pleased to announce the signing of INGURGITATING OBLIVION to Willowtip. Their new album will be dropping in late 2012. Prepare for despair, as the portals of gut-wrenching gore will be cast open wide by these sultans of madness!"

For more info on Ingurgitating Oblivion, head over to the band's official Facebook profile here.

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Issues Album Update

German death metal band Ingurgitating Oblivion is currently in the process of recording a new full-length record and follow-up to the previous "Voyage Towards Abhorrence" album. The 7 track release is being recorded in Oldenburg / Berlin, and the band has now checked in with the following progress report:

"New Ingurgitating Oblivion recording underway: the bass tracks of the new album have just been given their final tinges. What's next? Florian is going to hit Pivo Studios to nail some otherworldly guitar obscurities."

You can find more details on the band by heading over to the Ingurgitating Oblivion Facebook profile here.

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"Fortress Europe" Book Available As Free PDF

The complete book “Fortress Europe (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II) ” is now online as a free PDF download. 10 years in the making, “Fortress Europe” is the long promised beast of nonfiction journalism from underground USA journalist Ryan Bartek.

Clocking in at 222 pages, this career defining & genre bending work details the author's travels throughout the European Underground in Summer 2011.

Refuting every stereotype of traditional journalism, “Fortress Europe” combines the classic autobiographical road novel with the current state of European Counterculture. The result is an odyssey of monumental scope featuring face-to-face interviews with a number of legends in extreme metal, hardcore punk, industrial, experimental, psychedelic & good old rock n' roll.

Appearances include Laibach, Wolfbrigade, Rotting Christ, Killing Joke, Funeral Winds, Enochian Crescent, Moonsorrow, Fondlecorpse, Defeated Sanity, First Blood, Hello Bastards, Armed Response Unit, Melting Walkmen, Abortion, Panthiest, CNK, Arkangel, HATE, Repulsione, Dehuman, Dickless Tracy, General Surgery, Grind The Enemy, Fides Inversa, Excavated, Terri Bomb, Flowers of Flesh & Blood, Knuckledust, Chiens, Vanguard, Splitter, Pyramido, Fen, Black Breath, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Scavenger Brats, El Schlong, Spacemen 3 & legendary Detroit writer/60's radical Mr. John Sinclair.

“Fortress Europe” also includes a bonus section featuring commentary by members of Brutal Truth, Master, Agathocles, Battlelore, Corpus Christii, Manzer, Seita, Cruadalach, Livstid, Nahemah, Der Blutharsch, Mincing Fury & Primordial.

The free PDF download is available online at this location. You can also read through the book on Scribd here. More...

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Issues Recording Update

German act Ingurgitating Oblivion is currently hard at work recording a new upcoming album. The band has now checked in from the studio with the following brief recording update:

"Recording process: Just to let you lost souls know, the drums and rhythm guitars are done and we are currently recording the bass tracks for the upcoming album."

More details on the album are expected shortly, and in the mean time you can check out Ingurgitating Oblivion's music at the band's MySpace page here.

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Cancels Festival Appearance

Ingurgitating Oblivion has checked in with the following brief announcement about canceling the band's previously announced appearance at the Mountains of Death festival:

"With great regret we have to cancel our gig at the upcoming and final Mountains Of Death. Unforeseen scheduling conflicts made it impossible for us to appear."

You can also listen to Ingurgitating Oblivion's music by heading over to the band's official MySpace music profile.

Further details on the Mountains of Death festival, which takes place from the 18th - 20th of August, 2011 in Switzerland, are available here.

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Cancels Upcoming Show

Germany's Ingurgitating Oblivion recently announced that the band has inked a record deal with Diabolical Conquest Record. Ingurgitating Oblivion has now checked in with the following brief announcement about the band canceling its previously scheduled appearance at the "Battles in the Norf" show:

"Good evening! Unfortunately, we have had our participation in the Battles in the Norf at 29.01. canceled due to illness - we really regret this, but unfortunately it can not be changed."

You can also check out the band's music via the Ingurgitating Oblivion MySpace page.

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Signs New Record Deal

Germany's Ingurgitating Oblivion has signed to Diabolical Conquest Records. Diabolical Conquest owner Kunal Choksi comments, "Ingurgitating Oblivion's music stands out because of the writhing, complex and engaging songs that are rooted in darkness and esotericism, and the Azagthothian influences that give it an otherworldly quality. Retaining the essence of pure death metal, Ingurgitating Oblivion push the limits of the style by giving it a brutal and challenging expression. I am proud to sign this band and I believe their new album will be remarkable."

Ingurgitating Oblivion guitarist Florian Engelke states, "Ingurgitating Oblivion would like to express their gratitude to Kunal and Diabolical Conquest Records and are indeed looking forward to bringing forth an inspiring variety of sonic blasphemies in co-operation with the label. We all are excited about this progression in Ingurgitating Oblivion's history and are looking forward to spread the disease!!! All hail to thee, Kunal!"

The band's new full length album will be released by Diabolical Conquest Records in 2011.

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Ingurgitating Oblivion Announce New Drummer

Northern Germany's death metal masters INGURGITATING OBLIVION finally managed to find a new drummer in Ingo Neugebauer from FETOCIDE, who agreed to handle the drumming duties from now on. According to an official statement of the band, "the cooperation works out great" and one new song ('Burden Of Recurrence') is almost finalized, with another currently being worked on. The chemistry between INGURGITATING and Ingo seems to be perfect as they end the statement with the following note: "We are glad to finally have found a drummer in the person of Ingo who shares our musical vision."

The band will play at the Drachten Deathfest 2007 on November 24 together with CAEDERE, SUFFOCATE BASTARD, CRANIOTOMY, PUTRIDITY, SEPTYCAL GORGE plus more bands to be announced. New INGURGITATING material should be ready be then as well.

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