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Band Photo: Katatonia (?)

Formed: 1991
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Katatonia news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Katatonia Confirm Live Dates

Sweden's KATATONIA have psoted the following update:

"During the following 6 months, we'll be very busy with the making of our new album. Nevertheless, we won't be locked up in the studio the entire time as we have just confirmed 3 live dates in march - the Metal Mania festivals, that will take place in Hungary, Czech and Poland. Other bands appearing on the bill are CRADLE OF FILTH, APOCALYPTICA, MOONSPELL etc. This will be only opportunity to catch the band for a long time, so show up and rock with us! Check concerns section for details.

Upcoming Katatonia live dates include:

03/10 at Petofi Hall in Budapest, Hungary at Metal Mania Fest
03/11 at Novesta in Zlin, Czech Republic at Metal Mania Fest
03/12 at Spodek in Katowice, Poland at Metal Mania Fest

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Katatonia Announce Release Date For Comp. Box Set

Katatonia have posted the following update:

'The Black Sessions' - 3 disc compilation box set will be released on February 21:st. Our longtime collaborator Travis Smith once again created some outstanding bleak art portraying the final destiny of the "mysterious bum in hat" character that's been seen in prior album layouts. Since we didn't wanna leave out any of the images, the booklet was expanded to 24 pages instead of 12 and also features all lyrics to the songs. There's also a poster which has the cover artwork on the frontside + interior artwork one the backside. Here's a glimpse of the cover and the full tracklist:


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More Details On Katatonia's Delayed DVD Set

After much internal wrangling, Katatonia have decided not to release their first full stand alone DVD just yet. However, the show that they filmed in Poland will still feature as a DVD, but it will now form one of three discs in an exclusive limited edition triple box set which will be available early in the new year. Two CD's will span the whole of their career to date and feature one exclusive track, while the third disk will contain the whole Krakow show in 5.1 surround sound.

The band are also about to embark on the recording of their 7th studio album which is expected to be released in early Autumn 2005.

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Katatonia To Release Compilation And DVD

Peaceville will be issuing a limited edition compilation, entitled "The Black Sessions," featuring selected material from the "new era" (defined 1998-2004), as opposed to the "old era" material covered in "Brave Yester Days," at the end of January. The packaging will be a box set of two discs featuring all the single's b-sides, cover songs and selective songs off "Discouraged Ones" up and til "Viva Emptiness" (including one unreleased track from this recording session). There'll also be a third disc in the form of a live DVD with a Katatonia live show from April 2003 that was shot in Kracow, Poland. The layout of a 12 page booklet + poster will be handled by Travis Smith.

The official DVD release that has been in the works since over a year and a half has been postponed to a yet undecided future date, likely during the later part of 2005. Reason is Katatonia didn't feel entirely happy with the way it was shaping up and it wouldn't meet their own demands of what should be Katatonia's first offical DVD release. A new main show for this DVD will be planned and shot with more careful directing behind it during next year (tba).

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Katatonia Denounce December Souls Re-Release

It has been known to us, that Black Lodge records are going to reissue the old classic Dance Of December Souls album.

Pulled from the official Katatonia website:

Although the CD could just as well have been repressed with the original cover and old logo, it now ridicules both the past and present by showing up with a new pathetic cover trying to depict elements from our last album and the abuse of the "new era" logo on something that was released more than 10 year ago.

Don't be fooled into confusing this is for a new Katatonia release. Consequently, we do not support this reissue and take complete distance from its existence.

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Jonas Renkse Speaks To Antenna

In an interview with Antenna (antenna.nu), Katatonia and Bloodbath's Jonas Renkse says that he will be working on new Katatonia material: "My plans right now are that we're going to focus on doing the new Katatonia record this winter and hopefully next year play some live shows with Bloodbath which would be awesome but also a lot of touring with Katatonia."

And also talks about the posibility that Bloodbath plays live: "I think now that we've done two full-length album and we heard the recent demands for us playing live. We have been talking about and I think it all comes down to the members different schedules. Every one in the band got other bands but we are definitely going to try our best to play live maybe not a full tour but at least some gigs sometime next year hopefully."

Read the full article at Antenna.

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Katatonia Adds More European Tour Dates

More dates have been added to Katatonia's upcoming touring schedule. Here are all of their confirmed dates:

September 29 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Loppen
September 30 - Berlin, Germany @ K17
October 1 - Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands @ Het kasteel
October 2 - Münster-Breitefeld, Germany @ Live Arena
October 3 - Baarlo, The Netherlands @ Progpower Europe

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Katatonia To Tour Europe With Amaran

Katatonia have made the following update on their official website:

"In connection with the Progpower Fest in the Netherlands in October, Katatonia (alongside friends Amaran) will team up for our third mini-tour together. The trip from Sweden down to the Progpower Fest will include dates in Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands exclusively along the way. The Danish date has already been set and the additional dates are soon tba. These gigs will close Katatonia's touring schedule for 2004, so don't miss out!!!”

Confirmed dates include: More...

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Festivalbussen Arrange Busses To Metalcamp

The Swedish company Festivalbussen.com will arrange busses to the Metalcamp festival in Slovenia. Some Swedish metal bands will be playing at the festival: Hypocrisy, Dark Funeral, Katatonia and Vintersorg. There will also be other bands like Danzig, Apocalyptica, Sentenced, Primal Fear, Destruction, Dew Scented, Fleshcrawl, Finntroll and more.

The location is situated in the Julijske Alp National park, in the city Tolmin, close to the beautiful surroundings of the Soèa river. The possibility to chill out on a sand beach or to swim in one of the purest rivers in Europe is unique in the European Festival history.

There will be 2 outdoor stages, camping ground inside the festival area, low-priced beer (1,5€), cheap food (hamburger about 2€), and of course some of the best metal bands on earth! So just everything what a Metalhead needs for the party of the year!

The festival take place August 20-21 and Festivalbussen.com will probably arrange buses if there is enough folks interested in this journey. Visit www.festivalbussen.com and www.metalcamp.com for more info!

The price will probably be 1495 SEK exkl entrance ticket (€49)

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Bloodbath Announce Release Date For New Album

The Scandinavian superband BLOODBATH, featuring members of Hypocrisy, Katatonia and Edge Of Sanity, have finished work on their new album, "Nightmares Made Flesh". It will be released on September 27th through Century Media. The title will also be available on the same day as a limited edition vinyl LP.

Guitarist Nyström comments:

"After being resurrected through carnage our nightmares made flesh! This time we promise the world an even more brutal and varied piece of real and pure death metal. Take the outstanding performances by the new members Axe and Tägtgren into account and Bloodbath will prove no longer only to be a tribute to death metal; but also death metal's very own elite."

"Nightmares Made Flesh" features the folowing tracklisting: More...

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Susperia On The Road With Mortiis

Norwegian metallers SUSPERIA have confirmed details of a major European tour in support of the recently released Unlimited album. The band, Athera - vocals, Memnock - bass guitar, Tjodalv - drums, Elvorn and Cyrus - guitars, are set to team up with fellow Norwegians Mortiis on a double headline package under the banner of The Unlimited Grudge Tour 2004. Starting in the UK on 15th September the tour will run through 19 countries finishing in Belgium on 14th November.

As previously reported, Susperia appear at The Hole In The Sky - Bergen Metal Fest V in Bergen, Norway on Friday 27th August 2004. The band will perform at the USF venue alongside KREATOR, KATATONIA, ENTOMBED among others.

Dates on The Unlimited Grudge Tour 2004 are as follows: More...

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Athens Open Air Festival A Disaster?

According to unconfirmed reports, yesterday's (July 5) first day of Athens Open Air festival in Athens, Greece was a near-disaster, as only four out of the six scheduled bands performed (there was no official word on what happened to DIMMU BORGIR, one of the two acts that failed to play at the event). In addition, there was a three-hour delay and tons of sand and remarkably "poor" stage lights and sound at the festival site (Aloimos beach). The second day of the festival, which was supposed to take place today (with scheduled performers including IN FLAMES, ANTHRAX, CHILDREN OF BODOM, PAIN OF SALVATION, KATATONIA and BATTLEROAR), is unofficially said to have been cancelled. No further information is currently available.

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Kreator Confirmed For Hole In The Sky Festival

German thrashers KREATOR are the latest band to be confirmed for the Hole in the Sky festival, a four-day event set to be held August 25-28 at three different venues in Bergen, Norway.

We've already told you it's the dawn of the legends. Needless to say, we're happy as pigs in shit to announce German thrash legends, Kreator, as a part of our increasingly stunning line-up.

The complete list of acts currently scheduled to appear at the festival is as follows: More...

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Katatonia Compilation Delayed

Swedish doomsters KATATONIA have posted the following update on their website:

"Due to a printing issue which has since been resolved, 'Brave Yester Days' will now be released in (North America) through Century Media on May 5th. It is already being sent out to stores throughout Europe and should be available shortly."

As previously reported, the two-disc compilation will feature all of Katatonia's previously out of print mini CDs in their entirety, plus sampler tracks from old full-lengths and one unreleased track. The double CD was designed by Agni Kaster in a digipack format together with a 16 page booklet. Their site says that "the artwork follows an incredible old worn yesterdays vibe and there are many old band pictures incorporated into the layout, as well credits and lyrics to all songs."

For those of you who want to see the band live, Katatonia will be performing at the BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend II in Cleveland at the Odeon (June 2nd-5th).

The compilation tracklisting is as follows: More...

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Bloodbath Enter The Studio, Line-Up Changes

BLOODBATH, the band featuring Mikael Åkerfeldt (OPETH), Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström and Jonas Renkse from KATATONIA, Dan Swanö (Nightingale, EDGE OF SANITY) have issued the following message through the Forum section of their official website:

"Hey metallerz!!

First of all, hope you're pleased with a new and individual forum for Bloodbath. It was the right time to make one 'cuz the band is BAKK!!!

Yeah, we're currently fueling up for another lap in the death metal lane as the band has now begun writing the material for the follow-up to Resurrection Through Carnage with the studio being booked for late spring.

Now, there has been some relevant changes in the line-up. Vocalist Mike Åkerfeldt has been kicked out and a replacement is already found in one of the biggest names in the scene. Furthermore, drummer Dan Swanö has decided to step off at the death metal depot to switch instruments and is now sharing guitar duties with me. Taking over the drums, is yet another big big name. Jonas Renkse is still keepin the decay and pulse behind the bass and is leading the race of gathering pile after pile with sick and dark lyrics.

As for the new members, their secret names will be revealed soon. A monster album is promised!!!”

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Katatonia Nominated For A Manifest Award

KATATONIA are nominated for a Minifest Award held by the Swedish Independent Musicproducers. The ceremony will take place on January 29 in Stockholm. The nominees in the 'Best Hard Rock/Punk' section are:

Arch Enemy – 'Anthems of Rebellion'
Burst – 'Prey On Life'
Cult Of Luna – 'The beyond'
Katatonia – 'Viva Emptiness'
Nasum – 'Helvete'

Katatonia took the 2nd spot at the Finnish Metal Music Awards held on January 3 in Helsinki, in the 'Best Foreign Act' category. Iron Maiden came in first and Dimmu Borgir third.

The band has also added some new dates on their oncoming Scandinavian tour together with AMARAN. The release date of Katatonia's 'Brave yester Days' has been set for February 23. The double cd comes in a digipac format and a 16 page booklet.

The official toudates are as follows: More...

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