"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 2003
From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Beastcraft News

Below is our complete Beastcraft news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Black Altar Releases "Tophet" Video Clip

Polish black metal act Black Altar released a video clip for the new song "Tophet." The song appears on the forthcoming split LP with Beastcraft entitled "Winds Ov Decay," which will be released on November 30th via Odium Records to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of Black Altar. The scenes for the video were filmed in England, Sweden, Norway, Poland and USA. Check it out in the player below.

"Winds Ov Decay" will be released as an eight panel digipack CD (featuring a sixteen page booklet), gatefold black 180g vinyl LP and a limited edition (50 copies only) featuring wooden box containing the CD, red vinyl LP, 2 t-shirts, patch, pin, posters and loads of rarities concerning Black Altar.

Some special guests took part in the recording of Black Altar's “Tophet” song include: James Stewart from Vader, V. Priest from Acherontas, Acerbus from Ondskapt, Soroth Northgrove from
Beastcraft and Nihil from Furia.

The track listing for the split release is:

Black Altar:

1. Intro
2. Tophet
3. Winds Ov Decay
4. Pentagram Sacrifice (Beastcraft Cover)
5. Outro
6. Tophet (Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1/Electro Version) (Bonus Track) More...

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Urgehal Announces Trondr Nefas Memorial Show

Urgehal, Beastcraft, and Endezzma will join forces with some very special vocal guests for the Trondr Nefas memorial concert next month.

The Vulkan Arena in Oslo, Norway will host a singular event entitled "Death Is Complete" on Friday the 13th of May. This night will honor the work and life of the late Urgehal front man Trondr Nefas, who sadly departed from life on the 13th of May, 2012.

The concert will feature the unholy trinity of Trondr Nefas' bands Urgehal, Beastcraft, and Endezzma sharing the stage for the first and last time. Full details are available here and the guest vocalists performing with Urgehal on this night includes:

Hoest from TAAKE
Nag from TSJUDER
Niklas Kvarforth from SHINING
Sorath from BEASTCRAFT
Mannevond from KOLDBRANN
M Shax from ENDEZZMA More...

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Headline News

Urgehal Vocalist Trondr Nefas Dead At 35

Season of Mist Records reported that guitarist/vocalist Trondr Nefas of the Norwegian black metal band Urgehal has died suddenly at the age of 35. No news as to the cause of death was released as of yet. In a post on the label's Facebook page, it was stated: "We are deeply sorry to announce that URGEHAL guitarist/vocalist Trondr Nefas just passed away. More news and official statement to follow soon. RIP."

Nefas also played with Beastcraft (as Alastor Nefas), Bloodsworn, Endezzm, In Lingua Mortua, Vulture Lord, Angst Skvadron (As T.B.) and Kvist. Ironically, the last release from Urgehal was the 7" "Death Is Complete" released in January 2011 through Folter Records.

Nefas also provided a guest solo for Italian black metal band So Much For Nothing's track "My Previous," which was released on My Kingdom Music earlier this year. Owner and general manager of My Kingdom Music, Francesco Palumbo, has these comments on the passing of Nefas:

"It's a sad day for many Black souls because Trondr Nefas's death. A few one knows him as a great man, a lot of you knows him for his great talent and music in URGEHAL, BEASTCRAFT and other great acts and some of you have listened to his great musical talent because he played a great guitar solo in the song 'My Precious' available in the SO MUCH FOR NOTHING album "Livsgnist" released by my label. That's the personal reason I want to show with this my being close to his family, girlfriend, his fellow musicians in Urgehal, Angst Skvadron and Beastcraft and of course to Erik and Jarle from 'my' SO MUCH FOR NOTHING! Rest in peace!!!"

More news on the death is expected shortly. More...

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Angst Skvadron Readies New Album

Agonia records will release a debut album of T.Nefas' solo project. The band's name is ANGST SKVADRON and the first album is entitled "Flukt". According to the label "it's a real must have for all fans of Ved Buenes Ende, In The Woods.., Kvist and early Burzum."

An introduction to ANGST SKVADRON from T. Nefas himself: "The 'solo' album of T.Nefas (Urgehal/Beastcraft) brings you a eerie mix of 70's prog rock/metal blended with early 90's black metal. These 8 tracks is the true sound of disharmony, misantrophy, melancoly and insanity. ANGST SKVADRON plays depressive, psychedelic, alien death metal. Or 'what ever the hell you like to call it music'!!! This album will fuck you up one way or another..."

All music and lyrics were written between 2005-2008 by Trondr Nefas (guitars, bass, piano, vocals). Other participants on the album include Lars F. Frøyslie from In Lingua Mortua, Wobbler, Endezzma ect. (drums, melotrone,synth), and Trine-Lise Akselsen (female vocals). The album was recorded and mixed by T.Nefas and Lars F. Frøyslie between January & March 2008.

You can listen to some pre-production tracks on the band's MySpace page.

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Isvind and Defixio Members Join Orcrist

Following the departure of three members from underground Black Metal band ORCRIST, their places were virtually immediately filled by Goblin from the Norwegian band ISVIND on vocals, and Mane from DEFIXIO on guitars and bass.

An Italian band with a long history of co-operating with Norwegian musicians, ORCRIST recently released a split 7” with BEASTCRAFT, and is currently collaborating with DESEKRATOR’s Tore Bratseth to release a split with the now legendary band OLD FUNERAL; a band which at various times included Varg Vikerness, Abbath and Demonaz amongst its ranks. Both releases are on the TEMPLE OF DARKNESS label.

Grav, drummer and founder member of ORCRIST had this to say; “I have always made it clear that I wanted Orcrist to remain underground and play real, old-school black metal, raw and dirty, and I believed that the rest of the band wanted that too. But you know how it is, the lure of possible fame and money is too much sometimes and I was being pressurised into producing something more “commercial”. It’s not what I do, and it’s not what I want to do, so I suggested to the others that they might want to play in a different band!"

“Shortly afterwards I was talking to Goblin who was going to do some guest vocals on our new album, and he immediately said he would be prepared to join. Not long after I was talking to Mane who said he would be more than happy to write and do the guitars and fill in on bass. Both are musicians who I greatly admire and for whom I have always had maximum respect, so what was a negative turned into a positive within hours”.

Songs from the split with BEASTCRAFT and other ORCRIST titles can be heard on the band’s MySpace page.

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Isvind Member To Guest On New Orcrist Album

Goblin (drums/bass/vocals), of cult Norwegian black metallers ISVIND, will contribute lyrics and vocals on three tracks of the new ORCRIST album, which is currently being recorded at the band’s own studio in their hometown near Milan, Italy. This will not be the first time the two bands have collaborated, having released a split 7” in 2003, although it will be the first time any of the members actually perform together. The music is being written by Orcrist drummer Grav, guitarist Bhaal, and bass player Mattia Zero to Infinity, whilst lyrics for the remaining tracks will be written and performed by the band’s own vocalist Ghosta. A label is being sought. A band known for its traditional, old school approach to Black Metal, Orcrist intend to introduce a change of pace into the new album. More...

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