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Frostmoon Eclipse

From: Italy
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Frostmoon Eclipse News

Below is our complete Frostmoon Eclipse news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Band Lineup Announced For Darkness Rising Fest

This year's edition of the Serbian "Darkness Rising" festival will take place in Belgrade from May 30th - June 1st, 2013. The festival features 27 black metal bands from a variety of countries, with full details available at the festival's website here. The currently announced lineup is as follows:

Desaster (Germany)
Horna (Finland)
Enthroned (Belgium)
Behexen (Finland)
Infernal War (Poland)
Urfaust (Netherlands)
Sargeist (Finland)
Fides Inversa (Italy)
Inferno (Czech)
Frostmoon Eclipse (Italy)
Silva Nigra (Czech)
Arkona (Poland)
Sekhmet (Czech)
Somrak (Slovenia)
Handful Of Hate (Italy)
The One (Greece)
The True Endless (Italy)
Emptiness (Belgium)
Simargal (Serbia)
Ater Era (Slovenia)
Svartgren (Serbia)
Triumfall (Serbia)
Samrt (Serbia)
Terrörhammer (Serbia)
Prognan (Croatia)
Zloslut (Serbia) More...

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Frostmoon Eclipse Member Guests For Godheadscope

Frostmoon Eclipse founder and guitarist Claudio Alcara makes a guest appearance on two tracks from “Patience,” the forthcoming four-track EP release from Godheascope.

“Patience“ is the third release from the Californian one-man project formed in 2006 by M. Rosin, and, according to Rosin himself represents Godheadscope’s “most complete bridging of modern composition and ambient with art-rock and folk." The EP has been released as digital download via Bandcamp. You can also stream the release through the player available below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Patience
2. Solidarity
3. Medusa In the Cistern
4. The Screaming Mound

Frostmoon Eclipse's Alcara, who contributes guitar melodies for the tracks “Solidarity” and “The Screaming Mound," is himself due to release an album for his Stroszek project in December of this year on Hypnotic Dirge Records. “Sound Graveyard Bound” will be the third full-length release from Stroszek, the band that allows Alcara not only to perform vocals, but also to display his consummate guitar skills in a more melodic, introspective fashion, as opposed to the black metal for which he is best known with Frostmoon Eclipse. More information about Strozsek is available at this location. More...

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Valkyrja Announces Live Guitarists

Sweden's Valkyrja has issued the following announcement about the live guitarists to perform with the band on upcoming tour dates:

"The first assault of the 'Under the Sign of Hell Tour 2011' is only a few days and the knives has been sharpened to carve deep! As we won't participate each night - the 4th of December at Atheens being our last contribute, the Valkyrja part of the tour has been titled 'The Final Contamination' to, for the last time, highlight the 'Contamination' album and later put all focus on the future.

"We are proud to announce the live guitarists for this tour: D.G. (Frostmoon Eclipse, ex-Glorior Belli / 1st - 16th of November) and Thelberg (Spazmosity, 17th of November - 4th of December).

"New items from Ketzer Records are added to the web store. However, the store will be closed until mid-December. We refer to responsible labels and official distributors in the meantime.

"The 'Contamination' vinyl will be available in mid-November. Expect nothing but another high quality release from W.T.C Productions."

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Frostmoon Eclipse Signs With Osmose Productions

Black Metal act Frostmoon Eclipse has announced its signing with Osmose Productions. The deal comes in time for the band to release its forthcoming studio album "The End Stands Silent," the band's fifth album overall.

"The End Stands Silent" tracklisting is as follows:
1. Heaven Outside, Hell Within
2. I Am The Absence
3. Corridors
4. Under Pale City Lights
5. Unnatural Isolation
6. A Clandestine Freedom Between Shadows
7. The End Of Everything

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Glorior Belli Announces New Drummer "G"

Glorior Belli has announced the addition of new drummer "G." The band comments on the progress of their new album with the new drummer, "And G. (Frostmoon Eclipse, Deathrow, Macabre, Omen) has just laid down the drum tracks for the new record: 'The Full Intrepid Experience of Light' - To be released later this year."

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Frostmoon Eclipse Streams Lovecraft Themed Songs

The three songs that black metal act Frostmoon Eclipse contributed to the H.P. Lovecraft Series will be available for streaming on the band's MySpace page until the end of January.

Released on God Is Myth Records at the end of 2008, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE’s “I Am Providence” is Volume VI of the series dedicated to the writer H.P. Lovecraft. Each of the albums in the series features an individual band, and is limited to 100 copies of specially packaged 3” CD-r’s.

Frostmoon Eclipse issued the following statement about the songs:

"The band are all fans of Lovecraft, and we found the idea behind the series particularly interesting to work on. Two of the tracks, “In The Vault” and “The Thing On The Doorstep” were inspired by Lovecraft stories and the idea that people could actually listen to them whilst reading the stories is fascinating. The final track “Providence, 1937-03-15” is our tribute to this extraordinary writer who died much too soon."

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Frostmoon Eclipse Guitarist On New Stroszek Album

Releases Claudio Alcara, guitarist and founder member of Black Metallers FROSTMOON ECLIPSE has finished work on “Songs of Remorse”, the first album from his own band STROSZEK. Due for release shortly on the God is Myth label, the line-up includes Alcara on vocals and guitars, Richard on drums and Davide on bass.

“Songs of Remorse” is a complete departure from the Black Metal for which the guitarist is best known, although still much in evidence is the distinctive guitar style that gives FROSTMOON ECLIPSE - a band that tempers the Old School Black Metal sound with touches of lyrical acoustic guitar - their trademark sound. Comments Alcara “I wouldn’t call STROSZEK a ‘side project’ as such, it’s really just my material; something that has been inside me for a long time. The album title “Songs of Remorse” is fairly indicative of the subject matter. My manager asked me to define the style, and when I couldn’t she described it as being ‘Like driving along a deserted highway late at night with just your thoughts for company’. She nailed the feel of the album exactly”.

Alcara is currently preparing material for the next STROSZEK release, which will be a split with the US Psychedelic band GODHEADSCOPE, the solo project of Matt Rosin (CINDERVOICE, DEAD RAVEN CHOIR). As well as STROSZEK and FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, whose latest album “Another Face In Hell” has just been released, Alcara is also involved in the French Ambient band AERE AETERNUS, which includes members of DARK SANCTUARY and MACABRE OMEN in its ranks.

Three tracks from “Songs of Remorse” can be heard on the official STROSZEK MySpace page.

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