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Black Light Burns

From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Black Light Burns Posts New Track

Black Light Burns, the alter ego of Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, has teamed up with CraveOnline.com to exclusively stream “How To Look Naked,” the first official single from the band’s upcoming sophomore release, "The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall." The album is due out August 14th in North America and August 10th (GAS) /August 13th (UK) in Europe.

Stream “How To Look Naked” at this location. A music video by director Agata Alexander is currently in production and will be available soon.

Borland adds, “Once again I have been asked to say something about a piece of music that should speak for itself. This song may be about you. You are ashamed of yourself. You filter everything in fear of not having the love you put out into the world reciprocated. You have no tact. You are a bag of hammers in desperate need of being dropped off of a cliff. You've grown into a worthless consumer living off a steady diet of bullshit. You reside entirely in a bubble but constantly look for confirmation by playing up your existence to be a shallow reflection of the faux heroes you vicariously live your life through. Should I beat the horse anymore? Has the carpet been thoroughly pulled out from beneath the feet of the song? Is any word written here relevant to any part of the song it's referring to? Anything is possible. Giving quotes for singles feels like whispering sweet nothings to a maple tree. I think I just got sap on my face. I'd mostly like to thank CraveOnline for hosting and debuting the song for us. ‘How To Look Naked.’ Enjoy.” More...

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Black Light Burns Offering Free Song Download

Black Light Burns, the avant-garde alter ego of Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, has released a free download of the track, “Splayed,” from the upcoming LP, "The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall," in U.S. stores 8/14. Borland and co. have also launched their new website, which will be hosting the download.

Says Borland, “'When asked to give quotes for things, I never really know what to say. What could I possibly interject that trumps what's already evident in the music and art? Yeah, we're launching a website. Yes. There's a new free download. In the words of Dr. Steve Brule: ‘Check it out.’”

In 2012 BLB returned with the track “It Rapes All In Its Path” on the Underworld: Awakening soundtrack, and the announcement of the impending release of a new LP. “This is a really personal record for me, I spent three years writing it and trying to find the right home, and I am confident it’s the best Black Light Burns record yet.” says Borland.

The track listing is as follows:

How to Look Naked
We Light Up
I Want You To
The Girl in Black
The Colour Escapes
Tiger by the Tail
Your Head Will be Rotting on a Spike
Torch From The Sky
Because of You
Scream Hallelujah
Burn the World
Grinning Like a Slit
The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall More...

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Black Light Burns Parts Ways With Bassist

Black Light Burns guitarist Wes Borland has posted the following message online:

"Hello, Hello. Please allow me drop the first of a series of upcoming news posts. The BAD news: Our good friend and cohort Sean Fetterman, for reasons we are unable to disclose, will no longer be able to play with Black Light Burns. We're thinking of him and hoping the best for him wherever he is. The GOOD news: Bass duties from now on will be covered by no other than Anvil Pants celebrity Dennis "Jr" Sanders. Some of you may have gotten to know Dennis out on the road and some of you may even know that he's played a show on bass with us before when Sean couldn't make it. The loss of Sean is great, but I think our gain with Dennis is even greater. If you saw the one show he played with us, you know he's a wild cat up there and brings a lot of filthy swagger to the show. He's also a professional son of a gun. Thanks, -Wes"

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Marilyn Manson Reveals Details On New Album/Band

After speaking recently with Bloody-Disgusting.com, shock rocker Marilyn Manson revealed that he is "pretty much finished" with his new studio album and that the album "will be more like 'Antichrist Superstar.'" Every song on the disc was written by Manson with bassist Twiggy Ramirez who rejoined the band back in January. He also revealed the former Limp Bizkit/current Black Light Burns guitarist will only be part of Manson's band for touring purposes only. More news on the album will be reported as soon they are revealed.

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Black Light Burns Mainman Gives Album Update

Black Light Burns mainman/Marilyn Manson and ex-Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has posted the following message online regarding the bands new album:

"The new Black Light Burns record is about 90% finished. Nick (Annis) and I are doing some final guitar tracks tomorrow and then we'll polish the mixes. As far as my opinion is concerned, we just topped "Cruel Moody." I'm so excited for you guys to hear this... we might have to put some songs up soon. We're currently booking shows for January-February 2009 in the U.S. with Combichrist. A few more possible engagements have presented themselves before next year, but we'll have to wait and see how things turn out. I can't wait to come over to Europe and Japan. So much is happening. Excited."

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Musicians To Appear On Music Documentary

A variety of musicians, actors, journalists and more will be featured in the upcoming documentary "The Heart Is A Drum Machine". According to the press release, the film "explores music's role in shaping human history, the profound connection people have had to music throughout human history, how it has shaped our experiences and its involvement in our daily lives." In addition to providing his thoughts in the film, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan will contribute a cover of Elton John's "Rocket Man". Other notable artists featured include Page Hamilton (Helmet), Wes Borland (Black Light Burns, Marilyn Manson), Gene Hoglan (Strapping Young Lad, etc.), John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Brendon Small (Dethklok) and many more. Put together by Zu33 Films, production on the effort has just been completed.

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Ex-Limp Bizkit Guitarist Joins Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson has announced the addition of Black Light Burns/ex-Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland to his touring and recording band. You can check out the announcement below.

Wes Borland initially found fame as the facepainted guitarist for controversial rap metallers Limp Bizkit but left after the bands smash hit album, "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water," though rejoined the band to record 2006's "The Unquestionable Truth- Part 1." He has since left the band again and is said to be on bad terms with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. More...

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Black Light Burns Posts Two New Songs Online

Black Light Burns has streamed two tracks, "Lucretia My Reflection" and "So Alive," from their upcoming album of covers, remixes and other unreleased tracks on their MySpace page. The track listing for the album titled "Cover Your Heart and the anvil Pants Odyssey," which is due out on August 5th, includes:

1. Forkboy (Lard)
2. So Alive (Love And Rockets)
3. Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran)
4. Lucretia My Reflection (Sisters Of Mercy)
5. Rid Of Me (PJ Harvey)
6. The Art Of Self Defense (Jesus Lizard)
7. On The Bound (Fiona Apple)
8. I Am The Sun (Swans)
9. Blood Red Head On Fire (Bigdumbface)
10. Search And Destroy (Iggy and the Stooges)
11. Drowning Together Dying Alone (unreleased ‘Cruel Melody instrumental)
12. Giving In Again (unreleased ‘Cruel Melody instrumental)
13. Failing (unreleased ‘Cruel Melody‘ instrumental)
14. Mesopotamia (Assyrian Mix)
15. Lie (Seth Vogt Club Mix)

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Black Light Burns Announces CD/DVD Release Date

Black Light Burns has announced that they will release their upcoming “covers” CD/DVD titled "Cover Your Heart and the Anvil Pants Odyssey" on August 5th. The album will feature several cover tracks, two b-sides from their debut album "Cruel Melody," remixed tracks and a DVD containing four music videos, tour documentary and assorted live footage.

The band is also working on their follow-up to "Cruel Melody."

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Korn Guitarist "Munky" Launches New Project

KORN guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer will release the debut album from his new project, dubbed FEAR AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM, on August 8 via Munky's own label, Emotional Syphon Recordings.

The band features Munky on guitar and vocals; Billy Gould (FAITH NO MORE) on bass; Wes Borland (BLACK LIGHT BURNS, LIMP BIZKIT) on guitar; Brooks Wackerman (BAD RELIGION, TENACIOUS D) on drums and percussion; Leopold Ross on programming and guitars; and Zach Baird on keyboards and programming. The album will be produced by Shaffer, Ross, and Jim Monti, with additional production by Tim Harkins and Danny Lohner (NINE INCH NAILS).

Acclaimed producer Ross Robinson (SLIPKNOT, KORN) comments: "What can I do to ever come close to feeling James's level of pure ruthless courage through a guitar? Since I've worked with him, I've tried to inspire, convince, beg, bleed, cry, prod and nearly die, hoping to hit that bar with others. I'm grateful to know what 'it' is, and where it always exists — in my brother, James. His solo band? Yes, please!"

The songs are being recorded at Music Grinder Studios in Hollywood, California, with Jim Monti handling the mixing duties.

According to a press release, FEAR AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM is "an exciting project that opens up the boundaries of rock, harkening back to the days when music was fearless."

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/fearandthenervoussystem.

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Black Light Burns Working On Second Album

BLACK LIGHT BURNS, the band led by former LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland, has commenced work on material for its second album, tentatively due in early 2009.

Commented Borland, "The new BLACK LIGHT BURNS is a lot more guitar-heavy than it is synth-heavy. More riffs and slightly heavier and upbeat for the most part. The feeling tone is a little more fun and weird compared to the darkness of the first album."

He added, "I'm pretty much always writing, so I think [BLACK LIGHT BURNS' debut album, 2007's 'Cruel Melody'] is basically just a snapshot of a single period of time and what I was going through during that time. The album which is being written now picks up where' Mesopotamia' (the last song that was written for 'Cruel Melody'), left off. The new record is at this point about 11 songs which are all in progress, but close to being finished."

"Cruel Melody" was released in June 2007 via producer Ross Robinson's new label I Am: Wolfpack.

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Black Light Burns To Tape Live Performance

Black Light Burns will be taping a live performance for "Last Call With Carson Daly" on July 11th. Those interested in attending can find more details here.

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Wes Borland On His New Band: Black Light Burns

Mark Carras of RockMyMonkey.com recently conducted an interview with former LIMP BIZKIT guitarist and current BLACK LIGHT BURNS leader Wes Borland. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

Rock My Monkey: Now, in the first week of release, [BLACK LIGHT BURNS' debut] "Cruel Melodies" sold six thousand copies in the U.S. Are you happy with that, and do you think this is the snowball just starting to roll?

Wes Borland: Yeah, it's the snowball just starting to roll. We're starting up on an independent label. We didn't have a crazy promotions for this, so this is a builder. Considering "Three Dollar Bill" from LIMP BIZKIT only sold four thousand the first week, I feel like we're doing alright. Because people have the record for about two or three months before it was released, online. This is going to be good. Most people don't even know this is happening. Through shows and interviews like this we're getting the word out there that this is even a band, with the story attached to it and the people involved and everything. So I'm happy.

Rock My Monkey: Awesome. Now I heard that "Mesopotamia" was inspired by a nightmare. Can you give me more details on that song, and the nightmare that inspired it?

Wes Borland: Basically Mesopotamia popped in my… It was in my head when I woke up from being attacked by a zombie in a dream. I woke up; it was a pretty bad, pretty graphic, livid dream. When I woke up I had this song, like the beginning of the song, in my head. And I just went, "Well, I got to get up and go record, even though I'm really tired." And that happens, that actually happens a lot where I wake up in the middle of the night and have something in my head, because the subconscious is operating on a high level. And I wake up and just go, as the little trickles are fading away, I have to really quickly get up and get over across my bedroom — my studio is basically right outside my bedroom, like in the living room, or set up in the dining room of my house. So I just go zip and try to get in there as fast as possible, and boot it up and go.

Rock My Monkey: Whenever people — going back to your old band — whenever people would make fun of LIMP BIZKIT in the past, I would hear them throw an insult at LIMP BIZKIT, but then basically say that you were the thumb in that set of fingers, and that you were actually too good for LIMP BIZKIT. So does it shock you that so many LIMP BIZKIT haters are actually excited about BLACK LIGHT BURNS?

Wes Borland: Somehow that's always happened where people have been really excited about anything that I'm doing. I don't know how it happened, but I'm really grateful for it. I'm just, I'm doing my thing, and I'm going to do this whether people like it or not, I'm going to be doing this. And anybody who wants to listen is totally welcome, and if you don't, it's real easy to ignore and turn off.

Rock My Monkey: Would you say that BLACK LIGHT BURNS, for you as an artist, do you think that it has maybe the integrity that LIMP BIZKIT… Whereas LIMP BIZKIT went for more of pop hits, and lyrically went for stringing clichés together, would you say that BLACK LIGHT BURNS has the artistic integrity, whereas LIMP BIZKIT was more of a pop band?

Wes Borland: Yeah, absolutely. And what's sad is that LIMP BIZKIT started out not as a pop band, with our first record. Then when… I think Fred [Durst] became influenced by what record label moguls had to say, or whatever, and kind of aspired to be one of them a little bit. Liked how power felt. It went from being sort of like we went from being sort of more a do-whatever-we-want band to becoming like a band that had rules and had to make certain songs sound like songs that had been successful before. When we went into that road, that was the beginning of the end for me. I just kind of went, I understand that you guys want to make money, but the intention is all wrong here. This is finally for me coming back, and you know, as long as I can not have a second job and do this, I want to keep doing it, because this is all, this is like my hobby, and I luckily enough this is my work, too. I want to just keep making records. We're already pretty far into the next BLACK LIGHT BURNS record. The ideas are forming, and I maybe have eight or nine tracks that are taking shape. It's a constant thing for me. It's sort of like I can't stop it. I keep writing all the time. For me, this is the first time I felt really proud and also that there's nothing I would have done differently.

Rock My Monkey: Do you think this cd would have such a strong NINE INCH NAILS influence if Danny and Charlie were not involved?

Wes Borland: No. Charlie was only involved on "Lie", on the one song. But Danny definitely has his feel and sound that he brings to the equation. He was in that band for ten years. Before that he was in SKREW. He's been a programmer for so long. He's just really amazing when it comes to sense and sound design and stuff like that. Then we also have Josh Eustis from TELEFON TEL AVIV which is this big kind of APHEX TWIN off texture so there was a lot of that going on too. I think the next album is going to be — I mean, this was a guitar heavy album, but the next album is going to be even more guitar-heavy and a little less synth. Yeah, I don't think it would have sounded as NAILS-ey had somebody from NAILS not been producing it. But I love it. I'm super-happy with the results."

As previously reported they will be touring with HORSE the band in the upcomming months.

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Black Light Burns and HORSE the Band Tour Stops

Black Light Burns have added more dates to their schedule, the latest include:
June 17th Little Rock, AR - Juanita's
June 28th Jacksonville, NC - Hooligan's
June 30th Columbus, OH - Promowest Pavillion (Radio Show)
July 02nd Huntington, WV - Huntington Music Hall
July 05th Old Bridge, NJ - Stone Pony
July 06th Springfield, VA - Jaxx
July 07th Fayetteville, NC - Jesters
July 08th Hilton Head Island, SC - Monkey Bar
July 10th Charlotte, NC - Amos Southend
July 12th New York, NY - Gramercy Theater
July 17th Buffalo, NY - The ICON
July 21st Syracuse, NY - Cayuga County Fairgrounds
August 05th Madison, WI - Band Camp
HORSE the band was announced as support on most of the stops.

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