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Formed: 1991
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Katatonia Interviews and Features

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Katatonia Talks New Album And 25 Years Of Gloom

It's been quite the journey during the past 25 years for the Swedish masters of gloom, Katatonia.

The band just dropped new album "The Fall of Hearts" through Peaceville and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, with plans to continue bringing depressive metal to the masses for many more years to come.

It's always a pleasure to chat with the guys from Katatonia every few years as new albums come to fruition, and this time around we have front man Jonas Renkse himself to discuss lineup changes, celebrating a quarter century of existence, and more.

Renkse had quite a bit to say about the past and future of Katatonia, from the dim prospects of another "Dethroned And Uncrowned" experiment anytime soon ("I don't want to re-hash things just because they were successful, I want to find new and equally exciting things to do in the future," he comments) to when he'll finally be collaborating with Mikael Akerfeldt on a new project: "Maybe when we are in our 60's!" More...

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Katatonia Checks In From The Recording Studio

Getting ready to release more melancholy darkness from Sweden upon the rest of the world, the guys from Katatonia are nearing the end of the recording process for a new album to follow "Night is the New Day" (reviewed here).

With only vocals on two songs left to record, I got in touch with front man Jonas Renkse to find out what fans can expect from the upcoming, as-yet-untitled release. During our chat, Jonas discussed how the new album will be more eclectic than the last few offerings, the expected release date, and working with Travis Smith to make the perfect accompanying artwork.

Read on to also find out what's happening with Bloodbath, how Jonas saw the change of pace in Opeth's latest album "Heritage" coming long in advance, and to discover how Per Eriksson ended up with the nick name "Sodomizer." More...

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Interview With Anders Nystrom Of Katatonia

Katatonia has been tearing up stages the world over for twenty years now. They've built a big fanbase in Europe through lots of touring and festival slots, and are working hard to make American metalheads just as loyal, if so many aren't already. Currently touring with Opeth while playing headlining shows on off-dates, I talked with founding member guitarist Anders Nystrom about the 20th Anniversary celebration, getting close to the fans, and a new album. More...

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Interview With Katatonia Vocalist Jonas Renkse

Formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991 Katatonia has become one of Europe's top dark metal acts. Releasing eight influential albums during it's career, the band is continuing on without reprieve. Vocalist and Katatonia founder Jonas Renkse sat down with Metalunderground.com to talk about the band's latest offering "Night is the New Day" and the band's highly successful "New Night Over North America" tour. More...

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Anders Nystrom Discusses "Night Is The New Day"

Long running Swedish metallers Katatonia will release their new full-length album "Night is the New Day" in the U.S. on November 10th through Peaceville Records. Katatonia is a staple of the Swedish metal scene, having started out as straight forward death metal and evolving into a more rock oriented band with heavy doom influences. Katatonia's guitarist Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström, who is also involved with Bloodbath and Diabolical Masquerade, spoke with me about the band's upcoming album and their plans to hit the ground running on full headlining tours. More...

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