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From: Chambersburg, PA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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2 Sides 2 Die Plays Acoustic Set In Frederick, MD

The other week I made a trip out to the local Frederick, Maryland Hot Topic to check out the three-piece grunge metal band 2 Sides 2 Die, who had announced they would be traveling from Pennsylvania to play an acoustic set there on a Thursday evening. It had been a couple years since I first caught 2 Sides 2 Die live, but I was also curious about the arrangement that Hot Topic had going on.

It's pretty cool of Hot Topic to allow unsigned/underground bands to come in and play. Having such a performance on a Thursday evening is probably intentional, but unfortunate. Hot Topic wouldn't want the band taking up too much space on crowded shopping day. But conversely, there is not much walk-in traffic to witness the bands' performance on a Thursday. So who does this arrangement really benefit? If the band brings a significant number of fans, it benefits the store, but with the walk-in traffic so low on a Thursday, it's really up to the band to promote the appearance to make it worthwhile to them. More...

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2 Sides 2 Die Reveals New Song Titles

2 Sides 2 Die is working on new material and has revealed a number of new song titles. The band will be debuting these songs at their acoustic show At Hot Topic in Fredrick, MD September 18th. Here are the song titles:

Autumns Ashes
Fatal Flaw
No Suprise Sunrise
Russian Roulette
Holy Grail

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2 Sides 2 Die Seeking New Bassist Once Again

Pennsylvania band 2 sides 2 die is once again looking for a dedicated bassist. No official word has been given on Paul Hanson (ex-Heavy Burden), who joined the band on bass late last year. Here's the announcement from the band:

"We are looking for a dedicated, reliable bassist join our band. Influences must include: Nirvana, HIM, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Marilyn Manson, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Metallica and Slipknot. If this fits your taste, then dont hesitate to message us. Also if you know someone who would be interested in the position, please tell them to contact us."

"Again, we ask that ONLY serious people respond. We want to make this a 5 member band with every member fully dedicated, and devoted to making music."

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New 2 Sides 2 Die Album To Be Darker, Heavier

Grunge/metal band 2 Sides 2 Die is hard at work on their new album and the band describes the new material as "A Hell of alot more heavy, and dark."

"It's going to have a Gothic Feel to it," says lead singer/songwriter Zack Burkett. "All the songs have a very dark feel to em..an almost HIM like vibe..but at the same time its the most heaviest thing we've ever done," Explained Burkett.

Tom King, the band's drummer, was quoted as saying "The Records going to be crazy...It's going to make 'Doom and Gloom' look like a childs lullaby"

Kevan Mann of the York based band "Siren" has become very good friends with Zack Burkett, has recently joined forces with the group, and is reported to be very excited to record the 3rd 2s2d Ep.

As far as lyrics go, Zack was quoted as saying "Im saying exactly what I want to this time, no let up on this record. There are a certain people that won't be so fond of us once they hear what im saying, but hey...the truth hurts"

The band is auditioning guitarists and bassists at the moment.

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2 Sides 2 Die Seeking New Bassist and Guitarist

Pennsylvania grunge/metal band 2 Sides 2 Die is seeking a new bassist and guitarist. Here's the post from the band:

"We are looking for 2 Dedicated, motivated individuals to join the band. We are currently seeking a Bassist, and Guitarist. Influences must include anything from Nirvana, to Marilyn Manson, to Radiohead..We do NOT want responses from musicians only willing to do covers...thats not our style. We ask that only SERIOUS, RELIABLE, and DEDICATED people respond. message us...and we'll set up an audition...
Zack, Tom..- 2 Sides 2 Die"

The band is currently working on the follow up to last year's "Doom and Gloom," targetting a fall release.

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2 Sides 2 Die Readies New Album For This Fall

Pennsylvania grunge/metal band 2 Sides 2 Die is preparing their new album for a fall release. The followup to last year's debut full length "Doom and Gloom" will contain 14 new songs. The band has hinted at a possible Halloween CD release show as well, but nothing is confirmed just yet.

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2 Sides 2 Die To Record New Demo Soon

2 Sides 2 Die will be entering the recording studio in late February to record two new tunes, as well as record two tracks off "Method to the Madness" to give them a new feel. The demos are expected to be ready by mid-March.

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2 Sides 2 Die Seeking Guitarist

Pennsylvania grunge metal band 2 Sides 2 Die is in search of a permanent guitarist. Here's the update from the band:

"Now that we have found an amazing bassist in Paul Hansen, We are now seeking a reliable, dedicated Guitarist to Join 2 Sides 2 Die.

"This person we are seeking must have their own equipment, positive attitude and 21+.

"As of this summer we will playing bigger venues throughout the east coast, talk of a East Coast Tour is being discussed by band management at this time, so we ask that all people that respond to this are serious guitarists only."

You can check them out and contact them on their MySpace page.

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2 Sides 2 Die Announces New Bassist, Paul Hanson

Pennsylvania grunge/metal band 2 Sides 2 Die has announced their new bassist. Here's the update from the band:

"As of This Afternoon, Paul Hanson has Joined 2 Sides 2 Die. Paul is formally of the Band 'Heavy Burden,' a Classic Rock cover band located out of York, Pa. Paul has officially Joined the 2 Sides 2 Die team as the permanent bassist."

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2 Sides 2 Die Announces New Guitarist

2 Sides 2 Die has announced the addition of Chris Gates as a new guitarist and backing vocals. Chris was originally a member of Arsin Orchards, a band that's close friends with 2 Sides 2 Die.

2 Sides 2 Die has a few shows on the books including:

Oct 31 2008 6:00P - The Hell House Halloween Show, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Nov 8 2008 6:00P - GK Center, Berryville, Virginia
Nov 22 2008 6:00P - Jumpin Java, Charles Town, West Virginia
Dec 15 2008 5:00P - HellHouse, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

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2 Sides 2 Die Announces New Song Titles

Not content to rest after the recent release of their debut full-length album, "Doom and Gloom," the Pennsylvania grunge metal band 2 Sides 2 Die has announced a handful of new songs:

1. "No Suprise Sunrise"
2. "Moonlight" (A Life Lost)
3. "Darkness in the Doorway" Part 2
4. "Nail in the Coffin"
5. "Only"

In related news, their song "Dark Days Ahead" is now being played on Scrub Radio, which you can check out here.

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2 Sides 2 Die Lines Up Baltimore Shows

Grunge metal band 2 Sides 2 Die has lined up a couple of shows in Baltimore in July:

July 12th 2008 @ The Brass Monkey
Tickets are $7 (Must be 18+)

July 20th 2008 @ Fletchers Night Club
Tickets are $8 (All Ages)

2 Sides 2 Die recenlty self-released their debut full-length album, "Doom and Gloom," in May.

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2 Sides 2 Die Gives Post-Release Party Update

Pennsylvania grunge metal band 2 Sides 2 Die has self-released their new album, "Doom and Gloom," and posted an update after their release party:

"Well the album 'Doom and Gloom' was released yesterday and the sales were far beyond our expectations. The album will be in music stores in the Tri-State Region by Tuesday May 13th. We'd like to thank everyone for making the CD Release show a tremendous success. We worked our asses off making this album and we hope you love it."

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2 Sides 2 Die Ready New Album For Release

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania grunge metal band 2 Sides 2 Die has reportedly finished recording their new album, "Doom and Gloom," earlier this month and were to get it mixed and mastered. You can expect the 12 tracks they recorded to appear on "Doom and Gloom," currently scheduled for a May 10th release.

"Regardless of what thoughts enter your mind, 'Doom and Gloom' isnt a sorrowful record, instead its full of heavy riffs, ansgt ridden vocals, with a powerful attitude to get back at people who make human beings look bad," states the band in a blog posting. "There are a total of 3 really softer songs, but then again there is 8 heavy songs, so there is something for everyone."

The tracklisting for "Doom and Gloom" is as follows:

1. Low Key Quitter
2. Dark Days Ahead
3. Your Solution
4. Pull The Plug
5. A Crutch of the Weak Willed
6. So Low
7. The Change (Revised Version)
8. You’re Not a has Been, Your a never Was
9. Scarlet (Acoustic)
10. Etched in Stone
11."Doom and Gloom

You can check out two new songs from the upcoming album on the band's MySpace page.

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Re-Discovering The Metal Scene In Frederick, MD

Saturday, May 19 marked my first venture out to the new local metal spot in Frederick, Maryland - Krug's Place. They've been booking local metal bands there for nearly a year, but my last local show was at the Braddock Inn in December 2005, which had since stopped booking bands after several changes of ownership. Krug's is a decent sized place located on East Street - and much better suited for live performances than the Braddock Inn - with a total capacity nearing 300. The bar and billiards areas are separate from the room with the stage, however, so it would probably accomodate 150 people at most for the show. That would be pretty packed since there are tables in that room and the floor area directly in front of the stage ("the pit") is fairly small. More...

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