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Formed: 1998
From: Nice, France
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Fairyland News

Below is our complete Fairyland news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Phil Giordana Posts Update On New Fairyland Album

Fairyland keyboardist/composer Phil Giordana posted a progress report on the upcoming new release. The band last issued an album in 2009 via Napalm Records with "Score to a New Beginning." Since then, Giordana has been battling medical issues over the years.

In a progress report posted on Giordana's Facebook page, he updated on the progress of the new album as well as announced that "project" will go back to being a full band again. The post reads:

"Well, here's a bit of news.

"First, the one that sucks: Napalm Records won't be releasing Fairyland's next album. So we're looking for a new label.

"Second: notice that I've said 'we.' After careful thinking and talks, I've decided to turn Fairyland back into a genuine band, as opposed to a solo project. I think I've made my point with Score to a New Beginning (for those who didn't follow, it was to prove that I could continue in the band's spirit without the ex members). There are quite a few advantages to going back to a steady formation, one of which is the non-negligible opportunity to play live more often.

"As of now, the line up is comprised of Willdric Lievin (Hamka) on the bass, JB Pol (Kerion, Hamka) on the drums and myself on keyboards. I'm waiting for confirmation from those who will hold the positions of singer and solo guitarist. In the next few weeks, I will start looking for a serious and available rhythmic guitarist. Once all that is done, I'll announce the final formation.

"As for the in-depth work to come: I have to get major surgery before the end of this year, so it will be a little demanding to try and manage everything at once. But mostly, it will be recording the album (we expect to start studio work in about two weeks), preparing a promo video, confirming the final line up, and looking for a new label.

"Francesco Cavalieri (Wind Rose) will be holding the lead vocals on this new album, Willdric will handle the bass, JB kick the drums, I'll stay on the keys, and Quentin Godet will shred the guitar solos. We'll see about the rhythmic guitars when we're there. Willdric and I will handle the choirs, as well as Francesco for additional parts.

"All in all, I am extremely excited about this new start and can't wait to share our work with the fans." More...

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Fairyland Issues Album, Health Update

Fairyland's publicist has issued the following announcement about the status of Fairyland and the health issues being experience by Phil Giordana:

"Over the last couple years we have received numerous emails from Fairyland fans wondering when a new album would be released. 'Score to a New Beginning' the 2009 symphonic masterpiece stemming from the musical genius of Philippe Giordana was the last release and it has been fairly quiet ever since. We just received a message from Phil which made made us initially sad but Phil was never a person to feel sorry for himself. So we would like to wish him the best to get better soon and to find the courage and strength to complete a new album."

Phil Giordana also comments:

"Dear all (fans, non-fans, newcomers, that guy in accounting).

"It is no secret that I have been struggling with health problems since 2010/2011. I have vestibular degeneration, a condition that more often than not leaves me bed-ridden. Nausea, vertigos, vomiting, this is all part of my life now. It has also taken its toll on my composition/song-writing abilities. Hard to create new songs when life gives you the metaphorical finger.

"Any road, I have five new songs ready for the next Fairyland album. One of those will be recorded soon with full capacity production (ie: what the album will likely sound like). I'm still having second thoughts about who will be singing on that one song, but all in all it's gonna be great! Just hang in there, and a new Fairyland lbum will come up soon enough.

"I would really like to thank all the people who have given me support these past few years, be it my label (Napalm), my friends and family, or fans of the band. You're all the reasons I need to carry on."

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ProgPower Scandinavia Festival Canceled

The ProgPower Scandinavia Festival website has been updated with the following information about the event being canceled:

"Dear ticket-holder, booking agent, journalist, sponsor contact, music-fan and others associated with the festival,

"We regretfully announce that ProgPower Scandinavia 2009 has been cancelled! For almost a year we have been working hard on making this festival a reality and we believe that our labour has been fruitful in meeting all aspects required of a successful festival.

"We have booked a more than solid roster with Pretty Maids and Candlemass as headliners; along with names such as Mercenary, Freak Kitchen, Manticora and Textures on the bill. All of these bands have established popularity in Denmark and should easily attract the Danish metal audience to our festival.

"We have confirmed sponsorship/endorsement deals with a.o. Marshall, Musikpartner, Jack Daniels, Jaegermeister, Cult Energy Drinks, Carlsberg and Coca Cola. We've have media support in the form of Metalized Magazine and Denmark's largest newspaper BT. We have had the collected Danish internet based metal media supporting us with banner advertisement, etc. And we’ve also had a lot of international promotion on metal sites in France, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, USA, Germany and Sweden. More...

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Fairyland Announces New Album Release Show

French symphonic metal band Fairyland has announced a release party for their upcoming album "Score to a New Beginning," which will be out on April 30th via Napalm Records. The release party will take place on Wednesday, May 6th in Arles, France at Paddy Mullins.

Napalm Records issued the following statement about the release party:

"Phil Giordana (Fairyland mastermind) will be there as the Godfather of the event, and he'll promote the new Fairyland album Metal setlist from 8.30pm till 00.00am - The entire new Fairyland album will be played. A lot of gift to win (cds, vinyls, concert tickets etc...)"

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Fairyland Members Quit

Keyboardist Philippe Giordana of the French symphonic metal band FAIRYLAND has issued the following update:

"Anthony [Parker; guitar], Vincent [Kreyder; drums], Tom [Cesario; guitar, bass] and Max [Leclercq; vocals] have decided to leave FAIRYLAND and go on with their own project. The reasons for their departure have not been clearly expressed, and the way they handled the whole business, with direct announcement on FAIRYLAND's forum prior to any kind of discussion with Intromental Management, Napalm Records, Marquee Avalon, Burrn! Corporation or even me, was not very professional. However, it is their decision and I wish them all the luck they will need to make their new project break through. More...

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