"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Terror Syndrome

From: Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada
Last Known Status: Active

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Interview With Terror Syndrome Drummer Ryan VP

The Internet has been an obnoxiously attractive platform for the success of many metal bands over the last few years. My Space, last.fm and YouTube have all helped shape what is widely known as the New Media Explosion, lending itself in large part to the dreadful emo-rock phenomenon. Where MySpace is concerned, several metal and hard rock bands writhe for a spot at the top of the most played charts, yet few have managed to actually impress anything new upon the genre. Terror Syndrome have, against all odds, broken through in only a few short months. The hype started in April of this year with some raw mixed Mp3s and quickly evolved into five full album-ready songs. After much growth and cohesion, Terror Syndrome average hundreds of hits per day and are prepared to release the ultimate metal album in the form of Stupidity For All…At least according to Devin Townsend drummer and Terror Syndrome founder, Ryan “RVP” Van Poederooyen. More...

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