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Formed: 2000
From: Oslo, Norway
Last Known Status: Active


Khold hail from Oslo, Norway. The band was started by Gard ( vocals, guitar) and Sarke ( drums), who were previously the main body of a projest called Tulus. In the year 2000 they decided to form a complete band and two more members were added- Rinn ( guitar) and Eikind ( bass), thus giving birth to Khold.

The same year the band recorded their debut album "Masterpiss Of Pain" and signed with Satyr's Moonfog Records. The album was released in April the following year and received excellent reviews in the media.

Eikind left the band in the fall of 2001 and was replaced by Brandr. In early 2002, Khold released their sophomore album, "Phantom", once again making a big impact on the black metal scene. In the fall the same year, the band embarked on an European tour as a supporting act for Satyricon.

In 2004, Khold took another step forward by leaving Moonfog ( on friendly terms) and signing with Candlelight. The third album, "Mørke Gravers Kammer" was released in April. The band shot their first video, "Død", derected by Marcel Lelienhof.

All of the lyrics are written in an archaic form of Norwegian. Hildr ( Gard's wife) writes the poetry and Sarke composes most of the music. Khold is a band playing "old school" black metal, using only guitars, bass and drums. Still, they bring in their own touch by applying unusual bass parts and proving that black metal doesn't have to be fast in order to sound good.

Latest Khold News

Below is our complete Khold news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Blastfest 2016 To Celebrate Norwegian Metal Scene

Blastfest 2016 will be celebrating its national metal scene and will boast a lineup that will be 100% Norwegian.

Just hours after the final note rang out across the venue at Blastfest 2015, the organizers were brainstorming ideas for the third edition of the festival and here we are, a brand new concept: a one time only celebration of the Norwegian metal scene.

The 2016 editions will feature the triumphant return of the long-defunct Ancient, as well as other Norwegian luminaries such as Ihsahn and Tristania. The currently announced lineup (with more coming) is as follows:

Blood Tsunami
Green Carnation
In The Woods
Red Harvest

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Khold Posts Track-By-Track Breakdown

Khold, Norway's premier exponent of groove-laden, grim black metal, has released a new video offering a track-by-track breakdown of the band's new album.

Check out the clip below from drummer Sarke outlining the motivations behind the music and what to expect from each song on new album, "Til Endes," which is out now on Peaceville Records (read our review here).

You can also still stream all of "Til Endes" in full by heading over to this location, and read our recent interview with Sarke here. More...

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Khold Streaming Entire New Album

After a period of six years in the wilderness, Norway's exponent of groove-laden black metal, Khold, just released "Til Endes" via Peaceville Records (check out our review here).

You can now hear all the tracks below, courtesy of Noisey.Vice.com. The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Myr
2. Skogens Oye
3. Ravnestrupe
4. Dommens Arme
5. Til Endes
6. Det Dunkle Dyp
7. Avund
8. Hengitt More...

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Khold Releases "Til Endes" Music Video

Norwegian black metal act Khold today released a music video for the new track "Til Endes."

The song is the title track of the band's forthcoming sixth studio release, which will drop on September 29th (EU) and September 30th (North America) via Peaceville Records.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Myr
2. Skogens oye
3. Ravnestrupe
4. Dommens arme (Sepultura cover)
5. Til Endes
6. Det dunkle dyp
7. Avund
8. Hengitt

Check out the video here: More...

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Khold Streaming New Album's Title Track

After a period of six years in the wilderness, Norway's exponent of groove-laden black metal, Khold, will return with a new album "Til Endes," which is set for release on September 30th via Peaceville Records.

Today, Khold has teamed up with Pitchfork.com to launch the album's title track in the latest installment of the "Hell Awaits" column. Check out the song at this location.

"Til Endes" explores the dark foreboding corners of the metal spectrum with eerie riffs, grim vocals courtesy of mysterious frontman Gard, and catchy hooks which are so often ignored in the genre.

The album was recorded at Studio Fredman (Amon Amarth, At the Gates, Opeth) in Sweden in June 2014 with the line-up of Gard (vocals/guitar), Sarke (drums), Rinn on guitar and Crowbel on bass. "Til Endes" also notably includes a cover of the Sepultura track "Troops of Doom," given the full Khold treatment and titled "Dommens Arme." More...

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Khold To Release New Album

After a period of six years in the wilderness, Norway's Khold is back with a new album, titled "Til Endes," which is set for release on September 30th via Peaceville Records.

"Til Endes" explores the dark and foreboding corners of the metal spectrum with eerie riffs, grim vocals courtesy of mysterious frontman Gard, and catchy hooks. Expanding upon Khold's staple sound of mid-tempo primitive and heavy black metal, the band's sixth studio release adds an additional aggressive edge to the tracks overall, whilst retaining its use of solely Norwegian lyrics.

The album also notably includes a cover of the Sepultura track, "Troops of Doom," given the full Khold treatment, and titled "Dommens Arme."

"Til Endes" was recorded at Studio Fredman (Amon Amarth, At the Gates, Opeth) in Sweden in June 2014 with the line-up of Gard (vocals/guitar), Sarke (drums), Rinn on guitar, and Crowbel on bass. The track listing is as follows:

1. Myr
2. Skogens Oye
3. Ravnestrupe
4. Dommens Arme
5. Til Endes
6. Det Dunkle Dyp
7. Avund
8. Hengitt More...

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Behexen And Woe Added To Incubate Fest

Behexen and Woe have been added to the already extensive lineup for the Dutch Incubate festival, which takes place this coming September. Full details and tickets can be found at this location.

Other bands playing Incubate include Immortal, Mayhem, Gehenna, Khold, Tulus, Chaos Invocation, Dragged Into Sunlight, Brutal Truth, Worship, and many more. The currently announced lineup is:

Friday September 20th

Gehenna (NO)
Chaos Invocation
Dragged into Sunlight
Brutal Truth
Sonne Adam
Terzij de Horde
Verbum Verus
Neige Morte
Serpent Noir
Iron Witch
Dead Existence
Downfall of Gaia
Age Of Woe More...

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Khold Album To See Re-Release

Peaceville Records will be re-releasing the "Mørke Gravers Kammer" album from Khold on July 16th, 2012. Pre-orders are available here. The label also commented on this edition of the album:

"Norwegian black metal band Khold formed in Oslo in the year 2000, by Gard & Sarke (currently seen in his own, self-named act, alongside Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto), as Khold emerged out of the ashes of the cult band Tulus. They have recorded 5 albums to date, & have successfully toured with bands such as Satyricon & Behemoth in the past. Khold is also notable for their use of old Norse for song-titles & lyrics.

"‘Mørke Gravers Kammer’ was Khold’s third album, recorded in late 2003 & originally released in 2004. By now Khold was fast becoming one of the premier Norwegian acts of the new millennium, mixing old school riffing with groove-laden black metal & a completely stripped down production, often classed as a fine mix of Darkthrone & Celtic Frost.

"This edition of ‘Mørke Gravers Kammer’ includes a bonus, previously unreleased track from the band’s ‘Demo 2000’, as well as the music video to the song ‘Død’."

The track listing is as follows: More...

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Three More Bands Confirmed For Brutal Assault 2011

The organisers of the Czech Republic's Brutal Assault festival has announced a further three confirmations for this year's event. Newly added to the bill are Scottish hardcore punk/crossover thrash legends The Exploited, Bay Area thrash veterans Forbidden and American mathcore outfit The Dillinger Escape Plan. The festival will take place from August 11th-13th in Josefov, Czech Republic.

The lineup is as follows: More...

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Sepultura Confirmed For Wacken Open Air 2011

Brazilian thrash metal legends Sepultura have been confirmed as the latest band for next year's edition of Germany's famous Wacken Open Air festival, which will take place fom August 4th-6th. The lineup is now as follows:

Blind Guardian
Excrementory Grindfuckers
Ozzy Osbourne
Suicidal Tendencies
Warrant (Ger)

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Sarke Posts New Album, "Vorunah," Samples Online

Norway's Sarke has posted a new e-card at this location. The E-card features samples from their entire upcoming debut album, "Vorunah." Furthermore, the band has a new track, "The Drunken Priest" on their MySpace page.

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Sarke Signs To Indie Recordings

Indie Recordings recently announced the signing of debut act Sarke. The band features no one else than Sarke (Khold, Tulus, Old Man's Child and Sensa Anima) and Nocturno Culto from the mighty Darkthrone.

Sarke might sound like a new name, and in fact it is, but this grim story has more pages than one first might think. Formed in 2008 by its namesake Sarke, who has spread his angry art through Khold, Tulus, Old Man's Child and Sensa Anima, Sarke is a mesmerizing journey through dark and soothing soundscapes, inspired by legends like Mayhem, Slayer, Darkthrone, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Death, Motorhead and Kreator.

For this musical quest, Sarke wanted to create music that has inspired him since he got into the extreme metal scene, and thus Nocturno Culto from the mighty Darkthrone was brought on board, making the core of the project complete. All music and lyrics are written by Sarke, but adding Nocturno's legendary voice to these songs, has without a doubt added another dimension to the grimness.

The debut album, "Vorunah," was recorded in November, and even though the album was recorded in old-fashioned 70's style to get the true vibe of the music, the sound is brutal, fresh and up to date.

"Vorunah" is produced by Sarke with Lars-Erik Westby and is set to a April 6th release for Norway, April 27th in Europe. A U.S. and rest of world release date is yet to be announced.

In a statement Sarke comments the signing: "I want to thank Indie Recordings for supporting my ideas with this band since day one and to Nocturno Culto for joining me; together we have created a monster."

The line-up is: More...

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Khold Is Put On Ice

Norwegian black metalers KHOLD have issued the following statement:

"We are sorry to announce that KHOLD has been put on ice for an undetermined length of time. The members of KHOLD feel they need a break to gather their thoughts about the future. The members will each have their own projects from this day on.

Sarke [drums] and Gard [guitar, vocals] will continue with their pre-KHOLD project, TULUS. They will enter studio and record their fourth album. Rinn [guitar] is about to build his own studio and will start producing other artists as well as continuing a previous project, SENSA ANIMA. Grimd is proud to announce that he will be an organ donor. In order to keep his organs in the best possible condition he will make sure they're drenched with alcohol most of the time.

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Age of Silence Prepare To Record New Album

Avant-garde/prog/metal act AGE OF SILENCE, the Norwegian band featuring Lazare (BORKNAGAR, SOLEFALD), Hellhammer (WINDS, ARCTURUS, MAYHEM) and Eikind (KHOLD, TULUS), among others, have issued the following update on the progress of the songwriting sessions for their upcoming album:

"If things have been quiet in the AGE OF SILENCE camp for a while, that is because we have been busy with other musical projects lately!

"We are soon getting closer to preparing for the recording of a new album. All the material has been ready for quite some time, and in order to progress even further we are taking a step backwards with this new release.

"Musically speaking, we are not going to reveal much, but it will be darker, heavier, yet still containing the usual AGE OF SILENCE brilliance! In other words, expect a masterpiece that will undoubtedly set a new standard in ‘extreme-fusion’ for years to come."

In other news, AGE OF SILENCE have launched a new official forum at this location.

AGE OF SILENCE released a three-song EP entitled "Complications – Trilogy of Intricacy" on The End Records last fall.

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Khold Complete Second Video From 'Krek'

Norway's KHOLD have just put the finishing touches on their self-produced second video from their latest album, "Krek". The clip, for the song "Innestengt I Eikekiste", "will be coming to a screen near you shortly!" according to a press release.

As previously reported, KHOLD's video for the track "Blog Og Blek" has been posted online at Candlelight USA's web site. Visitors can download or view the Norwegian band's last clip in support of "Krek" at this location.

Formed in 2000, KHOLD is said to be "one of the most unique bands" in the extreme metal genre. Their 2004 CD, "Morke Graves Kammer", was their first with proper U.S. distribution. "Krek" is the fourth studio album from the widely respected black metal band.

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Khold Post New Video Online

Candlelight Records USA has recently relaunched their new website at candlelightrecordsusa.com. With it, they have also posted the new KHOLD video for the track, 'Blog Og Blek', online at the following locations:

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Khold Set Release Date for New Album

Khold has set an October 18th release date for their new album entitled "Krek". "Krek" will be released through Candlelight Records and Khold's fourth studio album. All songs on "Krek" will be sung in Norwegian and the tracklisting is as follows:

1. Krek
2. Blod og Blek
3. Innestengt I Eikekiste Oskorei
4. Byrde
5. Lysets Flukt
6. Grepet Om Kniven
7. Midvinterblot
8. Varde
9. Silur Wie

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Khold Sign With Tabu Recordings

Norwegian cult black metallers KHOLD have inked a deal with Tabu Recordings. The group are currently completing work on their fourth album, tentaively due in October.

KHOLD's third album, "Morke Gravers Kammer", was released last year via Candlelight Records.

Recorded in Norway and completed following the band's 2003 European tour with SATYRICON, "Morke Gravers Kammer" (The Gravediggers Dark Chamber) was previously described as "an eclectic collection of fast and mid-tempo tracks that features the Oslo-based band's simple yet commanding take on the extreme style." The album featured artwork by illustrious Norwegian photographer Marcel Leliënhof, who also directed the band's video for the track "Dod".

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Madder Mortem To Headilne Hamar Metal Festival

Norway's MADDER MORTEM have posted the following update:

"We'll be headlining the second day of the upcoming "Hamar Metal Festival" at Hydranten! The festival lasts for two days, 25.02 - 26.02. Tickets costs 250,- NOK per day, or 400,- NOK for both days.

The bands playing will be: Borgarholt, Pestiferous, Susperia, Khold the first day, and Mute, Dread, Cynicon, Fortress of Grief and us. For more info, visit the Hamar Ungdom website.

This will be a great event for all Heavy Heads of Hedmark (or other places), so grab your good mood and be there!!!"

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Susperia Nominated For Norwegian Alarm Awards

Susperia have received a nomination for best album in the 'Metal' category of the respected Norwegian Alarm Awards, which will take place in Oslo, Norway on Saturday 5th February 2005. The band have been recognised for their acclaimed 'Unlimited' album, which was released last year through the TABU label in Europe and Candlelight in the USA. The recording fast became a firm favourite with both media and fans around the world. Susperia are one of five nominees for the 'Metal' award alongside Mayhem, Enslaved, Red Harvest and Khold. Voting is open to the public and votes can be made at http://www.alarmweb.org/2005/nyheter/index-05metal.html

The band are currently working on a new video for the song 'Devil May Care'. The video is set to incorporate live footage from their recent tours and is expected to be completed shortly.

Susperia have lined up their first live shows of 2005, at the Hamar Metal Festival which takes place at the Hydranten in Hamar, Norway on Friday 25th Feb 2005 and at Horten Scene 37 on Friday 1st April 2005. The Horten show has been arranged, to make up for the bands' non appearance at the venue on last years 'Unlimited Grudge' tour. They had to cancel their performance at the time, due to vocalist Athera losing his voice.

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