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Amberian Dawn

Amberian Dawn Photo

Band Photo: Amberian Dawn (?)

Formed: 2006
From: Helsinki, Finland
Last Known Status: Active


Amberian Dawn is an independent Finnish metal band. Their music is melodic, dramatic and powerful metal with female classical vocals. Comprised of Tuomas Seppälä (keyboards), Heikki Saari (drums), Peter James Goodman (vocals) and Tommi Kuri (bass), past musical activity has included Virtuocity, Atheme One, Norther Thaurorod, and Lathspell.

As the songs for their first effort neared completion in composition, he band quickly added Heidi Parviainen (Iconofear/Agonia) to replace Goodman on vocals, and Kasperi Heikkilä (Guardians of Mankind, Merging Flare, Iconofear) to take over guitar for original part-timer Sampo Seppälä (Antheme One). They are currently recording their first album, due out in late 2007.

Latest Amberian Dawn News

Below is our complete Amberian Dawn news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Amberian Dawn Posts New Music Video

Amberian Dawn posted a new music video for the track "Kokko - Eagle Of Fire." The song originally appeared on the band's 2009 release "The Clouds of Northland Thunder," which was re-recorded for the upcoming compilation "Re-Evolution," which is scheduled for release on June 14th (Finland) and June 17th (World) via KHY Suomen Musiikki Oy, with world distribution via Pure Steel Records. The release features Amberian Dawn tracks re-recorded with new vocalist Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen, who joined the band in December of 2012.

The track listing for "Re-Evolution" is as follows:

1. Valkyries
2. Incubus
3. Kokko - Eagle of Fire
4. Lily of the Moon
5. Come Now Follow
6. Crimson Flower
7. Circus Black
8. Lost Soul
9. Cold Kiss
10. River of Tuoni
11. Charnel's Ball

Check out "Kokko - Eagle of Fire" here: More...

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Amberian Dawn To Release New Compilation

Amberian Dawn's Tuomas Seppälä has posted the following announcement about the band releasing the "Re-Evolution" compilation:

"It's time for Re-Evolution and a great pleasure for us to share the cover art of our brand new compilation album 'Re-Evolution' with you. It was designed by Jan 'Örkki' Yrlund at Darkgrove Design:

"We all thought that the best way to introduce our new singer Capri to our fans is by re-recording a compilation album of our best songs. It was very important for us to give you all a broad overview about Capri's great talent in all its facets and present her vocal sound and way of singing to you before we start recording a whole new studio album.

"We hope very much that you like the fresh sound created through Capri's voice and the re-recording of the music parts which was necessary due to some required key changes. I believe that this compilation album is an excellent 'visiting card' of the new Amberian Dawn sound and style, all in all we all are really happy with the results we achieved.

"Re-Evolution will be released in Finland by late spring 2013 through KHY Suomen Musiikki. Album was mixed by Mikko P. Mustonen and mastered by Henkka Niemistö at Chartmakers. We plan to release this album digitally worldwide at the same time. The exact release date will be announced very soon.

"Furthermore a music video for 'Kokko - Eagle of Fire' will be shot and put online in April 2013. This video is going to be produced by Routafilmi, the same company which brought out one of our earlier videos (Arctica). The track listing is: More...

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New Metal Tracks Available On Rock Band Network

Following last week's lead, there's not much in the way of metal landing on the Rock Band Network today, with two new tracks for Xbox players and only a single song from the ever-present Amberian Dawn coming to the PS3.

Xbox 360 gamers now have access to these tracks on the Rock Band Network:

I See Stars - “Endless Sky” (160 MSP)
Psychostick - “This is Not a Song, It’s a Sandwich!” (160 MSP)

This song will be available on the PS3 starting February 5th (North America) and 6th (Europe):

Amberian Dawn - "Charnel's Ball" ($1.99), Metal

If the slim pickings on the RBN has you down, cheer up with Psychostick's latest music video for "Dogs Like Socks," which is exactly what it sounds like and can be viewed here.

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Amberian Dawn Announces New Vocalist

Finnish symphonic metal act Amberian Dawn announced the replacement for outgoing vocalist Heidi Parviainen, who split with the band back in November. New vocalist Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen was revealed along with sound samples in the video appearing below. The band plans to issue a compilation of re-recorded tracks with Capri on vocals to be issued in 2013.

The announcement on the band's official website reads:

"Hey all. As announced recently we have spent quite some time with the search for a new singer. A pretty hard task, but we think we managed to find an extraordinarily talented singer.

"We are very proud to present you Capri! She is from Finland and a professional vocalist with a strong background: she has worked for a vast amount of different kinds of studio- and live-projects (musicals, lead and backing vocal recordings, live shows etc). Capri has a classical training but is still 100 percent a rock singer. We are sure she will bring AD to a new level by interpreting AD songs with a different kind of style and emotion."

"And since we all thought that Capri can sing those “classic” AD songs with new and refreshing style and sound, we decided to re-record a selection of our best songs again with her. Also 75% of the music stems are going to be re-recorded. Mikko P. Mustonen, who did orchestral arrangements for our previous album (Circus Black) will add some more colour to those songs with awesome orchestral additions. He's also going to mix this album. Release dates, track listing and cover art are to be announced later."

Songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist Tuomas Seppälä commented: "Finding Capri and getting her join AD is like a big dream coming true to me. Capri shares the same taste in music as I and that's why is obvious that our new partnership is like “match made in heaven”. She really makes my compositions to shine like never before and I'm so impressed about her every way. I'm as excited as back then, when I found our original singer Heidi. Now my main focus is to make the whole world to hear about Capri and start composing new songs for her. But first, we're all concentrating on recording this compilation album with Capri and then I'll start working with new material for new studio album." More...

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New Metal Available For The Rock Band Network

With Friday here again the Rock Band Network now has new tunes for metalheads to rock out with over the weekend. Xbox 360 players now have these tracks available to purchase:

Amberian Dawn – “Charnel’s Ball” (160 MSP)
Anarchy Club – “A Single Drop of Red (The Gentleman)” (80 MSP)
Emmure – “Protoman” (160 MSP)
Escape the Day – “Turn Back Time (Rock Band Edition) (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
Strikken – “Re-Live (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)

Meanwhile, the PS3 players will have these tracks to look forward to on 12/4 (12/5 in Europe):

Within the Ruins - "Controller" ($1.99)
Lich King - "Act of War" ($0.99)

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New Metal Songs Hitting The Rock Band Network

Happy Friday Rock Banders! This week's new lineup of Rock Band Network tracks include Nightrage and The Minotaur Project on the Xbox side, along with recurring acts Amberian Dawn and Halcyon Way for the PS3 fans.

Here's what Xbox 360 players can now download through the RBN:

Nightrage – “Sham Piety” (160 MSP)
Nightrage – “Sham Piety (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
One Year Later – “Absolution” (160 MSP)
One Year Later – “Absolution (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
The Minotaur Project – “Shattered Satellites and Brutal Gods” (80 MSP)
The Minotaur Project – “Shattered Satellites and Brutal Gods (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)

For PS3 players, these tracks become available on 11/13 (North America) and 11/14 (Europe):

Amberian Dawn – “Cold Kiss” ($1.99), Metal
Halcyon Way – “Our Finest Hour” ($0.99), Metal

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Amberian Dawn Splits With Vocalist

Finnish act Amberian Dawn has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band's vocalist:

"Goodbye Heidi, welcome back Joonas and Emppu. Amberian Dawn sadly announce the departure of Heidi Parviainen. The first chapter of Amberian Dawn's story is closed. The band and vocalist Heidi Parviainen, who has been a member of Amberian Dawn from the beginning, have decided to part ways.

"The decision to part company at the end of the year was made consensually in early 2012, thus meaning Amberian Dawn's appearance at Metal Female Voices Fest was their last show together. Amberian Dawn wishes Heidi all the best for her future and thanks her deeply for the work, effort and contribution she provided during all these years. More...

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More Amberian Dawn Songs Hit The Rock Band Network

Well Xbox players, looks like you'll have to live with what metal already exists on the Rock Band Network this weekend, because you aren't getting a single new track this week.

PS3 fans finally get to play catch up though, as three Amberian Dawn tracks are coming to that platform next week. These songs will be available on the PS3 starting 8/21/2012 (North America) and 8/22/2012 (Europe):

Amberian Dawn - "Circus Black" ($1.99)
Amberian Dawn - "War in Heaven" ($1.99)
Amberian Dawn - "Sampo" ($1.99)

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Amberian Dawn Replacing Krypteria At MFVF 2012

Finland's Amberian Dawn has issued the following announcement about replacing Krypteria at the upcoming Metal Female Voices Fest 2012:

"Hey, we are very happy to announce that it's confirmed that Amberian Dawn will perform at Metal Female Voices Fest again.

"We're replacing Krypteria which was announced before. AD had great time playing on MFVF 2009 and once again we're going to give a stunning show for you. See you all in Octoberhalle on October 20th 2012."

Additional details on this year's edition of the MFVF can be found at the festival's official website here. More...

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More Metal Songs Land On The Rock Band Network

The pickings for metal have been slim for quite some time on the Rock Band Network, and this week again only features a handful of new tracks for the headbanging crowd. Xbox 360 enthusiasts can now download these two songs:

Asking Alexandria – “To the Stage” (160 MSP)
Halcyon Way – “On Black Wings” (80 MSP)

The PS3 version will also get the following tracks on 7/31/2012 (North America) and 8/1/2012 (Europe):

Carnifex – “Until I Feel Nothing” ($1.99)
Amberian Dawn – “Come Now Follow” ($1.99)

As previously reported, Rock Band and Rock Band Reloaded will be removed from the iTunes App Store at the end of the month, following the expiration of the license with maker Harmonix.

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New Metal Songs Coming To The Rock Band Network

Rock Band players rejoice - there are finally new metal songs hitting the Rock Band network again this week! The Xbox 360 edition already has new tracks from Amberian Dawn and Nightrage, while the PS3 version will see new songs from Devin Townsend and Greek death metal demons Septicflesh next week.

These songs are currently available for the Xbox 360:

Amberian Dawn – “Circus Black” (160 MSP)
Amberian Dawn – “Circus Black (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
Edenshade – “Another Purity Failing (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)
I, Omega – “The Ravenous” (160 MSP)
Nightrage – “So Far Away/Delirium Of The Fallen” (160 MSP)
Spires – “The Infinite Descent (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)

These tracks hit the PS3 on Tuesday, 6/26/2012 (North America) and 6/27/2012 (Europe):

Devin Townsend – “By Your Command” ($1.99)
Septicflesh – “Anubis” ($1.99)

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Amberian Dawn Posts New Music Video

Finnish power metal band Amberian Dawn posted a new music video for the track "Cold Kiss." The song appears on the band's forthcoming fourth release "Circus Black," which is due out on Spinefarm Records today in Europe, March 6, 2012 (Canada) and April 24, 2012 (USA).

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Circus Black (3:48)
2. Cold Kiss (3:30)
3. Crimson Flower (4:23)
4. Charnel’s Ball (4:26)
5. Fight (3:19)
6. Letter (4:28)
7. I Share With You This Dream (3:36)
8. Rivalry Between Good and Evil (Instrumental) (3:59)
9. Guardian (5:09)
10. Lily of the Moon (4:07)

Check out "Cold Kiss" here: More...

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Amberian Dawn Posts "Circus Black" Trailer

Amberian Dawn has posted a teaser trailer online for the new album "Circus Black," which can be viewed below. "Circus Black" is set for release on the following dates:

Finland 29.2.2012
Europe 2.3.2012
Canada 6.3.2012
US 24.4.2012 (Digi)
UK 29.2.2012 (Digi)
Japan & Asia May 2012 More...

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Eclectic Song Mix Hitting The Rock Band Network

There's quite the eclectic lineup for Xbox 360 users of the Rock Band Network this weekend, from the pirate metal of Alestorm to the prog metal of Halcyon Way and even onto the black metal of Watain. These tracks are now available on the Xbox 360:

Christian Death - "Narcissus Metamorphosis Of" (160 MSP)
Alestorm - "Shipwrecked (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Codex Alimentarius - "Baptised" (160 MSP)
Halcyon Way - "Inside Looking Out (The Icon & The Ghost) (2x Bass Pedal)" (80 MSP)
Machinae Supremacy - "Force Feedback" (160 MSP)
Solution .45 - "Gravitational Lensing (2x Bass Pedal)" (80 MSP)
Watain - "Underneath the Cenotaph (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Powerman 5000 - "Do Your Thing" (160 MSP)

Unfortunately PS3 users have much less new material to look forward to, with only the following single metal track hitting the Rock Band Network this coming Tuesday, February 14th:

Amberian Dawn - "My Only Star" ($1.99)

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Amberian Dawn Working On New Music Video

Amberian Dawn has issued the following announcement about working on a music video for the "Cold Kiss" track:

"Hey all,

"We're glad to announce that digisingle COLD KISS (featuring Timo Kotipelto) is now available. US release in May, UK & Japan TBA. Later we're releasing a music video of COLD KISS too.

"The initial release date of album CIRCUS BLACK is February 29th 2012. Stay Metal."

The album's track listing is as follows: More...

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Amberian Dawn Announces Guest Musicians

Amberian Dawn has issued the following announcement about guest vocalists appearing on the upcoming "Circus Black" album:

"We're glad to introduce you two more male vocalists, who are guesting on our next album, CIRCUS BLACK. Great Finnish singers, Tuomas Nieminen (ex- Adamantra, Throne of Chaos etc.) and Nils Nordling (ex- Dreamtale, Animal House etc.) are singing vocal parts on one song, 'I Share With You This Dream.'

"As announced before, also Timo Kotipelto is making a guest appearance on CIRCUS BLACK album. Release date is February 29th. You can pre-order your copy of CIRCUS BLACK from Record Shop X. Stay Metal." More...

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Amberian Dawn Announces Details Of New LP

Finnish power metal band Amberian Dawn announced more details on the band band's upcoming fourth studio album. The LP will be entitled "Circus Black" and will be released on February 29, 2012 through Spinefarm Records. The album cover art and track listing are as follows:

1. Circus Black (3:48)
2. Cold Kiss (3:30)
3. Crimson Flower (4:23)
4. Charnel’s Ball (4:26)
5. Fight (3:19)
6. Letter (4:28)
7. I Share With You This Dream (3:36)
8. Rivalry Between Good and Evil (Instrumental) (3:59)
9. Guardian (5:09)
10. Lily of the Moon (4:07)

Stratovarius vocalist Timo Kotipelto will provide lead vocals on "Cold Kiss" and keyboardist Jens Johansson (Stratovarius, Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force) contributed a keyboard solo on "Crimson Flower."

The band commented on the album: "Circus Black is the most impressive AD album so far. Musically it represents the most sophisticated and most symphonic edge of AD-music. There’s more diversity on this album than never before. This is the first time we used a real choir and we gathered some really excellent professional opera singers together to be able to achieve the best sounding choir possible. This choir was conducted by Mikko P. Mustonen from Pathos Music. He also arranged the choir and orchestral parts. We managed once again to get some world-class guests on this album. So, the production is our biggest so far and the final polish on this album was given by Teropekka Virtanen (mixing engineer) and Mika Jussila (mastering engineer) at legendary Finnvox Studios in Finland."

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Amberian Dawn Taps Stratovarius Members

Amberian Dawn has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting Stratovarius members for the band's upcoming studio album:

"Hey all, we're proud to announce, that we're once again going to have some top musicians guesting on our next studio album.

"Timo Kotipelto (vocals) and Jens Johansson (keyboards) of Stratovarius will make guest appearances on our forthcoming new studio album, which is going to be released on early 2012. We'll give you later more details concerning the exact release date, cover art etc.

"This album is once again going to be released via Spinefarm Records/Universal Music Group."

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Rock Band Network Continues To Add More Metal

More of the usual suspects are showing up in the latest batch of newly added tracks to the Rock Band Network. Xbox fans can look forward to music from All Shall Perish and Halcyon Way over the weekend, while PS3 players will have access to more Arch Enemy and Rock Band champions Amberian Dawn next week.

The newly added Xbox 360 tracks are as follows:

All Shall Perish - "Embrace The Curse (2x Bass Pedal)" (160 MSP)
Halcyon Way - "Death of a Dream (2x Bass Pedal)" (80 MSP)
Prototype - "The Way It Ends" (80 MSP)

The PS3 releases for 11/22/2011 (North America) and 11/23/2011 (Europe) will be:

Amberian Dawn - "Passing Bells" ($1.99)
Arch Enemy - "Nemesis" ($1.99)

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Waltari Celebrates 25 Years of Music

Finnish metal band Waltari recently celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band. Formed in 1986, they’ve become known in their careers as a band that excels at combining different styles of music, especially creating diverse and refreshingly open minded variations within rock and metal. So it was only natural that at their anniversary show at Nosturi in Helsinki, some of the areas diverse quantity of musicians within the Finnish musical community (and a few other from other areas! ) would be taking the stage to perform with these heroes of rock.

First up to take the stage was Lord Bishop of Lord Bishop Rocks. I cannot stress the diversity of this show enough, especially in the case of getting to hear this upbeat 70’s influenced rock. The charismatic Lord Bishop played well with the musicians of Waltari, and the effect was an intro to the night that spoke purely of the good times ahead.


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