"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2004
From: Swindon, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Ventflow News

Below is our complete Ventflow news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

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Unearthing The West Country Metal Underground

Every week in Unearthing the Metal Underground, we take a look at three quality bands that haven't gotten as much exposure yet as they should. This week we’ll be looking at three bands from the West Country (the Southwest of England.)

From Ruin

First up on the agenda is From Ruin, a melodic thrash metal band from the small town Warminster, which is close to Stonehenge. Having only formed in 2009, the band can be seen as newcomers to the scene but have been rapidly increasing their fan base in their two years they’ve been around. Acclaim has already been flooding in for the band for their blend of soulful vocals with pounding instruments.

From Ruin - "Crimson Tears"

From Ruin - "Fear To Tread"

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Ventflow Announces New Members

British heavy metal outfit Ventflow has announced that they have replaced their former lead vocalist Lee Brennan with ex Tonne singer Harry Watson, as well as adding second guitarist Jake Ettle-Iles. A message from the band reads as follows:

"We are glad to announce that we now have a full lineup again. We would like to welcome both Harry Watson and Jake Ettle-Iles into Ventflow.

"Harry will be our new frontman, taking over on vocal duties. His previous band Tonne/Blackout sadly split up not too long ago, but luckily for us we managed to snap him up before someone else did. Those of you who were lucky enough to see Tonne in action will know that Harry has a massive voice, and huge stage presence that will fit in perfectly with our music. Check out his previous band and you’ll hear what we mean: Tonne Myspace

"We have decided in the wake of the recent band shake-up that it would be the right time to introduce a second guitarist to beef up our sound, and allow us more flexibility and dynamics in the new material. Jake is our man for the job, a rhythm monster, and we glad to have him on board. His previous bands include Painslave and current project Hate Mechanism

"Both Harry and Jake share the same influences as us, so the new material we write will be along the lines of our original direction, only with a far more powerful and focused sound. We can’t wait to get some new tracks down and get out there gigging again!"

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Ventflow Parts Ways With Vocalist

British heavy metal outfit Ventflow has announced that they have parted ways with longtime frontman Lee Brennan. A message from the band reads as follows:

"It is with deepest regret that we have to inform you all that Lee will no longer be our frontman. Sadly this is due to personal reasons rather than simply musical differences, so we don't believe it right to go into them.

"Lee has been with us since 04, replacing our original frontman. He didn't slot in to easily to begin with, but over time he was well and truly one of the boys. As most of you who have seen us live will know, he was a great frontman, and his vocals and thought provoking lyrics were second to none. He was a monster on the stage, and the nicest dude in the world off. We wish him all the best in any future ventures, and in the path he chose to take.

"Best of Luck friend,


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Ventflow Begins Writing New Material

Speaking exclusively to MetalUnderground.com, Ventflow bass player Craig Daws revealed that the band has begun work on their second studio album, the follow up to last year's critically praised debut, "Terrorsiah." The new album is expected to be released later this year, with touring plans in the works for May and September times. Stay tuned for further details.

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Ventflow Reveals "Terrorsiah" Release Date

British heavy metal outfit Ventflow has announced that they will be releasing their debut full length album, "Terrorsiah" on August 24th in Europe with a North American release date to follow shortly afterwards through Casket Records.

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:

"Into The Arms Of Death"
"These Times Of Darkness"
"The Scars Remain The Same"
"Day Of The Locust"
"A New Age Of Violence"
"Cast Down The Swine"
"I Piss on Your Grave"
"Twelve Gauge Diplomacy"

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Ventflow Confirmed For Bloodstock Open Air

British heavy metal outfit Ventflow are the latest band to be added to Bloodstock Open Air festival in Derbyshire this year. The band earned the spot after winning a battle of the bands. Ventlow will be releasing their anticipated debut album, "Terrorsiah" in July of this year.

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Ventflow Posts New Songs Online

British heavy metal group Ventflow has uploaded some new songs from their forthcoming debut album, "Terrorsiah" which will be released this July through Casket Records. You can check out the songs, "12 Gauge Diplomacy," "These Times Of Darkness" and the title track by heading to their official Myspace page.

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Ventflow Reveals "Terrorsiah" Artwork

British heavy metal group Ventflow has revealed the front cover for their anticipated debut studio album, "Terrorsiah." You can check it out below. The album will be released in July through Casket Records with songs scheduled to be uploaded soon. In addition, the band has revealed the final tracklisting for "Terrorsiah" which is as follows:

1. I Piss On Your Grave
2. Terrorsiah
3. These Times Of Darkness
4. Day Of The Locust
5. Cast Down The Swine
6. 12 Gauge Diplomacy
7. A New Age Of Violence
8. The Scars Remain The Same
9. A.D.M.
10. Into The Arms Of Death More...

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Ventflow Reveals "Terrorsiah" Tracklisting

British heavy metallers Ventflow has revealed the tracklisting for their forthcoming debut album, "Terrorsiah" which will be released later this year via Casket Records. The band will also be making a radio appearance this sunday (the 8th) on The Late Gig at 9PM. You can listen to the show at this location.

The tracklisting is as follows:

"Into The Arms Of Death"
"These Times Of Darkness"
"The Scars Remain The Same"
"Day Of The Locust"
"A New Age Of Violence"
"Cast Down The Swine"
"I Piss on Your Grave"
"Twelve Gauge Diplomacy"

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Ventflow Signs To Casket Records

British metallers Ventflow has announced that they are now signed with Casket Records. A statement from the band reads as follows:

"We are very proud to announce that we are now signed to Casket Records.

"About fucking time we were signed! haha!!

"We will be in the studio in December recording our debut album 'Terrorssiah', which will be due for release around Feb/March.

"Sadly this means you will have to wait longer for our CD as we will not be releasing the EP 'Throne of Locusts' that we had recently finished recording. We will be re-recording the songs, and including a couple of our older tracks which we think deserve to be on the album.

"Thanks to everyone who has shown us support over the years, we wouldn't have made it this far without you.



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Ventflow Posts New Song "A.D.M." Online

British metallers Ventflow has posted an unmastered version of a brand new song entitled "A.D.M. (Another Dead Messiah)" online at the bands Myspace. You can check it out by heading here. The song is set to appear on the bands forthcoming new EP, "Throne Of Locusts" which the band hope will be released by the end of the year.

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Ventflow Posts New Recording Diary Online

Unsigned metallers Ventflow have posted their second diary from the recording of their new EP. You can read it below:

"Tracking for the rhythm guitar parts started 9 o'clock sharp Monday morning. First things first were sorting out guitar sounds. We decided to use my line 6 POD X3 Live to record the guitar parts. We had to record direct really because we don't have the luxury of a soundproof studio in which to crank a guitar amp in. All the recording from now on will be done in my room at home. This means we have to keep the volume at sensible levels or risk:

"A: Chavs throwing bricks through the windows or

"B: The council coming round and giving us shit again, like when we got banned from playing at our last practice place!

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Ventflow Begins Recording New EP

Unsigned metallers Ventflow have began recording their brand new EP, which as of yet has no title confirmed. The band will be writing a diary of the recording process and has posted the first installment online which can be read below:

"Welcome to our recording diary. This will be a brief insight into the recording process of an unsigned band on a budget. Sorry, no record label to cover studio costs here! As a result, there will be no studio in sight! All the recording will take place in a hall where Steve and I normally do Martial Arts, and in my room.

"Hopefully the finished product will sound like a professional recording. Here's hoping………

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Ventflow Reaches Bloodstock Unsigned Finals

British metallers Ventflow have reached the regional finals of the Bloodstock Battle of the Bands finals, the winners of which will head to Bloodstock Open Air to perform with the likes of Napalm Death, Iced Earth, Destruction and Dimmu Borgir amongst others.

In order to vote, registration is required. To view the Bloodstock unsigned section, click here. There you can check out all the different regions and bands.

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Democide Replace Ventflow At Malefice Show

The following has been posted by young metallers Democide via their Myspace:

"Due to Lee being in hospital, hope you get well soon brother, we are joing the bill with some HEAVY AS FUCK BANDS pushing RISING FROM DEATH up for us to open!

This could be our last gig due to having a few problems within the band so come along from the start and show us what you're made of!!!

Doors open at 7.15 and we're on at 7.40! £5 entry!

Just incase you don't know are the names of all the bands playing!





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Ventflow Singer Rushed To Hospital

The following announcement has been posted via Ventflow's myspace account:

"Lee was rushed to hospital last night and is undergoing surgery on his appendix. We hope he'll be ok, he's a tough git anyway but our best wishes are with him.

Sadly this means we are unable to do the gig this weekend with malefice. Lee especially was looking forward to the gig, as we were gonna showcase some of our new material for the album. Its unfortunate but Lees health is far more important than any gig.

No doubt he'll still want to get up on stage and put on a kick ass show for u guys, but he's gonna be laid up in bed for a few weeks I imagine.

We are visiting him later today in hospital. If anyone wants to pass a message on to him wishing him well then just send us a message on the ventfow 'space saying "get well soon lee" in the subject and I'll pass any messages on to him. I'm sure he'd appreciate it as he is gonna be gutted we can't do the gig.



The band are currently working on new material for their first full length CD which is yet to be titled.

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Ventflow To Support Malefice And Cinders Fall

The following message has been posted via Ventflow's Myspace:

"Check out our new dates coming up. Gig the 9th of February with:

*Malefice (Anticulture Records) Just completed tour dates with Everyone from Devildriver to Arch Enemy, God Forbid to Sixth.
Headlining tour and break through into the big time for 2008.

*Cinders Fall ( Hangmans Joke Recordings) Latest offering from Hangmans. A very well established act and again expected for very big things in 2008.

& Rising From Death.

We hope you all can come along to support us and see one hell of a Show. New material from us should also be ready for this gig so come one come all dont miss out its going to be a Stormer.

much love Lee aka Leo Dijinero x

Ventflow are currently working on their debut album which is yet to be titled.

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Ventflow Post New Song Online

Swindon metal heroes Ventflow have posted a rough version of a brand new song "Terrorssiah" on their myspace page

Additionaly the band have made the song available to download aswell as two of their older classics "A New Age Of Violence" and "The Scars Remain The Same".

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Ventflow To Post New Song On Myspace Soon

Swindon metal heroes Ventflow have posted numerous messages announcing that they are recording a new song for their Myspace. The song title has yet to be revealed but it is one of many new songs that the band have planned to record as a follow up to their EP "An Education In Aggression".

The band have replaced Kilians Red on several shows with Remain including Riffs Bar this sunday (28th October).

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Ventflow Take Back Their Territory

August the 3rd may well have been the most important and highly anticipated night all year for Swindon metalheads as two of the areas biggest and best bands returned and a much hyped band performed their first gig together as well as a visit from the best Welsh band since Budgie. And not one band disapointed. More...

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