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Formed: 1998
From: Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Mithras News

Below is our complete Mithras news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

Mithras Premieres New Song "Odyssey’s End"

Mithras premieres a new song entitled "Odyssey’s End", taken from the upcoming new album "On Strange Loops", which will be out in stores October 21 in digital, CD, and vinyl editions by Willowtip Records (North America and Mexico) and Galactic Records (UK/EU/rest of the world).

Check out now "Odyssey’s End" below.

Says guitarist Leon Macey about the song: More...

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Mithras Premieres "Between Scylla and Charybdis"

Mithras premieres a new song entitled "Between Scylla and Charybdis", taken from the upcoming new album "On Strange Loops", which will be out in stores October 21 via Willowtip Records.

Check out now "Between Scylla and Charybdis" below.

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Julien Helwin Premieres New Drum Playthrough Clip

Drummer Julien Helwin (Monument Of Misanthropy) premieres a new drum playthrough video for the latest Mithras song entitled "The Statue On The Island". You can catch the band live on the following dates below:

May 07 Incineration Festival London, United Kingdom
Aug 10 Brutal Assault 2016 Jaromer, Czech Republic

Check out now "The Statue On The Island" below.

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Contrarian Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Posted

Progressive technical death metal act Contrarian - featuring members of Nile, Sulaco, Mithras, Goemagot, Delirium Endeavor and others - premieres its entire new album "Polemic", which will be out in stores today November 20th via Willowtip Records.

Check out now the pre-release full-album stream of "Polemic" below.

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Rayner Coss Rejoins Mithras

Rayner Coss has posted the following update online announcing his return to U.K. technical death metal act Mithras.

"Firstly, it's good to be back!

"When I departed in 2008, Leon [Macey, guitar/drums] and I had been playing in bands together non-stop for over 12 years, and for various reasons I was finding it really difficult dedicating the necessary amount of time and attention to Mithras. But, during the near three years I've been away, my situation has changed to the point where I'm able to fully concentrate on the band again.

"We've gone straight to work on the new record, which Leon already had a lot of ideas down for and so far it's been the easiest writing process we've ever had, which is really promising."

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Mithras Seeks Live Guitarist

UK metal band Mithras has announced hte search for a live rhythm guitarist. The band explains what they are looking for:

"We're looking for someone who is familiar with our material with a decent level of live show experience. Applicants must have their own professional level guitar equipment and be able to travel to the midlands to rehearse. They must also be a resident of the UK and hold a full passport. We use two different guitar tunings A# and drop C# (detailed on the Mithras forum in the FAQ section)." More...

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Mithras Announces New Vocalist/bassist, Sam Bean

UK metallers, Mithras, have announced the addition of their new vocalist/bassist, Sam Bean (The Senseless/ex-The Berzerker), to their line up.

Founder/guitarist Leon Macey issues the following comments, "Since joining Sam in his band The Senseless back in 2007 (as drummer) we've been working together closely on the new The Senseless record 'The Floating World', so I know we gel extremely well musically and have a similar attitude and vision. This combined with the huge amount of band/live/industry experience he has from all the work he's done with The Berzerker makes him the perfect guy to take the role and help lift Mithras to the next level. We're going to get gig ready asap then simultaneously start slaying audiences while working some more on the new Mithras record." More...

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Mithras Announces New Drummer

Following the recent search to fill the long vacant live drummer spot, MITHRAS have now chosen their man. Previous live drummer / guitarist Ben White (Of Orbeth) departed the band back in 2003 and through a chance meeting which led to an explosive audition, has returned to the fold and his old drum seat. To their relief, this puts the UK's revered extreme metal protagonists back on the circuit for live performances, something they have missed hugely and are keen to return to without delay.

Rayner Coss (oratory/bass) says of Ben's return: "It's great to have Ben, one of our former members back in the band; he knows the material fantastically and is perfect for the role. We auditioned him and he nailed 11 songs taken from all our albums right off the bat, so we're really excited and looking forward to getting on stage for some shows asap!"

Of Ben's rejoining the band, Leon Macey (guitars) reveals that he "got in touch with Ben almost out of the blue during the drum auditions period to gather some material for our upcoming release, but one thing led to another and now we're slaying the tracks in the rehearsal room!"

And the man in question, Ben White (drums), adds: "Fate it seems has dealt a good card for us all! It was really cool when Mithras got back in touch again and as we have all evolved as musicians it seems to work better than ever now. It's good to be back!"

With this line-up Mithras is now ready to perform live shows and is available for bookings.

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Mithras Seeks New Drummer

UK based brutal death metallers, Mithras, issue the following update:

“Mithras are searching for a sticksman to man the kit at future live shows.”

”Applicants should be familiar with the Mithras material; be skilled with blastbeats / double kick drumming / and have decent general drumming ability.”

”Mithras aim to play a decent number of shows and possibly tour in 2009 and simply need a drummer to complete their live line-up.”

”The band asks potential candidates to contact them on the following email address: band@mithras.org.uk”

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Mithras Signs To Galactic Records

Following their departure from Candlelight Records earlier this year, the UK’s extreme metal duo Mithras decided to go it alone, sort of. Galactic Records label head Leon Macey just so happens to be one half of Mithras, responsible for writing and playing both drums and guitar for the critically acclaimed duo. Having experienced life as a band on a label such as Candlelight and ultimately parting ways due their inability to commit to a schedule of intensive touring having had persistent bad luck in finding a drummer to fill in live, signing to Leon’s own label for their next release made a lot of sense, for obvious reasons.

"I really enjoyed working with Candlelight, both with them reissuing our first two albums ’Forever Advancing...... Legions’ and ’Worlds Beyond The Veil’, not to mention our first release proper for them, ’Behind The Shadows Lie Madness.’ However, as a band, both Rayner (Coss - vocals / bass) and I decided that rather than enter into the gruelling task of starting up discussions with interested labels, we’d sign the band to my own label Galactic for our next release. It was a logical step to take - at least we know who we’re dealing with at Galactic, and they’re top notch guys, of course - lol!"

A Mithras release is scheduled for Autumn this year. Full details are set to follow shortly.

In related news, the band’s website, mithras.org.uk, has been completely overhauled. As well as featuring new galleries which span their near 10 years of existence, the site will soon contain extensive information about each of their releases.

All their current albums; ’Forever Advancing...... Legions’, ’Worlds Beyond The Veil’, and their current release, ’Behind The Shadows Lie Madness’, remain available through Candlelight Records.

Mithras is:
Rayner Coss: oratory / bass
Leon Macey: guitar / drums

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Candlelight Records Drop Mithras

Leon Macey of the UK psychedelic brutal death metal masters MITHRAS has issued the following update:

"First off, we're no longer signed to Candlelight Records. Although we signed with them for a possible three albums (of which 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' was the first), Candlelight decided not to take up the option in our contract for what we're just calling 'album four' at the mopment, giving the reason that we don't tour. While we're not particularly disgruntled by this, it did come as a bit of a surprise given the fact we made them aware we weren't a touring band when they signed us (and we signed as a duo). However, the music industry has changed a lot over the last few years and it is definitely a different and harder market these days. Nonetheless, it was a great experience working with Candlelight on 'Behind The Shadows...' and we wish them all the best for the future. Work continues on album four as I type this..." More...

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Mithras Mastermind Launches Galactic Records

Founded by MITHRAS mastermind Leon Macey, Galactic Records launched in late 2006 and brought with it two exceptional debut releases from two very different artists: the UK's fastest-rising death metal contenders, Sarpanitum, and Welsh/Swedish atmospheric instrumental hybrid Sepia Dreamer.

"Sarpanitum are an anomaly in the UK death metal scene. Their debut for us, 'Despoilment Of Origin,' is a sophisticated and brutal release, and for such a young band, it's damn impressive!" says Leon of his first signing. "I was a big fan of Sepia Dreamer's first recording, 'Portraits Of Forgotten Memories,' and always believed that with a label brave enough to take the risk with a totally instrumental album they would go down really well with an extreme audience. 'The Sublime' isn't a shoe-gazing affair, but the emotional edge it displays should appeal to many as a welcome break from the barrage of blastbeats most extreme music fans have become accustomed to."

Leon also helped Sepia Dreamer realize "The Sublime" in a recorded format by lending his drumming skills on the album - which manifests itself in a very different style to that which he is used to with his own band MITHRAS. "It was a real challenge with just four hours available to lay down an album's worth of drumming for a style miles from my comfort zone, but I think it lends itself well to the music," he comments.

Both releases are distributed worldwide via the UK's largest independent music distributor, Plastic Head, and should be found lurking in a record shop near you! Releases are also available via the label's site: www.galacticrecords.co.uk. A track from Sarpanitum's album is included on Terrorizer's current issue and music from both bands can be heard through www.myspace.com/galacticrecords.

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Mithras Post New Track Online

Psychedelic brutal death metal masters MITHRAS have posted a new song, entitled "To Where the Sun Never Leaves", at this location. The track comes off the group's new album, "Behind the Shadows Lie Madness", due on May 28 through Candlelight Records. The CD will feature cover art by Dan Seagrave, who is known for his work with MORBID ANGEL, ENTOMBED, SUFFOCATION and many others.

MITHRAS' last album, "Worlds Beyond The Veil", was reissued via Candlelight Records in the Europe in March 2004 and in the U.S. through Candlelight in September 2004. The album was originally released in September 2003 via Golden Lake Productions.

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Mithras Complete Recording New Album

After three years, UK death metal duo Mithras have completed work on their latest album, titled "Behind The Shadows Lie Madness." The record will be released worldwide by Candlelight Records and will feature art by Dan Seagrave who is known for his work with Morbid Angel, Entombed, Suffocation and many others. The release date should be announced soon.

As previously reported, Mithras announced new live guitarist Alex de Moller (of underground London based band SCYTHIAN) into the fold earlier this year.

Mithras' latest album, Worlds Beyond The Veil, was reissued via Candlelight Records in the UK/Europe in March, 2004 and in the U.S. through Candlelight in September, 2004. The album was originally released in September, 2003 via Golden Lake Productions.

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Mithras Welcome New Live Guitarist

British metallers MITHRAS have posted the following update at their website:

"Mithras would like to welcome new live guitarist Alex de Moller (of underground London based band SCYTHIAN) into the fold.

The Mithras live lineup is now: Rayner Coss (Oratory, Bass), Leon Macey (Lead Guitar), Alex de Moller (Rhythm Guitar), Sean Broster (Drums).

Mithras will be gigging towards the end of the year in support of the new album, Behind The Shadows Lie Madness (more news and release TBA), with what promise to be their most intense live shows yet.

Promoters interested in booking the band, please email shows@mithras.org.uk ."

Mithras' latest album, Worlds Beyond The Veil, was reissued via Candlelight Records in the UK/Europe in March, 2004 and in the U.S. through Candlelight in September, 2004. The album was originally released in September, 2003 via Golden Lake Productions.

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Candlelight Signs Cadaver and Khold

Candlelight Records announces the addition of Norway's CADAVER and KHOLD to the label's growing worldwide roster. France's Blut Aus Nord, Poland's Niya and England's Mithras also join Candlelight, signalling the label's most aggressive artist acquisition period in its ten-plus year history. All are scheduled to release new albums in the coming months.

Norway's CADAVER date to 1989. The now popular death metal band released their full-length debut Hallucinating Anxiety via Earache Records in 1990, followed by In Pains in 1992. Growing sales and interest, however, could not hold back the rising interest in black metal thus Cadaver would separate in 1993. Reformed (and renamed Cadaver Inc.) in 1999 by founding band member Neddo, the band completed their contract with Earache in 2001 releasing their third album, Discipline . The band would tour with Morbid Angel, Extreme Noise Terror and visit the US for the first time in support of the record, quickly regaining the interest and support they had in 1993. Signing with Candlelight, the band - currently featuring vocalist Apollyon, drummer Czral, bassist LJ Balvaz with guitarist Neddo - drop Inc and prepare for the release of their fourth album, Necrosis . The album is confirmed for US release April 20.

Formed in 2000, KHOLD come to Candlelight with already two previous albums recorded to their credit. Masterpiss of Pain and Phantom (Moonfog) both received high accolades via metal magazines and fans worldwide - no doubt initially inspired by interest from the members, including vocalist/guitarist Gard (Old Mans Child), drummer Sarke (Old Mans Child) and bassist Brandr (Red Harvest), other band associations. The band has been likened to an "updated Bathory or Darkthrone." The band are currently completing their label debut, with release expected in May.

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