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Live To Die

From: Brunswick, MD, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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As The Kingdom Falls Announces New Members

In light of their guitarist's recent departure, As The Kingdom Falls has announced two new guitarists. Here's the update from the band:

"Just thought we'd give you all a new update with things going on. First off, yes Mike and ATKF have parted ways. He is now playing guitar in the band Live to Die. We definitely encourage you to check them out!

"Also, in the past few months we have added 2 new guitarists, Chuck from Minus The Head, and our bro Alex. With the addition of these guys we have been working on a brand new set for you all. We trashed all the old material on our myspace. We will be recording a new 3 song demo within the next month.We promise they are heavier and more brutal then the old stuff! Make sure you keep your eyes open for them!"

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Live To Die Taps As The Kingdom Falls Guitarist

Frederick, MD metal band Live To Die has announced the addition of their new guitarist, Mike, from local band As The Kingdom Falls. Here's the announcement from the band themselves:

"We're very happy to announce that our newest addition to the band, Mike (a.k.a Driz) from As The Kingdom Falls. We've been working hard to get him up to speed with all of our songs, and writing new stuff as well so keep an eye out for some new tunes coming soon! We're booking shows for October and November so be sure to check those out. It might be the only time you can check out the new music until winter!"

You can hear some of the band's material on their MySpace page.

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Live To Die Finds New Guitarist

Live To Die has found a new guitarist through their audition process, but the band is not yet ready to reveal who it is. Here's the message from the band:

"We wanted to say, thank you all SOOO much for all your interest and effort! To everyone who contacted us about the guitar position, we are so thankful that you would consider joining our band.

"But we are very happy to announce that we have found the next Live to Die guitarist. We've been working with him a bit on some new songs, and I will say, be ready for some kickass music once we get up to speed with everything."

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Live To Die Seeking New Guitarist

Frederick, MD metal/metalcore band Live To Die has parted with their current guitarist and is seeking a replacement. Here's the message from the band:

"First and foremost, yes DJ has decided that he is going to withdraw from Live to Die. So to eliminate the possibility of any rumors, or shit you heard around the way...

* We did not kick him out
* We are NOT on bad terms with him. He's still our brother and won't change.
* Dj left for personal reasons, and that is it. I don't feel we need to put all his stuff out for the world to know.
* Last but no least, we do have one last show with Dj coming up. He didn't just leave us hanging.

"So I think that covers it all...
We had a good run and it's sad to see our bro/founding member have to leave, but we wish him the best and wish him nothing but success in his future.

We have a few dudes in mind that we've already contacted, but that doesn't mean you can't hit us up if you're interested. Here's what we require:

*Your own equipment. Halfstack yadda yadda.
*Willing to travel for shows. Eventually tour.
*Be at practice on time, we work our asses off.
*Easy to work with, open to ideas. We're laid back dudes, if you think you're gonna "run the show" don't bother.
*Willing to write, and put personal time into writing and helping things progress.

"We take our band and our music very seriously, so please, serious musicians only."

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Ten Year Scar Disbands, Announces Final Show

West Virginia metal/hardcore band Ten Year Scar has announced that they are breaking up. Here's the announcement from the band:

"We will be parting ways as a band. we know, it sucks!! Travis has a family member in ill health, and he wants to take some time away from music to focus on his family and other things.

"This was an amicable decision, it goes without saying we support Travis fully, he is a friend and brother to all of us. You will see some of us out on the scene, playing music and feeding the fire as usual. Whatever happens to the individual members of TYS, we are 100% supportive of each other in our creative endeavors.

"Our last show will be July 26 at Cookies here in good ol' Martinsburg, with Admiral Browning, TWF and Live to Die. Please come out and support us, and three ass-kicking, mind-blowing bands.

"Our other dates at Cookies, August 23 and September 27, have been given to our friends to take over. Please go out to these shows and support our buddies and brothers. August 23 will feature Vox Populi, Admiral Browning and Stifling. September 27, TWF and a few other bands will be kicking your ass.

"Please continue to support the local music scene!

"Thank you for all of your support, and love. We have made so many incredible friends in the past 4 years, and had some amazingly fun times together."

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Fallen Martyr and Live To Die Rock Krug's Place

On Saturday, March 22, 2008 I made a point to get out to the best (if not only) local Frederick, Maryland metal venue, Krug's Place, to catch a local show. My main incentive to go was to see two bands I'd already seen there and enjoyed: Live to Die and Fallen Martyr. Of course, I was interested in checking out the new bands as well, and happy to get out to see some live metal and not have to drive an hour or more to do so. More...

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Live To Die Post New Rough-Cut Track Online

Brunkswick, MD's Live to Die has released a rough copy of "The Weak and the Wounded," featuring their recently announced vocalist Brian Neal (Benemortasia/ Ex-A False Hope). The new track can be found on the band's MySpace page. The song will be part of the forthcoming demo due sometime next month.

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Live To Die Add Gig, Songs w/ New Singer Coming

Live to Die will perform September 11th at The Black Hole in Dundalk, MD for the "All Metal Night" hosted by Christoff of 98 Rock. Tickets are $3 for over 21 and $5 for under 21, and can be purchased through the band on their MySpace page.

Two tracks soon to be added to the Live to Die myspace page are "Break out the Whiskey" and "The Weak and the Wounded" with new vocalist Bryan Neal. Both songs will be included on the bands first album which is still in the works. Live to Die has not yet released a date that for when the songs will be available, but is expected within the next month or two.

Also, new shirts will be sold at all shows and can be previewed at the bands myspace page.

The band's current set of shows now includes the following:

Aug 4 2007 12:00P Brunswick City Park Brunswick, Maryland
Aug 26 2007 8:00P Recher Theatre Towson, Maryland
Sep 11 2007 8:00P The Black Hole Dundalk, Maryland
Sep 21 2007 8:00P Strangeland Records Annandale, Virginia
Oct 20 2007 8:00P Krug's Place HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! Frederick, Maryland

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Live To Die Announces New Singer

Unsigned metal band Live to Die has finally settled with a new singer - Brian Neal (Benemortasia/ Ex- A False hope) from Brunswick, MD. "He is a great match in our eyes and ears and we're very happy to welcome him in as part of the band," the band commented. "We've been working very hard to help him with learning the material and becoming more familiar with the music we play. Neal's first live performance with Live to Die will be August 4th at a local park building in Brunswick. A new recording is also in the works and we're hoping to get the vocals done sometime before August 4th. Overall, we're very happy to have him in the band and we're ready to get back to rockin' the fuck out!"

Here are Live to Die's current upcoming shows:

August 4th- Brunswick City Park, Brunswick, MD
August 26th- Recher Theatre, Baltimore, MD

More dates coming soon.

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Re-Discovering The Metal Scene In Frederick, MD

Saturday, May 19 marked my first venture out to the new local metal spot in Frederick, Maryland - Krug's Place. They've been booking local metal bands there for nearly a year, but my last local show was at the Braddock Inn in December 2005, which had since stopped booking bands after several changes of ownership. Krug's is a decent sized place located on East Street - and much better suited for live performances than the Braddock Inn - with a total capacity nearing 300. The bar and billiards areas are separate from the room with the stage, however, so it would probably accomodate 150 people at most for the show. That would be pretty packed since there are tables in that room and the floor area directly in front of the stage ("the pit") is fairly small. More...

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