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Foscor Releases Drum Playthrough Video

In advance of a forthcoming tour due to kick off in early October, Foscor just launched a drum playthrough for the track "De Marges I Matinades," which is taken from the band's fifth full-length album, "Les Irreals Visions."

Foscor vocalist Fiar comments: "The song title refers to life's opportunities when we are taken to our limits. The image of a new dawn at the edge of the world speaks of a personal struggle, and how after suffering we should be able to see a door to open at the corner. There is also a sort of challenge for the drums... well, the result speaks for itself about our privilege of having Jordi F. taking care of them."

Drummer Jordi F. adds: "A song, which from a personal and technical standpoint, required an extra effort in order to create a rhythmic base that could fit the in-crescendo dynamics of the song. On an almost constant syncopated leitmotiv, placing the right amount of strength and cymbal hits to make them commune with the music was almost fully improvised - and hence an interesting exercise. Every time, I listen to or play this song, I feel like adding something new." More...

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Foscor Releases "Altars" Video

Following the previous song "Instants," Foscor just released a music video for the "Altars" track, which can be seen below. Both songs hail from impending album "Les Irreals Visions," due out June 9th. Foscor comments on this new video release:

"As we promised...time for premiering the 3rd track. 'Altars' is a new visual experience developed alongside the team we are used to working with. Again, there's a lot of us in the process of making this video, emotionally and physically, as well as from the people we trust and allows us to achieve the best results. Thanks to all of them!!

"There’s an important sentence within the lyrics of this song that claims '… At the margins of the road, big altars stand up…,' which develops the idea that when we are taken to our personal limits, a door to a new reality may appear. Following the topic on 'Instants,' the Altars are a metaphor of those moments of change. We are no longer what we were; we are images of ourselves, and a reinvention for better or worse.

"Memory is an important element in the album, an extension of human experience on inhabiting the world. A net of places, ways, wefts and bounds shapes our daily experience and builds our Life at many different levels. To feel its beauty it is mandatory to inhabit the space, embrace it and live it with the body and memories accumulated over time and experimentation.

'Less than a month to see 'Les Irreals Visions' finally released through Season of Mist... until then, we hope you enjoy and feel this journey as much as we did… Pre-order the album here or over here. Thanks a lot to all media partners involved!" More...

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Foscor Posts "Instants" Video

Foscor just revealed a video for the next track taken from forthcoming fifth full-length, "Les Irreals Visions," which has been slated for release on June 9th. Check out the "Instants" clip below. Forscor comments:

"One of the most immense and intense tracks on our album, 'Instants' revolves around the concept how humans must turn all their moments to eternal, achieving reconciliation between the far beyond and the here. The course of history is always explained through big events and how they change the turning of the world. But here we praise the value of everyday life, which is shaped by a huge amount of small ordinary moments, which are affecting our behaviour.

"If we don't value those moments, we value nothing. Its magic explains how we are, and there's no other intention behind this lyric video than to open the gates of your memories. Musically speaking, as the album's opening track, it's a declaration of intentions in itself. There are no boundaries in order to try to reach beauty in this dreamlike landscape."

1. Instants
2. Ciutat Tràgica
3. Altars
4. Encenalls De Mort
5. Malfiança
6. Espectres Al Cau
7. De Marges I Matinades
8. Les Irreals Visions More...

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Foscor Reveals New Album Details

Named after the Catalan word for "darkness," Spanish atmospheric metal band Foscor has revealed new details today about forthcoming album - and Season of Mist debut - "Les Irreals Visions."

The album will be released worldwide on June 9th, with pore-orders for the album available across multiple CD and LP formats at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

Forscor is also streaming the first new track off "Les Irreals Visions" - check out the dark, progressive metal outing titled "Ciutat Tràgica" below (featuring guest vocals from Alan A. Nemtheanga of Primordial). Regarding the new track, Foscor comments:

"Our premiere song 'Ciutat Tràgica' translates as 'tragic city' and it was admittedly also our first choice for the new album's opening track and title. It perfectly describes the emotional dimension of the nature of our music.

"Reminiscent of the 80's monochrome landscapes that we all have in mind, 'Ciutat Tràgica' offers the same intensity and vitality, which has always characterized us and that people hopefully find thoughout this whole album. To work only with clean vocals and adding Catalan lyrics clearly mark a changing point for us. Last but not least, having Irish gentleman Alan A. Nemtheanga from Primordial performing vocals on this song makes it an even more special moment." More...

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Foscor Signs With Season Of Mist

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of Foscor, an innovative dark / atmospheric metal band from Catalonia, for the release of a new album. Foscor had this to say about the signing:

"Long has been the path through darkness, but a new light shines and will accompany us on the most thrilling journey Foscor has ever undertaken. We are pleased to announce that we have signed a deal with Season of Mist, visionary home of pioneers all around the globe in the noble art of musical creation, and the best partner possible to unveil our new emotional act to the world.

"We feel delighted sharing label with brilliant bands from the most intricate and extreme language to the most subtle and beautiful dark sounds. It gives us a great opportunity to expand our musical language and outlook on life while learning from such an experienced team. We are eager to have you bear witness of this moment. Stay with us to see where this venture will lead. Expect more news very soon."

Foscor already finished recording a forthcoming fifth full-length album, which will be released in the course of 2017. Stay tuned for full details. More...

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Foscor Parts With Drummer

Foscor just issued the following announcement online about parting ways with long-time drummer Nechrist:

"At the time when we are celebrating our 15th anniversary, it is with heartfelt sadness that we announce you all the parting of ways with our first and only drummer to date, Nechrist.

"12 years together since we played our first ever show in September 2004 at the already disappeared Wawanko Club in Barcelona. 90 shows across at least 7 European countries.

"3 full length albums composed, recorded and released as well as the live DVD celebrating the 10th anniversary or the contributions to Katatonia's and Enslaved's tribute... and hours and hours of friendship, honesty, fun and suffering for bringing FOSCOR to its current age.

"Eternal thanks you dear friend, for giving us all your good things through these years. We wish you all the best wherever you go and whatever you do. With your departure, the band actually closes a really big period. We are ready for the next one. Forever more... together in Darkness..." More...

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Decapitated Christ Taps Nechrist For European Tour

Decapitated Christ has issued the following announcement about tapping Nechrist for upcoming tour dates:

"We are honored to introduce our drummer for the imminent European tour: Nechrist of Foscor/ex-Shemhamphorash is joining our ranks for the offensive. 8 days to go, death shall spread its wings!"

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Foscor Posts Entire New Album

Foscor a blackened avantgarde metal band hailing from Barcelona has more than a decade of experience in blending the best of 90ies black metal tradition with other classic and modern extreme metal styles to create an atmospheric and unique sound.

"Those Horrors Wither" is their 4th album and another step away from the confines of the black metal genre.

You can now stream the entire album below (courtesy of Decibel).

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Foscor Digitally Releases Rare Tracks

Having recently released all three previous albums digitally, dark metal outfit Foscor now releases some rare tracks - including previously unreleased songs - and material that has long since sold out, as well as the entire soundtrack of the 10th Anniversary live DVD “Deu Anys Vers la Foscor.”

Included in the new releases are the Xerion cover “Na Noite Dos Tempos” (originally included in a 2002 split), the 2008 track “The Ghost Sonata” (exclusively composed for the never-released “Toteninsel: A Tribute to Arnold Böcklin” album), and the song “The Other’s Voice” (originally included in the sold out 2010 split 7” EP with Necrosadist “Onslaught of Black Putrefaction”).

The new material, together with the three full-length albums, “Entrance to the Shadows’ Village,” “The Smile of the Sad Ones,” and “Groans to the Guilty,” can be found at Bandcamp here.

Commenting on the decision to release previous material digitally, front man Fiar said: “Foscor is entering a whole new phase of its existence, and many new fans have started following the band, fans that perhaps don’t really know our history, and it seemed like the ideal way to let them find out about us. When we released the three albums we offered them for free download for a month as a thank you to old and new fans, and we received an extraordinary response, with many people actually paying for the albums, rather than downloading them free, and that certainly gives us a lot of confidence for the future.” More...

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Foscor Finishes Work On New Album

When dark metallers Foscor celebrated the tenth anniversary of their debut album in 2012, they were not just marking a decade of music, they were also drawing a line under one era in the band’s history, and preparing to embark on the next and most ambitious one.

With work on Foscor's fourth full-length album now completed, and a complete visual overhaul of the band's online presence and logo, the groundwork for the new phase in the group's career is well and truly established.

The forthcoming album will be titled “Those Horrors Wither” and guitarist Falke and frontman Fiar had this to say:

“It’s really not that strange that we would be moving in a different direction from the one we started out on because it’s a natural progression that comes from experience. We’re not saying that our long-time fans will wake up one morning and not recognize Foscor any more, not at all, because we have a particular style that is recognizable as Foscor – but we’ve taken that style and made it into something better. You could say that the new Foscor is evolution, not revolution, and, that being said, it actually needs new colours to define how we interpret 'Darkness,' and Ideophony, who has previously worked with us on design, is the perfect partner to work with us in physically visualizing our new direction."

Foscor's entire set from the band's 2012 appearance at the Aurora Infernalis Festival in Arnhem can be seen below. More...

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Foscor Issues New Album Update

Having begun recording a fourth full-length album in March of this year, dark metal act Foscor has issued an update on the progress of the coming release, as well as a news of other projects that the members are involved in.

The new album will be titled “Those Horrors Wither” and nearly all the clean vocals have now been recorded, which brings the recording close to being finished. The band plans to enter the Nautilus Studios in Barcelona again in late July to begin mixing, with the album to then head to Orgone Studios (Ulver, Code, Primordial) for mastering around August. The following press release was also issued: More...

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Foscor Enters The Studio

The dark metallers in Foscor are at the Nautilus Studios in Barcelona to begin recording their fourth full-length album.

The new album, to be titled "Those Horrors Wither," is the follow up to 2009's "Groans to the Guilty" and marks an expansion in the band's musical direction, away from the strict confines of black metal.

Work has already started on the drum tracks, and Foscro will be posting regular updates and photos from the recording sessions via Facebook here. Commenting on the new direction, Foscor founders Falke and Fiar had this to say: More...

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Foscor Announces New Release

Spain's Foscor has issued the following announcement about releasing a 10th anniversary live tape prior to an upcoming fourth full-length album:

"While we are in the final step towards the 4th Foscor album and definitely open a new era... we now proudly announce that Ruptura Records will release next 2013-02-15 a black Pro-Tape edition of the 'Deu Anys Vers la Foscor' live stuff recently released in a limited DVD format to commemorate the band's 10th Anniversary.

I. Groans to the Guilty
II. Raids to Punishment
III. The Smile of the Sad Ones
IV. Searching a Seal of Pain (The Beauty)
V. Melangia

VI. El Palau dels Plors
VII. Al Cor de la Boscúria
VIII. The Other's Voice
IX. I Tornà de les Cendres

"Limited to 100 handnumbered copies and with an exclusive T-Shirt design, all composed by Ideophony design studio, it approaches us to a never used before format, the Tape, which we grew with and learnt what is all about on music.

"You can now pre-order it and get a special price for the whole pack for 12,99 € at this location until February the 11th. Then, later... it is your choice to get it separately. Don't miss it!" More...

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Foscor Issues Update On New Album

Barcelona's Foscor has checked in with the following statement about releasing a new album later this year:

"2013 will be for sure the year of Foscor's return with a 4th album. During next days we will announce a new special edition to close, as it deserves, the 10th Anniversary Celebration.

"Thanks to all people, bands, promoters and medias we have shared some moments with during the past year. We will come soon stronger than ever, BTW all the best for you all, ladies and gentlemen, on the current year.

"Together in Darkness... FOSCOR."

Check out Foscor's music and find out more about the band over at Facebook here.

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Foscor Posts Live Set Online

Foscor is celebrating the band's 10th anniversary this year, and now footage has been posted online of an entire live performance from the group. Check out the clip below, and Foscor's publicist also commented:

"This is the whole set from Foscor's appearance at the Aurora Infernalis Festival at Willemeen in Arnhem, Netherlands, 27th October 2011. With thanks to YouTube user Kanaal van FredNijmegen for allowing us to use his video."

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Foscor Releasing 10 Year Anniversary DVD

It's been ten years since black metal act Foscor released its debut album, and 2012 will see the band celebrating the decade with a series of events starting off with a show at the Sala KGB in Barcelona on the 28th January, where the group will also launch new commemorative merchandise and the release of a new DVD. A teaser trailer for the DVD can be found below.

Titled "Deu Anys Vers La Foscor" which translated from the band's native Catalan means "Ten Years Towards Darkness," the DVD, which is edited by the band's guitarist Falke, includes live footage of Foscor's 2010 appearance at the Sala KGB in Barcelona, along with a documentary chronicling the last ten years, and the music video for the track "I Tornà de les Cendres" from the 2007 album "The Smile of the Sad Ones."

Also included will be two commemorative A3 posters, one which features the cover art etching by Cynthia Meier-Dusol entitled "Nous Sommes Condamnés À Être Libres," and the second one features the Funeral Stone design, by Ideophony, which also appears on the band's new stage sets and merchandise. The artwork on the DVD itself is by Dios Perezoso. "Deu Anys Vers La Foscor" will be released on the Darkwoods label on January 28th and is limited to 250 hand numbered copies. More...

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Foscor Celebrating 10th Anniversary

Spanish black metal act Foscor has issued the following announcement about the band celebrating its 10th anniversary:

"10th Anniversary Celebration begins next Saturday the 3rd with a gig in Tarragona. We will give you details about all what we are preparing during the next days.

"We have some special things to offer you as commemorative items… and at least, to share what we feel proudly as the closing of a chapter and the entrance to a new path.

"Inspirational landscapes are set, and ready to be developed. Together in Darkness…"

In other recent Foscor news, the band recruited a new guitarist back in September. For more details on Foscor, head over to the group's MySpace page.

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Foscor Recruits New Guitarist

Foscor has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new guitarist:

"Greetings all you there, it's time to open a new chapter for Foscor. Live dates with a new guitarist in our line-up come to us.

"After to split up with Wilhkiem in a friendly way, today we depart to play at the Bloodwave Metal Fest in France, and at the Nihil Extreme Metal Fest VIII in Italy. Aurora Infernalis Fest III awaits on late October in Netherlands.

"Wilhkiem has been playing with us from 2004 to 2011, participating on 'The Smile of the Sad Ones' and 'Groans to the Guilty' albums' recordings, plus cover songs for Katatonia, Enslaved, or 'The Other's Voice' exclusive song for the 7" 'Onslaught of Black Putrefaction.' It has been near 60 concerts together. All the best mate... darkness will always keep us near.

"Albert M., from the mighty Vidres A La Sang (RIP) has been rehearsing lately with us and tomorrow will have his first darkness' baptism on stage. He will accompany Falke on guitars tasks for the next Live dates we have. So, be welcome bro! Let's darkness flow..."

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Foscor Announces Festival Appearances

Foscor has checked in with the following announcement about upcoming festival appearances and update about working on a new album:

"Greetings all you there, after some months of silence out of stages, we are very proud to announce a couple of dates Foscor has for early September.

"Just back from your vacations, we hope to live the coldest evenings you could imagine with our first ever visit to Italy, at the Nihil Extreme Metal Fest VIII on Sunday the 4th, and one day before performing again in France in the Bloodwave Metal Fest I.

"We still are working on new material for a 4th album, while we are finishing the mixing of the first Live DVD Release and waiting for Önd - A tribute to Enslaved release by Pictonian Records before the end of 2011, & Toteninsel - A Tribute to Arnold Böcklin to be released by Vendlus Records soon.

"But now it's time to spread the darkness again on stage... and glad we are to return to France and visit Italy for first time. Hope to see you all there guys... Together in Darkness..."

The details of Foscor's upcoming festival appearances are as follows: More...

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Enslaved Tribute Album Cover Artwork Revealed

Foscor has issued the following update about an upcoming Enslaved tribute album:

"Greetings all you there, we are proud to reveal the cover of the official tribute to Enslaved. A wonderful piece of art drawn by David Thiérrée in close collaboration with the band members.
Every participating band is still working on their covers ... expect some news soon ...

"The Official Tribute to Enslaved 'Önd - A Tribute' scheduled for late 2011 through the French label Pictonian Records gathers 20 bands covering tracks from 'Yggdrasil' to 'Vertebrae' albums, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Norwegians masters."

The cover album's band lineup is as follows: More...

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