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Seek Irony

From: Tel Aviv, Israel
Last Known Status: Active

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Seek Irony Re-Releasing "Tech N' Roll"

After witnessing the original release of what most consider Tel Aviv-native (and now Austin-local) electronic rock band Seek Irony's breakout album, "Tech N' Roll," UDR Music has signed on to re-release that album in its full glory on July 29th, 2016.

Upon its initial release, "Tech N' Roll" became a raging success in underground rock communities internationally, chock full of loud, live and explosive musical energy. Lyrically, the album touches upon topics ranging from technological influences on society and foreign politics, but doesn't forget to have fun with fan-favorite anthems.

"The music is a process that we all contribute together, some songs are more guitar based in their nature, some are more electronica based," says founding member and vocalist Kfir. "Lyrical topics vary. Some are political, like 'Ravelution (Push)' for example, which was inspired by an Israeli-Palestinian youth leadership program that I was invited to attend as an Israeli activist artist, which brought together youth leaders from both sides of the border. (Then) 'Running Towards The End Of The World' discusses social media and technology and how it affects all of us in this day and age. Some are very deep and meaningful and some are kinda silly like 'Tech N' Roll' which simply describes what Seek Irony's music is really about - the combination of Techno (EDM) and Rock N' Roll."

The track listing is as follows:

1. She
2. Tech N'Roll
3. Devil In Me
4. Skin2Skin
5. When You Lie
6. Running Towards The End Of The World
7. Low
8. Peel Me Away
9. Rave-o-lution
10. Tragically Driven
11. Head Above The Water More...

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Israeli, Lebanese Metal Bands Join Forces

Ronen Tsumer reports for Ynet News.com: It seems that the first peaceful dialogue to follow the Second Lebanon War comes out of the music scene. Two heavy metal bands, one Israeli and the other Lebanese, met online and joined forces to perform a new song, “Everything We Are”.

"Obviously, the song deals with the last war between Israel and Lebanon, and its implications. It speaks about the silent majority around the world that does nothing while extremists spread their ideals of hatred and violence," Kfir Gov, leader of the Israeli band, “Seek Irony” told Ynet.

Rab, the Lebanese lead vocalist of “Blood Ink”, and his family reside in northern Lebanon in an area that was mostly outside of the range of the fighting.

"I’ve been listening to this music for as long as I can remember," Rab, the 23-year-old Christian singer, told Ynet in an email interview.

"The story my family tells is that my sister, who is a metal fan, used to put the headphones on my ears when I was just a month old. She used to put me to sleep listening to 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd.

“I somehow grew up in this atmosphere, at age 14, I was already listening to the Scorpions and Aerosmith. Then I discovered the harder styles, and it went on,” Rab said.

The relationship between the two bands started before the war broke, on myspace.com.

"They sent us a message saying 'Good Luck, Keep it up! From your neighbors in Lebanon," says Kfir.

"We thought that was really cool of them and we were excited to find out that there was a metal band in Lebanon that sounded really good, so we replied to their message saying, 'Thanks a lot, stay in touch, from your neighbors in Israel.' We stayed in touch and when the war broke out we became close because we used to chat on instant messenger everyday."

Didn't it strike you as odd that a Lebanese band had contacted you?

"At the beginning it was really odd and it really caught us by surprise because we had no clue that there was a metal scene in Lebanon. It was awesome to find out there's a whole underground scene going on there, just like here in Israel, with thousands of kids wearing Metallica and Pantera t-shirts, that simply enjoy the music, and that there are Lebanese bands that really kick ass."

"The metal scene in Lebanon is still insignificant, but many bands are working hard to make it more popular. It is a challenge mainly because of the cultural diversity in Lebanon. This will improve with proper encouragement and big scale projects to promote these underground bands and push small bands to get better," says Rab.

If it would be made possible, would you go on a joint European tour with 'Seek Irony'?

Rab: "Definitely, I’m sure it would make a hell of show."

Kfir: "In fact, when we started this whole thing, the idea was to try and put together a joint show somewhere neutral or maybe have the two bands perform at the same time in each country. Very quickly we found out about the impossible logistics involved in something like this. Only then, we started thinking about the song."

You can hear the collaboration song "Everything We Are" on Seek Irony's MySpace.

Read the full article at Ynet News.

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